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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 946 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 – 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – now

Warburton, DukeBM30000 – Oct 20, 19911st"TRIP DAWGS" . Good or bad, The best crew and friends ever! Good Times!
Rushing, GayADJ31965 – 1967V--6 Jet ShopI retired in1985 as ADCS. I then went to work for the U.S.P.S retired in 2004. Wife and I went full-timing in our 40f AlFa See Ya. Winter in Lausiana summer Delaware. Plank Owner. please contact me if you remember me.
Tarver, BobDt31965 – May 1967DentalGreat time. 1st in the dental group aboard. We worked on a barge along side the Tripoli. Sure would like to hear from some of you guys. Where are you at George tryon? Have photos for you.
Sullivan, TomAms31965 – 1967Air frames
Gregones, William (Bill)QM31965 – Jul 5, 1968NavigationI was a plankowner. Was also in Philadelphia for commissioning. Was on the first westpac and returned in '68.
Pritchard Jr, ArthurSFM2Jan 1965 –
Hayes, WilliamRM1Jan 7, 1965 – Dec 23, 1967OCFirst crewmember. Capt blocked all plankowner stuff and sent me to AKA104 on return from Nam. Left for nam again next day until Sept 21, '67. Disch. "69 w/PTSD. Great crew, Capt was sick. Thanks a lot Henry!
Pritchard Jr, Arthur ESF2Feb 16, 1965 – May 1967Repair had some good times with all in miss.Hope all had good time in crews lounge put many hours building it also cpo living
Goodner, DonaldABH2May 8, 1965 – Jun 1, 1967V1,V3I was a plank owner. I still live in the San Diego area.
Schmitt, JohnSNJul 16, 1965 – Sep 24, 1968USNThis is John's daughter. Does anyone remember him? Probably called him Smitty? I would like to know what happened over there to make my father change his religious beliefs. He would never talk about what happened.
Pederson, Larry "Pete"YN3Aug 1965 – Aug 1967AdminGreat memories. Worked for Cdr Seidel and was the Captain's talker at GQ. Am a plankowner and have been to two reunions. Would love to hear from any shipmates.
Barbera, FrankABH3Nov 1965 – Jun 1967Plank Owner; at Norfolk NOB pre Philly commission on board til may 67, always resented assisgnment to the Iwo Jima month before Tripoli`s first deployement; at de-com in `95 in San Deigo; seen her at Mare Island in `03....great memories
McCameron, James profile iconLTJGNov 1965 – Apr 1968S-3 DIVISIONMy first assignment was Wardroom Mess Officer, S-5. I was reassigned as the Ship's Store Officer, S-3. I stayed in the Naval Reserve and retired as a Captain in 1995. My GQ station was a Gun Director Officer.
Jones, Alan DETCMNov 1, 1965 – Feb 1, 1966electronics shopwriting for my dad. he was on original crew from philly to San San diego transfered to Iowa jima shortly after arriving in san diego write if you remember him. should be easy he was the only e9
Chontos, HerbertAMS 1Nov 4, 1965 – Aug 3, 1967V6Plank Owner. Construction, Commision, and then to Vietnam. A proud ship in action.
Landon, Judmm3Nov 9, 1965 – Nov 8, 1967mFirst non rated in m div , pre comm, great ship to learn my rate on left ship mm2 looking for robert tarver my frist friend aboard < Krongberger mm2 an Emarn mm1 J Master mm1 any pre comm m div.
Hegel, DelbertRD2Dec 26, 1965 – Sep 11, 1968Original Blank owner,served 2-tours to Vietnam, Not sure of day.
Knowles, Jimmy Or Jjmm3Dec 28, 1965 – Jun 15, 1967m divisonwas on comissoning crew
Kingerski Jr, Frank [ski ]E 3Dec 29, 1965 – Oct 14, 1966shipfitter shop
Borchardt, PaulLTJGDec 31, 1965 – Dec 31, 1967S2,S4,S7Was on PreCom Detail and First Deployment. Always had great men in my divisions and every one worked hard. Subic had many memories. Does anyone remember trips via Helicopter to Supply Depot in Da Nang ?
Bowers, Frank A.PN31966 – Apr 1967AdministrationI am a Plank Owner. PreCom @ NOB Norfolk, Outfitting at Philly and around To San Diego. I remember a bad viberation and had to go into Long Beach yards to fix. Enjoyed my time aboard.
Henderson, RonaldRMCM(RET)1966 – 1968OC (RADIO)Was a plank owner and on Pascagoula crew, made Viet Nam cruise with several combat operations. Served with a lot of great people and the radio gang were a great bunch. Would like to contact any of them.
Morris, ToxeyLT(MC)1966 –h
Bowers, FrankPN31966 – Apr 1967Admin
Gruner, Georgeaxan1966 – 1968V6Plank owner, pre com at Ingalls. Fresh seafood at every stop from MS to Subic. Got spit on in San Fran before separation from active duty. Rejoined military in '91, retired last year as O5. 17 years flying wounded troops
Schneider, JimFN1966 – 1966Ac@R Was in the pre-commisioning crew in Norfolk. Was abourd when we headed for Calif. I and TM3 Bob Middleton flew off the day the Pacific Admiral and his crew went down while trying to land on the Tripoli just off Ca.
