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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1242 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Lewis, ErnestSN1974 – Jun 1975Came on board in Charlsetown,transfered from USS LA SALLE AGF-3.Went to Bremerton,Wa.Got out,went to school,worked for Alcoa,semi-retired.Loved the duty after being in Behrain.(Though I enjoyed the time there).
Ruiz, Sal (Cisco)ML41974 – Jun 27, 1975R1Came aboard the Holland late 74 after the Hunley came to Charleston, SC. from sea trials in Gitmo. Swapped shops with shop sup. on Holland, he stayed on the Hunley, came back to Brem. got out there in 6/27/75
Jaeger, JeffE31974 – May 1977Repair - NDT LabAfter leaving the navy I worked for MCDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, MO for 14 yrs before I was laid off. I now work for Boeing in Huntsville, AL. I have two children.
Tony, Graggen 31974 – 1976m div. forard engine room
Curran, James L.DP2Jan 1974 – Jun 1977S7Trying to locate Jerry A. Nelson DPC.
Iltzsch, TomE-3Jan 1974 – 1975EngineeringForward engine room.. Loved Scotland.
Elrod, DavidEN2Jan 17, 1974 – Feb 21, 1979R-2,R-7,
Elrod, DavidEN2Jan 17, 1974 – Feb 21, 1979R-2 I look back over the years and wonder how so many of us did all that we did together,and how we lost track of each other. We need to pull together as shipmates and find our way back as the crew we once was. I hope to see all at the reunion
Slama, CharlieFIREMANFeb 1974 – Jun 26, 1975repair shop 32 aft deckhey every body ..i was on board for awhile ..looking for a life .i remember many dudes but i havent heard from anybody.since i got out if any ole boys are still alive from the r2 -or welding.shoptalk to me . 3202455181
Harris, Paule3Feb 6, 1974 – Jul 28, 1975DCCPaul Harris Here, Happy to hear from any one from DCC during that time. I still remember how much fun I had in Mexico and going through the Panama Canal on our way to Bremerton from Charleston. me.
Riker Jr., Charles L. (Chuck) profile iconEN-3Mar 1974 – 1977R-4 Antenna ShopI am looking for all of the shipmates at this time to contact me. I would love to hear from you all.
Riker Jr., Charles L.E4 / EN3Mar 1974 – Mar 1977R4I am looking for all Crewmates that served with me during my time.
St Onge, WilliamfiremanMar 6, 1974 – Jun 17, 1975FERI was on board in Charleston also thru the canal the stop in acupolco ,san diego san Francisco and then dry docks when we took the boilers apart it was a real shit hole but had a lot of fun
Mendez, RobertBT3Mar 29, 1974 – Feb 22, 1977EngineeringCame aboard and was assigned to fwd engine room and boiler tech enjoyed learning to operated equipment. Enjoyed the new friends I met. I retired as and MS1 in the reserves. My navy experience was my greatest achievement
Lawrence, RogerMM1Apr 1974 – Jul 1977R-2Worked with OMCS Stilfield and MMC Wagner 2 great guys
Whitecotton, DonaldBM2DV!May 1974 – Mar 1975Had a great time love the Navy and it was a great adventure for me and learn to get a job in the North Sea Dving.
Casey, MichaelMMI(SW)May 1974 – Mar 1980X38A SHOP R-9 DIV.
Mixa, DaveMM2May 1974 – Jul 1976RC
Broyles, Richard (Skeeter)HT2May 24, 1974 – Dec 11, 1975R1Best group of men I ever had the pleasure of working with.
Duffy, PeterHT2/DVJul 1974 – Sep 1977Diving Locker
Brooks, StephenE-2Aug 1974 – Jul 11, 1975on-the-job trainingNot really looking for any one in particular, but I'm happy that I found this website. So many years have come and gone that as some have said in the paragraphs I have looked over. I noticed pictures of the Holland.
