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USS Tripoli (LPH 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tripoli (LPH 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 961 crew members registered for the USS Tripoli (LPH 10).

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Burrell, MarcHM21993 – Jun 16, 1995MedicalBest time of my life. Wish I had done more with my time there.
Johnson, Patrick "PJ"AIRMAN1993 – 1994V-1Crash and salvage, Part of the country boy club with Jim Hollycross.
Bryant (Now Burkholder), StevenABFAN1993 – Sep 1995V4
Cannon, MichaelDM21993 – 1995Admin/ExecThe closest I got to serving on an all-male ship (there we're only a token handful of females onboard). It's where I earned my ESWS.
Vanhardenberg, Roger profile iconHM21993 – 1993xShore Duty Wes-Pac TDA to Phibron 3 ARG
Emerson, MarkMAC(AW)1993 – 1995ADMIN / SecurityAt times it was simply amazing that it stayed afloat. I remember altering the ship to stay cooler. It never did get cooler. It was a proud ship!
Johnson, Ryan (Aka) BabyE31993 – 1994WEAPONSSmoke Dog,sweet JB
Nicolay, RalphPN2(SW)1993 – 1995EXECThis was my first and the best ship during my naval career.
Hughes, Cedric BMJan 1993 – Jun 1995deck
Melanson, DavidABH3Jan 4, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995V1 CRASHI served with some of the most intelligent, interesting and entertaining people in my life..........and then there were the rest them! , Just kidding! I look back on with pride, A lot of good memories and great story's.
Echelberry, ErrinBM3Jan 10, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995FirstAnyone out there thats interested in trading stories from time served on the trip dog!
Castillo, DonnieABH2Jan 11, 1993 – Jul 1995V-1Great ship
Wilson, CarlAO3Jan 12, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995G- Division
Childers, SamDC3Feb 6, 1993 – Aug 15, 1995Repair
Jones, DaleBMSNFeb 18, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995Deck
Shea, JohnHT3Mar 1993 – Aug 1995engGreat times. Exotic destinations. and lets not forget the crazy cab rides.
Schoolcraft, MattABH3Mar 1993 – Sep 15, 1995V1
Cloud, Donald ClownAOANMar 1, 1993 – Sep 25, 1995DeckTrip dawg 4 life!
Calinawan, JohnABH2Mar 3, 1993 – Oct 27, 1995V1i missed this ship ,our westpac my flight deck and hangar bay buddies and all my filipino shipmates who hook me up with food, laundry ,advance pay ,supplies best tour in my 11 yrs in service.
Weekes, MattDC3Apr 1993 – Sep
Whitmore, CourtneyHM3/HM2Apr 10, 1993 – Jul 12, 1995MedicalMy second ship, but by far the best learning enviroment a corpsman/ or salior could have asked for. My family says I grew up when I entered the Navy. The USS. Tripoli (LPH-10) taught me to be a man. I am forever greatful for that tour of duty.
McFoy, ScottABHANApr 16, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995V-1 There will never be another like her. She always got us home. Flying 12, 14, 16, 18 hours a day or playing bingo on Sunday evening. The Trip had it all.
Sanders, BrianAO3May 1993 – Sep 1995G DeckGreat Ship, Great Crew. Go to and join the Tripoli Association. Reunions meet yearly!!! Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.
Johnson, SteveENS/LTJGMay 1993 – Sep 1995SupplySee a lot of familar names on the list. Great times and great folks on board. I see former CAPT Willard is now a 4 star Admiral!!!
Cicero, JeffPNSNMay 1993 – Sep 1995Deck/PersonnelThis was my first and only ship, had the time of my life and met a lot of great people.
Thorp, DarrellOS3Jun 1993 – Sep 1995OIMy first ship. I was part of the de com crew.
Dooley, KelvinBMCJun 17, 1993 – Sep 17, 1995DECK/ 1STJust looking for some old shipmates. Senior Corpuz if you are out their. Watch out I am close on your heels now. I am only one paygrade behind you.
Lebakken, AaronFN / LI3Jun 20, 1993 – Aug 5, 1995Engineering / AdminNothing brings back memories like bilge wine and jamming out in the valve shop. Thialand and Kenya will always be in my mind.
Krupowicz, BarryABHANJul 11, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995V-1
Cox, KenFNJul 15, 1993 – Aug 15, 1995A-GangI hung out with a lot of different people.... had a lot of fun. Was the best time I had while I was in the service. Find me on facebook Ken C II (that's 2 capital ' i ' s
Marsala, StevenABH3Aug 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1994v-3deeze nutz
Bowers, StanFireman E-3Aug 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1995Boiler DivisionLook me up via Email :
Williams, KennethEN2Sep 17, 1993 – Apr 3, 1995BoilerI was a Fireman when I was aboard. Worked in the fireroom.
