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USS Missouri (BB 63) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Missouri (BB 63). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 456 crew members registered for the USS Missouri (BB 63).

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Blanding, RodneyE3Sep 11, 1900 – Mar 8, 1992ShI went from a southern young man to a well traveled shell back sailor above this I met some of the best friends of my life during my shirt tour this exoerience made me the man I am today 205 586-4767
Sztenderowicz, JohnGUNNERS MATE1941 – 1945My grandfather served on the ship during WWII. He was also there when the Japanese gave up. I followed in his footstep my also serving in the Navy. Sorry to say but he died before I was born, but he still lives inside of me.
Bonner, Norman JS1c1941 – 1946?My grandfather served proudly aboard the Missouri, He was assigned to a turret gun, and was present at the signing.
Henry-riker, JaniceSK21941 – 1945storekeeperMy late father served (Michael P. Henry). He passed in 1963 and soon thereafter I became obsessed with Mighty Mo.If anyone out there knew my Pop-feel free to contact me. His nickname was "Murph" from Nwk. N.J.
Gurtner, Albertgunners mateJan 1941 – Sep 19451stmy uncle al was on the missouri not sure of his rank or division or anything like that. dont know what they are cause i am in the army but just wanted to put his name down because i love him and very proud of what he did
Rosenberg, MickeyCTCJun 5, 1941 – Nov 2, 1945Gunnery - Mount #2Departed USS New Mexico - Atlantic Fleet. Ordered to Naval Gun Factory, Washington DC. Accompanied 16"x50 rifles to Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY. Installed same, and served through WW-2 in Mount #2. Retired in NY 1945
Williamson, William T1942 –
Smith, Arlie, SrM/3CA1942 – 1946Mail RoomI am submitting my father's name, as he was so proud to have been aboard the Missouri during the Japanese surrender 9/2/45. If anyone knew him, please contact me.
Topol, CyrusGM1CMar 1942 – Oct 1945My grandfather passed away June 13, 2008 at age 96. He always spoke passionately about his time on the Mighty Mo. In charge of gun mount 3. Could see the "hairs on the back of MacArthur's neck" during the Japanese surrender ceremony.
Bardsley, RaymondRM21943 – Oct 15, 1945My father passed away in 1983. I wanted to add him to this list. He was on Admiral Halsey's flag. When Halsey commanded the Missouri my father was with him. He was also present at the surrender. We have very nice original photos
Hall, WilliamGUNNERS MATE 3RD CLASS1943 – Mar 16, 19467th
Eayrs, ClemGunners Mate1943 – 1945unknown My Dad, Clem Eayrs, was aboard the MO when the peace treaty with Japan was signed. He died in 1983. I do not know the exact dates of his service. If anyone has details, I would be very interested in hearing from you.
Simmons, Bennyn/a1943 – 1945n/amy grandpa told us he lied about his age to join, and we believe he changed his name as well, he was from alabama/ illinois, i would like to know more about him, if he told anybody his real name
Biggs, ChinaGunnersmate First ClassJun 10, 1943 – Oct 10, 1945ArmomentServed in south Pacific past in 1977
Moskowitz, SamuelWtcJul 10, 1943 – Nov 21, 1946Water tender ?BoilermanDeceased 1955 Information added by son. Art Moskowitz HM2 Uss Thetis Bay Lph 6
Short, George PalmerSEAMAN FIRST CLASSSep 16, 1943 – Mar 23, 19468th
Bauer, Luke1944 –
Henry, Michael P.SK/21944 – 1945My father passed away in 1963, but I wanted to add his name
Haspert, EdwardSEAMAN 1ST CLASS1944 –My grandfather Served aboard the Mighty Mo at the tail end of the war. Don't know a lot about it, but Suffice to say I stand in his shoes today as a Sailor in the United States Navy. Anyone who knew my grandfather please contact me. Thank you.
Sweeney, Thomas SweeneyTHOMAS SWEENEY1944 – 1945My father served aboard 1944-1945. He was from So. Boston/Cambridge, MA. In 11th Divn with Joe Leonard also from Cambridge
Brodt, Leonard profile iconSeaman 2nd class1944 – May 194611th Division Anti Aircaft GunnryI was on quad 14 and a first loader on barrel numbe 3 and my gun captain was Caron from Sanford Maine and I also remember Sulivanwho was a first loader on barrel number 4 and on quad 17 was Alexander J Wysocki of Meridan
Phillips, George1944 –Searching for crew member Sparkman, James from Detroit, Michigan James was 19 years old in 1944. Originally trained in Morro Bay, California. Best friend was William King.
