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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Hatcher, JohnCS21971 – 1973Was a cook, kind of a shitty job but lots of perks.
Uecker, EgorHT 3 CLASS1971 – 1973Hull Technician
Schwager, EarlPH31971 – Aug 21, 1972Came to the Tripoli from Comphibron5 in early '71 where I met the ship in Subic - worked in 'K' division (I think we were considered the 'misfit' flt deck gang. Struck for Photographer's mate then worked in the Photo
Pappas, SewellSK-31971 – 1973SupplyI have always been proud of my time aboard the Tripoli and the exceptional crew of Sailors and Marines I was privileged to serve with. Appreciation for the leadership of Capt. James Gammon, Cdr. Brady Cole, CWO Treziok.
Dearden, PaulABH31971 – Feb 1973V1Anybody remember any abh's?
Clark, HenryE-4Jan 1971 – Jul 19723/4 H&S MarinesI was on the USS Tripoli from 1971 to1972 with fleet marines.
Hanover, Allen "Bob"Airman E-3Apr 1971 – Dec 9, 1974V-1/V3
Joyner, Ronnie "festus"ABF3May 1971 – Feb 9, 1973V-4Have only good memories. Ed Watkins called me a while back. I lost his number call me back. 270-547-0223. I remember Pat Ingle, Ken Highdecker, Bob Stevenson, John Brown, Hey to all you guys
Ramus,l Jr., NickMM 3RD CLASSMay 23, 1971 – Aug 16, 1971Main Engine Room
Battani, MichaelSK-3Aug 1971 – Nov 1973The only bad memory was the boiler chief hanging, the rest was good memories. Spent the first part of my tour aboard doing (cooking) the books in the gallery.
Banks, PatrickLISAAug 1971 – Sep 1972X
Mahler, Jim "george"FNSep 1971 – Sep 1973Boiler Room EngineringOne Great 2 Years. I was put of Operation End Sweep. I would like to get a hold of Marty Lee and Mike Dickerson.
Champagne, LeeLTJGSep 1971 – 1973M and B DivisionMy first ship as an Officer. Reported as a new Ensign, left as an experienced LTJG. I was MPA. Worked for "Mitch" Mitchell, the CHENG. Jim Gammon was CO. On our 10 month WESTPAC deployment, BTC Johnson killed himself.
Morris, EddieSM3Sep 30, 1971 – Jul 5, 1972CSI boarded the Tripoli in San Diego, Sept. 30 and we left for Westpac the next morning. I started in deck force, 1st. Div. Then shortly there after transfered to CS Division. I'll never forget my brief time on the USS Tripoli LPH X.
Piechocki, Harvey (Ski)Sep 30, 1971 – 1974AIMDReported on board Sept. 30th & sailed for Westpac the next day. Worked in the Avionics shop & on Greenbug, the ships Helo. All of the cruises were long & interesting but not enough room to tell all the stories
Anderson, BlaineADJ-2Oct 13, 1971 – Nov 22, 1972Jet engine shopLeft San Diego for Nam in 71, turned 21when 9 days out. Did action all along the coast of Nam. Enjoyed the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Okinawa and Hawaii. Met a lot of good Jarheads with HMM 165.
Stanley, DuaneMM3Nov 23, 1971 – May 10, 1973A GangPI, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indian Ocean, Singapore, Equator crossing, all good memories. Turbine failure, BT Chief hanging himself no so good memories.
Hyder, RickABH31972 – Sep 1975air v-1 and v-3 Was a hell of a trip.
Allen, Carey GE-31972 – 1973V 4 ACSWhat a time we all had ! I"ll never forget you Guys- Fincher,Decker,and who could ever forget Clark.and all of the Cowboys Co. Hope you all turn out to have great lives.
Lovell, Alanseaman1972 – 1973seamanHello, My name is Jame Moore. I am the daughter of Alan Lovell. I'm looking for photos of my dad. If anyone would have any I would love to be able to get copies.
Elia, GaryBT31972 – Sep 16, 1976B DivisionLooking for those who I served with. It's been 35 years. I guess it's time to reconnect.
Nagel, Haunani?1972 – 1974?Name is Mike. Mother is Florentina/Flora, poss dad's name is George Vegache stationed Subic Bay Dec '73? Anyone know the man with hat, top left pic of '73-74 Cruise Book, pg 105? Pic viewed on Looks like me
Ankerberg, ChuckAK31972 – 1975S1 Division
Fickenworth, Larry (Fick)E3 MM/EMJan 1972 – Jul 1974Mdiv/EdivLearned tough life lessons..Had great time in PI..End sweep..Had fun in Oki too
Rocha, ArtDP3Feb 1972 – Sep 1, 1976Many faces I remember, few names I can recall. Did 2 WestPac tours. Worked in S7 Div with DP's Clements, Zamora, Murphy, Cisneros (the loan shark). Also remember Posey and Garret both ships boxers and Garret left ship to play football in Subic Bay
Kenner, BarryAG3Feb 1972 – Aug 1974OARemember making many friends, sharing a unique experience. Operation Endsweep, the typhoon, Subic Bay,Pi, Taiwan, power casualty out of Okinawa, being towed into Subic. Phnom Penh. The weather office had a great crew.
Brandt, JackCWO-2Feb 15, 1972 – Aug 15, 1973EMOWe traveled a lot of miles and a made a bit of history during two deployments. Remember the spur gear?
