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Naval Submarine Base New London Crew List

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There are 122 crew members registered for the Naval Submarine Base New London.

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Stoia, RalphStorekeeper Third ClassSep 1946 – Jun 1948sub tender
McGeachy, DuaneEM11953 – Oct 28, 1954Electrical CrewEnjoyed the duty. Assisting in the launching of the US Nautlis was exciting
Sirch, RonET2SSJul 15, 1954 – 1956Electronics: Radar, Sonar, ECMWhat a great Boat. Such memories of enlisted and officer shipmates. Captain Barrett passed away in April 2009 and I felt the loss along with his family. Just miss so many of the guys and wish we could have a reunion.
Weifert, Richard (Dick) profile iconTM2(SS)Jun 24, 1955 – Apr 8, 1958ArmamentWheeled the bow planes when the Trigger ruptured our bow tank. Served with Stumpy Owens, Phil Williamson, Frenchy Blanchette, Richard Emory, TMC James Kondrat, Lt. Kline We can't go back!! Too bad.
Batutis, CharlesEN2(ss)Feb 1958 – Jan 1961engine room
Anderson, JohnFT31959 –SubmarinesAlways looking to get together with my old shipmates.
Anderson, John Paull FT31959 –SubmarinesAlways looking to meet up with my old crew buddies
Frye, RobertE-3Aug 1959 – Aug 19601st Lt's Division
Knouse, FredMM3-MM2-SSN1960 – Nov 1960A gangGreat times, Gary Brown, Mike Harmody, Boba Louie, Chimp, Newt, Charlie and too many others. There are way to many who have " rested their oar". To those who read this may you have a " green board" and "all ahead full"
Chestnut, PaulRMC1961 – 1965ALiving in Colorado Springs. Plank owner. Retired 1970 RMC (SS) Member USSVI
McCarty, James H ( MacAdo)snMay 1, 1961 –ret 31torpedo reteriver l right out of boot
Nuss, LarryIC21963 – 1967Engineering Divison
Elliott, TomE-51964 – 1968Aft Engine RoomU.S.S. Witek EDD 848
Torres, Albert (Al)PHANAug 24, 1964 –R DivisonCame on Board fresh from Great Lakes. Assigned as Compartment Cleaner for R Division- Got a chance to become a Photographers mate under Chief Barkus Went to A School Came Back and really have good memories of my 1st Duty
Walz, KennethE6Jan 1, 1965 – Jan 1, 1967Shop 56I am Ken Walz's son. I wanted to add his name to the bases roster
Bonner, BonnerE3Dec 1965 – Jul 1968EngineeringUSN SUBASE NLON CT
Hogue, JamesIC2Feb 6, 1966 – Feb 1971ElectricalAfter discharge , employed with several different engineering companies over 23 years, on nuclear and fossil power plants SSBN 609 trained me well
Bowen, Art profile iconEnsignSep 1966 – Mar 1967Sub schoolWinter harsh, tower exciting, met a great group of guys
Smith, EarlSeamanJul 28, 1967 – Jun 17, 1968deck o&mServed with a bunch of great guys remember a Jerry Lynons and chief shoves probably got the names wrong anyway there are more but names would be misspelled after all these years, still remember the fight on the pier
Dotson, DougMM3Dec 1967 – Dec 1969E & - 865-335-0987 - Looking for Graham, McAllister, Wilson, Lamar, Blackwelder, Wheeler, Goodwin, Van Swearengen, Johnson, Stuart, MMC Jones, Brantley, Red Dog, others in 68-9 E&R Shop 38 - RadCon
Abreu, RobertE5Mar 18, 1969 – Jul 14, 1972supplyI am looking for information on an incident that happened on Carver in 1970 sea trials deep dive safe operating envelope under the command of captain Briggs
Christensen, John profile iconMM1(ss)Mar 1, 1970 – Apr 15, 1973M (Nuc)Ice run to Baffin Bay & Overhaul
Velez, Carlos (Chico)E-3 TAApr 29, 1970 – Feb 1, 1972Submarine Squadron 10
Vickers, TerrySN SSMay 19, 1970 – Apr 1972WorkerProud to have served with the best people in the world... on top of, or underneath the water.
Korf, Rodneymachinist mate MM3(ss)Mar 1971 – Aug 1974Auxilliary Division
Witherow, CharlesOM1Jul 30, 1971 – Jul 30, 1973R-2My first experience working on periscopes. After 2 years, I really knew how to repair all types of periscopes that were around at that time.
Read, Steven M.ETR1Aug 3, 1971 – Aug 1, 1975Code 083Like to hear from those that worked in the Electronics Cal Lab.
Bullinger, TomETR2(SS)Dec 1971 – Dec 1974Reactor ControlsI was able to meet some great people, some of whom are good friends to this day!
Holecek, Harold "Ralph"BT11972 – 1974Non Destructive Testing LabEveryone was called Ralph - it stuck with me the rest of my naval career. Even now I'm known as "Ralph"
Clarke, Danny profile iconMR1(DV1)Apr 18, 1972 – Oct 18, 1975Escape Training TankWas a Instructor at the Training Tank and also taught Scuba Diving School. Left there and went to the USS Sunbird (ASR-15) Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Kelley, BarrySNDec 1972 – Mar 1974DeckService Craft YTL-438. Great duty towing Boomers and Fast Attack subs in and out of the sub base in Groton, CT. Highlight was towing the Coast Guard training vessel EAGLE in and out of the Coast Guard Academy.
Jones, CliffordFTM 1 (DV)May 1973 – Sep 1974SRF Diving LockerMDV Mundy, Andy, Ray, Don, Cockroach, Tinker Bell, Joe (Mr. Deep Sea) Scalpi, et al - what a crew!
Speek, Bad BobETN2 SS/DVJun 1973 – Jan 1978ETGreat friends on the boat. Now retired from Exelon Nuclear. 10 grandkids so far. In the Chicago area.
Owen, RichardSTS1(SS)1974 – Aug 1976SSEPSpent the last two years of enlistment at SSEP grooming boats for spec ops. Served under Ray Stanis and Pete Fazio. Thought I was an above average tech when I got there but learned a lot while serving.
Radel, Rick (Rock)HT3Mar 1, 1974 – Sep 1, 1976Pipe ShopSkibo, Slats; let's meet at Bank Street soon!
Carpentier, JohnETN1 (SS)Sep 1974 – Feb 1975Naval Submarine SchoolSpecial Instructor
Odonnell, RonaldRM3(Su)Apr 1975 – Nov 15, 1976STUDENTattended basic submarine school and submarine radio maintenance pipeline training
Stewart, Guy (Stu) profile iconTM1 (SS)Jun 1975 – Sep 1978TrainingInstructor on the MK 45 torpedo
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Smith, Joe profile iconSHSN1978 – 1980Base Supply
Jones, CliffordHTC (DV)Jan 1978 – Jan 1981Escape Training TankGreat duty; great shipmates; great MDV's - especially one who became my mentor, Steve Lechner, later on "The 'Bird."!
Scott, John profile iconHT2Apr 1978 – Oct 1980R-1, Shop 11ASome real trying times were had at the Sub Base, Had some good times through it all though. I remember Lots and lots of shift work
Nutter, RolandET-1Jun 1978 – Jun 1980ESM Shop

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