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USS Missouri (BB 63) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Missouri (BB 63). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 456 crew members registered for the USS Missouri (BB 63).

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Fite, ChadBM31989 –, updated feb. 2008 Living in Huntington Beach, Ca. for 4 years now. Married with a kid on the way. Electrical Contractor. I hope everyone is doing good and still alive.
Catchings, BrettE-4 BM31989 – 19923rd DeckI would like to hear from any shipmates that remember me. I had some great times and I owe it all to the crazy guys in 3rd Div.
Ramage, RonaldMM31989 –
Reyes, RolanSGT1989 – 1992mardet
Williams, BryanPETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS BT-31989 – Jul 19, 1992engineringbeing on the mighty mo was the best part of my navy career and all the friends i meet. the mighty mo will always be in my heart and my life.i was in the gulf war and was proud to serve on the mighty mo.
Doty, LarryMM31989 – Sep 1, 1991EngineeringProud and honored to have served aboard the Mighty Mo.
Riley, MichaelMM21989 – 1992MI chose this ship and I have the best memories of my military life from it. I hope Mighty Mo finds peaceful rest as a museum on Ford Island. I visited in 2000 to find the wonderful restoration taking place.
Dempsey, ScottE4 mm1989 – 1992Engineering
Long, JefferyGMGSR1989 – 1990G3
Slusser, AlLCPLJan 1989 – Mar 1991Mar Det
Matay, WillHT2Jan 1989 – Mar 1991R-1What a great tour of duty
Olson, RandyFIREMANJan 1989 – Jan 1991
Benedict, DavidE3Jan 1989 – Aug 1990Boiler roomHad some great times on board the Mighty Mo & made some good friends.
Griffith, Mickey (Griff)DP3Jan 1989 – Mar 1992OAI was in the MoNet Computer center. Lot's of good times on the Mo. Visited her in Hawaii a couple years ago and there were still stickers on my rack that I put up there when I was stationed on board. So cool.
Hughes, James HughesPOSTAL CLERKJan 5, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992X-1Best Sea Duty EVER!
Phillips, Charliefc3Jan 6, 1989 – Jun 18, 1991F-3 division miss all the good times and friends i made cocran, manning, bass caldwell...
Riddle, Cloyce BrentBT-3Jan 17, 1989 – Apr 12, 1991BoilersGreat Times in Number 4 Fire room
Moorefield, GaryQM2Feb 1989 – Aug 1992NavigationLooking to
Ladd, RonBM3Feb 1, 1989 – Mar 2, 19916thThe Missouri was the backdrop to one of the high points in my life. Everything is always sweeter looking back. Still keep in touch with several shipmates and wish I could find FC2 Rany Smith. Sure miss "Smitty". If anyone knows...
Fawbush, JackE-4Feb 5, 1989 – Sep 13, 1991i am very proud to have serverd on the mighty wasmy lifes dream because my grandfather serverd on her in saddend to see her gone she truly is a mighty ship.
Holcombe, DavidBM3Feb 15, 1989 – Jun 7, 1991
Hemple, TimothyEM1Mar 1989 – Dec 1991
Schasteen, KevinMM2(SW)Mar 1989 – Sep 1991M
Heflin, ScottE-4Mar 1989 – Mar 1992E
Lyons, AdamGunnersmate Guns 2nd ClassMar 1989 – Aug 1991Small ArmsBest duty station I served aboard. Being a crew member during Mighty Mo's last stand during Desert Storm was truly an honor anda memoryI look forward to sharing with my kids in June of 2013. The Navy was great thank you!
Rodrigo, FrancisE4/BM3Mar 1, 1989 – Jul 1, 19923rdHow is everyone from the flight deck crew. Still looking for my Dessert/Storm books got taken away from my unsecure locker. I know Baryne was one of the details lol. What happen now to Rikimoto after went overboard.
Root, JamesE1-E4Mar 10, 1989 – Mar 19921st.was part of chers video. (if i can turn back time) veteran of the persian gulf war 90-91. recieved a n.a.m for spotting a mine the almost hit the ship
Joseph, TomMM3Mar 27, 1989 –
Cloud, CraigOS3Mar 28, 1989 – May 30, 1990OIThere were many good people that I worked with, like Greg Kirch, Donald Greathouse, Scott Warrick, Johnny "Rottin" Bowles, and many others...
Anderson, DonaldBM3Apr 1989 – Mar 31, 1992OA DIV
Winchell, WilliamEM2Apr 1989 – Jun 1991E-Div
Parker Jr, JimmyPNSNMay 12, 1989 – Jun 15, 1991
Martin, PjBMCMay 18, 1989 – Jul 23, 1990decki was the chief in charge of sixth division, i was also the chief in charge of repainting the sides in order for the ship to receive Song Singer Cher for her famous song. i was truly happy to serve on board such a great ship .