Boon, Chuckabh1966 – 1970air flight dk
Sciarrino, JohnBM31966 – Mar 1967boatIam a plank owner and part of the inspection team in pascaqoula sailed to philly shook all the way was in the boat div cmdr.Mattson div officer deployed to nam when cmadore and crew crashed into ocean only miles out.
Weaver, Deny (Boats)ABH-11966 – 1969V1Worked on the flight deck LPO #1 Had some great moments and a lot that were not so great. Always looked forward to going ashore after a long time at sea. Anyone wanting to contact me
Rosenbaum, Jesseradioman seaman1966 – 1966radio divisioni was a plankowner. then ended up in riverboats in vietnam. got shot up in one of the enemys ambushes. would like to see how smitty anddeuter are doing. many great times aboard the tripoli. especially liberty in subic .
Beauregard, RogerCW041966 – 1968WeatherLooking for anyone who knew my grandpa. Went by bo. Please contact me with any info. Im a current navy sailor. thank you
Klavuhn (Bill), Wm. F.HM2Jan 1966 – Mar 10, 1967MEDICAL (X-RAY TECH.)Wish I would have stayed a while longer,from what I read Iam not a lone. Ser. with Capt. SUERSTEDT, DOCTOR MORRIS,CHIEF.MALLORCA ,HM1 OVERSON,HM2 TRYON, HN WOOD. I HEAR Trip is at mare Island. Would like to go aboard her again. You know what I mean.
Valentine, DaneADRANJan 1966 – Aug 1967Plank Owner
Taylor, RonaldEN3Jan 2, 1966 – Jun 11, 1968a gangPlankowner. looking for anyone who was on the 1st westpac cruise.
Hudlow, NormanCS 3Jan 3, 1966 – Jan 10, 1967S-2First and best ship. Commissioning crew Plank owner. Norfolk Virginia, Pascagula Mississippi, Philadelphia, San Diego,
Frederickson, JoeSM3Jan 5, 1966 – Apr 24, 1967CSPlankowner from Pascagoula days. In touch 2004 with Dr. Morris, Capt. Chandler. Still vividly remember time in Tripoli and our Pascagoula-Philadelphia-Long Beach-San Diego journey.
Mercer, Herbert (Frank) profile iconBM3 E4Jan 5, 1966 – Feb 10, 19701stWent with the old girl on her first maiden voyage. It seemed like we lived in Viet Nam. Had many good friends and would like to ccontact some.
Ermann, WilliamMMCJan 6, 1966 – Sep 16, 1969M and A
Reed, JessieE-4Jan 6, 1966 – Sep 10, 1967Signal
Penalber, RayABHANJan 11, 1966 – Oct 17, 1967flight deck/combat cargo/#2 elevator operatororiginal plank owner. Member of Tripoli first crew I was on board for the first and second Vietnam tours that Tripoli completed.I operate a business in Bakersfield,California, My three boys all born and raised there, along with my wife .
Penalber, RayABHANJan 11, 1966 – Oct 17, 1967flight deck/combat cargo/#2 elevator operatororiginal plank owner. Member of Tripoli first crew I was on board for the first and second Vietnam tours that Tripoli completed.I operate a business in Bakersfield,California, My three boys all born and raised there, along with my wife .
Metts, JamesAK3Jan 15, 1966 – May 14, 1967SupplyShips Rep for USS Tripoli Reunion Assn. Please contact for information.
Patterson, Rick'pat' PattersonABF3Jan 26, 1966 – Jul 20, 1967V-4
Mauck, Allen B.AG 3Feb 1966 – Jul 20, 1967MeteorologyI'am a plank owner, went aboard the Tripoli in Philly for out fitting. Learned alot about life and myself. Vietnam is something I'll never forget. Met alot of great people while on board her. Hello to all of my old shipmates and God Bless you
Lundquist, Dave3rd class petty officerFeb 1966 – 1967V-1 V-3
Swies, Patrick ( Flake )CS3Feb 1, 1966 – Aug 30, 1969SupplyServed aboard the Tripoli form the beginning. Plankowner. Served with the Martin Twins. Jon Malec, Bob Babes, Jim Palmer, Jim Shakey Jim Hicks. John Martin. Great ship and great crew God Bless all.
Swies, Patrick / FlakeCS3Mar 1, 1966 – Aug 1, 1969Deck / Radio / SupplyPlankowner from Norfork to Philly ( my home town ) to San Diego. Worked in the galley with Chambers . Best crew in the Navy. Best to Mike Martin, JOhn Malec, Bob Babes, Jimmy Sharkey and all the guys from the deck division. Smooth sailing guys .