Gragg, TonyEN1(SW)Aug 17, 1974 – Jan 3, 1982ENG.HI FOLKS, CAN'T WAIT TO TALK, also on CV60 AFDL6 PHM1
Jaeger, JeffHTFNSep 1974 – May 1977RepairI was located in the NDT Lab inside the pipe shop. I got on the Holland in Charlston, went to Bremerton, then onto Holy Loch. If anyone has heard from Charles "Howie" Harrison, let me know.
Beam, GaryETN2Sep 1974 – Sep 1978R4I reported aboard in Bremerton during Poseidon Convrsion, Sailed thru the Canal, and spent 3 Great yrs in Scotland. I worked in the Electronics Repair Shop, Antenna Shop, and Cal Lab. After 30+ yrs, I choose to only remember the good stuff.
Demesa, Arman profile iconML3Sep 27, 1974 – May 10, 1977R-1CWO Michael Rossi was our Division Officer who truly cared for all of us in the Repair Division. Great person to work for.
Perry, SteveETR 2Oct 1974 – Nov 1976OPS/COMMBeing stationed aboard the Holland was the best experience of my time in the Navy. Although some of the duty sucked rocks, the people were pretty good shipmates.
Arbour, BruceEM-2Oct 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1976Electrical Repair Plastic ShopGreat time - miss the guys like Spuds and Bob Caulkins. Would lov eto hear from Old shipmates. I went on to FFG-6 FFG-1042 and then got out and became an Ordained Methodist Minister with a masters degree. go figure!
Gormley, JimET2Nov 1974 – Oct 1978R4A great period in my life...married a nurse from the hospital and eventually moved back to the states. I miss the quality of the rain in Dunoon.
Sosebee, JoelHT-3Nov 1, 1974 – Oct 1, 1976RepairHigh? I mean Howdy! Id love to here from any of ya"ll that may recall some of those fine times.Pipe,carpenter,shipfittershop,& Lagging locker.I somewhat recall Charleston,Cape Canaveral,Panama,Acapulco,San Diego,Frisco,Bremerton,Gitmo Rota,&
Stebelton, William (StebYNSNDec 12, 1974 – 1976X, Repair, DeckFirst ship, reported onboard Bremerton. Took her to Holy Loch. Great time all the way. Met lots of good people. Enjoyed work Admin Office in Deck Depart. Mr. Scott was great. Lot of friends in X Division.
Richardson, Keith RitchieMs2Dec 17, 1974 – Dec 31, 1979S2Met holland in Bremerton wa. Road her around the horn to charleston sc. Went to holy loch, first day there it rained should have took that as a hint. It was the greatest time ever. Was good friends with Steve minardi.
Dickason, KenSK2Dec 31, 1974 – Mar 17, 1978S-1/S-5Made many lifelong friends while onboard. Now almost 40 years later, I can look back and say it was a great tour. After retirement we have been able to go back to Scotland and really explore the country.
Allen, DjDS11975 – 1978S7Started in Washington State and finished in Holy Loch, Scotland. Good tour.
Karpel, Larry/unclelarryTM21975 – 1979W-4
Luisi, GaryFN1975 – 1977Repair - QA/ 3rdArrived USS Holland in Va. and set sail to Scotland. Worked in the QA department than transfered to the electrical gang in 3rd Division.
