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USS Nereus (AS 17) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nereus (AS 17). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 264 crew members registered for the USS Nereus (AS 17).

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Watkins, MikeENGINEMAN E-31968 – 1969Engineering
Aron, Elizabethn/a1968 – 1970n/aI want to find people who remember serving with Pedro "Pete" Rangel. (Nereus 1969 and 1970). If you remember him please email me, Elizabeth Aron, at and I will explain the purpose of my search. Thanks!
Barnett, JeffBM31968 – 1971engineringWorked in the sail loft
Metzger, J ChrisE31968 – 1970PersonnelThis duty was the most volatile time of my life... after serving in Vietnam. I was librarian and chaplain's assistant. Looking for Ronald Moore (Bursar's office 1969), Waldo from Personnel, 'Straight Arrow', Mr.Peabody?
Robertson, James/robbieCS2Feb 5, 1968 – Feb 13, 1970Supply/S2Was a good duty station. robbiehutchhalletmayer...only 3 people in the world would know what that is.
Schmelzer, Walter SkipST1Feb 8, 1968 – Aug 13, 1972R4Loved the Nereus Would have stayed in navy if could have transfered to The Dixon after decomission of Nereus
Leshko, RickE-3 (FN)Mar 15, 1968 – Dec 10, 1970M-Div. Aft EngineI was assigned to the Aft Engine Room. Loved the old 248's & 278's great engines to start off my naval career. Did you ever hear the deck plates late at night sounding like someone was walking around down there.
Ferderer, MichaelRM3Apr 1968 – Mar 3, 1970Operations / Radio ShackI enjoyed the Nereus and am happy I found her again. I was TAD to ComSubFlot One and enjoyed the time I spent going back and forth between the USS Sperry and the USS Nereus.
Dupre, TomFTG3Apr 1968 – Mar 1971W-2Fiorst ship. Best ship.
Wright, O.g. "gary"PN2Jun 1968 – Sep 1969PersonnelServed with a lot of great shipmates. Have tried to find my old division officer, James D. Carey. Last I heard he went from Warrant Officer to Lt.
Berg, JerrySFP2Jun 1968 – Jun 1970DCWorked in the Shipfitter shop on the 03 level. Great duty.
Garner, EdETR3Aug 14, 1968 – Jun 18, 1969OEFirst ship assignment in what would be an eight year career. Great experience working on fast attack submarines. Never forget going out to sea after repairs were performed on antenna systems by our shop.good guys all!
Caffarella, TimIC2Sep 1968 – Sep 21, 1971Engineering
Walker, BillEN1Sep 1968 – Oct 1971Admin. Asst. to Engineer OfficerWorked first in M Div B-1, moved to Aux. Machinery room working for Chief Prouty. Then went to A div. as LPO of the Boat shop. Last job was as Administrative Assistant to the Engineer Officer.
Samaniego, Ernest SamE-3Oct 1968 – Feb 1971boilers and evaporatorshonorably dischared. had a stoke and heart attack i year ago. have a son 10 years old(mother died 3years) i am 59 years old. lving on a pention&30 percent disability,trying to get 60 percent,have a vso navy rep.helping me.cant work.
Call, JamesSK2Oct 1968 – Nov 1970supply
Immler, Henry (Hank)IC-3Nov 1968 – Feb 1970EngeeneringWent to Horseshoeing school in Tulsa in June of 1970. Came home in August and went right to work.Still am shoeing horses 40 yrs later in the Montgomery Al. area. Married in Aug 1972, still am . Happily! Raise horses.
Wasserman, SteveMM3Nov 1, 1968 – Jun 30, 1971boiler room
Feifer, WaltEM2Nov 24, 1968 – Oct 21, 1971R-3 Electrical Repair
Lash, LeePN2Dec 1, 1968 – Jun 20, 1970Admin23 years active and reserve.
Hess, TomEM21969 – 1971E
Jenkins, FrankPN3/PN21969 – 1971XWould like to re-connect with Hank Schneider, Alan Coffin, PNC G.L. Thomas.
Seibel, Ricken3May 13, 1969 – May 13, 1973oil kingNice ship, Lots of really good people
Swift, Randy profile iconE-4May 21, 1969 – 1971Damage Control
Holmes, William (Steve)QM2Jun 1969 – Sep 1971NavigationI was ships company but after the spring of 70 was TAD to ComSubFlot One as an Operations Quartermaster. Later went to USS Sperry when Nereus was sent from Ballast Point in San Diego to 32nd Street.
Ragan, JoeEN 2Jun 1969 – Oct 12, 1969R2 X38I stayed behind when the Sperry left ,The sub we were changing a botton crankshaft had to be finished. We had a lot fun with our new shipmates ,they gave us everything we needed.
