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USS Nitro (AE 23) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nitro (AE 23). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 339 crew members registered for the USS Nitro (AE 23).

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Gallagher, JohnBMC/BMCS1991 – 19951st 2nd RAS Supply for Decom CMAAI truly enjoyed taking her from Never Intended To Really Operate to the Best AE in the Fleet remember our trips to ROTA and to Scotland Served with BMCS Lucca, PNC Thomas Lt Davis and MMC DeGroat,Bosun Adams and the all the rest
Maloney, TyromeE-31991 –Div 3Good times, lisbon, and spain suez canal crazy
Cranston, Shawn profile iconENFN1991 – 1993A GangJust looking for any and all shipmates fro 91 to 93. What a great time and those Gitmo runs!
Lecuyer, JeffreyMM2Apr 13, 1991 – Mar 14, 1995BJUST LOOKING FOR SOME OF THE OLD CREW FROM THIS PERIOD.
Larkin, Jeffrey J. Lark Or Big LarkHT3May 1991 – Jul 1994R Bsinging cristmas songs in the pit with BT2 Big AL and all of b div. crazy times in rota, scotland, gitmo! Sailing right through the middle of what we now know as the perfect storm. great friends pettaway minard ibarra fenski robbi ms1 aeyer
Larkin, Jeffrey J. Lark Or Big LarkMay 2, 1991 – Jul 7, 1994R
Adams, Duane The Bos'eLT (LDO)Jun 1991 – 1995DECK DEPJust look for some guys hay gunner moor I hop you see this. Boy I miss you guys
Lemaster, James (Little Doc)HM11992 –X DivisonSenior Hospital Corpsman. Loved the people hated Jersey. Last Ship.
Hodge, Eddiemm31992 – 1994m div
Aunkst, JohnEN3Feb 1992 – Mar 1995A GangLooking for old shipmates from this era.
Marrero, DavidSNFeb 6, 1992 – Jan 24, 1995DECK & RASI was on the Nitro Deck Division and RAS division from Feb 1993 to Jan 1995. After that went on to the Seabees NMCB 74 then got out and went to the Marines 2/5 H&S Comm plt. 4 4 years. Im currently in the Army National guard serving in Afghanistan
Jamison, JohnEM3Mar 15, 1992 – May 20, 1995ee01i had a great time on the nitro !!! i miss all the great friends i met and remain in touch with.
Meyer, MichaelMM3Apr 1992 – Apr 1995MMy home email is Made some great friends on this ship. Definitley some memories that were made.
Pfeiffer, Jonathanem3Apr 4, 1992 – Apr 28, 1995RAS
Blayne, AdenE-1Jun 1992 – Aug 1993deck seamanWas a good time with some exceptions. Everyone out to get each other. Got a lot of goood people booted off for no good reason. Lot of infedility and and shaddy shit going on.
Sands, JimmyE-3Jun 10, 1992 – Mar 20, 1994DeckLike BM2 Correa said, I left and was only able to get a job selling, not quite, I stocked shelves :)
Polnaszek, MarkLCDRJul 1992 – Feb 1994XOLast sea tour. Great crew, Scotland, Spain, Cuba. Towed into Norfolk.
Bodnar, PeterE-3Jul 12, 1992 – Jan 8, 1994deckwas on deck with the infamous Bm1 wright..miss all his crazy stories... had fun..if anyone remembers pete bodnar send me some mail... lates
Moffett, ShirleenRM3Aug 1992 – Sep 1995BM/RMI don't know if anyone remembers me....I had not thought about the military in years. I was having a garage sale and I ran across my military I got on the web and here I am. I hope everyone is doing well :)
Moore, Clark (Pappy)CWO3Oct 1992 – Jul 1994Cargo
Williams, Jason Aka Lil WillyMMFROct 1992 – Aug 1995MAhh my first ship, the best hard lesson of my life, remember all the good folks on there in my division, wankie, 50 cash, monroe..who beat the hell out of finch..this was the best ship.and who can forget big al. been in 14 now, 6 left. thnx
Lance, RoyHT3Oct 1992 – Apr 1995RMany memories on this ship. I think this is what made me a man! No air conditioning in Gitmo and no hot water in Scotland! I almost froze to death during decommisioning on that hated barge! I proudly served my country!
Wells, ReggieYN3Nov 12, 1992 – Apr 28, 1995AdminI wanted to see if I remembered anybody from the old crew. I am stationed at Naval Special Warfare Group TWO in Virginia Beach. I can be reached at
Thomas, FredBT3Dec 27, 1992 – Mar 1995Engineering I enjoyed my time aboard this fine naval ship, to be able to starte my naval career aboard her. She gave me the privilege to take the time to be come a leader and the priviledge to decommission her in April 21 1995.