Fusco, John1975 – 19773rdmy bro Jim Fusco was a FN on the Holland at Holy Loch. Was hoping to hear from someone who may remember him from those days
Shields, LarrySKCM1975 – 1977S-6Cross decked to the Holland at Holy Lock Spent about 4 years in Holy lock total on two tenders
Ruiz, DavidMM21975 – 1979RapairAny body around from the steam gen team
Busey, Harold RichardE=31975 – 19773rd Deck
Griffin, George (Rusty) profile iconHT31975 – 1977R-2Was in carpenter shop,then moved to X56A Pipe shop,also X56C Flex Hose Shop,also Supply PO Sure miss Dunoon,&Glasgow
Higgins, WayneDT11975 – 1977Dental
Johnson, FrankHT 21975 – 1976R-1
Richardson, Larry profile iconMR11975 – 1977Nuke Planning
Johnson, CraigTM2/TM11975 – 1977W-1
Adkins, Larry profile iconDS11975 – Jun 13, 1977S 7left Holy Loch in June of 77. was at CSTSC Mare Island until June of 81. Spent 35 years + working for STK, Sun, and Oracle until I retired in June of 2016. Loved my tour of Scotland
Hayden, DouglasYN3/YNSN1975 – 1977Admin
Keith, WernerLCDR1975 – 1977Deck Dept / NavOriginally assigned Asst. Repair Off., Captain Smith on his visit with COMSUBRON 14 an officer with Repair Experience should be 1st Lt Deck Dep Head to plan for and fix all 32 pieces of floating gear in quick fashion.
Codina/gallacher, Stephene4Jan 1975 – Jan 1980holy lochim looking for kevin duke was in holy loch in the late 70's. any info would be very much appreciated, you can contact me at thanks in advance
Beauchamp, Richard/beachhtfr-ht1Jan 8, 1975 – Jul 1, 1980r1
Jackson, Cary// BimboENFNJan 9, 1975 – Jul 5, 1977engscotland was cool anyone no jess wicker
Jackson, CaryEN3Jan 22, 1975 – Jul 5, 1977
Roderiques, DavidEM2Feb 1975 – Apr 1977eretired EMCS after 27 years
Caulkins, Bob profile iconEM2Feb 1, 1975 – Sep 15, 1977R-3Was in R3 Div. Fond memories of the Crew, the work was tough Enjoyed Scotland and Washington State.
Miller, AlanET3Feb 25, 1975 – Sep 7, 1977RADCON - RadCalFrom Drydock in Bremerton, through the Ditch, great passage across the Atlantic, Holy Loch was a wonderful place to call Home for two years. Great Ship, Great Crew!
Moody, TerryMar 15, 1975 – Oct 15, 1977Shipfitter ShopWhat a tour. We worked hard and we played hard. We usually played at the Queens Hotel in Kirn. Shift work was our usual situation. Thanks Holland for the experience.
Gerhardt, DaveYN3Apr 1975 – Nov 1977Operations/NavigationWas blessed with many friends. Especially my friends in the "Fish Club", a Christian group. Commander Gill was my favorite officer. I was his Yeoman for about 6 months. Was hard to leave but you can't look back.
Zimmerman, BurkeHT3Apr 1975 – Feb 1977repair/deckDunoon truly was lost in the mist. Hope Pat and Molly are doing well and the damn customs agents fell into the Loch and drowned...
Munger, RalphDP2Apr 1, 1975 –S-7Great crew with lots of memories
Crume, Davidbm3-bm2Apr 16, 1975 – Aug 16, 19783rdcought the ship in acalpuco mex and made the locks at panama canal to mayport fla to charlston broke down at the edge of the triangle and went to prtsmouth england after yard at sc ,sea trials in nth atlnc,lfe boat crw.
Jacobs, EdSNMay 1975 – Jan 1977SupplyGreat Ship! Lots of good memories. Miss the guys I served with.
Richardson, LarryMR1Jun 1975 – Aug 1977R-10I have a lot of fond memories of HOLLAND and her crew. There were many, many times, after leaving HOLLAND, that I wished I were back. It was during my time onboard that HOLLAND began to her her name as "THE WORLDS GREATEST TENDER".
Horner, DanE-4/personnelmanJun 1, 1975 – Feb 10, 1977personnelLooking for Jerry Been , Dave Mixa, and a few other Mormon shipmates
Singer, BillMM2Jun 1, 1975 – Aug 28, 1979repair shop X38A
Yesgosh, GeorgeTM2Jun 1, 1975 – Jun 1, 1977W2MK37 Torpedo
Kline, RandySK2Jun 1, 1975 – Jul 19, 1975s5hope to find Bryan Strang from the Hunley AS-31 to help him reconnect with Steve Spradley
Ott, TraceyRM3Aug 1, 1975 – Jun 1, 1978OperationsHad no idea this existed. Want to say hey to Bordner, Looney, Castle, Banks, Berg, Danny and Chief Smith. So many others. I hope your all well.
