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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Weber, StevenE-!1991 –2nd,9th Marines HQ Co.Short Training Cruise/I was a White Shirt, the one that told the Brig Gen to roll down his sleeves before I let him go on the deck to the CH-46 ride waiting. Played Spades in the Galley Late at night/Best part of my tim in the Corps on ship
Tollett, ShaneSA1991 – 1992DeckGot tired of painting and chipping it was time to make some real money.........
Fryar, BurlAZCS(AW)1991 – 1995AIMDMy last ship tour and also Tripoli's last tour. I was part of the 95 decommissioning crew. Kinda sad considering she was my first tour of duty. Great WESTPACS & memories for ever. Hello to all the AIMD and Tiger crew.
Vaughn, Jon Christopher Aka "Shakespeare" profile iconE21991 – Apr 12, 1992V1hello to everyone, sure miss the old girl. last time i saw her, she looked pretty bad. i think she has been repainted recently though, but still a shadow of her former self. remember Fantasia's at Subic Bay?
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Gonzalez, EdgarYN31991 – 1994EXECUTIVE ADMINhave yet to forget the day we were mine sweeping of the coast of Kuwait. That day in February had changed my life in a way that is hard to explain.
Whitlaw, JamesQM11991 – 1995NAV
Vieth, DarrinMS3Jan 1991 – May 1994SupplyMany great memories...Gulf War, seemed we were always out to sea during those 3 1/2 years. I will never forget it though. Looking for other cooks from this time period...Take Care All!
Pickens, Tim "Pick"AS2Jan 1991 – Mar 1991AIMD IM-4 TAD from HM-14Learned alot about my own mortality and the need to be able to rely on total strangers to stay alive. You, the crew of LPH-10, I Salute You. You were and still are the best.
Hughes, RichardE2/ABHJan 1991 –V1Use to hangout with MS Widman and Jones, YN Durrell , Barber Aj from V4. Rushin V1 Spanky James, Powell, Smith who use to cut our flattops I remember McKinney and Brown worked out all the time. Big Branch ,Milo
Schneider, JohnSH2Jan 7, 1991 – Jan 1, 1993S-3
Holland, LyleJan 14, 1991 – Apr 14, 1991HM-14GOOD SHIP LOTS OF MEMORIES.
Allaire, MichaelAD3Jan 14, 1991 – Feb 25, 1991HM-14I will always remember that day in Feb. Thank you to the crew.
Hansen, HansPR3Jan 14, 1991 – Apr 14, 1991HM-14Wild times and great memories.
James, Robb "Dirty"E-6Jan 16, 1991 – Jun 15, 1995CommunicationsTaps, taps, Lights Out!
Whitehead, ReginaldPR1Jan 18, 1991 – Mar 1991Embarked Minesweeping Squadron HM-142/18/91 will be a day that I can not forget. Practicing those GQ, came in handy.
Smith, Conelius(big Youngin)YNSNJan 24, 1991 – Feb 24, 1994whats up to all my tripoli buddies. big robb, dod, big will, mike, bub hector, dupree, i miss yall. them was some crazy times and we had fun
Montalvo, Monty profile iconPN3Feb 2, 1991 – Nov 17, 1994Executive/AdministrativeMy first and only ship miss her
Vieth, DarrinMS3Feb 11, 1991 – May 20, 1994SupplyI was a cook on board the Tripoli. I entered her bowels for the 1st time 1 week before the mine hit. I was fresh out of A school. What a wake up call. I think about the Tripoli all the time. Anyone remember my omelets?
Richings, DarrenuABH3Mar 1991 – Jan 1994V-1 FLIGHT DECKa good time all my boyz mckinney and valle i sure do miss the good times together and j.turner leave the roids alone!!!
Encinas, DavidEMC (RETIRED OFF OF TRIPOLI)May 1991 – Jun 1993ETripoli was my last ship, and the end of a 22 year Career. Does anyone remember PUlling into Subic and seeing the destruction caused by Pinitubo on the way home?
Encinas, DavidEMCMay 1991 – Jun 1993EFlew aboard from Bahrain after the mine strike and finally retired off Tripoli after Operation Restore Hope. Tripoli was a good ship with a great crew.
Tamula, CliffordAS-3Jun 1, 1991 – Apr 15, 1994AIMD/ GSE ShopI was in 2 deployment and the best crew and port calls i'd had.Remember the visit of former President Bush off the coast of Somalia,well I was one of the Luckly ones elected top 20 sailor's and marine to meet the President.
