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USS Yellowstone (AD 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yellowstone (AD 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 859 crew members registered for the USS Yellowstone (AD 41).

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Dayton, TracyGMM1987 – 1990
Garner, Sean (Stretch)HT-21987 – 1992R-1 26A/B3 Captains, 3 Med cruises, 2 conflicts, and the Gulf war. Wouldn't change a thing except for staying in better contact with the awesome friends I made.
Ard, KimOM31987 – 1989R-5
O'Dell, Brian "Odie"MM31987 – Nov 1991R2I spent 4 years in R2 Division's 31G Pump Shop; two Med cruises (including Desert Shield/Storm) and two trips to Gitmo. Murf, Mom, Todd, Billy-Bob, Nick at Nite, Debbie, Tara, Chris, Farmer, where are you guys now?
Burgess, Thomasem31987 – Apr 1988Electrical DivisionDid a Med cruise before all the crap started. Was a great time.
Scharnowske, RonaldHT1987 – 1990RepairHad a great time something I will never forgot.
Hussman, JohnDC21987 – 1991engineering repairhad some great times during that time smitty you out there love to hear from ya sure do miss the beer on the pier hard to believe it was so long ago
Wellman-dodge, Jennifer profile iconDC 31987 – Feb 9, 1990Engineering R
Richard, BranumIM21987 – 1990R5
Dugan, DanBM31987 –Repair
Smith, Francis NealeEM11987 – 1991QANow working at SUPSHIP Newport News on RCOH Carriers.
Robins, David, Dave, RobbieEMC1987 – 1992R3 & PS(Planning & Estimating)
Melcher, ChetLI E 51987 – 1989print shopawesome good memories
Anderson, KimEM2Jan 1987 – May 1990R3
Winter, DavidICC(SW)Jan 1987 – Jan 1992E DIVHI JULIE HI JIM MCKINNEY
Armstrong, DianeE-1Jan 4, 1987 – Jul 21, 1990Machine Shop
Coen, DavidIC1(SW)Jan 5, 1987 – Apr 5, 1989Yellowstone had the best "Beer on the Pier" overseas!
Robertson, JesseMM 3Feb 1987 – Oct 199238N / 38A / ENG MI did four med cruises while onboard, everybody should remember me, I stood 6'2" and was always snapping pictures.
Brown, Donald profile iconSK3Feb 1987 – Feb 1991S1Hello old shipmates, i really enjoyed my sea tour aboard the USS YELLOWSTONE. I had some wild days and we had the best TENDERt. if you have a copy of our med cruise book please let me known. Take care and enjoy life. Don
Cunningham, Erin EwomanET2Feb 1987 – Jun 1990R4Thinking about the old days
Mosier, AlanHT 1Feb 1987 – May 1992QA NDTAlways a good time, Good people
Spears, JosephE4Feb 5, 1987 – Feb 20, 1991Deck
Mosier, Alan / Big AlHT 1Feb 19, 1987 – May 12, 1992 QA /NDT Lab Great Times, Good friends
Oliver, QuincySK2Feb 25, 1987 – Feb 13, 1987S-6 and ship's MAATrying to relocate old shipmates. I am still in the Navy and a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse (LT, NC) at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth.
Groves, JimBT2Mar 1987 – Dec 10, 1990B divisionB Division instrument tech, BTOW, Briefly Fireroom Supervisor. Left during Desert Shield. Hi Al, Dave, Norman, Stephanie, Dawn, Robert, Bear, Boston Dave, Bill N, LaRose, All B div "Howdy"
Brown, DonaldSK3Mar 17, 1987 – Mar 19, 1991S1 SUPPLYThis is SK2 Brown, I enjoyed being a part of the Supply department.. Good memories of the USS Yellowstone and S-1 Division.
Condron, Martin/martyEN3Apr 1987 – May 1991R/2Looking for anyone who might remember me. Started in Gas Turbine shop in '87, Then moved to Engine shop from '89-'91. Miss beer on the pier and steel deck parties.
Bush, ArnieET1Apr 1987 – Aug 1990R4Oh the fun we had!
Reynolds, WalterBM3Jun 1987 – Nov 19891st
Waterman, MarkET2Jun 14, 1987 – Jun 14, 1989R4Worked in 67B Cal Lab. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Martinez, DeanaBM3Jul 7, 1987 – Jul 7, 1991R-5Loved every minute of it! I haven't found a more fun time equal to my times on the Yellowstone. Thinking about my friends. Email me at
Homan, David R.BTCSep 1987 – Sep 1988R-2Was LCPO for BR Shop 41A
Estabrook, TomE5Sep 1987 – Mar 1990B
Wellington, RobertHT1/E-6Sep 12, 1987 – Oct 31, 1993Supply, Repair
Colon, VRPSNSep 14, 1987 – Jan 28, 1990AdminWorked at Chaplain's Office.
Vanvacter, Salleebm3Sep 27, 1987 – Sep 27, 1991boatdeckHello to everyone! life with the Yellowstone was so much fun!
Saxby, RichardHT1 (SW)Oct 1987 – Oct 1991QA / NDT LabHad a great time still doing NDT/QC Work, Live in GA now. Suprisingly , working with welders and repairing boilers.
Cobb-adams, MoniqueSK2Nov 1987 – Jun 1991s-6 and s-1Did my whole 4 years onboard the Yellowstone. Had a blast. Would like to catch up with old friends. MOMONANI@YAHOO.COM
Beagle, TerryHM1Nov 1987 – Apr 1991MedicalEnjoyed my tour on the Stone. I remember alot of the S-2 and S-3 people. I did the sanitation inspections and killed cockroaches. I may of took care of you when the MAA brought you to Medical because you had just a little to much to drink.
Pennington, DennisML2Nov 1987 – May 1989R-2Was assigned to ship for active reserve duty from PA after active duty 1984-1987. Was a Molder and went to A-school with Don Dodge, Chris Raring and Robbie Jenkins.
Christensen, KevinETSNNov 1987 – Dec 1988R4 67Awent on med cruise in fall '88. Left in Naples, Med condition
Loyd, Doug profile iconDC2Nov 1, 1987 – Jun 30, 1991Engineering RI had a lot of great times on the Stone. I now live in Wisconsin and have since I was medically discharged in 1997 as a DC1. I am in touch with some of my old shipmates. I like catching up with old shipmates! Email me.
Thomas, Tracy Martial ArtsE4Nov 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1991EnginemanLooking to reconnect with those that served on the Yellowstone.

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