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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Morgan, MikeEM 31990 – May 1991EHello Guys, Yep I still have my "Piece of the Ship". I worked with Mike Mc Cormick, David Norberg. Chad Mumm and the Rev Rob Guidry. Well "worked" might be an exageration on my part. I am an Engineer now..... Not the smart kind, for th
Catania, SamQM31990 – 1994Navigation
Ross, Josephbt/fn1990 – 1992BTHad a lot of good times
Guarin, AlexBTCS1990 – 1994B-Division
Gary, LawrenceCWO31990 –DECKGreat times onboard. Retired CWO2 1995.....
Landeros, LeroyE-41990 –M
Moore, JohnE-21990 – 19912/5 fox co. 1MarDiv. "DOC"Droppin by to say hey to all my Fox Company Brothers. Doc Moore out.
Kelly, DennyE-1 TO E-3Jan 1990 – Feb 1993DeckEnded up leaving and going to Uss Obrien, Nas Whidbey, Nmcb-4, then discharged.. Always rememberd the great times had.. Operation desert shield, desert storm, and operation provide comfort.. Dont miss the heat.. Always remember The mine hit.
Allen, JamesAMS3Jan 1990 – Aug 1992V3/AIMDStarted out on the trip in V3 with a great bunch of guys, Later struck out to AIMD as a AMS. But I will never forget that early morning wake up call from the mine.
Kastel, ToddBT3Jan 1990 – Apr 15, 1992BoilersOh what fun it was to be in the hole when the mine exploded. Best time of my life........
Phillips, LeonardAZ1Jan 1990 – Dec 1993AIMD
Beggio, SeanIC3Jan 1, 1990 – Sep 1, 1993DECK and E DIVGood times and great friends
Mckinzie, Michael "Mack"ABF3Jan 2, 1990 – Sep 1994V-4I served during Desert Shield/Storm, Op Restore Hope, and one other West Pac. Now currently serving in the Army as Firefighter in Iraq.
Hughes, RichardABH/E3Feb 2, 1990 – Dec 2, 1990V1I was on the Basketball Team 1 V4 AJ was on the team. I remember V1 Spanky James,RED SHIRT Pettway, V4 Powel,V4 black James V1 Smitty V4 Barber ALL THE AIRDALES TRIPDOG FOREVER. The mined hit and Wiggins screaming!!!!!
Hargis, ClayABF2Mar 1, 1990 – Feb 1, 1994V4
Arnold, PaulBT2Mar 4, 1990 – Mar 10, 1992B Divwas a really good ship and some of the best shipmates i served with.
Catania, SamuelQM3Mar 4, 1990 –Navigation
Berenson, Mike (Heavy B)OS3Apr 1990 – Jun 3, 1993OII had alot of great times. wouldn't mind hearing from some of the guys.
Wheeler, GlennEMFNApr 1990 – May 13, 1993Ewould love to hear from everyone had many great times aboard
Eskew, Eric "duck"HM3Apr 1990 – Aug 1992MedicalWill always look back at my time on the "Trip-Dog", as my best years in the NAVY! Great friends, and great experience!
Nichols, MichaelEW3Apr 12, 1990 – Dec 21, 1991oi
Overton, Lawrence "Larry"SH1(SW)May 1990 – May 1995S-3It was a remarkable ship for me to say. Going on the depolyments and the "GREAT CREW" we had there. I went to two other ships after leaving the Tripoli and always had looked back with fond memories. The crew's on my other ships were not
Dixon, JonBT2Jun 10, 1990 – Sep 15, 1995BoilersWe had alot of fun on this ship. Wish I could go back. Miss all my old buddies.
Tear, JohnRM3Aug 1990 – Aug 1992RADIOArrived on sad terms, left of sad terms. Miss all the guys in the radioshack and personnel. Will never forget any of you!
Keh, SamuelANAug 1990 – 1991AIMD
Fernandez, Cristian "nandez"E2Sep 3, 1990 – Apr 23, 1992v 1
Fernandez, Cristian "nandez"E 2Sep 3, 1990 – Apr 23, 1992v 1wassup to all my shipmates been a while but had good memories sad to see she has been decommissioned will miis the ol girl.
Klopfle, KeithDP-3Sep 10, 1990 – May 3, 1992supplyWell what a long strange trip. Where is everybody?Rogers, Noble,lyons,green, glen. " Deck Division" crew.
Spear, GaryAD2Sep 30, 1990 – Jul 15, 1991HM-14I will never forget 021891, and to this day I thank God for the Crew we had on board that day. Thanks to all that served. The ship will be missed.
