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USS Canopus (AS 34) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Canopus (AS 34). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 682 crew members registered for the USS Canopus (AS 34).

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Hedgepeth, CarlRM21985 – May 1, 1987What a pig of a boat! Met her in SC then rode her to the booming metropolis of Kings Bay. Good crew, though. I miss the giant gnats! Hozer wants to know where the other RM's are? Scott, Dave, Kelly?
Sadler, Stanley (Lil Engineer)TM31985 – 1988W-1I had a great time on board the ship and really enjoyed the people and the tour. JC Hall if your out there please contact me or if anyone knows where or how I can contact him I would really appreciate it...
Darnell, PeterEM2(SS)1985 – 1987RadConQualified RadCon Manager here - set the groundwork for my career as a Health Physicist
Corey, RobertHM3Jan 1985 – Jan 1987medicalmiss being aboard the old time of my life...miss the ocean and the smell of the ocean air...
Buchanan, Billie JoE-3Jan 5, 1985 – May 15, 19872nd DeckThe Best Time In My Life! We met in Charleston, grew up..a little.. and said our Goodbye's in Kings Bay. Where are my Girls! April Smith, Kim Ridgeway, Kim Peyton, Stacy, Jody, Tonya Hall, Bev Gutierrez etc. Contact me! We need to chat!
Calk, JohnDPCJan 7, 1985 – Sep 30, 1988S8 (ADP)Was ADP Division Officer. Contributed to Supply Department's winning three Blue E's. Retired while onboard at Kingsbay, GA Was onboard CANOPUS during homeport move from Charleston, SC to Kingsbay, GA
Whitted, KennethETCS(SS)Jan 15, 1985 – Dec 15, 1988Navigation Repair Shop (W-5)First tour: Oct '80 to Dec '82. Arrived as ET1(SS) -- SINS LPO. Initiated as ETC(SS) in Aug '82. Second tour in Jan '85 as W-5 LCPO. Advanced to ETCS(SS) in Sep '85 and became W-5 Division Officer in '86. Also was ship's
Ridgeway-dubore, KimberlyBM3Feb 1985 – Dec 9, 1988Deck
McCann, StephenE-4/EN3Mar 1985 – Jul 1988R-9/R-8Now Retired,going to college and living just east of Manchester N.H.
Bachman, MarkMM3Mar 1985 – Jan 1988M - DivisionHey everybody, good times. Hope everybody is doing great. Ol' Kim Young, you go girl. Probably don't remember me, but I do remember you, Kelly and Shune. E- mail me
Smith, AprilE 3 BMSNApr 15, 1985 – Sep 19, 19872nd Deck
Calhoun, RandyDP3Apr 23, 1985 – Jul 22, 1986S8 ADPShe was my last tour on my 5 year hitch, caught her in the yards at Charleston and left her in Kinks Bay. Hey Chief Calk, how are you doing?
Stepherson, TerrieBT/E3Apr 28, 1985 – Dec 30, 1987BT - Fireroom
Szelich, John / OpieMM2May 1985 – Nov 198638A Outside Repair R-9
Rude, Robert (Bob)MTCS(SS)May 1, 1985 – Jun 30, 1987W-4Only have good memories of the ship and the people I worked with.
Chenoweth, Dorrie Michelefne3Jun 15, 1985 – Sep 11, 1989ACand R
Fisher, GarryMM2Jul 1985 – Oct 1988ER01Looking to find any of my old friends. It'd be interesting to see how much we've changed. Any of the old BAWAF crew out there? We did lots of hard work, and hard partying too.
Pinkham, William (Bill)ET1/SSJul 1985 – Jul 1987W5/W6Underway with every circular weather formation in the northern hemisphere. Worked with a lot of good people, if we served together, drop me a line, I'd like to know how everybody's doing
Lewis, RickIC2(SS)Jul 3, 1985 – Jul 1, 1987R-3 Division/Gyro ShopIC1(SS) John Long, IC2(SS) Pete Nowalski, IC2(SS) Dave Sizemore, IC louis Guzman
Frosos, Anthony profile iconTMC (SW)Jul 6, 1985 – Jun 8, 1987W-1Looking Ensign Phil Jackson if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know. Thanks!
Mielkey, ChipGMG3Jul 25, 1985 – Apr 3, 1987W-1Worked in the armory.
Cuyler, WandaYN2Oct 29, 1985 – Aug 29, 1988ADMIN
Rodgers, BruceTM2Nov 1985 – Feb 1989W1Met some great friends onboard Canopus. The work was hard the hours were long in the Torpedo Shop but we had some great crews and made it fun. (Whats up Joe, Carlos, Rose, Gallman, Gibbs, TMCS Drinkwalter, TMC Parker) SOLANT SHUFFLE BABY
Maklary, Lou "Mac"Nov 1985 – Jul 198738 shop, valve shop
Jones, Garry profile iconHT2Nov 20, 1985 – Nov 5, 1988R-1
Muir, JimET@1986 – 1989R-4 then R-8Good times Good friends alot of hard work! Retired and living in Jacksonville Fla still!!
