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Naval Air Station Sigonella Crew List

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There are 54 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station Sigonella.

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Johannes, JoeE-5Nov 1964 – Nov 1965Pachino TargetHi to anybody that I knew or worked with. Real great bunch of guys.
Bergman, KarlYN2Aug 1968 – Mar 1970Admin Office / Also Chapel YeomanTyped POD'S everyday. Lived on base and in Motta. Short time as Chaplain's Yeoman, Worked for YNCS White and YNC Wozniak.. Ended up as Security Yeoman. My brother EOCN Paul Bergman showed up for brother duty.
Koonce, WayneACC1969 – 1971ATC/GCA
May, BjrCYN3Jul 22, 1969 – Jan 1, 1971Personnel DepartmentI remembner Chief Phagan, Dr Evans. That was a great command and everyone treated me great. I was lucky to be there.
Odle, William ETR3May 6, 1970 – Jan 31, 1972Communications StationWorked Tropo as a tech controller.
Weber, MikeETN 2Sep 1970 – Oct 1971Ground ElectronicsKW 26C tech. Took a lot of pictures. Briefly drove a green Austin-Healey Sprite; wrecked it (spectacularly 18 ft takeoff to touchdown) and Bob Merton skinned a knee and i dislocated a knuckle.
Chagnon, Bill (Chag)DC2Feb 1971 – Feb 1972Fire DepartmentLooking for Nav Sigonella base pharmacist and dental tech. From 1971-72. We shared an apartment off base.
Booker, Mozart profile iconMS11972 – 1976S-2Enjoyed the tour with my family my daughter was the first baby born on C-2 aircraft from NAF 2 in route to NAPLES never made it she was born in the Air Over Northern Italy arrive Naples in GREY NAVY BLANKET GO NAVY
Taylor, Gary profile iconABH2Apr 22, 1973 – Jul 31, 1975Crash CrewSome great memories and some not so great.
Depalma, Marco profile iconABH 2May 1974 – Jan 6, 1976Crash and Rescuecrash and rescue from 74-76. There were a bunch of guys that I remember. Taylor, Chief Gold, Terry New, Fretwell ,Chuck Shirley ,Easy Rodgers and many others that I remember vividly .I hope life has been kind to you.
Stabley, MikeRM3Jun 1974 – Dec 1975NCS DetTo this day I still think "Sig" was a great experience for me. I have very fond memories of the people, base and community, and think of the fun, friends, laughs and experiences while there. I could go on..."BOOT"
Cunningham, GlennAN-ABH-3Nov 1975 – 1977Crash CrewI was there when it was still a NAF Crash barn was pretty new still. REmember warehouse fire in Catania, USS Belknap running into the USS Kennady. APB bugs
Gochenour, Glen/(Gooch)RM3Jun 1976 – Sep 1978CommLoved Sicily!
Heinrichs, Harold (Rocky)RM31977 – 1978NavComDetGreat duty station and great memories.
Mullin, MickMA-1 / LTJGMay 1977 – Sep 1981SECURITYTwo great tours in Sigonella ! 1977-1981 & 1985 - 1987
Lugo, RicPostal ClerkNov 3, 1977 – Apr 6, 1979Fleet Mail CenterI was one of about 30 Postal Clerks on the base. I lived in Motta. Good times!
Nichols, DocHM21978 – 1979Aviation MedicineHad a ton of fun at the beach housing.
Vidas, JimABH3Mar 8, 1978 – Mar 8, 1980Crash & SalvageHello to everyone at the firehouse. Being in Europe made this tour bearable. That and the good friends. Truck 25 crash side
Edwards, BillAMSANMay 1978 – Sep 1979Transient LineWent to Sig right after A school. Hung out alot w/crash crew cause days off lined up. Anybody remember Bob White, Danny Garner (postal clerk), or Randy Parrish (ordinance) or any of the boneheads (you know who you are)?
Strauss, JohnE-5Dec 30, 1978 – Dec 7, 1980Air TerminalBest duty in the Navy, drove out to Beach Housing, everyday! Met some GREAT folks, and have kept up with a lot of them to this day...Yo, Ben T., Jim H., George W., Tom S.,Smitty, Lyle, and Skip God rest his soul.
Young, AlanRm2Oct 10, 1980 – Mar 1982Comm
Crider, MarshellAE1Aug 5, 1981 – Oct 5, 1983OMD
Rodgers, Charles (Ed)ABCS(AW)1983 – 1985Supply/Air Terminal (ATOC)Last tour in USN. Great experiences. Pitched for the Chief's softball team a very proud grp of ole folks.
Rivers, ChristopherABF21983 – 1985Fuelfarm/loxSoftball...Reysol. Motta.crater pub and lava lounge.long time ago.
Young, DoreenE-3Apr 5, 1984 – Jan 10, 1986Transient LineI would love to hear from people that were assigned to T-Line long term, such as Charlie Baker and others. If you remember me, please say hi.
Smith, Wayne/wdEO1Dec 1, 1984 – Oct 1, 1987Public Works TransportationDispatch Supervisor/Crane Crew Supervisor
Anderson, MatthewABH-3Nov 1, 1985 – Nov 15, 1987Crash Fire Rescue
Mulkey, AlbertMA1/E6Dec 23, 1985 – Dec 3, 1988Security Department
Kelsie, BullerDK3Jun 1987 – Jan 1990DisbursingReally enjoyed my time with youy all. Miss you all.
Demaray, RonaldAC1Nov 1987 – Dec 1991OPS / ATCGreat Tour, some of the best controllers in the Navy. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from ATC or Pachino Target Range.
Mowers, RandyAZ3Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1991AIMDLooking for an old friend, Charlie Boucher
Turner, Peter Jonathan JayAZ3Feb 1988 – Feb 1990AIMD
Stedman, StewartdksnOct 1988 – Oct 1990disbursingI loved Sicily. Miss everyone. Kelsey buller I took over your accts when you left
Smith, JohnDPCJan 1989 – Jan 1992Information Systems (ISD)Info. Systems Dept in Sigonella, DP!/LPO, made DPC in Sept 1991, transferred to Naval War College 1992, retired from US Navy in 1995. Returned home to Racine, WI
Salazar, JorgeAC3Jan 1, 1989 – Jan 1, 1991ATCWorked Radar and Ground Control from 89-91. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who served with me during that time-frame.
Dunlap, RussellE-4/MS3Nov 1989 – Oct 1992SupplyLooking for Ray Forrester and Tim Phingsten.
Huffman, DarrelAZC(AW)1990 – 1993COMHELWINGSLANT
McCloud, EricRM SAJan 1, 1990 – Jul 5, 1992opsI miss the Mediterranean beaches,food and good friends.
Neligh, FredABH-1Jan 10, 1990 – Apr 15, 1993Crash and SalvageWas the LPO when i retired in 93 worked with Chapa on his 2nd time around

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1990 | 1992 – now

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