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USS Nitro (AE 23) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nitro (AE 23). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 338 crew members registered for the USS Nitro (AE 23).

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Kelly, TommySMSN1987 – 1990OpsGood to see all the squids names I served with. Drop me an E-mail!
Deman, SeamanE3Feb 1, 1987 – Jan 1, 1989FirstVery good group of shipmates. Learned alot in the two years aboard. Some good, Some bad! I had a great group of friends and hope they are all doing well.
Wack, AlexOS2May 1, 1987 – Dec 31, 1997OpsMed, N.Atlantic, Gitmo
McKenna, DanGMG3Jul 24, 1987 – Jul 24, 19893rdSee many familiar names here. Slung a lot of bombs and fixed a lot of mag. sprinkler systems in two years. 20+ years later I remember it all like it was yesterday. Hey Gunner, nice to see your name.
Rich, FrankE-6/ET1Aug 1987 – Nov 1989OEServed when Joe Lepine, Tony Bareka, Derek Hartley, Keith Agee, Juan Carrion, Mark Berman and Mark Carr, to name a few were aboard.
Uss Nitro, MannySM3Aug 12, 1987 – Sep 20, 1991OPS
Murphy, Rob ("Murph")BT2Sep 1987 – Oct 1989EngineeringFrom Central PA,served with Phillips,Rebuck,Spotts,Lewis, Speers,anyone remember me getting sea sick above deck taking a dozen sailors to carry me to sick bay? Currently a State Trooper in Central PA. Would like to hear from anyone.
Bushner, MichaelGM1Sep 21, 1987 – Jan 18, 19923rdI had a lot of good times in 3rd division. I think being on the Nitro has taught me a lot about myself. It was tough but we sure played hard and saw a lot of things. I now serve on an LSD with one of our Nitro shipmates SN Phares. Now BM2 Phares.
Boudreau, DonDC2Oct 23, 1987 – Jun 21, 1991rHard work long hour good friend good times grenade over the side grenades for deer hunting. forktruck down the back GAS GAS GAS. GW1 hey Vito,Fuller,Chachio,Sypeck,Owen,Reaves,Omar,Biff, Nolan
Lynberg, JoeMM3Jan 1988 – Jun 10, 1992MGreat times looking back, sometimes a pain in the moment. Would like to talk to someone from my era.
Timmons, JeffOS3Feb 1988 – Feb 19913rd
Momberger, Thomas PGMGSNMar 9, 1988 – Jun 15, 1992gunnermate
Espinosa, RafaelLTApr 1, 1988 – Sep 30, 1989RASOne of my best tours in the Navy, and the hardest working crew I've known! No matter how tough it got, my guys were famous for injecting a little levity. Still remember giving my guys special libs on a bar napkin from the Hard Rock Cafe!
Fuller, ChuckGMG2May 1988 – Jan 19923rd
Simulis, VytoE-5 DC2Aug 1988 – Apr 1992rJust found this crew list, I would like to hear from some of my old friends
Clark, TheoBTCDec 1988 – Oct 1991BGreat bunch Of guys and gals. I remember the long hours with BT3 Miller in the Oil Shack. I hope by now HtCM Lange and Cmdr. Ward are gone and in hell where they belong. Hi to Debbie and Pam (O that ass!)
Fetter, PatrickEM3 BACK THENDec 28, 1988 – Aug 28, 19922nd then raswould love to here for old shipmates. please drop me an email if you would like to be invited to a navy myspace page. enjoyed my time on the nitro. often dream about roaming the p-ways. i can still smell that stench of the reefer decks.
McKenzie, KevinMM21989 – Apr 1993A gang/ MI still love to tell the stories of desert storm to my kids. I know they get tired of hearing them. Those experiences will never be forgotten.
Walker, JohnnyE-31989 – 1992
Casillas, JoseRM31989 – 1992OC
Birkeland, StevenGMG3Jan 1989 – Jun 1990third
Bufford, VirgilBM1Feb 14, 1989 – Feb 19911st & 2nd DeckGreetings, Whew, what a tour..... I hope all of the old shipmates are doing well, Best Reguards, Bufford
Licalzi, PaulE3Mar 1989 – Mar 1992Snipes
Gonzalez, Alex Gonzomm3Mar 3, 1989 – Aug 2, 1992eMy God. Didn't think I see this page its Ben a long time I have3 boys the oldest is 18 and usage bound remember all the bilge rats down in the engineering. Department and never will forget desert storm will love to talk
Weed, MichaelMAC(SW)Apr 1989 – Sep 30, 1991adminRetired September 1991. Think about our time in the Gulf often. What a crew!!!!!
Martin, Lisa "sid The Tattooed Chick"BT3Jun 1989 – Jun 1993SNIPES all the way!!!! The first women on board 27 of us to be exact. I remember the first time I heard Duke of Earl and laughing but now I miss it. oh I do not miss Piss alley!