O'Rourke, Bradley T.SK3Jun 6, 1991 – Jul 15, 1993S-6
Montes, KennethAMH 3Jun 16, 1991 – Jun 16, 1995AIMDHey Balderama
Gray, BrucePH1Jul 1991 – Feb 28, 1994Ops
Raymond, JohnOS2Aug 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1993OI01HAD A BLAST!
Schowe, GregMM3Aug 1, 1991 – Aug 15, 1994Engineering-Hole SnipeWhat's up hole snipes!! Some of the best years of my life were spent on that ship. All of the great ports during 2 West-Pac's and meeting some great guys. Doing 4X8's under way with full work days sucked, but I wouldn't trade any o
McCarville, JimAS2(AW)Aug 20, 1991 – Jul 31, 1995AIMD/IM4Learned more about the navy on the Tripoli than any other duty station. 80 day's off of Somalia Sucked but Phuket Thailand and the Scuba Diving could not be matched.
Smith, RierOS3Sep 1991 – Jan 1995OI
Poire, Matti (Tony)DC2Sep 1991 – Sep 1995RLoved this ship. great Division, Looking back some of the best deployments. Even the Operation Restore Hope cruise sitting off the coast of Somalia forever!
Ott, DouglasMM3Sep 14, 1991 – Mar 5, 1995mwhats up everyone that was engineering. i was onboard for two west pacs.92-93 and 94. would give anything to go back to phuket with all my buds again.nothing like drinking beer with 18% alcohol.
Fritz, PaulBTOct 15, 1991 – Oct 14, 1993Eng. Div.Fun
Williams, Bigg Will profile iconMS3Nov 20, 1991 – Nov 25, 1993S-2Hey want to say it was my pleasure to serve on aboard that ship I met a lot of good people, I would like to see again to much time has pass. Anyone remember feel free to contact me. Thanks 425-508-8416
Ghahate, Richard/ricAD1Dec 1991 – Oct 1995AIMD/IM2Assigned to IM2/powerplants shop, repair locker 2, Hazmat shop at decom. Last to retire on Tripoli. Not a bad ole girl, got us home safe and sound.
Lewis, TyroneRM3Dec 8, 1991 – Jun 8, 1993Radio Communication
Fox, ShaneFC31992 – 1993Fox
Jimenez, Oredio "odie"MM3-MM21992 – 1994/ EngineeringI was there just after the mine strike, while in the dry dock. Also there for Operation Restore Hope. Big Whats Up to all the guys from Engineering Dept.
Barnett, LeeABF31992 – 1995
Brosey, RonHT31992 – 1995EngineeringSon of a gun.... Google yourself and look what you find Wrestling matches to determine what movie were gonna watch, figuring how to get into the refer under the jarheads, sneakin food outta the Captains mess, all of it priceless.
Dallner, BillMS31992 – Jun 1994S-2I ran the bakeshop with D VIeth. I worked in Officer's Mess and then became the Captain's cook. I was on for the Wes Pac to Somalia and Operation So. Watch. Good times and good friends. Great memories.
Travassos, Emanuel profile iconE-4 IC 31992 – 1994ELooking for cruise book and friends and pics of soccer team as well as soccer pals.
Virgin, RichardAO21992 – 1994Weapons / DeckHad many of great times while on board also work with great crew.
Clark, ErinPH3Jan 1, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995opsIt sure sucked when we were out, but i look back now and some really good times, like phuket thailand
Ron, "Cowboy/country" Burton AoanAOANJan 5, 1992 – Oct 22, 1993DeckThe ship was full of great sailors and I would like to see if many are in my area. I am in Atlanta Ga nowdays and I remember a few guys in this area.
Price, J BAOANFeb 10, 1992 – Jul 1, 1995Deck/G
Volk, TomHT2Feb 14, 1992 – Jul 1, 1995Repair (R-Div)I did 2 west-Pac's on Tripoli 92-93 and again in 94. Operations Southern Watch, Restore Hope and Vigilant Warrior. I was onboard when we landed Marines in Somalia in Dec. 92 adn President George H.W. Bush was on board.
Palma, Roberto profile iconSH1Feb 26, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995S3Retired 2005 Currently residing in New York and Subic
Palma, RobertoSHCFeb 28, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995S3The best and memorable ship I was assigned. Great crew and most of all, best liberty port calls.
Gutierrez, OmarEM3Mar 1992 – Jun 1995E
Gutierrez, OmarEM3Mar 1992 – Jun 1995E
Payne, JeremyMM3Mar 15, 1992 – Sep 23, 1993MachineryLife has been great as a civilian. Would really like to see how my bro's are doing. Snipes rule!
