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USS Pelican (MHC 53) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pelican (MHC 53). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 35 crew members registered for the USS Pelican (MHC 53).

Dohman, MarkMNCS(SW)Mar 14, 1993 – Jan 15, 1996OPSRetired in Minnesota 2010 after a tour of Officer Recruiting, I wish everyone well, i enjoyed the experiences Oh ya i'm still retired 2012.
McKeand, KeithEM1Jun 1993 – Mar 1996EngineeringHello Pelicanites! What a great time we had commissioning that mighty bird of prey! Left the ship and Navy in 96 and moved to Houston in 97 & have been here ever since. I would love to hear from my fellow plankowners -
Dunlap, DarinEM3 DUNLAP1994 – 1996engoriginal crew member helped commission ship
Williams, RonEMC (SW)1994 – 1998Ecomissioning crew I painted the pelicans on the engine intake ducting on the fantail !!
Lopez, RudyEN21994 – Dec 12, 1996ENGPlankowner and proud of being on board with the finest crew in the Navy. From Norfolk,VA, to Avondale,LA , to Charleston,SC, and to Ingleside,TX. Don't forget Panama City and Key West,FL and Bahamas.
Eckhoff, Bob profile iconLieutenant1994 – 1995OIC / Operations Officer
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Barnum, Orin/barneySTG3/STGSNMar 1994 – Mar 12, 1996OPSPLANKOWNER, HODDER'S PROBLEM CHILD. Hey to all who served on her proudly. Still have good memories of my time onboard sometimes wish I had stayed.
Hodder, MarkMNCS(SW)Jun 1, 1994 – Jun 1, 1999OPSWas a Plank ower and the Ops CPO and then Command Chief (the 1st one). Retired off the USS CHIEF in 2004. Living in FL and life is good. I ride with VNV / Legacy Vet MC.
Flores, JoeyMN3Jul 1994 – Mar 1997OperationsWho could forget me? I was the first pilot of Lucille which I named. Plankowner and ships clown.. I can't remember MS2's last name.. Marcus somthing or other.. Help me out Simp!!
Glover, StanDC1/DCAJul 1994 – Jul 1999EngineeringThe longest standing plankowner and the last one to depart the ship, even intact. Twilighted in Hawaii, retired in Feb 06 and now Command yachts around the world.
Landeros, JorgeSNJul 1994 – May 1997Deck/Supply Dept.Hello my fellow Plankowners. It's nice to see so many familiar names; brings back memories. I am married and have a wonderful son. I have my Masters' degree in Accounting but I have yet to take the CPA exam.
Newman, RickSNAug 1994 – May 23, 1997DeckWhats up. I was a Plankowner. Most of you probably remember me pacing around and the first one to call B.S. on something. I am now a firefighter in Little Rock Arkansas. Living back in my hometown of Conway. Hey Joey it was Marcus Carter
Janes, RobertSNSep 1994 – Jun 1997DeckWut Up All U Pimps, Playas, And Hustlas? Don't Know Some Of You, But Remember The OG's. One Of The Original Plankowners. Sounds Like Everyone Is Doing Good. Has Anyone Heard From Charles Poage? Anyone Can Hit Me Up At
Godsby, RexSK1 (SW) {SKC SELECT}Jan 1995 – Sep 1997Deck/SupplyMan it dosen't feel like 13 YEARS since we sailed down the Mighty Miss does it? I have a chunk of her deck on my office walls here in Houston. Comms w/1st LT, MPA, CHENG and Capt. Conley, Boats, Grimmy, QM1, Keegan, Lonnie & Gunners wife
Fuller, TonyLCDRJan 1, 1995 – May 27, 1997EngineeringHey guys! This is really a cool product, and I have already seen the names of several crew members that I have wanted to say hello to over the years. Hope evryone is doing exremely well. CHENG
Simpson, Major (Simp)YNCS(SW/AW)Jan 15, 1995 – Jun 15, 1997ADMIN/EXECYo, Yo, Yo. It's Simp. I was the first YN to serve on PELICAN. A plankowner, was on board for delivery on 11 Aug 1995 and commissioning in Beaumont, Texas in November 1995.
