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Naval Air Station North Island Crew List

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There are 60 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station North Island.

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Barton, ClarenceAM21957 – 1960FASRON 110would like to contact my ole buddies, it's been a long time. J. P. MacAnenney, Charles Winder, Daniels.Just to name a few.
Moore, GeraldanApr 3, 1960 – Aug 12, 1964air frames
Kelly, LarryMA21961 – 1966AVSTATSServed under Chief Rex most of the time.
Whiting, Wayne profile iconAC21962 – 1965GCA #4First tour in Radar. San Diego was small and and had a small time air. This changed. Took my discharge.
Hodges, JohnANOct 15, 1965 – Mar 15, 1968Transit LineWorst sailor in history of the Navy! Discharged as AN in Oct. 68. Returned to Navy in 74. Retired from NAV in 92. Believe it or not.
Rattenborg, Dennissn-e3Jul 15, 1966 – Aug 15, 1967Boats and DocksJust out of bootcamp. Crewmember of AVR39 Crash rescue boat. Good duty, nice place to start a 4year hitch with US NAVY. Good liberty, low pay, water ferry 10cents, bus 30cents had some good times there. Good boat crew.
Rickard, Carroll profile iconSNJun 1970 – Aug 1970TAD Volunteer Special DutyI was a Volunteer for a Fire Air Support Unit, all volunteer group give support to Medical EVAC Helo Units in support of USMC troops. We did 90 day rotations. I have medical problems and need help as to Boots On Ground.
Neutz, MarkETN-2Oct 1, 1973 – Nov 24, 1974Naval Weather Service facilityTrying to find old friends
McCardell, MichaelAD 2Apr 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1976squadron
Bratton, StephenSeamanOct 1, 1974 – Nov 5, 1974Admin
Pharr, Rickadj11975 –hc-3
Souza, Herman profile iconBM21975 – 1977MAA DivisionActually assigned to Naval Reserve Training Command and sent TAD to North Island. Arrived as a BM2 and left as a BM1.
Clairmont, Donald J.GMT3, WT11976 –NWTGPNuclear Weapons Training Group Pacific, NASNI From '76 - '77 and from '90 - '92 as Active Reservist Attached to the Joplin Group as an Instructor. Hey Jeff Reynolds ... did you ever make it through BUD's?
Mullen, WilliamABHCMar 1977 – 1985V-1Served in Crash and Salvage, Master at Arms and Safety Department.
Hunt, JimSA1979 – 1979NWTGP
Pickett, Joel profile iconIS1/ISCSep 1979 – Feb 1984IntelNARU - RIPO FOUR Instructor and assistant Reserve Intelligence Program Officer.
Salinas, II, Amado C.AE-2Sep 1979 – Mar 1982Aviation Intermediate AvionicsWOW; to be a I-Level Bench Tech was a GREAt experience that has benefited me all these years. I would have Re-Enlisted, but at that time my Bride requested I leave the NAVY! Hughes Aerospace & Communication Snapped me up
Long, KennerdET11980 – 1982Ground Electronics Maintenance Division
Ryken, ClayET21980 – 1982radar
Tull, WilliamE3Feb 22, 1982 – Feb 22, 198641H
King, DonaldAz31983 – 1985 Maint Control AimdEnjoyed working in Aimd maint control. Working under po1 class McDaniels.
Winnett, Terry profile iconsh3Mar 1, 1984 – Mar 3, 1986Supply
Santiago, BennyAMS2Jan 2, 1985 – Aug 14, 1988AIMDServed in AIMD as a quaility Inspector under the supervision of Master Chief Edwards a great leader and outstanding supervisor. I also served as the airframe manufacture supervisor that was a challanging job and very edu
Foster, Michael profile iconMA1Feb 1985 – Aug 1985Securityworked with DOD police and TAD sailors assigned to security. Great bunch of people and a nice shore assignment before moving on to a civilian carreer
Thurmand, JuanitaAMS3Apr 1986 – May 11, 1989AIMD Paint Shop
Phillips, LeonardAZ3-AZ2Jul 1986 – Sep 1989AIMD
Harrington, Brian (Harry) profile iconDC2Feb 16, 1987 – Feb 16, 1988BOATS AND DOCKSShort shore duty tour. too much trouble but I did meet my ex while there. 2 GREAT Daughters!!
Francis, JohnEM2May 5, 1987 – Jun 10, 1989EBoats and Docks.. Great shore duty. Miss the fishing on duty nights. Electrician's Mate Second Class working on all electrical and maintenance on Boats and Battery's.
Jackson, CharlesYN3Nov 1, 1988 – Jul 3, 1991Captains Office
Emerson, MarkMA1(AW)1989 – 1992SecurityThis was an interesting tour of Duty. I believe the best part was having the pistol range for use as often as we wanted.
Antopia, Luis DK3Aug 1989 – Aug 1993Personnel Support DetachmentAlan Holycross, Jose Trejo, Hong Anh Phan, Tony Mayo, Valerie Horne, G. Ector and many many more , thanks for one of my best experience-Tope
Farley, Keith profile iconAMSCSep 1989 – Mar 1992HM Maint. DeskCOMHELWINGRES
Walton, KenABE21990 – 1993Base police
Quick, RalphOS11990 – 1992Air Operation
Jones, Michael (Jonesy)ABF21990 – 1994Security Police DetachmentBest security unit on the West Coast. Top Naval cops right along with John Langham, David Dohm and BM3 Jowers
Stuck (Whipkey Gagliardi Bryant), Neva Bm2 "G"BM2Nov 1, 1990 – Feb 14, 1994Boat House- OPSshore duty where no BM belongs....but this was not bad shore duty... except for the fact that a chick I worked with slept with my husband... best thing that every happened... LOL
Charles Foley, FoleyBM21991 – 1993Security
Nicholson-johnston, JenniferAirman, E-3Jul 7, 1992 – Oct 13, 1995Supply DeptCan I see your chow pass and ID please? I also participated in several docking parties for the USS KittyHawk, the USS Connie, and the USS Ranger before decomm. Graduated KO52 last all female boot unit from Orlando RTC
Pownell, JohnACCS1993 – 1999ATC1. Started at ATC as Tower Chief 2. Transferred NOLF Imperial Beach as CPOIC 3. Finally took over as Operations Leading Chief until retired.
Vasquez, RaynaldoRM2Jan 1993 – Jul 15, 1993TRLHonorably Discharged
Buck, WilliamAZ2Apr 15, 1993 – May 15, 1996Power Plants

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