McLemore, StevenApr 1992 – Aug 1995CMCWas the command master chief and retired off of her in 1995
Tunstall, Gary (Gt)RM3Apr 1992 – Jun 1994Communications
Perkins, Marcus / PhantomABH1 (AW)May 20, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995V-1The Trip Dog was my first ship. I came over from the U.S. ARMY. I was in the 82nd AirBorn Div During the Gulf War. I was a non des airman in 92 when I got there. Crash and Salvage. I miss my crew. My boyz from all over. OPS MED ENG DECK AIR
Husband, PernellHM2Jun 20, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995MEDICALFirst ship, last ship. What an experience. Somalia was hell.
Witkowski, Matthew (Ski)ANJun 25, 1992 – Mar 1, 1994V1"Back when I was a Baby AB" My first home where she taught me to be a man and be a real Sailor. Great Crew for the 1992-93 cruise. Thanks to all my sea daddy's!!
Balmores, RonaldoAMH3Jul 8, 1992 – Jul 4, 1995DECK/AIMDUSS Tripoli was my first duty station. As a deck seaman, life was rough...working longer hours and watch was even longer. But I won't forget LPOs around me who taught me how to survive and molded me into a better sailor.
Barron, Thomas (Tom) profile iconLI1Aug 1992 – Sep 15, 1995Admin PrintShopPrint Shop LPO, Admin DCPO, Admin Department 3M, Who had time for SW quals?
Melansom, CharlieAD2Aug 15, 1992 – Apr 10, 1995IM2
Skinner, JayEN 3Aug 19, 1992 – Aug 25, 1994Aux Diesel Shop
Epps, RichardEM1Aug 30, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995ELots of long underway periods on this ship, most of it in the Gulf. Good times still were had and many memories
Lacy, Michael "sticks"ANSep 1, 1992 – Sep 1, 1996V-3My time on the Tripoli was some of the greatest in my life and also some of the toughest. I met some great guys who will always be a part of my memories. "Ski", my youngest son is named after you. Looking to reconnect with friends
Proctor, Christopher "Doc"HMCS(SW/AW)Sep 11, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995MedicalWas my second ship and have many great memories of this time in my life.
Proctor, ChristopherHM1(SW/AW)Sep 11, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995MH01This was my first ship as and Independent Duty Corpsman. It was a great time with the crew that I was with. They are always in my thoughts.
Karpa, TomE-3Oct 1992 – May 1993V-1Enjoyed the time I shared with the AC&S flightdeck crew. I wish I was 18 again!!! Hope everyone is doing well. Contact me @
Johnson, Kevin TE3Oct 1992 – Apr 19932nd, 9th Marines Infantry 23rd MEUOne of the best times in the Corps. Met alot cool Sailors and Marines. Ports we visited were beautiful even Somalia. Wish I had kept in better contact with the guys I met.
Limkeman, JamesE-4Oct 1992 – Apr 199315th Marine Expeditionary UnitDuring Operation Restore Hope, I was a member of the TRAP team. President Bush visited the ship and ate breakfast with the crew without and escort. I was also able to receive my Shellback card on 25th March 1993.
Earles, RichABF3Oct 10, 1992 – 1995V4
Kinsey, KevinCPL (USMC)Oct 15, 1992 – Apr 3, 1993MCAS Tustin (MALS-16) Ordnance 15th MEU15th MEU Somalia (Dec92) Thailand,Singapore,Hawaii,U.A.E I sure do miss PO Mcgrew AO1. Sgt Sheriffs won the talent contest with his rendition of Margaritaville. Capt Hutchins was the skipper. Wog day was really funny..thanks Shipmates !
Brian, ThompsonSSGT, USMC (RET)Oct 15, 1992 – May 15, 1993AIMD A/F, HMM-164 Det.Felt like a very long West-Pac! Most of our time spent out at sea. Highlight of the trip was have Pres. Bush visit during the holidays. I ran into most of the sailors I knew again on USS Constellaton CV-64 in 1999. Good times, Shipmates!
Bloomer, BloomerE-3Oct 16, 1992 – Feb 7, 1993HMM-164Salute to all of you. It happened during the 92-93 West-Pac Trying to find specific date when the Tripoli went through a typhoon near or at the South China Sea. Also, the dates when we were at Jebel Ali in the Emirates.
Lenzi, PaulANNov 1992 – Mar 1994VICRASH AND RESCUE WAS WHERE IT WAS AT....
Gilardi, BobbyAO3Nov 1, 1992 – Mar 1, 1994
Graham, JohnIT1Dec 9, 1992 – Sep 15, 1995OC
Stewart, ShawnYN2Dec 15, 1992 – Apr 7, 1994DecK/WeaponsDeck Yeoman for the 1993-94 cruise.

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