Eberle, RobertAK4Mar 21, 1972 – Mar 7, 1974Aviation supply - storekeeper
Kordowski, Tom (Kadoo)abh 3Mar 22, 1972 – Jul 30, 1974V 1looking for Dennis John Breedlove last known in Imperial Beach, California and Dennison ABH. I'm still in contact with Neal Hynes and Eugene Perry (Pineapple). Any info contact me at 570-477-5672
Calverley Sr, Robert "Tex"sn 3Apr 1972 – Aug 1972Flight / deck
Freisinger, SteveABF3Apr 24, 1972 – Mar 9, 1973V-4I remember good times and Ronnie Joyner, Hydecker, Talarico, John Brown, and can't forget ABF1 Holland. This is a great web site, my e-mail is Looking forward to contacting Ronnie. My phone # is 847-526-5487.
Garrett, BillySK3May 1972 – Oct 16, 1974LPH10
Thomas, AnthonyAIRMAN E3May 15, 1972 – Jan 16, 1975
Matthews, BradDP3Jul 1972 – Aug 1973S7 - Supply, Data ProcessingServed as Mess Decks MA and Ships MA Force, Nuke Decon Team, Payroll Disbursing, worked on flight deck on and off load, Operation Endsweep (sunrise over Hiaphong Harbor) Currently work at VA Newington, Ct
Steine, MarkEM2Jul 1, 1972 – Jun 27, 1975E DivisionWorked with some great people on the Tripoli. Sullivan, Fickenworth, Pingatore to name only a few. Spent many a night showing movies on the hanger bay. Had some great times in the PI, Oki, Hong Kong.
Colvin, MarkLCPLJul 18, 1972 – Aug 20, 1972Disbursing H&S Co. BLT 2/4We had a great time in Olongapo and Subic Bay Naval Station.
Whetstone, JosephCMCPOAug 1972 – Jan 1974B DivisionI was incharge of "B" Division at first and then became the Senior Enlisted adisor (Command Master Chief) when I rertired. I have to confess, these were some very trying times as an engineer.
Malabey, Lazarus (Larry)AK1Sep 1, 1972 – Sep 1, 1976S6Made three westpac cruises and enjoyed everyone of them. Especially the philippines where I eventually got married.
Muntzer, TomPH2Sep 9, 1972 – Sep 6, 1974OEPhoto mate aboard during End Sweep
Rocha, ArtDP3Sep 10, 1972 – Sep 3, 1976S7 Data Processing
Bacigalupi, Renald " Baci "SEAMAN APPRENTICESep 18, 1972 – Jul 28, 1975WeaponsGunners Mate.Made two westpacs.What a time. Still stay in contact with a friend named Richard Anderson It's been 31 years since serving. Going to the ships resting place in the north bay with him soon. Hope they didn't already make razo
Adams, AltonASH-3Sep 29, 1972 – Mar 24, 1975AIMD-V6Remember the first day aboard, I was lost trying to find my way around. Did 2 West Pacs aboard assigned to GSE. Enjoyed my time aboard, looking for any one from AIMD or Air Department.
Tarnowski, SkiMR2Oct 1972 – Feb 1975A divisionWorked with some great people I will never forget
Smet, LesterASM-3Oct 1, 1972 – Oct 1, 1975On the flight Deck with the Best then In AIMD Still Live in Wisconsin
Franklin, David profile iconE3Oct 1, 1972 – Nov 1, 1973OSPart of OS division under Commander Vetter. Remember Tex, Laughlin, Harrelson from Palmdale CA,
Elia, GaryBT3Oct 10, 1972 – Sep 28, 1976EngineeringOne life time. One adventure.
Sasser, DavePC3Nov 1972 – Jul 1975XPostal Clerk for the 3 years. All was a blast. Judd , Bridges,Reinshuttle,Garrett. West Pac's and lots of mail. Break down and being towed into subic.I can place alot of names on the list and remember the great times. thanks to you all.
Stevens, DanE5Nov 22, 1972 – Aug 21, 1976RepairServed on the Trip for 4 years,,had some great times,and not so great,,would enjoy hearing from anyone i served with.
Anderson, RichardSEAMAN APPRENTICEDec 13, 1972 – Jul 15, 1975boatsmateI remember the fun times painting the ship, standing watches , the deliceous midrats but most of all the westpacs and i met my best friend Renald and we still keep in touch and he was my best man at my two weddings hopefully my last.
Martinez, MartySH2Dec 18, 1972 – Jun 1977S-3Tripoli was my first ship and best afloat command. Proud member of the Subic Bay Yatch & Regatta club (we never been where the beer was thin even in the GOT! Gulf of Tonka.
Garrett, MikeLI3Dec 22, 1972 – Aug 11, 1975XOMade 2 West Pac's. Was on Operation End Sweep. Worked in the HT group and print shop. Still in contact with Wes Land. We didn't hit any mines but we did hit another ship, a refueling ship with our elevator
Bridges, CharlesLISADec 23, 1972 – Nov 20, 1974X-1I worked in the ship's Print Shop. Instead of mess cranking, I worked in the filter cleaning shop for three months. My brother-in-law, William Garrroutte worked in the TV studio.
Vannais, Paulsk3Dec 26, 1972 – Sep 24, 1975supplyHi to M.Hanlon( I told you I couldn't ride),D Decker,D Sasser( who let me hold $15,000), M Garret, L Posey, Baci (my Hopi friend) and all those faces I remember whose names I don't. I am semi retired living in sw Fla.
Snider, MerleSADec 27, 1972 – Jun 11, 1973storekeeperHello! you bunch of squids,loved that ship.

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