Patterson, Rick'pat' PattersonABF3Mar 1, 1966 – Jul 14, 1967aviation fuels (JP5 & AVGAS)plnkownr-wrkd 4'ROCKY"W4-I testd JP5&AVGAS b4 flitops&reprtd to CMDR-BODNER OKto strtOPS-durng fltops was SAFTY PTY OFCR on flt deck-wore purpl jersey&hat-also had a STAINLESS STEELE NOSE GUARD-wnt in DA NANG evry2wks tstd fuels-ca
Clark, GlennATN2Mar 5, 1966 – Jan 5, 1969V6
Rushing, GayADCSMar 9, 1966 – Jul 9, 1967V-6power plants ADJ-3
Beeton, RobertEM3Mar 10, 1966 – Jun 5, 1968E DIVISONPlank owner...Norfork.Philly, to westpac....I was an electrician and was all over that ship...Remember a lot of good shipmates and good liberties...I also wired up that big (10) on the ship...still an electrician..
Bryant, William BillIC2Apr 4, 1966 – Aug 20, 1968EngineeringI am a plank owner many fine memories of my tour-does anyone remember running aground in Mobile on a shake down cruise.
Elkins, BoE3Apr 15, 1966 – Dec 23, 1967electricans mate, and boiler tenderI had the privilege of working on the USS Tripoli prior to commission, and was one of the Electricians that built, and installed the LPH10 lighted sign on the 03 level, sometime later. Plankowner. .
Daigle, TonyATCApr 24, 1966 – Nov 23, 1969v6
Taylor, AllenAZ1Jun 1966 – Jan 1970V6I may have been the last plankowner off the ship! Would like contact with anyone from V6.
Walker, Dave---dewE-3 seamanJun 1966 – Nov 16, 1967Deck ForceI'm a Plankowner and I'm a Buddhist now I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and I'm studying to be a Legal assistant and Veteran's Advocate. I'm in the Fleet Reserve Association
Shepard, GRD2Jun 1966 – Apr 1968OPS
Kane, JohnBT-3Jun 15, 1966 – Jan 15, 1969B Div Boiler room 2CLooking to correspond with anyone who served with me.
Cherniack, FredAC3Jul 1, 1966 – Dec 23, 1967Ops
Claassen, MarshallLTJGJul 10, 1966 – Jun 1968X Division
Buerger, DieterETR3Jul 15, 1966 – Aug 20, 1968OECame aboard in Philly, was assigned 2nd Div., also honor guard, then repaired radar. Learned a lot as we completed 2 tours to Nam.Will always remember fellow shipmates.Glad to be a cvilian again.
Bryant, BillE2Jul 15, 1966 – Aug 19, 1968Engineering
Malec, JohnGNG3Aug 1966 – May 1969foxSearching for Shipmates of so long ago.
Hunt, AngieGng3Aug 1966 – May 19691Looking to find John Malec, GNG3 USS Tripoli. Found your Plank Owner certificate and ribbons in my basement in Philadelphia. Wish to return. Thanks
Parkins, LarrySFP/E5Aug 6, 1966 – Aug 10, 1968RPlank Owner had some great times would like to hear from fellow sailors in R division
Price, MichaelFT-3Aug 6, 1966 – Oct 16, 1968GunneryI was a plankowner of the Tripoli. I started out as a deck hand and later joined the Fire Control crew. I stood a LOT of watches in the Fire Control turret on the superstructure (7th deck?). I would sure like to hear from some of my old crew mates!
Knowles, DavidSEAMANAug 6, 1966 – Sep 27, 1967UNKMy name is Doug Schofield. Uncle was David Knowles, a Plank Owner of the Tripoli. Died in Vietnam on 27 September 1967. I received his commissioning card from 6 August 1966 and his Purple Heart and certificate. If you remember please write., DonaldPH3Aug 6, 1966 – 1967ships crewCommissioning crew ,obtaining the rank of photographers mate 3rd class.
Jensen, DaleE5Aug 10, 1966 – Feb 14, 1969supplynot sure of dates but was on the original crew..was dp2 in data processing..cowrote programes to computerize watch quarter and station bill. I think the first ever computerized in the navy
Kronberger, DonaldMM2Sep 6, 1966 – Oct 14, 1969M&Bgood ship
Wedgeworth, Lovard (Sonny)STOREKEEPER 3RD CLASSSep 6, 1966 – Aug 23, 1968Supply S-1I am looking for at least one crew member that was on the USS Tripoli at the same time that i was. Also any information about Norman Steadham, David D. Salyer, or Carl Marks. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
Comegys, Charlesbt-3Nov 15, 1966 – Nov 13, 1970B DIVISIONLOOKING FOR ANYONE LEFT FROM THE CREW OF 1966-1970 THE SNIPES.
Montes, Armando (Montey)SK3Dec 1966 – Dec 1969S1Hello to all my old shipmates. Does anyone know what happened to Bill Pervis? I remember Norsmstead, John Lurusso, Jim Johnson, Langenbom,Gilson, Bramlette.

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