Henderson, BryanAT1 (AW/SW)Oct 1990 – 1994AIMD W/C 670She lived up to her motto: "Always First"
Isabell, MichaelSNOct 9, 1990 – May 18, 2002DeckThose were the days boy, long fantail watches and that bad coffee. I miss those times now, everything except painting the entire ship in drydock in Bahrain.
Valdez, GuillermoABH1Oct 18, 1990 – May 5, 1995V-3My first ship and the best so far. Alot of awsome memories.
Ramsey, DonaldAOCS RETIREDOct 19, 1990 – Sep 26, 1994GGreatest ship in the world. Made CPO onboard. Miss the brave crew that fought the battle during after the mine strike. "G" Division crew was the best. AO1 Green, AO1 Dosen, Lagerquist, Gastin, rumpke, I will remember
Saenz, GerardoSNNov 10, 1990 – May 16, 1992deckBest ship I served in, worked in deck with BM2 Rogers , I remember you guys , the best crew I ever served with, BM1 Morbay,,I stay till 2001 and got my E-6, than decided to give civilian a try out,,,but I still remember the moments
Barnes, ChristopherBMSNNov 15, 1990 – Mar 20, 1991DeckJust remembering the good times I had aboard the Trip. I remember my good friends at the time. Kevin P. Frank S. Mike I. Stephen B. I had a motorcycle accident and moved on to shore duty in Coronado. I live in Florida servicing and selling HVAC prod.
Corbitt, Jonathan DarrellSGT / USMCNov 20, 1990 – Apr 10, 1991AIMD - AVIONICS - WORK CENTER 620HMLA-773 Super Cobras out of NAS MARIETTA, GA. Deployed for Desert Shield / Desert Storm but was transferred to USS New Orleans two days before the mine strike.
Foster, BuckySGT.Dec 1990 – Apr 1991hma-773Served during 1st Gulf War. Was aboard when she lost her helo(4 souls gone) and the mine strike.Man what a hell of a trip. My fellow marine(jim) found out the hard way why the senior enlisted get to break chow line
Rupwani, MarkLCPLDec 1, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991MarineI was with MWSS 372. We pulled the guard duty/mine watch. ps. I wasn't on duty when the mine hit...I was on first thing in the morning though...
Youmans, RichardUSMC LCPLDec 1, 1990 – Feb 1, 1991USMC 2d. Bn 5th Marines STA PlatoonThe USS Tripoli was our ship that we deployed to Desert Shield/Storm on. I met many fine friends and would love to hear from Perry Joiner, whom I worked with in the KEEE TV Room.
Kirtley, ForrestABF3Dec 1, 1990 – 1993V-4desert storm deployment dec 1 1990
Wirch, Derek (Lance)LCPLDec 1, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991MarineEmbarked with HQ Co, 5th Marine Regiment, I spent my time in the radio shack. I still have the lightning bolts the guys gave me. Can't forget the mine strike - I was on duty at the time.
Butler, TonyCORPORALDec 1, 1990 –AIMD Aviation OrdnanceWas deployed aboard with HMA-773 during Desert Shield/Storm. Stops in Pearl Harbor and PI were memorable. Could have done without finding the mine the hard way.
McDavid, John Wayne profile iconSGT/USMCDec 1, 1990 – Feb 15, 1991HHC 2nd BN 5th MARI was the Marine serving with the ships Master of Arms. I was on the ship when she was struck by that mine. I am no longer with the Marine Corp. I am in the ARMY 28 years of service now.
Demaio, DominicSGTDec 1, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991MWSS372Glad we made it out of there that ship was a rockin.Was a tuff time but as a team we all pulled together.
Burke, TimothyLCPLDec 3, 1990 – Aug 28, 19912/5
Servantes, Anthony "The Bomber"IC2Dec 5, 1990 – Aug 11, 1993E-Div and Admin (Site Television)TripDog in the House. What's up lifers! Wheeler EM1 Sanmiguel says" Pick that up"! The Bomber will never forget - Jurko,Stillwagon,Big Jeff, Lanter,Mum,Norberg,Clayton,McCormick,Guidry,Morgan. We survived. Let's Party!!
Smith, Conelius(big Youngin)YNSNDec 16, 1990 – Feb 24, 1994admin(captains office)yeah i miss my admin buddies DOD, Big will, LT meyers sutliff harry o my airman buddies mike and bub Big rob, ms3 hector the whole clice i miss you guys had lots of fun
Willard, BillyRMCMDec 19, 1990 – Feb 24, 1991COMUSMCMGRUEmbarked Mine Staff. Yes I suppose we were responsible for ripping this fine warship up in the fields off Faylaka, what a sad day for all of us onboard. Tripoli served us well, superb crew.

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