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USS Yellowstone (AD 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yellowstone (AD 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 864 crew members registered for the USS Yellowstone (AD 41).

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Vanzant, LoriDC31993 – 1995Eng-RExcited to reunite with the best people I have ever known.
Tallent, RosieIC21993 – 1997RepairEnjoyed this ship. Hated to see her go.
Mascaro, DinaFN1993 – 1995R-2I was in the Pump Shop, then later in Locksmith and Engraving Shop. Seems like a lifetime ago....bittersweet memories.
Snider, Wes (Weazul)ENFN1993 – Oct 1995ENG-A (Steam and Heat)Had a lot of great times aboard the Stone.Still have many fond mem. of the people and places.
Levi, YvetteFA1993 – 1994MDoes anyone have a cruisebook from the 93 Med? I'm looking for Terry Rogers from Deck Division. I'll settle for a picture. Find me on Facebook.
Couch, BeckyBT1993 – 1995Repair - Boiler RepairWould love to reconnect with old friends
Duffourc, Tom (Tommy Gunn)BM31993 – 1994R-5 Rigger's LoftRigger's did it all night long.
Roush, Tim CavemanE3/HT1993 – 1996R1Had a great time, just trying to reconnect with some old buddies.
Andreoni, Julie MarieHT31993 – 1995R1
Horn, RyanSR1993 – 1995Deck 2nd Div.Miss everyone and wish could go back and do it all again
Crouch, LeeStg21993 – 1996WeaponsFun times
Aragon, WayneBM3Jan 1993 – Jan 1996DeckI havent met a better group of people in my life. There were many people that effected my life on that ship,but one did more than any. At the time he was BM2 Price now I heard he made Chief(congrats). All I can say is thanks.....
Edwards, ReneeYN3/YN2Jan 1993 – Oct 1995Repair Admin/R4 Yeoman
Sarabia, LisaSNJan 1993 – Jun 1995DeckVery curious to know what ever happened to Billy Haberjak!
Oakley, SteveGSE2Feb 1993 – Oct 1995R2-31T
Hugel, MikePM 3, CM 3Feb 1993 – Oct 1998R-1, 64A/C, Alpha Dog
Holt, JanaSNFeb 18, 1993 – Nov 20, 1994Boat DeckWas the best time of my life. I'm always looking for a way to remain involved. Many great memories and many great friends.
Bonderczuk, Vince BondoBT!Feb 20, 1993 – Mar 25, 1995r-2/b-divstarted out in r-2 hated it was punished and sent to the fireroom sure did improve from there. met some good people still looking for enc pam myers and bt1 jimmy roberts email me @
Wiesepape, PatrickE-3Mar 1993 – Dec 23, 1995I have never served with a better bunch of people than that of the Yellowstone AD-41 I have found and contacted a few people from my div Deck and maintained contact. Congrats price on becoming Cheif .
Fortner, ShaneFN3Mar 1993 – Sep 1994R2 38AJust looking to re-connect with some long lost friends
Crist, JimHTFN Became HT3 in reservesMar 3, 1993 – Aug 25, 1996R-1 17A Sheetmetal shopfirst and last ship I seved on. Proudly helped decommision her.
Curtis, Mr. EdE-4Mar 15, 1993 – Nov 1, 1995BT
Jware (Metcalf), JenniferE-4Mar 15, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996Eng-A Hey yall!!!!! Miss everybody!!!!!!! would love to reconnect and see where everyone is and what they are up to now!!!!!!!
Berry, MichaelGMC(SW)Apr 1, 1993 – Mar 6, 1996R-5Weapons repair LCPO
Harris, JeffPMFNApr 6, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996R-1/ 64A
Garcia, RaymondE-5Apr 16, 1993 – Nov 10, 1995r-2 boiler shophad a good time on the yellowstone got hurt in cuba and got off the ship
Hartman, Syvellia (Hollis) MichelleDP3Apr 20, 1993 – Sep 16, 1995S7
Smith, ShawnE-1 - E-4May 1993 – Jan 1996I met alot of great people and would like to find some of them
Baker, Richard/pretty RickySN-E-3May 1993 – Jan 1996Repair-R-5Best fun I had In the Navy. Shots out to Marlo, Pooh, Shaq, GN, Eddie Caine, LB/Tony Hayes,Rollo, Pole Cat, Pete Phelps, Blue and the rest of the UnderGround.
Bamba (Wright), LevadaMS 2May 1993 – Jan 16, 1996Supply MSMost enjoyable time ever!!! Everyone was like family!! I decommissioned the ship, along with Master Chief Peters, Senior Chief Reeves, and Chief Brown. Senior Chief Royster as well. Looking forward to connecting. Fb, ok. Please contact me.