Rickard, KevimYNSNAug 23, 1975 – Mar 11, 1977Admin Legal OfficeHad a great time on the Holland.Fantastic crew. Great times with Marshall Bullard, Leo Payne, John Harris, Scotty McCombs, Brian McCants, Vinny Laroche, ...., CWO4 George Hacket., Rick Skidmore, Bill Stebelton, Devligar,
Garcia, JoeBMSNAug 28, 1975 – Apr 22, 19772nd
Garcia, JoseBMSNAug 28, 1975 – Mar 6, 19772nd Division
Messano, KennyMM2Sep 1975 – 1976R-2I Worked In The Hydraulic/AC&R Shop. I transferred To The USS Holland When She Came Into Holy Loch, Scotland To Relieve The USS Canopus AS-34
MacVaugh, EdIC2Sep 4, 1975 – Jun 1, 1978RadConServed in RadCon, did most of the nuke related dirty work on ships in the floating dry dock in Holy Loch
Garcia, Joe A.SNSep 15, 1975 – Mar 12, 1977Deck : 2ndI've really enjoyed the duty on broad the Holland. Even thou had some bad times, I would do it again.
Hamm, LorenzoSNSep 15, 1975 – Feb 1, 19782nd DeckPlayed Basketball for ships team looking for any teammates Best duty a sailor can have If anyone knows Butch,Steward,Skinner from that team or anyone I would like to hear from them they were in the Supply dept or anyone from deck dept1,2or3
Oprisko, Gerald DocHMC(SS)Sep 15, 1975 – Nov 15, 1978MedicalReported aboard in Bremerton, this is the third time I've registered and cannot find my personal info. I missed the reunion when it was held in Corpus Christi a while back, I was never notified. Hope this one registers m
Suttle, JeffQM3Oct 1975 – May 19791st opsMy first ship 19 year old best times PJ's Glasgow Marven's(the Jungle)love the beer, and the woman anybody remembers me? love to here from the old gang
Burcell, JesseOM1Oct 22, 1975 – Oct 23, 1981R2 Shop 35AWent from OMSN to OM1 in the same shop. The absolute best time I had while in the Navy. I am now living in Anchorage Alaska working for the phone company. Any one I knew then can email me.
York, BrentFNOct 27, 1975 – May 18, 1977R-3 Div.I was a MR while on board the holland, i made MR-3 in transit to my next command. i liked working in the machine shop, but went back in electrical work after the navy.
Frazier, PerryDM1Nov 1975 – Aug 1979MAAWhen Cmdr E E Lindsey, came aboard that ship changed from USS Holland to the WGT and we as the crew from top to bottom made it happen. We were the worlds greatest ship and crew. My wife and I loved Scotland.
Mitchell, PaulBMSNNov 1975 – Jul 19772nd divisionWas one of the best parts of my life.
Arbic, RobertHT2Nov 1975 – Feb 1977R1 shipfitter shopThe biggest mistake I made in my 5 years was transferring off the Holland. Worked with the best; Browny, F.E., Terry and the rest. Great memories.......
Belanger, MichaelBM3Nov 18, 1975 – Apr 13, 19783rd Division Deck
Alzate, ArtETN2Nov 28, 1975 – Nov 28, 1977W-5Went out to sea, Liverpool.... Continued in the SSBN633 til '79 out of Holy Lock....
Davis, RichardIM1/IMCDec 1975 – Oct 1977R-2Of all Navy career, the Holland was the best, that's why it was the WGT
Casimier, JosephRM1Dec 1975 – Feb 1978OC
Kliewer, JimMM2Dec 1975 –R2 Shop 31F\56BGetting ready to retire After 35 years with PG&E, A utility company in northern California

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