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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Smith, BruceAME21977 –I am YNSA Joseph Smith, AME2 Bruce Smith's son. My father died in the fall of 1985, shortly before my birth. I do not have his dates of service aboard the Tripoli for him. If you knew my father please feel free to contact me.
Chevoya, Lon / Chevyen31977 – 1980AHey Guys, Anyone ever hear from A Gang? Good times. I'm still in Ca. Guild moved out here too. Keep in touch.
Decker, KeithE11977 – 1980AirGreat Fun, Cab races from Subic City to Olongapo (Crashed into a Trike), Playing Guitar on the topless beach in Australia, UA in Taiwan, oops, catching ship in Okinawa.
Waiker, Anthony-tonyairman1977 – 1981v-1i remember lots of great friends and times during my tour on the tripoli.
Satterlee, VictorYN31977 – 1980AdminWorked in Captain's Office and Ship's Personnel Office
Baze, SteveSk31977 – 1981S1Sk3 Steve Baze from Texas here!! How yall doing?
Cefalu, Theodore ( Ted)BT3Jan 1977 – Jun 14, 1980BWould like to hear from my old shipmates! Alot of fantastic times in Olongapo and Subic cities.I`m very proud to have part of Tripoli`s crew and I miss my old friends.
Salinas, Lewis (Sal)Uss Tripoli (LPH-10)Jan 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1980V-4Miss all those crazies from v-4
Barajas, Felipe profile iconBT3Feb 1977 – Jun 1980B DivisionI witnessed an unbelievable amount of drug consumption from Chief Cruz, to the lowest FN. The original MPT started during my time on Tripoli. One of the last ships to visit Taiwan in the 70s.
Collins, Greg ( Gb )E-3Mar 1977 – Oct 1979A- Ganghad alot of good times and memories on the trip, one good west pac and one long one, I'll never forget shellback day and all the great people I met.wish everyone well, and drop a line if you can. ps. Hammi, whats up man,drop me one
Jeanette, GeorgeAO2Apr 1977 – Jul 1979FoxPO in charge of Armory. One WestPac. I keep in touch with most of the Fox Div. Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Reserve Unit in Mobile, Alabama while serving as a Police Officer In Mobile. I have a recent picture of the USS Tripoli if anyone wants one
Kinnison, KellyMM2Apr 1977 – Apr 1981M Four long years in the Hole, but loved it.
Reeb, Randal / RandyMA1 / MACApr 10, 1977 – Aug 20, 1981ExecutiveI see a lot of names I remember. I think everyone remembered BMCM Davidson. I retired as a LCDR in the security field thanks in part to what Big John taught me.
Yann, DavidET 2May 1977 – Aug 15, 1980OE
Brewczynski, Joe "Ski"ABF-3Jun 10, 1977 – Jul 10, 1980Aviation Fuels V-4Just discovered this site and the names of people that brought back many great memories appeared in front of me...ANDY!!!!! and both of the Dishmans....miss ya'll alot and can still see your faces....drop me a line when you have the chance.
Schramm, MikeYn-3Jun 12, 1977 – Feb 22, 1980Captains YoemanWorked in Captains office maintaining officer service records and typing Plan of the Day for ships daily routine. Captain C.H. Haines was Commanding Officer. I made 2 Westpac cruises.
Havens, ClintDT2Jul 14, 1977 – Jul 6, 1980
Clint, Havens  NEWDT2Jul 14, 1977 – Jul 5, 1980“D”Just wanted to say hello to all the guys who served in Medical & Dental, 77-80
Summerfelt, MichaelRM3Jul 19, 1977 – Dec 26, 1979CRYep, Radioman 18years old and loving it. Any body who remembers me please E mail at times aboard the old gal....and of course better times inport Subic Bay!!!!!!!!
Foster, StevenABH2Jul 30, 1977 – Oct 10, 1979V1 & V3Had some of the best times in the Navy on the boat. Will retire from the Navy in May 2004. Would like to hear from any of the crew. Currently living in Minnesota.
Zink, JohnCWO2Aug 1977 – Aug 1979R Division Officer/Damage Control Assistant
Gallagher, JohnSR TO BM2Sep 1977 – 19821st,2nd ,I also grew up on Tripoli with the likes of John Henneman Who can ever forget BMCM Davidson BMC Fortier BM1 Arthur BM1 Cabinilla BM3/2 Klocker I still remember the 1st time I saw the Tripoli on pier 4 in San Diego
Hitchens, KirkE-1Sep 6, 1977 – Jul 27, 1979
Click, GaryBT-3Sep 12, 1977 – Apr 10, 1981 "B" What a great bunch of guys. We worked hard and played harder. nothing like 120 degree temps to cool you off. I really enjoyed my 2 West-pacs and how Kleiner showed me the ropes in Subic.