Darling, MarcusMA1Mar 1, 1995 – Jul 28, 1997EE01I know that if you are part of the second crew, you guys will remember me as EM2 Darling. But now I am on my way to be MAC! Hope to see ya'll in those KHAKIS soon.
Yarber, VaughnMS3Apr 10, 1995 – Mar 8, 1997MSI saw some familiar names on here. Simpson, Dunlap Janes and a few others. I was a Plank owner also joining the crew in good old New Orleans. Great times, lots of memories.
Osborn, James/boatsBM1Aug 1995 – Oct 1998DeckHey guys, Its really great to see a site like this. It is hard to believe that I have almost been retired for 10 years. I often think about all the great times I had with all of my Pelican shipmates. Your freind always, Boats.
Osborn, James/boatsBM1Aug 1995 – Apr 1998DeckHey guys, I often think about all of you. I hav been managing a golf course since I retired in 1999. I live in Trenton, KY and my email is Mail me sometimes, Love to here from any of you. Boats.
Osborn, James/boatsBM1Aug 1995 – Oct 1998DeckHey guys, its hard to believe that it has been over 10 years. Since I retired in 1999 I have been working at a golf course in KY. I really hope to recieve mail from some of you. My E-mail is Your friend, Boats.
Cochran, Aaronen3Aug 1996 – Oct 1998EngineeringI do miss all you guys Stan Glover, Victor Guerro, Daniel my room mate ic Bert, Robert English, mibbs, jenkins,and so many more. Nothing like getting hammered in key west. contact me at
English, CharlesMS3/PN1Aug 18, 1996 – Nov 1, 1999SupplyYou guys may remember me as MS3 but I changed rates when I left the ship. I am now PN1. I can be reached at DSN 678-2862. PSD New Orleans, LA
Leger, Jason (Bobby Boucha)E61997 – 2003ENG EYeap By far the best crew Ive worked with. CURTIS BRIGGS and I rode Harleys together in Va. John Oller I seen in Kuwait, EJ in Bahrain, Chief Test in Bahrain. Miss the good old days. Ill retire in about 7 months
Conley, KenCDRFeb 1997 – Nov 1998Howdy guys- still in Portland- still have a coffee cup welded to my hand- retired in 01 and now and managing partner of a company the makes deer feeders.
Acox, RobertMN2/MN1- Now MNC1998 – 2002CIC/DECKARMORYSHIPMATES. Some of my best memories are from good old PELICAN. Boats Osborn thanx for everything and the rest of you DECK guys too. I am retiring, it's time to move on and let the new kids have their day in the sun.
Dacus, GarySTG-2Oct 17, 1998 – Mar 13, 2001Operations-OIO1My experience on the ship was better than high school. Just not a good as I have it now. I often look back at that time, though, and think of all my friends and start to miss it a little. I am glad that I was a part of it.
Mike, RobertQM1(SW)Mar 1999 – Jul 2001NAVWhat's up and everyone know me as Big Mike. 904-270-5818 comm. 960-5818 dsn
Oller, John (Boats)E-5Sep 1999 – Aug 2003DeckWhat's Up Ya'll I'm in the Reserves now and working for MPRI as a Civilian Army Recruiter while I wait to get accepted into the Federal Air Marshals.
Test, MarkSTGCDec 10, 1999 – Dec 14, 2002OPS
Cummings, Danny (Old Man)IT3 (NOW A PS)2000 – 2003OPSHow's it goin? I had a good time on the Pelican, learned a lot. Still in, still going strong!
Rider, Chris/mesquite!!Jan 17, 2001 – Oct 9, 2004ENG.
Walker, TimothyMN2(SW)Aug 10, 2001 – Mar 4, 2004Operations
Gibson, LarryEM3Oct 10, 2006 – Jan 10, 2007ee02

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