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USS Wisconsin (BB 64) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wisconsin (BB 64). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 213 crew members registered for the USS Wisconsin (BB 64).

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Behrndt, Arnold1ST CLASS CHIEF PETTY OFFICERJan 20, 1941 – Dec 29, 1944
Pantalone, DannySEAMAN FIRST CLASS1942 – Dec 1945
Oliver, ClaudGMG21942 – 1945
Garuti, Warren3rd class1942 – 1945???My father was on the Wisconsin some time in the early 40's. I'm not sure if any one is still around but it would be nice to hear from you.
Carroll, MelvinSP(A)1CSep 27, 1942 – Oct 22, 1945Physical Fitness/boxingThis is for my Grand-father. Melvin Haskins Carroll. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him, or has pictures of him.
Baker, Ralph1943 – 1945Ralph Baker is my uncle. He died in 2004. If anyone reads this and remembers his rank and service dates please send me an email. The dates entered ae only to get the program to accept the entry. Thanks
Robert Joseph O'donnell, BobSEAMAN FIRST CLASSApr 1943 – Sep 1944This is for my Dad, He attended the last de-commissioning in Norfolk, Va. He met some of his WW2 pals and died the same day as the ceremony. He was very proud of his battleship and so was I. We do miss him a lot. He's resting in Texas.
Booz, George WarrenS1Jun 1943 – Mar 1946SignalWas an honor to serve
Warner, Charles "Charlie"ENLISTED1944 – 1946This is for my grandfather, the dates may be wrong and are approximate, looking for anyone who may have known him. You may remember him as baing from North Carolina, hurt his back while on ship and got out on a medical.
Haynie, George (Ray)SM1944 – 1947This is in memory of my dad George R haynie JR!
Landers, FrankSEAMAN 2ND CLASS1944 –put in commission after bombed on the Savannah,entered by grandson contact if you remember sailor,would love to talk
Cieri, AnthonyME2Jan 1944 – Nov 1945RThis is for my father: Anthony J. Cieri, Jr. He was a plankowner on the USS Wisconsin. He passed in May 1977. But when I was little, he used to take us to the Philadelphia Navy Yard to see the ship. Robert M. Cieri
Jenkins, GuyroanSM6Jan 1944 – Jan 1946Mess SectionMy father served on this ship during WWII. He, like so many others that served along side him, were truly the greatest generation. He passed down the tradition to serve to me and I passed that down to my sons.
Hite, AshfordYeoman 3rd classJan 14, 1944 – May 16, 1946FifthLooking for others who served on the USS Wisconsin when the peace treaty was signed on the USS Missouri.
House, ThomasSM1C, CSMApr 1, 1944 – Apr 1945SignalGreat WWII ship. Enjoyed sleeping on the Signal Bridge after watching a Japanese mine that was exploded by a screen DD that we just missed close to starboard. (Our sleeping quarters were in the bow of the ship)
Seger, EddieSeaman Second ClassApr 12, 1944 – Apr 12, 1946?This was my father whom passed away in 1971
Zbikowski, GeorgeS1/cApr 12, 1944 – Nov 3, 1945UnknownThis entry is in memory of my father, a plank owner, who passed on January 3, 1959. He was proud of his service to our country. I have just received copies of his offical records and have entered that information here.
Picuri, JohnEM2Apr 16, 1944 – Apr 30, 1946EPlank owner. WWII Pacific campaigns.
Carey, JesseS1CApr 16, 1944 – Apr 16, 1946My father was a plank owner. He never talked about the war, just a few stories he told me as a kid. After the war, he served an apprenticeship as an air frames mechanic at NAS Norfolk. If anyone knew him, please contact me (757)543-5373
Starr, WalterFIREMAN1945 – 1946My dad served on the Wisconsin at the end of WWII.
Carpenter, Charles, Chuck1946 – 1947 This is for my Dad. Not sure exactly when he served but it was at the end of WWII. His battle station was rear turret, "powder room".
Marsh, Roger K.DON\'T KNOW1946 – 1948Communications-Radar technicianThis is for my father, who served and was also dropped off to perform shore patrol in Haiti at the time of Papa Doc's rule. This is all the info I had from him before he passed June 16, 2007. May you be immortalized here and in heaven.
Cross, ArthurF1Jan 10, 1946 – Jan 12, 1948BLooking for B Div Shipmates
Jones, AltonSeamanJun 17, 1946 – Apr 21, 1948USNThis is for my Dad who passed in April 2016. Just wanted to add his name to this list.
Werner, AlbertSAOct 1947 – Oct 1947DECKReserve cruise to Puerto Rico
Werner, AlbertSAOct 11, 1947 – Oct 25, 1947DECKReserve cruise to Puerto Rico
Dugas, Michael SH Steve Dugas1950 – 1954SS / SH Ship Store Ice Cream and SodasJust staying in contact with my ol shipmates from the Whiskey....Steve Dugas "Slovan, PA" email my son
Cooper, Gary profile iconENFNDec 28, 1950 – Oct 25, 1954EN-4315-22My stepfather passed away but spoke often of his days in the Navy. He enlisted in Chicago, IL and was born in Dowagiac, MI. He is missed.
Daggett, LinwoodSK21951 – 1954S-1
Knox, James/jimmySNJan 5, 1951 – Sep 25, 1952E
McGarvey, Robert "Bob"EN2Jan 16, 1951 – Dec 6, 1954Div. AThis is my father. Information was taken from his discharge papers from his second tour in Korea (what is legible). He passed 25/6/2011 due to complications of dementia & pneimonia. Looking for shipmates.
Bretz, Harrold2ND CLASSMar 15, 1951 – Jan 15, 1955C
Condon, EdwardMEG1Apr 1951 – Apr 1952R-Division
Allen, Richard M AllenBM-3May 22, 1951 – May 22, 19544thi enjoyed my life aboard the wisconsin, lokking for a shipmate, charlie e. richardson, 4th div., same time. left the navy and went in the army, retired after 33 years
Ginand, Phillip MJ03May 24, 1951 – May 12, 1955EX
Protivnak, JohnME2May 28, 1951 – Jun 1955RLooking for Kenneth R. Schultz and Donald W. Lampert
Smith, Robert E.CS 2Sep 1951 – 1953Bob Smith was a cook/baker & proudly served on the Wisconsin. Retired from Navy after 22 years of service.He passed in 2001, his family still remembers fondly the Navy years. Have visited the Nauticus and seen the beautiful ship.
Fenton, Wilbur H.SASep 14, 1951 – May 27, 19522nd
Long, BarbaraenJan 1, 1952 – Dec 31, 1959engineroomMy father, William H. Lansing Sr. (Wild Bill) served aboard the USS WIsconsin in the 1950's (I think). At any rate, he has passed away and we need help locating any engineman that worked alongside Dad during that time.
Lutz, Richard D. LutzMay 1952 – Oct 1956
Ferguson, James "Fergy"FNJul 1952 – May 1954BAnyone still out there from the old Wisky during these dates? If so I would like to hear from you.
McFaden, Herman TedSeaman BSMOct 1952 – 19536
Menta, DominicPH3Dec 22, 1952 – Jun 21, 1956EXThe 42 months I spent aboard this Grand Lady were the best years of my life. I never regretted one day. She was a great ship with a great crew. Visit our website and view over 4000 pictures of the ship and crew.

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