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Naval Station Mayport Crew List

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There are 109 crew members registered for the Naval Station Mayport.

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Harrington, RonaldsnMar 1959 – Mar 1961opsthe date may be wrong for entry aboard ship, but I did return back to shore duty in 1961. there was cwo mangels,&ltjg ziegler on's name cant remember,had a deck hand by name of slack. any one know me or them?
Scroggs, Douglas RayADR3Aug 28, 1959 – Jun 28, 1963aviation machinist
Neel, SkipAA/ANApr 1961 – Feb 1964Crash Crew
Trammell, William (Bill)EN 3Apr 6, 1963 – May 10, 1965Welfare & RecreationMayport the best kept secret in the Navy.
Jaros, NedE5Jul 16, 1963 – Aug 15, 1963Wresponding to whomever?
Pietrzak, ClarenceSNE3Jan 18, 1964 – Jan 17, 1966Deck
Felcyn, TomSFP 2 E-5Sep 1964 – Mar 1968rI served aboard the Shang from 1964-1968, was founding member of WARLOCKS motorcycle club aboard the ship in 1967
Jones, Russell/russ profile iconDM2May 1965 – May 1967Fleet Training CenterGreat, after work, duty. Worked at the EM Club bar tending.
McConnell, RonnieBm31966 – 19684thGig. Coxswain on the FDR. GREAT TIME
Inglese, John CE 4Aug 1966 – Aug 1968Ship serviceIt was a great ship. Made many good friends. Saw many places. Two Med cruises and one Gitmo cruise.
Hehner, BobAviation Boatswain's Mate1967 – 1968V1 (Fly 1)I miss spending 16-18 hours a day on the flight deck and then having no water to take a shower. Falling asleep in the shower stall while waiting and waking up at 2:00 with the cold spray when it came on. Yay!
Miller, RobertFNJan 15, 1967 – Oct 15, 1969EngineeringThe big B and crew was outstanding to serve with during the good and bad times. I have great memories for the ship and crews.
Drenning, DaleSNJan 19, 1967 – Jan 17, 1969SupplyI was a ships service man and worked in the laundry.
Lovan, Kenneth C. /EM31968 – 1969USS Kaskaskia
Torres, Ramon L.E2Aug 1968 – Jan 1970Boat Wain Mate
Brant, James profile iconBM1 - BMCOct 2, 1968 – Jun 24, 1970Permanent Shore Patrol Jax BeachStarted as senior patrolman and court recorder and in 1969 became Chief Of The Watch. Usually had Stoltz my german shepard with me - he kept many of the inebriated in line. I gave Stoltz to the Jax Beach PD upon transfer
Kinney, Nelsonsh31969 – 1970ship serviceTime spent on the shang will always be the greatest experience. West pac cruise gave me memories that I have cherished and will forever.
Lewis, Earlier RayE2Jan 1969 – Jul 1971engineeringLiving in the UK, former lead singer of the DRIFTERS
Taylor, Frankiemm2Jan 15, 1969 – Jan 12, 1972mglad to be on the crew list
Watson, MarkAMH3Oct 1, 1969 – Oct 1, 1971Air OperationsAMH was a compartment cleaner in the Air Ops admin building then moved to the flight line. Plane captain on the H34 and worked on the US2B
Settle, Kennethseaman1970 –7th fleetmayport fl
Wilson, JodieNONEJun 2, 1970 – Jun 1, 1973NoneWas not on the Forest Royal I worked an Mayport and the EM Club and the Photo shop would just like to say hi to the few guys I knew on board
Ainis, EdSeaman1971 – 1973Boatswains MateI am looking to connect with the guys I spent that memorial Nam deployment with. I have lost touch with everyone. Does anybody know if Tom Terrivallia is around? Scott Keith, Steve Jones?
Smith, CalvinLCPL1971 – 1973Marine DetachmentWould like to hear from any members of my unit. SEMPER FI
Hoover, PatrickE-31971 – Dec 1972Weapons Division
Stone, GeneOS3Nov 1972 – Jul 1974OII remember the great times I had. Atkins, Moffe, Haske, Chaulk and Wright. So many fine people and a great ship. It was a honor to serve with them.
Hensley, John(Jp)Ht3Apr 7, 1973 – Jan 19, 1977R- divServed on her 4yrs loved it the traveling and all but couldnt hanndle my booze and they let me go in 77 never got in trouble on the ship but while on liberty looking for a guy a served with named Mike Shertler
Roberts, William/robyYN3Jul 23, 1973 – May 15, 1975DeckThrough the years I have looked back with pride to have been one of the original crew. Once you get p;ast the politics it was great.
Gibbs, Garryabh2Aug 1, 1973 – Sep 1, 1976v1looking for friends that i served with e mail me at
Scozzari, JoeBT3Oct 1973 – Jun 1977BCame onboard in Newport RI and after a few short months changed homeport to Mayport. Great shipmates on board and we were awarded Engineering Battle Efficiency 4 years in a row. Finished out my enlistment in Charleston
Stepp, NicholasFTG1974 – 1977WeaponFor those of you that knew Stepp, he passed away in 1984 in a car crash. This is his wife Tammy. I see alot of names I remember good to see you guys keeping up.
Nemeth, ChrisEN 2Jun 19, 1974 – Jul 19, 1977A-GangAlways looking to hook up with crew of the Strib. Would realy like to find my good friend Ronnie Sherman or any one who served on the Strib. That North Atlantic cruise was tough
Guillory, Stevea-2Nov 1974 – 1976aviation fuels
Cato, DenisikoSR-FN-E4/MR31975 – 1977Deck
Peters, Gregoryem2Feb 1, 1975 – 1977Data ProcessingYes I was aboard this old cock roach infested ,drug rampant ship. Wasn't supposed to be in service, last Harah! for the commander I guess.. It was decommissioned 6 months after my duty ended...
Trammell, William (Bill)EN1Jun 5, 1975 – Jul 2, 1976FMAGThat's it, the end. A good group of sailors to work with.
Henderson, RickRM2Apr 1977 – Apr 1979OCI had 2 years shore duty at the Mayport Communications Center. We moved into new Barracks there and we had a great time. Really enjoyed life at Naval Station Mayport.
Callis, StephenRMSNOct 1977 – Feb 16, 1979Signal MenLooking back now, my time on the patty board are some of my fondest memories. I enjoyed my time on the old patty boat with a good group in the radio shack. Aug. 78- Feb 79 Med cruise. Spent most of our time in Naples.
Hedges, Daniel / OrvilleE3Nov 1977 – Sep 1978Carpenter shop / EvaporatersLooking for Lincolne T. Johnson/(sugarbear) Arnold Allen/(stone) Roy Rice Mathew Johnson...... All the old gang.

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