Savage, Chrisos3Jun 1989 – May 1993oswould like to hear from anyone that served with me
Busacca, TonyMM3Jun 7, 1989 – Jun 7, 1993M
Marcello, JoeDmsnJun 20, 1989 – Sep 1991RasGreat crew ,espanosa used to give us liberity passes written on napkins , just so we can carry him back to the ship.
Ellis, Gordon HMCJun 30, 1989 – Jun 1, 1992NXShips IDC during Desert Storm and preps. Good ship (needed work but gum and duct tape goes a long way) Determined crew , very fond memories now working as a Registered Nurse in Colorado Springs Colorado retired 2004
Miller, JoelBT3Jul 1989 – Jul 1991BOil King
Kelley, RussellE-2Sep 1989 – Nov 1991deckSad to read that the ship was sold for scrapping:( I remember sailing from Cuba and around the bend you could see her the Statue of Liberty. What an awesome site to see. We knew we were close to home.
Donahoe, MichaelCDRSep 26, 1989 – Aug 1, 1991XOGood ship. Brought everyopne back safe from Desert Storm.
Lowrance, JohnE3Nov 1989 – May 19922ndMiss my friends Mike Sharpe & Julian East. Lost touch with Mike,But not Julian
O'Brien, TomMR3Dec 1989 – Jul 1990MAlthough I was only on board for a short time, I enjoyed almost every minute.
Sharpe, MichaelE-3Dec 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1993Deck/RASEnjoyed my time there. Visited many ports on med and desert shield/storm. Married now for 13 years, adopted little girl from China. Finished my PhD last year. Fondest memory- Stabbing LTJG Fowler in the hand, playing chicken. Good Guy!
Gallagher, JohnBMC/BMCS (SW)1990 – Apr 19951st,2nd ,RAS and SupplyServed in many capacities on board but I remember when CDR Moore came aboard and made me LCPO of RAS division I remember staying up many nights fixing equpiment before going alongside
Robinson/switzer, Scott (Robby)DC2-DC11990 – 1995R- DivMemories are so many with Menard, Comitte, Greg, Petaway, Simulis, Pee Wee, Davenport, Wegner, Finske, Boudreau, DCC Coldwell, Prest, Rose, KIemko, Nelson, Vorhoff I could go on for ever. I miss you all, loved the ship
Dean, WayneEM21990 – 1995E-divEm2/3 worked e division and worked allot with bt side..
Smitha, DeannaLT(JG),CHC,USNRJan 1990 – Apr 1990Command ChaplainAlthough a very short-timer due to an injury, I feel a very strong connection to this ship and its crew. It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve aboard with these outstanding sailors. BZ!
Minard, Catherine profile iconDC3 - E-4Jan 18, 1990 – Jan 23, 1994B Div then went to DC DivHello found this web site. Seems like a lifetime ago!! I have learned so much in life since then. I am Married with a daughter and pets. Life is good. Glad I had the Navy thing it taught me alot about people and how to enjoy life.
Dorwin, CherylLTFeb 1990 – Mar 31, 1992Engineering-MPA, Ops-CICO
Bill McIlhenny, MacOS 2Feb 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1995OIO1 - OPSJUST LOOKING FOR SOME OLD FRIENDS
Holloway, MikeET2Mar 20, 1990 – Mar 20, 1994OPSJust looking for old friends.
Selfridge, EricEM#May 1990 – Jul 1993EGreat memories. Really miss the "Burboun Five".
Odom, John "odey"SNJun 11, 1990 – Jun 10, 19932nd then moved to crafthad some great times on the old girl. made a bunch of good friends. Miss traveling all over the place. Drop me a line or two God bless you all
Ayers, RichardDCFNAug 10, 1990 – Jun 6, 1993R Damage ControllHad some good times with some good friends. Im not getting out of my rake. Remember fast trips to P.A with Steave Weindner.And who can forget Robbys HAM SHOTS.Or are shellback intro. Hey Pettaway I still know.may not miss it.sure miss r-divison.PEACE
Maiocco, Padre JoeLtAug 10, 1990 – Aug 1991ChaplinMy son-in-law Joseph Maiocco was Chaplin aboard the USS NItro with numerous Atlantic crossings servicing Desert Storm. He was aboard the memorable USS Nitro/Duke of Earle 28 Dec90/ 30April 91. Proud of "Royal Heroes"
Cowman, JosephMS3Oct 1990 – Aug 1992SupplyWas onboard during Desert Storm,and was onboard till we went to Brooklyn,New York to start Decommissioning
Washington, GregoryBM3Dec 18, 1990 – Jul 21, 1991first
Monk, RobertE-3Dec 22, 1990 – Jun 29, 19912ndMy first ship, reported to her and left the next day for Desert Storm.Had so much fun all the places we went( Diego Garcia was the best).Sorry I had to leave.Broke my ankle when we got back to stateside.Then got sent to PhilaNavHosp were I stayed.

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