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USS Sperry (AS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sperry (AS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 384 crew members registered for the USS Sperry (AS 12).

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Richter, William 'Sandy'HM21973 – 1976H - Medical/DentalGreat tour and friends. Would like to re-connect. Emails welcomed. Aloha, Sandy
Hooten, NormanHT 31973 – Sep 14, 1976R-1 I was aboard 1973-76,in the Pipe-shop, as a silver-brazer.I'd like to say hi to anybody aboard then, especially Frank Greer, Dusty Skinner; George Hughes,Bill Pompetti,David Smith,Zip Pritchard,Mitch Keller,&many more.
Ingram, Randy profile iconSeamanJan 1973 – 1974DeckMet the ship at Pearl, survived the fire, made the trip to Bremerton, Portland, then discharged. Would love to hear from old friends I often think of from deck crew to other secs. Have nightmares about scraping, and chipping that 12 tub!
Eichstadt, Mark profile iconEN-2Jan 1973 – Jun
Kinslow, Donalde4/em3Jan 1973 – Nov 1975electricaljoined the ship in hawaii, after fire. started in deck force, struck into electric shop
King, Waynetm2Feb 1973 – Dec 1973steam shop mod 14-16
Zarr, PaulEN3Feb 1973 – Mar 1975Oil KingPicked up Sperry in Hawaill, off a DE 1034 , assigned to Aft Engineroom, then Oil King Shack, under MM2 Bill Watts. Road the ship back to San Diego in May of 1973 and up to Portland Orefon for the overhaul.
Judd, DonENFNFeb 1973 – 1976Engineering-FER
Ehli, DennisFNFeb 1, 1973 – Nov 19, 1975Repair - Worked in hydraulics shopMet the ship in Hawaii .. made the trip to Bremerton .. then to Portland .. Looking forward to making contact with some old shipmates!
Skinner, DustySNMar 1973 – Nov 21, 1975deckworked in deck div made cruise to hawaii and portland
Harris, CraigHTFNApr 1973 – Sep 1974R1Worked SF shop and weld shop. Rode ship to Pearl, fought the little fire,went to Bremerton, then Portland. Enjoyed having HT1 Cooper as my boss. Would like to hear from HT2 Wayne Waters, & Pappy. e-mail:
Hillier, LorneFNJun 1973 – Jun 1974Electical ShopMet the ship in Pearl Harbor and was there during the fire, and later in Bremerton and Portland. Left for Guam while we were in overhaul. (the Sperry was better) Like to hear from folks working in the Electric shop 73 and 74.
Nelson, TomICFNJun 1973 – Jun 1975IC RepairLoved The Sperry. Was along for the weapons offload in Washington State and yard period in Portland. Was part of the IC Sub Repair Crew specializing in VOM and Panel Meter Repair. Was one of the unique people to have a Brother on board.
Burris, PatrickDT3Jun 1, 1973 – Jan 15, 1977DentalWorked as a dental technician.
Litwiller, DonIM2 IM1Jul 1973 – Jan 1979R2 R6Was assigned to MIRCS Lab 1 yr. Assigned to R6 Div(P&E and ARRS Ofc)41/2 yrs. ETCM Terrebrood was among the finest men I served with on the 3 ships & 1 shore station to which I was assigned in my 12+years in the USN.
Green, TimETR2Jul 1973 – Mar 1976R3 & R4
Rothwell, RudyPN3Sep 1973 – Apr 1977XLooking for Michael Harrison or Dave Ball
Helm, NeilE3Sep 17, 1973 – Oct 10, 1975R3Worked in the motor rewind shop, made the trip to Bangor, Bremerton, and Portland. Great ship and crew.
Gallo, Thomase-3Oct 15, 1973 – Jun 20, 1974aminym first ship
Thayer, William L. Thayer (Bill)AS12Dec 1973 – Oct 1977ESHIPS COMPY. ELECTRICIAN EM-3
Danesi, CarlEM21974 – 1976E-DivMet the ship in Portland. Made a few little cruises and then the Hawaii trip in 76. Lived off base in Clairemont Mesa while we were tied up in Balast Point.
Schade, AdolphSEAMAN1974 – 1975DeckLooking for fellow shipmates. I reported aboard at Swan Island Shipyard in Portland Oregon in 1974
Demski, EdwardHTFN1974 – 1976R-5 / R-1Great ship if we could just get underway without having a fire in the switch board. I learned to chip paint in R-5 DIV.(LOL)! Transferred to R-1 Div, shipped over star program for C school. Should have stayed and worked w/ the NUCS!
Quinlan, DavidMR21974 – Jan 1976R2Came aboard in during the overhaul in Portland, Oregon.... froze my ass off working in the machine shop with the bay doors open, and no port hole covers.