Click, GaryBT3Sep 26, 1977 – Apr 6, 1981BoilerCame on green behind the ears and grew up with alot of great people. Enjoyed the 2 west pacs with Schuler,Munsel,Wilson, Kliners, and a great many more. Would like to hear from anyone that served aboard her. My email is
Dishman, Tim "Dish"ABF-3Oct 1977 – Jun 1981V-4I made two West-Pacs on the Trip and made some lifelong friends along the way. Also served onboard with BOTH of my brothers at the same time which was awesome. SKI, Both Cains, Richman, Fish, Sherman, Lombo,Pinkham.....
Baltrush, EricEnsignOct 1977 – Oct 19802nd (Deck) and EWsJust wanted to put my 2cents in about how special the TRIPOLI was to my career and life. A special note of thanks to one BMCM Davidson, who is not with us anymore but will remain in my thoughts forever. Great Crew!
Burger, TomOS2Oct 1, 1977 – Jul 4, 1980ORFound Dan Camp but wonder whatever became of the rest of the OS's, OSCM Newell, Hutch, Jonesy, Gary Heinrich, Jack Finn and all of the other crazies that made so many great times.
Stone, DavidETN2Oct 1, 1977 – Jul 15, 1978OEThis was my last deployment before being detached from the Navy and holds a special memory of those i served with ...
Garza, Jr, PabloRM3Nov 1977 – Jun 10, 1979Communications Department
Wingfield, BillEM-2Nov 12, 1977 – Mar 9, 1981engineering Efound this web site. I've always wondered what became of everyone. feel free to email me. I always tell everyone that I'm glad i did the time and travels, 2 west pacs.
Ricketts, BrianAK2Nov 20, 1977 – Feb 16, 1981S-6Looking for S-6, or Air-wingers attached during the 1979/1980 cruise.
Wulff, JayMSSNDec 1977 – Mar 1980Mssn/ deck seaman/Cleaning gear locker guy.Yea ,I was the guy in the cleaning gear locker on the '79/'80 westpac cruise. Good times Bad times,all the same .Drop me a line.
McKay, Gregg (Doc)HM21978 – 1980Medical
MacOmber, Walter (Mac) profile iconMM21978 – 1979M & A
Edwards, RalphABH11978 –V-1Where's Waldo? (Lawrence of Olongapo)
Krueger, DanAK2Jan 1978 – May 1980S-6I spent 13 years in the navy. My time aboard the Tripoli was by far the most enjoyable. Those WestPac cruises were a hoot.
Cuba, TomBT3Jan 3, 1978 – Dec 8, 1992Bfire room MPT>>>>worked hard played harder had wonderful time in Subic City B-div ,looking on crew list brings back a lot of memorys. Anyone want to contact me its Cuba from Jersey
Stewart, Kevin (Little Stew)HT1Feb 1, 1978 – Feb 1, 1981REPAIR DIVISIONWhat a ship, what a crew, who can forget John Zink the DCA. Came in as a OS and struck for HT. Brother duty with Jimmie M. Stewart (big stew). I am looking to make contact with Al Blake. Relieved CWO Zink as DCA.
Henneman, JohnBM2Feb 17, 1978 – Nov 14, 19801stI grew up on the Tripoli, (SR-BM2)came onboard the first time while inport in Japan. I have a lot of old Pictures from back then, great memories!!
Warren, RoyHT3Apr 1978 – Aug 1982RI served aboard the "Trip" from 78-82 and am looking for "R" Div crew mates like Dave Shipley, Bobby Payne.
Miller, DavidApr 1978 – Oct 1, 1990OEMade the 87 & 89 PAC.
Kramer, ToddA/C E-5Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL
Gabbert, StevenABF-3Jul 30, 1978 – Oct 3, 1979V-4
Murphy, HowardAZ2Aug 11, 1978 – Aug 16, 1984AIMDThat was one of the hottest Sumners I can remember. And getting chased by bats during watch near the vending machines was classic. 🤤😨😥
Alcocer, Alejandro "Alex"MS3Sep 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1982SupplyHi
Russell, MikeAC3Sep 7, 1978 – Dec 12, 1980ACA great time, even more as time passes. I was on the 79-80 wes- pac and then saw her thru a dry dock. I'm looking for some of my ole shipmates
Wagner, MichaelABH E2Nov 1, 1978 – Nov 14, 1979Flight DeckBecame a Shellback on trip to Australia Under way for Subic Bay ! Mike from Richmond- are you around ?
Wisniewski, William (Ski )E2 ABHDec 17, 1978 – Feb 13, 1981started in V-3 ended in V-1 howdy ya'll, it's been a long time since i been on the good ship trip. but, i had a great time when i was there.. miss alot of the guys i served with. .. after i got out in 1981 i went to follow my dream as a musician.. still doing my dream.

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