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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Chambers, MarkPN21973 – Jul 1973embarked with admiral staffServed on Admiral's Staff (Task Force 78 - Operation End Sweep) in Haiphong, North Vietnam. Embarked for several months. Have vague memory of Tripoli Tiger burgers every night for MidRats.
Maxey, Melvin1973 – 1975OI
Goble, DougDK31973 – Aug 1976SupplyI worked in the payroll office for the 3 WPph cruises '73-76. Remember the boat, cruises and friends fondly. Loved the travel. GI Bill put me through college, worked as a chemist and am now retired.
Longley, TimRM31973 – 1975OSRadioman 3 for one great WestPac with this boat and a great bunch of ship mates. I have fun memories of the PI and other strange places we sailed.
Hutton, BarryFN1973 – 1974Engineering A-gangHad a great time in the PI,Hong Kong,Oki,Hawaii.San Diego with Cleaveland,Standlee,Leavitt,Chubb,Zaleski,Tarnowski,Stein,Still got my cruise book look at it from time to time.Good memories.Hope you guys did well.Good luk
Thrasher, Donaldmm21973 –M / A ganganyone seen Gesch or any of the ali baba gang? was onboard when we tried to open up the tanker with the stbd aircraft elevator
Stark, David FYN31973 – 1974AdminWorked in Captain's Office with CWO Gray, Austin,Terwey, and Rheinshuttle
Sourbeer, Douglas/dougEW11973 –OEListening to the news about the Iwo Jima reminded me of the Tripoli. Wow, still remember that extra high shin banger hatch pass though up on deck 03 I think. We spent so much time picking up mines in DaNang
Possley, JohnLI2Jan 1973 – Nov 1976XWhat a Trip! Made three WestPac cruises, enjoyed every one. Still in touch with Pingatore, Katsuleres, Terwey, and Bridges.
Austin, BruceYN2Jan 1973 – May 6, 1976AdminWas in Captain's Office and Legal
Austin, BruceYN2Jan 1, 1973 – May 6, 1976Capt Office,Legal, Chaplain's off
Gasiewicz, PeterE3Jan 1, 1973 – Mar 26, 19731st Bat 9th Marines 3 MarI was a kid dont remember much except we lost engines off of the Phillippines and had to be towed back to subic then they put us on the Okinawa where we did eagle pull ops. the storms at sea on this ship were really really rough.
Nottage, Bruce NottageHT2Jan 7, 1973 – Jul 2, 1977R
Huddleson, JohnSAFeb 1973 – Oct 1973BoatsHad a lot of good times and some bad.Still remember OP.End Sweep @ Haiphong Harbor.Still Lookin for bm3 Urban if had more hash marks than stripes. and Chuck Bridges from the print shop.also worked with in a/c filter shop with wysse
Arradondo, BookerSM-3Feb 18, 1973 – Mar 11, 1976
Walburn, Fred S. , III.RM3Mar 1973 – Feb 28, 1975OperationsI served aboard Tripoli at the end of the Vietnam War. Our highlight during that time was Operation End Sweep where we sailed as Flag ship into North Vietnamese waters, notably Haiphong Harbor. Our Skipper renamed her LPH-X (roman numeral). Bummer!
Horton, JerryRM3Mar 1, 1973 – Mar 1, 1975CRThe Radio Gang of 73-75 was the greatest bunch of guys that I had the pleasure and honor to serve, live,work, and party with. You guys were the greatest ever!!!
Gallagher, GeorgeE-3Mar 6, 1973 – Nov 16, 1975V-4Would love to hear back from any of my old shipmates, Hyder,Hidecker,Fincher,Pickett,Murphy. Would like to try for a reunion, for 35th anniversary. Any takers, please contact me.
Shumway, MarcusRMSNMar 28, 1973 – Jul 31, 1973Radio CrewServed on the Tripoli as a staff member of CTF 78 operation "End Sweep"
Horton, JerryRM3Mar 29, 1973 – Feb 15, 1975
Ritchie, TerryOS2Apr 1973 – Sep 15, 1976OI diivision
Lovgren, GaryMMFNApr 15, 1973 – Apr 15, 1975machinist mateSpent a lot of time in the engine rm. but loved being Engineering Technical Librarian.
