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USS Sperry (AS 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sperry (AS 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 384 crew members registered for the USS Sperry (AS 12).

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Dunn, JbDC 41967 – 1969Hello All Just checking to see who is still out there. Thanks
Rann, GeneEM2Jan 7, 1967 – Feb 10, 1970EI was married and had a cottage house in Ocean Beach. Had alot of good times both on and off board, they rang the bell when I walked into the acey/ducy club with my hat on in Vallejo. Remember a Beer for 10 cents
Coudding, NateEngineman E4Jan 15, 1967 – Apr 14, 1969EngineeringWas in the oil gang worked for Lee Brewer engineman First Class. Lt. Woodruff was over engineering. Was on the voyage that earned the Sperry its nickname of Roadrunner. Served on Proteus in Guam.
Smith, William C. (Bill)MM2(SS)ELTFeb 1967 – Dec 18, 1967RCRadiological Controls Shift Supervisor and division training petty officer. Transferred from USS Proteus AS 19, Guam, M.I., for remaining tour of duty prior to honorable discharge. Nuclear-trained and qualified mechanical operator.
Wassman, Glenn (Dutch)CYN3Apr 1967 – Oct 1968OPS/NAVWorked with good people, got excellent training, and enjoyed every minute on the Sperry. Was in the Crypto vault in the Radio room when we ran into the hiway. The view from the port wing deck was hard to believe.
Turpen, Michael/mikeEM3May 1967 – Jan 1968MAA/SubRon ThreeI was assigned to the MAA and then SubRon Three while waiting for Nuclear Pwr School. I was there when we ran aground on Columbia river returning from Rose Festival in Portland, OR. I retired as an LDO Captain in 2006 after 38 years.
Turner, BillE-4May 1, 1967 – Jun 6, 1969S-6We had a great, undefeated flag football team!! I was a RB and a DB on the team along with Gary Wooley;Bill Kerins; Dave Krakauskas; Arturo Vera; Larry Mews; and Bob Olsen.
Hedlund, DavidIC3May 3, 1967 – May 6, 1968Submarine SupportAlways willing to correspond with old shipmates
Bautista, PineappleseamanJul 7, 1967 – Dec 6, 1967deck division
Rose, JerryETN3Jul 18, 1967 – Jul 23, 1969RADCAL SHOP
Holmes, DonET3Aug 1967 – Mar 1968R4Waiting for a billet at Nuc School.
Williams, HughSK3Aug 1967 – Aug 1969S-1GSK storekeeper My Brother SK2 Roger Williams work In supply Office w/ Cdr Crozier.
Geiger, GaryAug 1967 – Aug 1969served in disbursing and on deck force
Lemke, LarryE-2 - YN3Aug 1967 – Jun 1970Deck Force/X Div. (Captain's Office)Met many good friends and enjoyed the experience olf serving on SPERRY. Made many trips to dump effluent, Vallejo Shipyard for repair, Long Beach Shipyard for repair and Portland (Rose Festival. Worked hard and had fun
Stephenson, Ronald "ron"IM2Aug 12, 1967 – Feb 7, 1969R4Worked in the instrument shop. Did most of my time in the watch and cronometer shop with CPO Frank Jarnigan. Frank and I still call each other after 30 years.
Case, John profile iconET-1Aug 15, 1967 – Oct 1971R-4 (Shop 67B Calibration Lab)Great 4 yrs, underway CIC watches, training PSI's for the Nuc pgm, Point Loma sub base, SD bay, NI NAS acrs the ch, Gr8 ship, Gr8 crew, Gr8 time . T U :-) It was priviledge to serve on such a great ship.
Stephens, DaveSF2Sep 5, 1967 – Aug 12, 1968R-1Worked in the tin bending and pipe fitting area
Edington, Jeff (Ed) IC3Oct 2, 1967 – Jun 11, 1969 E&R Gyro Shop
Trower, RobertSF2Oct 3, 1967 – Sep 14, 1969R3Worked in the weld shop, sheet metal shop and pipe shop.