Howard, Carl "Capone"ABHANOct 15, 1993 – Sep 15, 1995V-1The "BEST" Ship and Crew i ever served with. I wish i couldve done my whole career on "THE TRIP DOG", with the same crew!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coleman, Billy Aka NastyabhanNov 1993 – Aug 1995v-1the best times i ever had
Post, ClintonRM3Nov 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1995CR
Barnett, Matt Big CountrySHSN1994 –17 years old and starting here I was in supply but mostly hung around the HT's and other engineers rough group but man they were fun to party with
Joslin, IanAirman - ABF1994 – 1995Fuels
Brewer, GregE21994 – 1995A gangHad a great time serving with you all. West PAC was such a experience. Thanks for the growing up and the laughs. Those who remember I was the one supposed to hang the laminated danger tag on the cofferdam. Lol
Knight, EdwardHTFNJan 1994 – Jul 1995RepairWhere are all my old shipmates? Shea? Brosey? Hawkins? My info is here, talk to me folks.
McCall, DavidFNJan 12, 1994 – Jun 15, 1995E-DIVTripoli was my first ship and an experience that will last a life time!
Hogan, Cary HoganDPCSMar 1, 1994 – Sep 1, 1996S7DPCS while on TRIPOLI, now a CWO4, The best sea duty I ever had, worked hard and played hard, was on the decommission crew
Reed, DarylCPO/E7Apr 4, 1994 – Apr 10, 1995V-4
Schweighardt, BrianFNApr 10, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995EngineeringWell guys we almost made it to Austraila (Westpac 94). Glad to have had the honor of serving on and decomming such a great ship. I truly miss it and if I had the money i'd buy it and keep it in "ship-shape" for all who served on her to visi
Fairfield, EricMRFNMay 1994 – Aug 1996
Heryford, MikeHM3May 22, 1994 – Apr 26, 1995MH01/MedicalHard to believe it's been nearly ten years since I last saw her. I'm a LCDR Suppo now--huge change from those days. I'll never forget my times on that ship. First WESTPAC was spent with my cousin, Steve Heryford, from the 15th MEU. Unfo
Harris, HeathE-3May 24, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995Boatswains Mate
Zellers, SteveOSSNMay 30, 1994 – Aug 1, 1995OII am now a SSgt in USMC stationed in Hawaii and the Tripoli is over here being used by Army.... Surprised they haven't used it as target.... LOL......
Zellers, SteveOSSNMay 30, 1994 – Aug 1, 1995OII am now a SSgt in USMC stationed in Hawaii and the Tripoli is over here being used by Army.... Surprised they haven't used it as target.... LOL......
Beuck, DanielANJun 1994 – 1995Blue shirtsHad fun
Medina, Eveniser (Benny)AN E-3Jul 1994 – Sep 1995V-1These were some of the best times of my life. It would be great to have more people spread the word about this site so that we can reconnect with out buddies.
Hise, MaxEWJul 1, 1994 – Sep 10, 1996OperationsGreat times with great people. West Pac '94.
Sweeney, RobertDP3Jul 6, 1994 – Aug 10, 1995SupplyMy first ship, but not my last. Had a great time, met some great people... Most important, I met my wife on our last cruise to Vancouver, BC.
Wilson, DonaldCS2Jul 6, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995S-2 GalleyMy first ship and it was a great one! I'll never forget her. Met some really great people and it was a good way to start a career.
Sanchez, SamANJul 7, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995V-1Best place to start for the navy great guys and alot of fun
Rosier, JackieFNSep 1994 – Aug 1995M DIVLooking for old friends. Currently work at Parris Island Marine Recruit Training Depot as a Firefighter/Paramedic.
Baker, BrianDS2Sep 19, 1994 – Sep 15, 1995S7My first, and favorite, ship.
Morton, MichaelDC2Oct 1, 1994 – Sep 30, 1995Repair
Pascua, FrankPNCDec 1994 – Sep 15, 1995PersonnelMy last Permanent Duty Station in the Navy after 20+ years. Had alot of good PN's working for me, and the CPO Mess was one of the best. Met up with many "Great Shipmates", & have many fond memories of Tripoli & crew . I sure miss t
Wiggins, StevenANDec 1994 – Sep 2005Air/V1Had a great time with my stay.
Silvestro, RalphOS3Feb 1995 – Sep 1995OI
Alarcon, JoeyGS-15Jan 1, 2003 –MDAI have been on the Tripoli for 7 years now, but she has been known to me as the MLP-1. I just wanted to infor all of you that she is going into drydock October 14 2010.

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