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Naval Base Pearl Harbor Crew List

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There are 121 crew members registered for the Naval Base Pearl Harbor.

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O'Dell, Wilson C. ( Bud )e-4Aug 16, 1943 – 19467th fleetThis was my father. He served his whole duty at sea on the Intrepid. His battle station was on the conning tower one level above the captain. He passed battle orders back and forth from the bridge. Plankholder-dod 2001.
Golz, BruceEM3Mar 1958 – Dec 1960pacific fleet
Thomas, DudleyE5/ICSep 1959 – Dec 1962EngineeringGreat duty.
Firkey, LesterSNAug 1961 – Mar 1963SupplySpecial Services. Liason man to Lcdr of Supply division. Night watches in Admin building
Hudgins, JimmyYeoman Third ClassAug 10, 1961 – Aug 1962XI was assigned to the ship's office with another YN3 Peeples. All I remember about deployments were mostly 18 days in port and 30 days at sea on picket duty. While on the ship I was assigned to DC, CO talker, etc.
Pe̱a, AlfonsoRD3Sep 1961 РOct 1963DesRonUS Navy 1960-1963. US Air Force 1968-1985. Retired from the Air Force, then from Federal Civil Service. Fully retired 2005.
Hogarth, Robert (Bob)FA-EM3Sep 1961 – Sep 1963X 51 Sub BaseI leared a lot, enjoyed the weather but never had enough money to enjoy the Island.
Wallen, DarrelMROct 1961 – 1963X-31 SubBaseI wish I knew then what I know now.
Rife, DanFTG3(SS)Jun 15, 1962 – Aug 12, 1964Fire ControlBest thing I ever did in my life other than marring my bride of now 53 years (it is now 2019). I know many of my ship mates are now gone....Cherish my time on the Gudgeon!
Bonner, BonnerE3Oct 1962 – Jul 1963EngineeringINACT SERVCRAFT FAC HA
Richards, Howard (Rich) profile iconFAJan 6, 1963 – Jan 9, 1964TRANSPORTATION subasevary young (17) My first duty station from boot camp I remember Chief Anderson saying why are they sending me people that are to young to get navy drivers licence.
Bonner, BonnerE2Jul 1963 – Dec 1965EngineeringFOCC PAC HA Grounded Air Force in a tunnel 3-story "building" the size of two football fields underground with 3/4 mile tunnel to get there. I answered the phone when someone called for a vehicle and coordinated.
Swinford, John SwinfordAG2Jan 1, 1964 – Feb 10, 1965Fleet Weather Central
Poisal, MikeSA1965 – 1965Harbor Tugs
Caska, Lynnem3Aug 1965 – Dec 21, 1967electric shop
Mullen, James/jimTMSN/TM2Sep 15, 1965 – Apr 15, 1967Steam Torpedo ShopGreat Duty and what a Chow Hall
Norton, DaveETN-21966 – 1971Nuclear Reactor Operator
Walters, Frank WCT2Jan 21, 1966 – Jan 22, 1970SpIntComm, FOCCPac, Kunia, HawaiiLooking for my friends and shipmates from "Alpha" section at the SpIntComm command at FOCCPac, Kunia, Hawaii.
Brasher, Raymonde4Mar 25, 1968 – Jun 9, 1968supplyi was on board uss ferret twr6 as the cook, i remember only 5 crew plus a dog named fang, if you would like to talk i live on the big island hi.
Richards, Thomas (Richie)mm 2May 1968 – Feb 1970shop 38worked with chief DeLong,Bates,Parker.Anthony,Viars,Osborne,Folley,Peanut,Delgado,Williams,Davenport, Was working on Japanese sub in for emergency repairs, while the filming of Tora,Tora. That was exciting.....
Kramer, MelSN(SS)May 15, 1968 – Apr 15, 1970Deck CrewLooking for shipmates Especially Len Biera. Contact me at KramerM@Woodhaven.k12.Mi.US
Cranford, DennisYN3Aug 5, 1968 – Aug 5, 1969OPSLoved my tour aboard the Stoddert
Dawson, JohnTMT(2)Sep 1968 – 1970weapons w2
Sarver, DonTM3SSJun 1969 – Dec 1970WEPSGreatest bunch of guys I ever hung out with. Retired and living in Newport Oregon
Inchausti, JohnE3Jan 15, 1970 –EngineeringMy experience on the Bolster was very memorable. I served with a bunch of great guys. Chief Dryer was a good man to work for.
Clemo, DougBT3Apr 15, 1970 – Apr 10, 1972M
Bond, GregEN3Dec 12, 1970 – May 1974EngineeringPlank Owner, Home Port - Pearl Harbor, HI, A-Gang, WESTPAC 1972 & 1973, Vietnam Veteran.
Anderson, FlounderE3Sep 5, 1971 – Apr 6, 1972USS Current ARS 22I was on the last crew of the Current. My best friends were Noel Kessler, Rodger Allen, Stanley Oliver and Richard Firebend. I still have a Pic of Rodgers Triumph Spitfire after a coconut hit the windshield.
Stclair, StephenTM 11972 – 1976w 1Worked in the MK 37 shop Pearl and Warhead shop West Lock
Brock, DennisE4 gunnersmateJan 1972 – Sep 1975Gunner mate
Schaller, PaulBT3Apr 1972 – Jul 1973M/BAnyone who remembers me, please call 920-242-7631
Ward, Dale WBTJul 1972 – May 1975M
Farmer, TomE4/CTO3Jul 4, 1972 – Nov 30, 1972FOSIFTAD assignment in Hawaii for six mos was awesome! Anyone else at FOSIF at this time - Gareth Brevard we became great friends. Hope you are still out there. Love to hear about you and your life.
Voitenko, JanaSNJun 4, 1974 – Dec 1975COMCBPACwonderful first duty, beautiful island, met good friends
Wiley, Marke-21975 –enginemanfirst time at this site would like express here that I like many are still proud of serving on the BLUEBACK. I have found that time there is still some of my best memories and experiences.
Brant, James profile iconCWO4 - LTJul 15, 1975 – Aug 21, 1978X Div & Joint Armed Forces Confinement FacilityHonors & Ceremonies Officer during Bi-Centennial and Emperor Hirohito with President Ford. First US Naval Officer to command the Joint Armed Forces Correctional Facility consolidating all Military prisoners on the island
Cato, DenisikoE4-E5/MR21977 – 1980Repair
Hayslip, RickyTM 11977 – 1979steam torpedo shopGreatest place ever served
Gonzales, JeffE3Sep 1977 – May 1980Watercraft- YTB 814 WaxahachieI remember Nancy Knight, and Chief Pearson. Stationed at Pearl for 3yrs hated it ha ha.
Cline, TimothyTMSA - TM 2Nov 1977 – Mar 1981steam torpedo and gunneryI worked in the Mk 14 Mod 5 Torpedo shop on Subase.
Murray, ChuckE4Nov 19, 1977 – Dec 24, 1980WeaponsI was at the Steam Shop. Great duty! Loved the mess hall!

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