Namchek, MichaelFC2Jun 1989 – Jul 1991F2I really enjoyed the times abourd the mighty MO. That XO and his war on dirt ... He was a gem huh
Whittingham, R. W.LCDRJun 3, 1989 – Feb 15, 1992OC02"Strength for Freedom!"
Chambers, FrankieE3Jun 10, 1989 – Jul 17, 1990OillabI served on the big mo for a year i ws in the oillab, i made good freinds on there hope i can find some of guys in here.
May, PaulBT3Jun 20, 1989 – Feb 2, 1992B
Box, HowardBT3Jun 21, 1989 – Aug 28, 1991B
Perreault, John profile iconGySgt/E-7Jul 1, 1989 – Jun 16, 1991Marine DetachmentThe time on the USS Missouri was definitely an experience I will never forget. I went through all the initiations to include Shell Back and Chiefs Initiation. We visited quite a few ports during my time.
Caldwell, EricFC3 (SW)Aug 1989 – Feb 1991FThis was my first ship and my most memorable. Looking back I can better understand the signifigance of a ship like the "Might Mo". Many lessons were learned. Peace to my old shipmates. Watch out for old Camel (no filter) smoking Senior Chiefs.
Kilgore, KevinPN2(SW(Aug 13, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992X-2What;s good Might Mo?
Kilgore, KevinPN2(SW)Aug 13, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992X2Back in Chicago, finished up my bachelors in Business.
Rooney, JamesE1Sep 1989 – Jul 19903rdnot much to say right now
Strahon, QuinnMM2Sep 1989 – Mar 1992M
Rubalcaba, RoboE4Sep 19, 1989 – Mar 31, 19913rd.Hey everyone, sure feels good hearing about everyone after what twenty something years. It sure made my day
Jones, Kenneth/stymieE3Oct 6, 1989 – Jul 24, 19923rdHey we need to have a reunion get at me 562-659-0238. Reunion for 3rd division and all who served on the might mo.
Eyler, StevenE-4Oct 15, 1989 – Mar 15, 1992Fourth DivisionAmazing ship. Had a blast serving onboard her, painting and repainting the ship. But the most remembering thing I had the pleasure of doing is holy stoning the teak wood decks before entering ports.
Rotondo, PhillipE-3Oct 25, 1989 – Oct 25, 19921st
Johnson, Jb DennisPN3Nov 1989 – Aug 1991x-2
Patterson, David profile iconE-5/DC2Nov 1989 – 1992RHey there Navy Buds. Hope all in life is goin well fo ya. Call me anytime to chat.361-218-9393
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Reichelt, JamesBM3/E4Nov 1989 – 19913rd Divisiongood ship and crew
Northcutt, Jim profile iconMAC(SW)Nov 1989 – 1991X4Really enjoyed my time onboard.
Sievers, MichaelPC3Nov 11, 1989 – Jul 1992X-1I'm proud to be a battleship sailor. And not just any battleship but the Mighty Mo. I miss the good and bad (weapons offload in Long Beach).
Brown, MikeBMSNNov 17, 1989 – Mar 19926thHanging in the Sail Loft in port and underway. Kicking and smoking all night with tunes under the anchor windlass room. Served as a member of The Missouri color. I was with the Navy flag.
Patierno, GuyFNNov 17, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992R division
Sallet, RussellE-2Nov 22, 1989 – Feb 22, 1992First
Greathouse, DonaldOS3Nov 28, 1989 – Feb 10, 1992OI
Greathouse, DonaldOS3Nov 30, 1989 – Feb 20, 1992OI
Moore, MorrisE-3Nov 30, 1989 – Apr 22, 19925th Division5th Division, what's up? And the other divisions: Blaine, Spears, Jarnett, Frye, Rodgers, Madali, Jones, Abuton, Price, Carney, Hampton, Brown, Shuffler, Johnson, Victor Walker, Ronnie Jones, and everyone else.
Hillebrand, Chris/ HillieBMDec 1989 – May 1992deck
Dudley, Mark profile iconENS / LTJGDec 1989 – Dec 19914th Division Officer / Electronics Materials OfficerLearned a lot, made a lot of good friends, and had a great time. If they had kept the Battleships, I swear I would have stayed in. Battleship Sailors forever!
Young, Cordez DomeE-3Dec 10, 1989 – Apr 10, 19923rdWhat up 3rd all my boys give me a holla, living in vancouver canada, holla at me Stymie, Bm2williwms, My boy Greg James, all of 3rd we were some crazy cats. Holla @yo boy Young D.
Sanchez, Jose EmmanuelE-4 / EM3Dec 16, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992E-DIVNot everyone can serve in a real NAVY Battleship and I'm one of them who serve the Mighty Mo, it's not luck, it's a purpose in life. Regards and God bless to all who serve her.
Norton, DonaldBTFN E3Dec 29, 1989 – Mar 31, 1992B

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