Wilhelm, DavidET1May 1993 – Jan 1996R-4
Brown, Ledrous/poohE-3May 1, 1993 – Jun 24, 1995if you remember me, hit me up. I would like to hear from you. If anyone has any info on Peter Phelps, Jamika Howard, or Terance Vason. Let me know, Thanx
Hueter, TerrieEM3Jun 1993 – Feb 1996R3
Miller, BrendaE-2/SAJun 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1994Sea And Anchor DetailI wasn't on long due to,at the time,an unknown medical condition.Fond out when I was 30 that it is a heart problem and I could have stayed on the ship if they would have known.I am looking for Christina Lynn Paquette
Garcia, RayE-4 BT3Jun 21, 1993 – Aug 10, 1994r-2 boiler repair shopi was only on for about a year then broke and ankle in cuba when we were there for training . got out in 1996 finally and work for the air force its alot different than the navy.. but at least my feet are on the ground..
Gadson, MarcelHT3Jun 23, 1993 – Aug 13, 1995ENG/RDC
Miller, BrendaE-2/SAJul 1993 – Dec 1993Sea and Anchor DetailI wasn't on the ship long due to an unknown medical condition at the time.Found out when I was 30 I have a heart condition that could have been treated with medication and I would have been able to stay on the ship.
Hansen, RowdyFC3Jul 1993 – Oct 1995r-5how-d everyone!
Montgomery, ReginaldE-3Jul 1993 – Jul 1994BT... Enginerring
Klick, BradHT3Aug 1993 – 1996R-1/11-A Shipfitters ShopLooking for some of the old Crew. James Christ, Tom Collins, Ed Stanton, Dave Bright..........
Yarbro, KippySNAug 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1995deckI am looking for any of the sweet girls I befriended among the yellowstone. I wasnt on there to long, only a couple of years. I was in the Bn Gang.
Sneed, Lawrence (Sam)E-3Aug 23, 1993 – Aug 23, 19952ndI hope that everyone who was on this ship with me and are enjoying the good life as I am. Look to your past and remember the good times on the ship . I made a lot of freinds on there and I want to thank those who helped me thank you, Sam Sneed .
Betterton, Tex TomHTFNSep 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1995Deck Maint.Where is Jonny Mogel
Garcia, RaymondBT3Sep 21, 1993 – Jun 22, 1994r-2 boiler repairvery good times on that ship but got hurt in cuba and was taken off the ship
Polak, ElizabethE-3 SNSep 26, 1993 – Feb 22, 1994DeckI wasn't on the ship that long, but I'm asking anyone if they remember a guy by the name of Frederico (Fred). I've been looking for him for about 8 years, and haven't been able to find him. He has a daughter he doesn't know about
Bannister, JenniferFNOct 1993 – Jun 1995R1-56ALast name was Dodgen at the time.
Reitenbach, RonaldMM2Nov 1993 – May 1995R-2
Cousin, TroyIM 3Nov 1993 – Jun 1995repairlooking for anybody that was in the "underground" and would like to get in touch any old shipmates
Barton, Charles (Bill)MR3Nov 1, 1993 – Mar 15, 199538-a
Albert, FeliciaSK1Nov 6, 1993 – Nov 1, 1995S1
Smith, Clark "Scooter"DP3Nov 15, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996S-7Served in ADP with a great group of people. I would love to hear from any of you guys.
Dagley, ScottE2Nov 23, 1993 – Aug 19941st Division DeckNo, I am not looking for anyone
Allison, CharlesET!Nov 24, 1993 – Jan 10, 1996R-67A/L/HNow ETC(SW) stationed at RTC Great lakes due to retire aug 2005 look forward to hearing from all.
Brown, Jason (Doodoo)E-3Nov 30, 1993 – Jan 24, 1996R-2 AC & R/ Flex HoseGreat times and shenanigans! Find me on Facebook using the email that I do NOT use - sokmunki and that's a yahoo address.
Ficco, PeteFNDec 1993 – Dec 1995R2/31Tthe worst two years I ever loved
Flanagan, BarryYN2Dec 1993 – Oct 1995Admin
Shackelford, DavidMM3Dec 1993 – Jan 1996R-2, 56 BI had blast on that ship. I was by far my favorite of all the commands ihad served in over the 10 years I was in. I would probably have stayed in if it were available to go back to.
White, JasonSNDec 1993 – Nov 19941stHad a great time aboard this ship. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I dont remember alot of names of people I served with but hit me up if you remember me!!
Anderson, StephenFC2Dec 13, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996R-5
Roberson, KenyonBTFNDec 20, 1993 – Apr 22, 1995Boiler RoomHey..Just trying to catch up with some old friends from the Yellowstone.

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