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USS Coontz (DDG 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Coontz (DDG 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 344 crew members registered for the USS Coontz (DDG 40).

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Boyce, JimFTM3Mar 1970 – Feb 1971FoxReported to DLG-9 March 1970. Worked in Aft plot under FTM1 Glover. LPO was FTM1 Wayne Gross. Served aboard until she was DECOM in Feb of 1971. Initiated as Shellback heading for Rio on the way to Philly.
Waterbury, BrianRD3May 1, 1970 – Feb 22, 1971OICoontz was DESRON 7 Flag Ship. OI Div was top heavy with PO's. Lots of brass striker plates to polish. Roughest weather enroute to Canada for ASW Ops. Coontz was a very unpleasant ride in moderate to heavy seas. Decommed her in Phily.
Worster, Roland (Ron)FTM1Jul 1970 – Aug 1971Lead FTM and MK 119 Supervisor. Put "Coontz" back in commission after overhaul at Philadelphia Naval shipyard.
Patty, SamRD SNSep 17, 1970 – Feb 22, 1971OPERATIONSParticipated in ASW OPs off British Columbia with the Canadians in Heavy seas (sick constantly) and took her to Philly to decommission in 77
McGilbery, DavidGMM3-GMM1Nov 1970 – Dec 1975WepPicked up DLG 9 in the shipyards in Philly when it was being overhauled. Went on African shakedown cruise, and 2 Med cruises. Left right before the North Atlantic cruise.
Bartoletta, VicYN31971 – Mar 2, 1973weapons
Boldt, EdRM31971 – 1973OCProud to have served on recomm. crew and to have known all the radiomen. Any one heard from Andy. Hl Chris .
Snider, GaryseamenAug 28, 1971 – Aug 28, 19751st division
Abecunas, DavidMM2Nov 1, 1971 – Dec 10, 1974M DivisionFirst Sea Command, great crew
Chretien, Wilbur (Chris)RM1Dec 1, 1971 – Nov 1, 1974ocPut this ship in commision when it was DLG9 at the Philadelphia Shipyard after update of asw package. Commissioning crew were a very nice bunch of sailors. Prowd to be one the the commissioning crew.
Legrand, FrankMM2Dec 14, 1971 – Nov 23, 1973RTop watch main control, A gang ac man
Lechner, RichardFTG 31972 – 1974Gun& months in Med, towed the burned out Kri Kri to Crete, tested the Vulcan Guns, pulled our weapons officer out of the drink after he was swept overboard,
Toomey, BudBM3Jan 1972 – Jun 24, 19741stHad Captains Gig with Ford and Draper.
Lorimer, Daniel HT2Jan 1972 – Jan 1976R Division
Arneson, Terry (Arnie)BM3Feb 1972 – Jul 19741st.
Matthess, RobertGMM3Mar 1972 – Jun 22, 1973WEPSDecomissioned DLG 12 in Philly and re-comissioned DLG 9 that same year.
Wild, PaulMMwMar 1972 – Jul 30, 1975M DivisionRecom 1972, plank owner, Shellback
Deeter, Dennis  NEWCS2Mar 1972 – Sep 22, 1975Supply night Baker/ Jack of the Dust in Port
Street, BruceYN3Mar 10, 1972 – Mar 6, 1974YeomanI am a plank owner of DLG9. Looking for anyone during my time on the ship.
Isaac, Ernie Aka IkeEN 3Apr 1972 – Jul 1974R A-GANGMany good memories and worked with many great people. My only regret is not staying in.
McGrath, "Ace" WilliamHT3Apr 10, 1972 – Apr 1, 1976"R".Worked with JE McLaughlin and Danny Lorimer,Bill Holt, Jeff Piper, Jim Saunders, Red Dog Gillespie,Draper, Candy Brown, Horkie, Good times. Lots of siesta time in Barcelona with me & my wife & Jeff Shoppe &his wife
Pack, VirgilBT4May 10, 1972 – Jul 6, 1975'The...'B' DivisonGood time with some good people. Worked Oil King the last year right next to Billy Canfield manning the ships store.
Harrison, JamesSEAMANJul 1972 – Jul 1975First
Gross, RandyE-31973 – Jun 12, 1975weps yeomanWent on the Med cruise, memory is slipping... know we were coming back on Thanksgiving Day and ran into a full gale. We refueled in Ponta Delgado on the way over. Stopped in Rota, Spain; Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Towed a burning...
Lowell, LawrenceFTG31973 – 1976WG
Piper, JeffHT3Jan 1973 – Dec 1976Repair2years,11mo,13 days 1year,11mo,12days at sea.Or very close to that!! S/S watch ,roving watch KP with Dennis Deeter, NWPI team,On Scene Leader,Lots of days at sea!! R/Aof the KreKre? Took that ship in tow to Crete lots of good times/friends
Desabato, Charles " D "MMMar 1973 – May 1976repair A-gangMany Many fond memories, and some not so fond...