Nottage, KentHTMay 1973 – Nov 1975repairI helped make the "X" for Brand X in Subic Bay P.I.
Montague, DennisHM2May 1973 – Jul 1973Served on surgical team 17 operation end sweep
Kohles, (doc) RandyHM2May 1973 –HMM-165, MedicalHN Bennett, HM2 Debious where are you? Anyone else from Eagle Pull or End sweep?
Oke, GregHM2May 1973 – Sep 1973HMM 165Was A SAR Corpsman, during Operation End Sweep. Any others out there? Billy Jones are you out there?
Kemps, JakeFTGJun 15, 1973 – Dec 10, 1974FOX I hated the Navy and didn't care much for the ship, but managed to make some very good feinds I keep track of to this day. No sense reliving the peccadilloes of my youth since all of you lived it also. I always remember this verse whenever I
Decker, Dustyabh3Jun 18, 1973 – Jun 18, 1975V-1Air Division, USS Tripoli,, 73-75 ,, we were one fun bunch of guys
Shaw, RichardCWO4Jul 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1976ENGINEERING (MPA)
Smith, JtAZ3Jul 1, 1973 – Sep 30, 1973AMCMPost-Operation Endsweep Cruise To Homeport NOB NORVA
James, LytleEN3Jul 26, 1973 – Feb 15, 1977AGreetings everyone! The years I spent serving in the Tripoli will always be remembered. I worked in A-gang in the Diesel gang, AC&R, Hydraulics gang. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Wright, RobertMM3Aug 1973 – Aug 1975MLoved standing throttles, was Tech Librarian
Tuchmatulin, JohnLCplAug 1, 1973 – Sep 7, 1973H&S Company 1/4 3rd Marine DivisionI was with the Combat Cargo Crew. I have a photo of Wickam, Tony, Conners, Urban, Rusty, Gus, Angel, Jim and Tilley. Please feel free to contact me at 66 Westervelt Ave, Edison NJ 08817.
Smith, RichardLcplAug 1, 1973 – Sep 7, 1973H&S Co.1stBn 4th Marines 3rd Marine Div. 106 Plt.This was a very nice ship. I'll never forget her. I enjoyed doing some of the drawings for the year book and working with combat cargo crew. looking for old crew members;7701 E. Pecan St.,Tucson,Az.(
Longnecker, SteveE-3Aug 23, 1973 – Dec 8, 19752nd divI owe my whole navy time to my best buddy ,Earl Walker (who has left us) .He talked me in to joining after he was drafted.and i thank him for all of it . I especially licked steering the ship and making the marines sick.
Orr, WillAAOct 1973 – Aug 1974V-3I remeber the great guys in V-3 Division and that first West-Pac.
Montoya, RickABH3Oct 22, 1973 – Jul 30, 1976V-3, V-1It was a great time thanks to all the pals. Perry, Torres, Rickard, Perez, Myers, Ortiz, McClung and lots of other great sailing and some awesome adventures in the WestPac.
Hanlon, MichaelSM3Dec 15, 1973 – Oct 15, 1974signals/CommunicationsGreat people/ great times. Iggy, Best Friend Paul V, (sunk my motorcycle) . Booker T 1974 we all decided to ahve a beer while floating around n Vietnam>lol.. That was one of the great memories //
Fish, RobertAG21974 – 1976OAThe Tripoli was my very favorite of all my three ships. I had some very interesting times and still think of the guys I used to pal with. Like AO2 Mike Platte, Mike Pfaff, Bob Gay and Rick Sanphy, all the AG's (well..most of them anyway..).
Arnold, HerbertFTM31974 – 1976FoxFirst ship. Some fond and not-so-fond memories.
Wells, Samson (Link/bilge Rat)etfn/e3Jan 23, 1974 – Nov 13, 1978b divisionAnyone and everyone that I had the ability to call my brother on this hell of a ship.