Holt, Lonnie DCWO2Nov 15, 1967 – Jun 1969Supply
Knight, RichardDT11968 – 1969D
Steinkuller, RexETRSN1968 – 1969Antenna ShopMare Island & awesome trip to Portland !
McPherson, William C (Bill)EMFN1968 – 1969E Div, EngineeringI was stationed on Sperry while waiting for Nuclear Power School. My firsts on Sperry: my first watch on a ship, first time I qualified as an Electrical Operator. I learned a lot on working on her
Molinari, Brad profile iconFN1968 – Mar 9, 1970Deck Force
Kilcrease, Daniel (Jack)SM1Mar 8, 1968 – Apr 2, 1969Master at ArmsGreat ship for the short time I was there. Went accross the pier to Nereus,(TAD flag) for one year.
Martens, GeorgeIC2Jun 1, 1968 – Apr 4, 1972ElectricalFour short years I'll never forget. Two trips to the Rose Festival, unfotunately two years after the grounding that gave her the nickname Roadrunner.
Grubb, JamesET1Jun 23, 1968 – Dec 2, 1971R4 shop 67I miss the ship, subs, work, people and location just inside Pt Loma. I don't miss the CS or the touch and go's at the NAS that kept me awake in our shop above the fantail.
Muschlitz, William "Lew" "bill"MMJul 1968 – Sep 1968RCFriend of William "Lew or Bill" Muschlitz, Jr. I'm looking to speak to anyone who knew him.
Andrews, DavePICMAug 1968 – Jul 1972R-2Had two tours of duty on Sperry. The first tour of duty I was in the Periscope Shop, and made Chief on the tour of duty. On the second tour of duty I made masteer Chief and became Command Master Chief before retiring.
Chaney, RichardHMSNDec 1968 – 1968medicalI had great mentorship from senior HMs. Hope you've all had good careers and lives. I'm still going strong but in Army National Guard CW3 now. Thanks for friendship and leadership!
Trudeau, Jamesht3Dec 1968 – Jun 1972repear department carpenter shopgood 4 years went to portland or.for 2 weeks ship odered doughnuts . order was put in @oops we got 48000 i hadto count them fun.
Smith, Richarde-3 through HT31969 – 1973R-6 and R-1Loved those trips tp Portland and Pearl Harbor on the 'Ol Girl !
Powell, Jeff profile iconHT21969 – 1972Engineering
Gonzales, Jamesjftg2Jan 10, 1969 – Oct 15, 1970weaposmy gq station was 20mm gun. my chief was Hilsbeck.weearned the battle E, in'69,'70
Murnock, GregSF1Jan 27, 1969 – Jul 30, 1971R-1Worked in the Weld Shop.
Fumuso, AlbertSMMay 15, 1969 – Dec 15, 1970PersonnelWorked Captians Mast, Chaplians Yoeman, Maste at Arms, and personnel Dept.
Kitchen, LarryET!Jun 1, 1969 – Jun 1, 1971R3
Kellogg, CliffordTM3Sep 1969 – Feb 1973Weapons/Weapons OfficeAssigned to Mark 37 shop. Soon assigned to Weapons Department Office performing yeoman duties for the next two and a half years. Have many great memories on Sperry, including Portland Rose Festival in 1972.
Geis, Waynee 3 EnginemanOct 1969 – Sep 1971EngineeringI worked in that aft engine room
Morris, James profile iconEN 2Oct 1969 – Sep 1970Eng a-gangCame on board the Sperry in Oct 69 in Vallejo Ca. Left for San Diego in Jan 1970. I was a-gang lpo until en1 Harris came on board. After that I was supply po. I also was the engineer on the captains (Capt Williams) gig.
Lester, CharliePM2Nov 1969 – Dec 1, 1972RepairHad a good time and great ship mates.
Balla, DavidBM-3Dec 1969 – Apr 19711stGreat fun but it was just one of those things.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1955 | 1956 – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – 1969 | 1970 – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – now

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