Gregg, TedEMFNApr 1973 – Feb 1974
Lowell, LawrenceE 4Jul 1, 1973 – Jan 27, 1976WG
Bullen, BobbySNSep 1973 – Jun 30, 19751st
Coleman, DaleFTM2Oct 1973 – Nov 1973FOX Served aboard for about a month off the coast of Israel during the 73 war as a member of FOX Div. Looking for FTM3 McArthur
Toth, DavidETN2Nov 28, 1973 – Jun 18, 1978OE
Morris, DavidE-3 GMT1974 –ASROCI had a hatch close on my hand going to General Quarters. Entering the ASROC launch control. Nearly took my fingers off
Auger, JohnETR2Mar 20, 1974 – Jul 14, 1978OE
Morris, DavidGMT E-3Dec 1974 – Jan 1976Gunners MateI had a hatch close on my right hand during General Quarters while entering the ASROC launch control during a shake down cruise in the Caribbean, 1975.
Copley, JackMM1975 – 1977mm
Corriveau, Michael Aka RedMM11975 – 1979M Main ControlReported aboard Jan of 75 as initiated as a MMC in August of 79 and transfered 2 days later to the USS Miller FF1091 in Newport RI.. Coontz was a good ship... just some hard times in the 70's
Gramolini, GregGMM21975 – 1979WEAPONS
Hays, MikeE31975 – 1977Supply
Kilgore, DavidMM21975 – 1988Engineering-#1 Eng Rm Main Control Came aboard the Coontz right out of A-School in early 1975 and spent entire enlistment aboard in Main Control.Had a lot of good Chiefs,Engineering Officers,and Captains.Lot of time around Cuba and several cruises across the Atlantic.Couple of NATO cruise
Spencer, WilliamTM2 (ss)1975 – 1976Weapons AsrocSadly got orders to Recruiting School and left in Scotland during the NATO Cruise. Best and most memorable time in the Navy with the greatest bunch of guys ever.
Weavel, JoeRM3Feb 1975 – Mar 13, 1976OCCame onboard the Coontz in Barcelona Spain. LTjg Phillips was the Division Officer, RMC Decicco was chief, Commanding Officer was Cdmr Howe
Kitzweger, Erwin JohnBTFNFeb 1975 – Aug 1976B-Divisionfinished A school in Feb.75,GreatLakes.,Ill.,joined ship in Naples,Italy,Feb75,to B-Div.Met and seen many different cultures and places in my two years aboard the ship,most memorable cruise-1976 Bi-Centenial,cruise.
Thompson, Mike TommyHT2Apr 1975 – Aug 1979R - RepairWorked in HT shop. Had a great time, 1 med cruise, 2 Nato/Stanavforlant, 1 major overhaul, 1 minor overhaul, and a few Opreation springboards. Had a great time, contact me if you remember me.
Dave England, DaveMS 3Apr 1975 – May 1977S-5
Brouwer, Aaron RickET2Jun 1975 – Jun 1977OE
Staron, DanMM3-MM1Jul 15, 1975 – Oct 30, 1979Mwater king both NATO cruises
Brock, AlbertGMT-3Aug 1975 – Jun 1978WAReported fresh out of "C" school. Man what journey...learned a lot, met a lot of good men, had lots of fun. That NATO cruise was fun.
Brock, Albert profile iconGMT-3Aug 1975 – Jun 13, 1978WA
Draper, RustyE-4Sep 1975 – Sep 18, 1977Weapons
Lawson, TomETOct 1975 – Oct 1978OEGreat Memories, I enjoyed my time on board I met a lot of good men.
Bliss, PaulFTG-2Nov 1975 – Jul 1980WG Divisionjust retired with a total of 27yrs from the KS Air National Guard, after 4+ yrs onboard Coontz, and 7+ yrs doing engineering work before starting with the Guard in '87.
Yakel, Donald J JrSA/BMNov 1975 – Mar 5, 1976Boatswains mateBoarded shortly after 18th bday,Nov10(day Edmund went down),from Glakes to Norfolk,we were flagship on SEATO cruise.Went from BoatsMate to Night baker,in Triangle no power 12hrs(Jan or Feb),discharged Ft Lauderdale Mar5,
Huffman, MichaelOS2Dec 1975 – Jun 26, 1979OiNTDS OPERATOR
Lawson, TomETNSNDec 10, 1975 – Oct 30, 1978ETI remember good times on the Coontz. And met many wonderfull people. Has it been this long? Would like to hear from other ET's or from other ship mates.
Ward, Larry (Rabbit)MM2Dec 17, 1975 – Jun 29, 1979Machinist Mate (Main Control)Completed a couple of NATO Cruises. Spent some time in the Caribbean. Operated the Main Control Bank & Lending. Had a good time. Contributed to the economy of several countries. Enjoyed the gang I worked with.
Morse, Dave "Mongo"LTDec 27, 1975 – May 1979COMM/NAVThe 3 1/2 years aboard The Coontz were a very exciting and interesting time in my life, and has left some very fond memories.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1969 | 1970 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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