Coffin, AllenYN2Jun 1969 – Jul 1971Admin
Weaver, DavidE-2Jun 15, 1969 – Jan 4, 1971Engineering Boiler RoomWorked in the Air Compressor Room and Boller Room
Meixner, John profile iconSK3Jul 1969 – Apr 1971SupplyWorked in Submart. Also ran forklift between ship and warehouse. Great time! Will never forget Portland!
Forrester, RobertltjgJul 1969 – Sep 1971supply
Watson, Bill profile iconDPSN/E3Jul 1969 – Oct 1971Repair and supplyWas the yeoman for repair division an then supply as a Data pressing clerk
Frontera, MikefnAug 1969 – Oct 1971E [ships company]Just recently found the site and recognized two names right away . Worked with Tom Hess, Steve Wilson, Cal Davis, Sr.Chief Emch was in charge of the shop.
Odaffer, JayCS3Aug 1, 1969 – Oct 10, 1971S2Best ship I was ever on. Was a part of the decom crew. The cruise to Portland was great.
Gagnon, RolandE-5 SH2Aug 1, 1969 – May 1, 1970SupplyGreat duty after retuning from duty in Vietnam. Ran the ship store
Bryan, WayneSFSep 1969 – Jun 1971Worked in the pipe shop, as well as a year in R-5 Division. Great trip to Portland for the Rose Festival. Better than the weeks of 8 on, 8 off, we went thru re-obtaining license to service the Nuke boats. Great food from the mess decks!
Kent, Bruce D.EM3Oct 1969 – Jul 1970E - Repair
Terry, ConeCS2Nov 1969 – Oct 1970Supply
Weiler, DonDK2Dec 1969 – Dec 1970Disbursing ClerkTransferred from DaNang, South Vietnam. Enjoyed my time aboard ship and the interaction with all the personnel. I was attached to SubFloat One and maintained the submarine pay records
Grove, RichardCS31970 – Mar 1971SupplyOne of my best Duty stations, made a trip to the Rose Festival in Portland Oregon, and then offered an "Early out"
Nelson, FloydEN 31970 – 1971RepairWorked in the Hyd shop. Really enjoyed the trip to Portland .
Bigon, BrianIC31970 – 1971IC
Allbaugh, RobertE-31970 – 1971R5Served in R5 Division (Submarine Effluent Coolant Transfer and Radiation Contamination Control), also served on the decommissioning crew.
Schneider, HankPH21970 – 1971R3
Rexford, GaryCYN31970 – 1971Captains Office and Legal Office
Brecht, Robert/bobPN31970 – 1972Admin
Arnold, JimBM31970 – Sep 24, 1971BM-0000
Batterman, GaryML3Mar 1, 1970 – Jan 4, 1971R2
Degregorio, CharlesE3 SHIP SERVICE MANMar 9, 1970 – Jan 10, 1971
Biggers, StephenEN-E2Jun 1970 – 1971forward engineDid anyone ever git a bucked of air?
Dial, TomEN-3Aug 1970 – Sep 1971Engineering, Forward Engine RoomWas part of the decommissioning crew.
Attebery, GarySK3Sep 3, 1970 – Sep 1, 1971SupplyGreat Duty-Even the decommissioning
Gustafson, KenEN2Oct 1970 – Oct 1971EngineeringOct, 1970- Oct, 1971
Williams, Walter (Willy)EN 2Nov 1970 – Aug 1971Oil KingGreat crew. Great ship.
Donk, TerrySK2Nov 30, 1970 – Sep 15, 1971SupplyImpress fund cashier.
Nelson, FloydE4Dec 1970 – Mar 1971RepairWorked in the Hyd. shop.
Fly, MaxPN3Dec 1970 – Oct 1971Xnone
Hamly, Richard (Dick)LT1971 – 1971Repair/XOAsst Repair Officer for the Decon. Tow crew and Decom XO.
Rugenstein, WarrenEN2Jan 1971 – Sep 1971X38A Outside Machine ShopCame from Proteus, AS-19, first to X38A at Point Loma working on "boats," then to decommissioning crew at 32nd Street. Made E-5 on the Nereus. Good times! Great bunch of sailors! Then to USS Sioux, ATF-75, which towed Nereus to Bremerton
Fuller, JimET1Feb 1971 – Sep 1971OPSET Shop in the Transmitter Room, topside aft.
Weber, JohnDCFNApr 1971 – Oct 13, 1971R DivisionI was on the de-commissioning crew
Comanche, Wmec 202saMay 1, 2011 – May 8, 2011salvageFYI The Historic Naval Ships Assoc. vessel USN ATA 202/WMEC 202 COMANCHE was permitted to salvage parts from USS Nereus (AS 17) at the 'ghost fleet' at Suissun Bay in early May, 2011. Thanks!

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