McKnew, Hanksn1974 – 1975deck
Graves, Mark profile iconEN1974 – Mar 8, 1977A-Gang
Patzke, Al profile iconMM2Mar 1974 – Jul 1974R7
West, WestleyMM3Apr 1974 – Nov 29, 1977engineeringI WAS IN THE BOILER ROOM DURING 1974 TO1977 I would like to contact D Green, Kevin Paulos, Bobby Byrd, Eddie Morse, Marvin Wolf. or anyone from the Boiler Room My e-mail is
Mitchell, DavidEN2May 1974 – Nov 1974Cant rememberI was transferred just before going to Portland for refit. I missed the ship in San Diego. Had to travel to Bremerton to find the ship. Great cruise down the Columbia River. Rotated out early.
Dunsmoor, Ronald FuzzyRM-3Jun 14, 1974 – Jun 21, 1974C-1 RadioNot sure if anyone remembers me on the ship but my Brother Steve was on the Sperry for two years
Ladd, ChristopherussSN /QMJun 22, 1974 – Jun 26, 1976QMCame on board in Bremerton yards, spent yr & a half in portland, Or, then Diego/ Last cruise was Pearl Harbor where I got out. Had some of the best times of my life , Even got married / all in the past
Maitland, Davidmm3Oct 31, 1974 – Apr 3, 1976BAfter the Midway, This was heaven.
Lloyd, William F./ "pink"HT3Nov 1974 – Feb 14, 1976HT ShopGood Times and Good Memories with guys in the shop, e-mail me at
Diciaccio, Anthony (Tony) profile iconMM31975 – 1976EngineeringI remember the stack fire the most. Mostly because I was one of the smaller guys and could climb inside the boiler to do firesides and watersides. Damn was it hot in there, and dirty but no hot water to shower when done.
Wright, ChrisHT21975 – 1979R7 NDT LabI made three cruises on the USS Sperry. One to San Francisco, one to Mazatlan & Acapulco and we spent about two months at Pearl Harbor. I worked in the NDT Lab and made a lot of friends and have fond memories.
Nelson, RandyMM31975 – 1976R2 Came to Sperry as Nuke MM3 with welder quals, was assigned to Shop 38A, also supported Weld Shop, Hydraulic shop, and Injector shop. When at sea, was assigned to engineroom when to run the diesel engines
Dibala, PeterDP31975 – 1976SupplyI was on USS Bryce Canyon AD-36 in Pearl Harbor, but got tired of Hawaii, asked detailer to get me to San Diego, so sent to Sperry and darned if we didn't get sent to Pearl Harbor for 3 months
Osborne, PaulHT 21975 – 1978R1Stationed on the Sperry out of C1 Welding school. We sailor to Hawaii for 3 months.
Burkitt, NoelMM3Apr 1975 – Nov 1975BWorked in the Boilerroom, great guys ...great times ...after 3 years in 'NAM on the MIDWAY, the Sperry was a trip
Henderson, JimHT-3Jun 1975 – Jun 1977R-1Great time on board sperry! learned alot about life,made some friends for life too. navy helped me grow up and sperry was a big part of that. willie hale and michael goyen, you out there.
Dennert, PaulEM2Jun 1975 – Jun 1977Repair - Motor rewind shopWorked in the motor rewind shop - if I never see another 43KW commutator it will be to soon... Great times hang gliding down to Blacks Beach at Torrey Pines!
Deknikker, VernEM2Jun 1, 1975 – Oct 22, 1978R3-51ASpent tour in motor rewind shop in repair Dept. Seems I spent much of the time working on 43KW MGs on the boats. Recall beach parties with shipmates on Mission Bay and Torrey Pines Stake Park. All the surfing!
Wells, DougHT 3Aug 6, 1975 – Jul 19, 1977R 5Had a blast ridding motorcycles with Ray rhines,Chris Behymer,Gary minor,lee hinish
Bosley, Gary "Bos"MM3Sep 1975 – Apr 1976Repair
Pattwell, Johnpo3 electricians mateSep 5, 1975 – Mar 31, 1979e-divServed in the electric shop ships company for 4 years. One of the tightest shops on the boat...
Desoto, RickSH3Nov 1975 – Jun 1979S-3The best time in my life..Hawaii.San Francisco..Mbexico(remember no drinking water for 3 days coming home) would like to contact Mark Jenson from Flint Mich.or anybody else that remembers
Hershberger, BruceHT3Nov 1975 – Jun 1979HT ShopI'll be darned if I can remember names but I spent time in the HT and DC shops. I went to SF twice; made the Bi-centennial Hawaii trip parked across from the USS AZ; and the Mexico trip in '79. Great memories.
Robbins, ClayRM2Nov 5, 1975 – 1977Communication
Bland, JimSK1 - SKCDec 1975 – Dec 1978S-6

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