Dill, DoyleBM31986 – 19891st 2nd 3rdjust looking for old friend names
McCall, JoelETSN1986 – 1989R-4
Woolard, Donald profile iconE-61986 – 1990M
Billman, SelinaYN11986 – 1989Admin/Ships OfficeLoved serving onboard this old girl - when I left I went to TRIREFAC and spent 3 years there in the Admin Dept working for the CO/XO and that's where I got out of the Navy.
Stokowski, Robert "Ski"ICFN1986 – 19882nd
Heal, ReginaEM21986 – 1990EFirst ship. Lot of memories.
Mailloux, DeniseE3Jan 1986 – Nov 1989DECK
Harris, AlanSGTJan 12, 1986 – Feb 3, 1989MARDETEnjoyed My Stay and Love calling drills during my duty weekends
Meeks, TravisBM3Jan 12, 1986 – Oct 14, 1991Deck 2nd divHad a great time serving on the ole Canopus, Made some good friends. If you remember me feel free to contact me on Facebook or
Smith Was Young, KimberleyFNJan 16, 1986 – Jun 15, 1987MStarted out a FN. Worked w/ Shavon Shumate, Kelly Johnson, Piper, Carl. Went on to Corps School. Sandra Griffin, Lynn Amos, Tracey, McCall, Kennedy, Dee Burns, Dugger, Michelle, Tonya Hall where are you.Got lots of pics. I'm Retired now
Moore, JohnMSCSFeb 1986 – Mar 31, 1988S2I retired from Canopus March 1988
Malmstrom, AnthonyE5/DC2Feb 1986 – Oct 1989Ships company "R" division
Berard, EdwardPHFeb 14, 1986 – Oct 1990R-0
Allen, JamieRM2Mar 1986 – Mar 1988RadioI have to say, Of the 6 years of active duty I did in the Navy - my time on the Canopus was the best. Hey Carl, I see you on the list here! Would be great to see everyone again though...
Duncan, WarrenSK3Apr 1986 – May 1988SK1Was contacted by "FLAM". Just looking for anyone. DJ, Big "H", Carlos, King, "G-Man".
Heineman, George HeinemanBM3/E3Apr 15, 1986 – Sep 4, 19892nd and 1st/DECK
Maschal, RoyHTCMay 2, 1986 – Jul 31, 1988CSS-15Was assigned to the CSS_15 MEDCO office. Retired onboard.
Rice, BeckyMS3Jun 1986 – Jan 1988Master at ArmsI really enjoyed my time on board the old tin can made lots of memories and friends.
Barker, ShaneWT3Jun 5, 1986 – Jan 26, 1990W-3Good times and bad, I remember Norman use to be an SH I believe, Great times in Canada
Swearingen, BoydDCC (SW)Jul 14, 1986 – Aug 31, 1990DC
Lopez, Toby profile iconE5/ET2Aug 1986 – Dec 1988R4
Beier, Verdell (Virg)CWO4 W1 Div Off Torp/Gun/Fire Ctrl OffAug 1986 – Sep 1988W1 Div OffW1 Div Off Torpedo/Gunnrey Repair Off Later Fire Control Repair Off and Wardroom Mess Caterer Lt Rick Metzger A-Weps an outstanding boss, shipmate and friend
Walker, "Penny Lee"DP3Sep 1986 – Nov 1989S-8Remember Wed night field days when we had to wax the passageway! Once we had just gotten the deck covered with stripper they called a security alert. We had just enough time to duck back into the office then all we heard were the Marines cussing!
Rioux, MarkMM3Oct 1986 – Jun 1990R-5, R-9, R-10I reported on board at 18 years of age, and as a Fireman Recruit (E1). Left at 22 years old, and an MM3. I have found memeories. Liberty at Bahamas, St. Thomas, Halifax NS, & Naval Academy. Contact me if you know me :-) Take care everyone.
Kness, RichBT-3Oct 1986 – Jan 1, 1990FireRoom
Carey, Michael "big Mike"DP2Nov 15, 1986 – Nov 15, 1989S-8 ADPso many, refubing the shop ,,, all them liberty ports ,, annapolis x 3 nassau 2 ,, halifax nova scotia ,,, dropping the load offa fl and sleeping ou the deck was soo damn hot in there
Martin, DarleneYNSNDec 1986 – 1990AdminI started in the Admin office under LT. Drake, then switched to the Weapons Office working for LCDR Canning, LT. Metzger and the Master Chief.

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