Olkewicz, SteveE-31993 – 1994DCGood times and people, Commitee, Gregg, Debenham, Burge, Rose, Weiner, and the old grouch Cheif Jones
King, AlanE-41993 – 1995S-3Just looking for some of the guys! Would like to get a hold of some people.
Foley, WayneE-31993 – May 1995
Pedersen, Erik1993 – 1995Deck
Wayne, FoleyE31993 – 1995first deckhay guys does anyone remember the breakfast club email me
Tracy, ChrisE-31993 – 1995Deck
Riggs, Ronalde-31993 – Apr 1995cargo-div.Been thinking of everyone that served w/me on the NITRO. Hope that everyone is doing their best 2 make a good difference n the world that we live n. I've been del. the yellow brick road 4 the past 2 yrs. (highway)
Mehl, GraceLCDR1993 – 1994XO
Somoano, EricFireman1993 – 1995Repair
Hyden, TedMM3Feb 1993 – Apr 1995M divLike to get in touch with ole buddies.
Kelley, DetrellYn3Feb 1993 – 1995AdminHi guys, that ship sucked so bad but had great times with you guys. FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM
Marrero, DavidE3Feb 5, 1993 – Feb 2, 1994Deck/RAS
Dyer, Michael(tex)E3May 1993 – Mar 1995
Barnette, David KyleSH3Jun 1993 – Apr 1995S3Hey guys! This is SH3 Barnette, i just found this website, and looking to find out who is going to the reunion in DC this June.
Mehling, Rickmm3Jul 1993 – 1994A gangSure missed the old girl after going to a precom. Oh the days.
Wightman, RichardMMCSep 1993 – Apr 1995RAS
Shetler, ScottGMG SNSep 1993 – Apr 1995CargoGMG in Cargo Division and decom crew 1993-1995.
Stewart, Jeremyfm2Oct 1993 – Nov 1994boiler techjust looking gor some of the guys that i hung out with and had such a good time on board this ship traveling the world with you guys was great and a wounderful time
Skelton, CindyMS3Nov 1993 – Mar 1995Galley/WardroomHello to all.
McDonald, KerryBTFNNov 10, 1993 – Apr 28, 1995EngineeringHad a great time!! Please contact me if you were from this era. Hello "Big AL", "Louie", Fred, Sweatt, Carl, Rob, "Big E"
Stelly, KeishiaE3Dec 1993 – Apr 1995OSLooking to catch up with shipmates from when I was on board the Nitro.
Solomon, DavidSNDec 1, 1993 – Apr 28, 1995RASI was on the Nitro from Dec '93 til decom, Apr '95. I worked in RAS as an undesignated Seaman. I discharged in '95 and joined the Reserves in Raleigh, NC in '99. I struck PN and am now a PS2. I am the unit LPO for Operational S
Pavlisko, Kenneth "Speedy"BMSN E-3Dec 13, 1993 – Aug 23, 1995DECKHey all I was the one that painted the 3-d picture of the USS Nitro on the BM's door on the main deck. I don't know if anyone remembers me since after my military accident my memory is lost.
Mattingly, JasonE-2Dec 27, 1993 – May 13, 1994deckmiss the spades games and who can forget the mid watch
Robinson, AnthonyE-1/E-2Dec 27, 1993 –2ndWhat's up to the real NAVY where old salty BM's ran the ship underway and inport.
Sweatt, DeanJan 1994 – Apr 1995engineeringI hope everyone is happy and doing well. I had quite the ride and overall had a lot of fun, mac, Mood Dog, "Big Al" congrats the Steelers finally won.
Williams, Garysn2Jan 1, 1994 – Apr 27, 1995gunners matewhat's up shipmates?! Man I had some awesome times on that ghetto ship. I mostly loved going across the water to Scotland, Greece , Spain , Portugal .... we were all over the Mediterranean. Where's Holly Snodgrass?
Chase, RoySNJan 26, 1994 – Apr 28, 1995RasI served onboard from Jan 1994-Decom. I am currently in Alabama. I would look foward to hearing from the old crew.
Brooks, JeffreyMM3Apr 20, 1994 – Apr 28, 1995A-GangNothing like a good game of A-hole before getting underway, even if we almost missed the ship!
Mix, TracyNC1Aug 1994 – Mar 1995
Cram, KelleyHTFNSep 1994 – Apr 1995RI truly enjoyed my time onboard the old gal.
Chapman, ScottE3Oct 21, 1994 – Apr 1995RASServed on board from 94' to Decom. the date avade me at this time. Went to the USS Ramage DDG-61 the out of navy to become a Nurse. Good money and same stress as Navy life. Where is David Solomon, Bart Poolin, Roy Owens, YN3 Hanks.
Shaw, EricMS2Nov 1994 – Apr 1995S-2RETIRED
Lukacs, DamondE2Dec 1994 – Apr 1995MHello all!

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