Devlin, Matthew profile iconBM 3Feb 2, 1974 – Jul 24, 19782nd & 1st DivisionRetired Philadelphia Fire Fighter after 27 years
Chiappi, BillCWO2Feb 9, 1974 – Sep 10, 1974EElectrical Officer during repairs in homeport San Diego then on Westpac Cruise in 1974.
Richardson, OscarHM3Mar 1974 – Jan 1975HMM164-165She was a Trip! I was a corpsman attached to the airwing, part of flightcrew. Logged way too many hrs. in the air flying in bad weather. I remember when the turbines went down outside Hong Kong in Dec 74, 2 weeks liberty
Wharton, MikeFTG1Apr 3, 1974 – Nov 25, 1978FOXMade contact with several shipmates from Fox. Got together with Jake Kemps couple years ago and we tipped a few ?????.
Pingatore, Kenneth R.DM2May 1974 – Jan 1976XServed in Tripoli in the X Division until EAOS January 1976
Myatt, RobertABF - 3Jun 1974 – Apr 1976V - 4TRYING TO FIND WO - 2 GERALD DAVIS,RICHARD GOSS,
Mullikin, Jonathan/ JonHT3/E-4Jun 1974 – Aug 15, 1977RepairJust the other day a young man who was enlisting ask me what I did on my first trip oversea's. Boy the stories of those days came rushing back...17yrs old and in Subic for the first time, just like a kid in the candy store..
Gulliford, StevenLTJun 1974 – Jun 1976Supply
La Bracco, VinceL/CPLJul 2, 1974 – Jul 3, 1974BLT 3/4 Lima Company Advance Landing TeamOnly on her for one day. From the LSD Monticello 35 went aboard in Subic headed south by helcopter a 46 to advance landing in Mindoro, looking for NPA new peoples army with the recon Marines of the Philippines.
Boshears, RobertJO3Aug 1974 – Nov 1976XAh, the "Trip" I remember you well. So well, I went into the Army and graduated from OCS and all the neat schools that go with "Snake Eaters". Fond rememberances of Ken Pingatore and (Sorry, I forgot the name: Greg of AIMD?), Vince E
Garrett, ShaunMM3Aug 1974 – Dec 1979MHad some great times would like talk to some old buddys did five west pacs got my shell back card had some grerat times at the cherry club in subic city or at stumpy&gimpys would like to hear from every body talk about old times
Barnes, RaymondE3Sep 30, 1974 – Sep 29, 1977BBOILER TECH. OIL LAB. IT WAS HOT DOWN THERE!
Bradford, DavidHM2Oct 1974 – Jun 1977MedicalPicked the ship up in Subic during WESTPAC of 74-75. Lots of great times and great shipmates. Hey Howie. Where are you. Yes, the other Bradford is my bro.
Kleinertz, Walter "Walt"BTFN/BT3Oct 1974 – May 1978B-DivisionLooking for old Navy buddies. Contact me on my email at Hello Ray Barnes!
Baker, DanHT2Oct 1, 1974 – Nov 7, 1975REPAIR
Staples, Andrew (Andy)AC3Oct 31, 1974 – Sep 13, 1976Operations
Devlin, MatthewBM3Nov 1974 – Jul 24, 19781st and 2ndhAD A GOOD TIME
Smith, VaughanNC 1Nov 2, 1974 – Nov 2, 1975NAVY COUNSELORI was the ship first and only Navy Counselor, it was a new rate at the time. I was attached to the ship but I reported Bupers, which the Captain hated because it meant he had to follow my advice about crew maters matters.
Wharton, SteveEM2Dec 1974 – Dec 1976 Power ShopGreat Ship, great crew, Learned a lot and the old Trip what was let me decide to make the Navy my carrer. Also was great to have served with my brother Mike.
Sapida, CesarMM2Dec 1974 – Jun 1979MWorked in the Engine Room and Eng. Tech. Library. Learned many important things in life that made it easier to live as a civilian. Worked hard and standed long watch in the hole. Met great people aboard.

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