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USS Sperry (AS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sperry (AS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 384 crew members registered for the USS Sperry (AS 12).

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Palmer, TerryEN31976 – 1977M Div Fwd EngineroomSnipes forever
Whitacre, GregGMG31976 – 1978Armory/Ordnance DeptGreat Crew and Ship. Enjoyed being in the Navy.
Harchysen, James (Shorty)Emfn1976 – 1977E
Shaw, KevinHT31976 – 1978R1Worked in pipe shop. Anybody remembers me. Like to hear from you.
Pierson, GregoryYN3/Apr 1976 – Aug 1978Admin/Captain's OfficeI began my career as an FN striker, worked in the PN/Weapons Office. Went to YN A school in Meridian, MS, returned to ship. Re-enlisted after having my eval changed from 2.0 to 3.0 by J.L. DaFoe in '78 changed rate to MM
Dunaway, JamesBM3Apr 1, 1976 – Feb 29, 1980DeckLooking for Bruce Carter,Larry Rowe, Harry Seaboltd, Kevin Delong
Gullickson, RickEM2Jun 1, 1976 – Jun 28, 1979Engineering, Electric ShopGreat times on the Sperry, working in the electric shop and ended up in the battery shop. Hey "shorty" (Jim Harchison) I ran into Sterling Duckett (EM2) at a revival meeting in Mpls a few years ago. Please respond.
McCann, MikeMM2Jul 1, 1976 – Aug 26, 1977Auxillary
Frehse, GaryTMT2Aug 1976 – Aug 1977Weapons MK 14 ShopOnboard USS Sperry for 1 year in the MK 14 shop and was onboard when took cruise to San Francisco and underneath the Golden Gate, in I believe '77. Would like to hear from shipmates I use to ride motorcycle with.
Tisthammer, Allen (Al)E-5/EM2Aug 1, 1976 – Oct 11, 1977RReported aboard in 76 ship was in Pearl and sailed back to San Diego."R" Div was a great crew and enjoyed the duty.
Johnson, Mike profile iconMR2Aug 5, 1976 – May 15, 1979R-2, R-4Worked in the Machine-shop R-2 Division until transferred to the Locksmith Shop and R-4 Division.
Delaney, JeffDP3Sep 1976 – Nov 1977Supply, S-7???First ship. We made 1 weekend trip to San Francisco the whole time I was there. I can still smell those damn deisel boats lighting off!!!!
Guevara, GeorgeSnpnSep 15, 1976 – Jun 23, 1978Personnel
Colgan, KevenMS3Sep 20, 1976 – Jun 23, 1980S-2
Franklin, David profile iconE3Sep 26, 1976 – Sep 25, 1978DeckI remember CAD from Billings Montana Delong from North/South Dakota Pendleton
Lucero, GilbertEM3Oct 1976 – Jun 1980Deck and ElectricalFirst ship, had a great time with lots of memories. All the shipmates were awesome.
Archuleta, AlbertRM3Dec 1976 – Sep 1979CommunicationsStarted out on the deck force, really enjoyed my time on the small boat crew. Worked my way into the Radio Shack.. Nothing but fond memories.. Thank to all of you that may have assisted me with my tour on the Sperry.
Hames, DonaldMR2Dec 10, 1976 – Sep 12, 1980R2 Inside Machine ShopI spent a year in Deck Division then did OJT with John MacDonald in the machine shop until we both went to the MR A school and reported back to the Sperry.
Cook, DavidEM31977 – 1979Rubber and Plastics
Dubose, DennisRM21977 – Aug 3, 1980Communications
Seeboth, Richard "Rick Or Flea"DK2Jan 1977 – Sep 1978Supplyhandled pay for 4-5 boats was also ship's cashier for several months.
Fernandez, LarryET 3Mar 1977 – Aug 1980
Gene, GeneoPN2Mar 6, 1977 – Nov 4, 1979adminLooking for some old friends.
Jaramillo, TomMR2Mar 18, 1977 – May 12, 1980MachineWas there from '77 to '80 Only went to sea twice. Once to Acapulco and then to San Francisco.
Hendrickson, ChuckENFNMar 20, 1977 – Jun 20, 1978A-Gang
Rogers, MikeFTG2Apr 1, 1977 – Jun 15, 1981Weapons Div. FT ShopMade many good friends and good memories living on ship and on shore. Best food in the Navy! Loved the crew and officers. Hello all.
McMullen, Thomas, MacEN2May 12, 1977 – Apr 27, 1979 I still remember all of my workmates, in the fwd and aft engine rooms, and all of the hard work and fun times we had.
Brown, VernonTM3Jun 1977 – Jul 1979w-1 mk37 shopi had some good times and met some great people. i went on that trip to mexico in 79 and had a blast.drop me a line.
Brown, Vernontm3Jun 1977 – Jul 27, 1979w-1 (auw shop)i had some great times and made many good freinds that i would like to hear from..
Shaw, ChuckHTFNAug 1977 – Aug 1979R-1, 57A & 56AAlot of great memories and continued friendships for this command. The easiest command I ever had and probably the hardest I ever worked.
Hawthorn, ThomasE-1Aug 6, 1977 – Sep 6, 1980Bowsain Mate
Van Hise, RichardMM2Aug 15, 1977 – Aug 15, 1979A GangSend an email to
Helton, GlennisBM 2Aug 15, 1977 – Aug 15, 1981deck 2 rigging div.was a great place to grow up, made lots of good friends, and had lots of good times, ended with with 11 years service
Moskalewski, Steveht-2Sep 27, 1977 – Sep 25, 1981rad-con
Pearson, JohnGM3Oct 1977 – Jan 1981W1Was in the Armory
Nowak, LeoMR3Nov 1977 – Jun 1981R2
Solis, Ricardo "Ric"EM2Nov 1977 – Jan 1981Repair/R-3/57BNight mess crank December 77, motor rewind shop 78-80, LPO rubber/plastics 80-81. Did the Mexico cruise, two trips to San Francisco, one trip to Seatlle and a couple of three day excursions to dump. Lots of memories!!
Nowak, LeoMR3Nov 1977 – Jun 1981R2My experience on board was a life experience. What i learned on the Sperry started my career and to this day I am still servicing rotating equipment
Gillen, MichaelHTCSDec 1977 – Jun 1982R1, R6Came onboard Sperry as a boot Chief, and left as a Chief Warrant Officer. Lots of good times, lots of work. Seemed like this command had a lot of professionals in the crew.
Duffy, JimE31978 – Sep 1980Rubber & Plastics
Buwalda, ThomasBm31978 – 1981Rigger-RepairI remember Mexico..We left some crew there...
Ziser, James Or JimHT21978 – Dec 10, 1979DCworked in carpenter shop in engraving then took over DC as LPO but never left port! (took leave)
Lentell, StevenMR 3Jan 1978 – Jan 1979R 5 94A RadconI was married on the ship in July of 1978 on the Fo'csle
Hastings, MarkETSNFeb 18, 1978 – Jun 18, 1979communications
Lewis, PatrickHT3Mar 21, 1978 – Aug 11, 1980engineeringI served on the sperry in the shop fitter shop. that was the my last duty station in san diego ca. that was a couple of years ago.
Earl, ThomasRM2Mar 25, 1978 – Sep 25, 1981CommunicationsNot really sure of the exact date I arrived aboard the Sperry but I was assigned TAD to Comsubgru Five which then took me next door to the USS Dixon AS37 and I served there until 1981 but I was actually a member of the Sperry crew.
Schmitz, Michael profile iconBT3Jul 1978 – Jun 1980B DIV
Perry, RichardENJul 10, 1978 – Oct 16, 1979R-5Dont remember much, smoked alot of weed. I remember PSA airplane crash in North Park - Texas Ave. where we lived. Drove a 56' Chevy two-tone green station wagon and slept in it. Saw the captain a lot. weight lifter PEACE
Watt, WesleyEN2Aug 1978 – Jun 1980FER m supervisor 1979-1980The Mexico cruise was fun except No fresh water. Hello to Eric Pierce from Texas.
Hennig, DanielMR3Aug 1, 1978 – Aug 2, 1979A GangWas only on for a short time, and spent some of it in the base security department but had a good time with you all. After the Dixie got robbed that base turned into a drag to live on.
Roe, WilliamHT2Sep 1978 – Jun 1980R11served in the shipfitters shop
Leeper, NickENFNOct 20, 1978 – Aug 20, 1979Engineering FWD Engine RoomMexico was fun! Hi Wesley Allen Watt! I remember we were the first or second United States Naval Vessal to have Waves stationed onboard. The USS Dixon was the other recipient.
Uhl, DouglasHT 3Oct 24, 1978 – May 17, 1981R-5 &R-1where are all the glowing characters from R-5 ????Hey Ben,Steve,Gary,Jim you still onthe beach??
Bell, RodneyPC 1Nov 14, 1978 – Apr 16, 1981X-Div

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