Blake, Bernard1944 – 1945I wanted my Dad's name to appear on the list. He witnessed the surrender and was proud to be on the Missouri.
Ford, RaymondGUNNERS MATE1944 – 1945My dad served and I wanted to add him. He died in 1982.
Graham, James Thomas (Jt Or Jim)SEAMAN 1ST CLASS1944 – Oct 1945served on BB-63 from1944 Brooklyn Naval Shipyard until October, 1945. If anyone knew him, please contact me (his son) via email.
Duclos, Raymond (Duke)S1?Gunners mate1944 – 1945unknownRay Duclos was my Dad.He passed away in 1982.I was only 22 and he was only 56.I lost my Mom the year before.Tough stuff.I miss them every day.My Dad was a brave and courageous man his whole life.PT boats & The Mighty Mo!
Kypke, RodmanLT 1944 – 1944SCMy father was a crew member on BB 63 when she was originally commissioned, thus a plankowner. Later transferred to USS Oakland; anchored in Tokyo Bay, close to the Mighty Mo, witnessed the surrender ceremony.
Nemeth, JoeSeaman 1st. class1944 – 194540 mmWondering about old shipmate Marko Clauser. Was also gunner's mate. He was from Colorado. Any information...please pass along to
Horowitz, Elliot V61944 – 1945MedicalI am registering my father who was a medic on the Missouri and witnessed the signing of the peace treaty with Japan. My email address is listed but I know my 90 year old dad would love to hear from shipmates.
Chipman, DaleNot sureJan 1, 1944 – Jan 1, 1946Dont knowMy grandfather Dale Chipman from Kalamazoo,Mi served on the Missouri he witnessed the signing. He never talked about it with any one. Not sure what yrs he served. Any one with information please contact me
Tomlinson, RichardsailorJan 18, 1944 – Jun 11, 1946navyMy father was on USS Missouri in boiler room during Korean War
Brodt, Leonard profile iconSeaman 2nd ClassMar 17, 1944 – May 13, 194611th Anti Aircraft GunneryI remember My Gun Captain, Mr Caron from Sanford Maine and Mr Sullivan from Indian Head Maryland who worked barrel #4 I worked barrel #3 on quad 14 And also want to mention Mr A.J. Wysocki from Meridan Conn who should
Boyle, LeoCHIEF FIRE CONTROLMANMay 1944 – May 1946Ordinance and Fire ControlMy Father served aboard the "Mighty Mo" during WW II and was aboard at Tokyo Bay. He supervised the installation and alignment of the fire control and fire control equipment at Brooklyn Navy Yd when she was comm. He passed March 1974.
Mietlicki, John M. "moe"STORE KEEPERJun 1944 – Dec 1945My Dad just died July 20, 2007. In conversation with him, he told me he was assigned on the Mighty Mo, after "D" day( USS Corry sank, Normandy Beach). He was on first sea trails, He had enough points to serve out his enlistment state side
Nogowski, Daniel / Nogomate 1 st classJun 1944 – 1946gunneri am david nogowski son of daniel nogowski who was a 50 caliper pom pom gunner on starbor side when ship was attacked by kamakasi dad went threw pannama canal and was there at the signing of peace treaty
Spencer, Richard MMM2CJun 1944 – 1946EngineeringThis was my Uncle, a Machinist Mate on the Missouri. He was on her when the Peace Treaty was signed. I asked if he was topside during the signing, he said no , 'someone' had to keep the ship running & too much brass up
Zwickel, JacobSeaman 1st ClassJun 11, 1944 – Nov 5, 1945UnknownMy father,JacobZwickelwasaboardthe USSMissourifromcommissionthroughthesigningoftheInstrumentsofSurrender. RecdAmericanAreaCampaignAward,AsiaticPacificAreaRibbon-2Stars&HonorableServiceLapelButton. Jacob died 28 June 1982
Brewer, Emmuel CPO1CSep 1944 – Nov 1946FirstMy name is Michael Brewer and I am a retired USA LTC. I am adding my father, CPO Emmuel "Randy" Brewer to the crew list. Dad served on the Mighty Moe 1944-46.
Miller, Arthur VMACHINIST 1ST CLASSOct 15, 1944 – Dec 15, 1945MachinistI can remember the day I was released from the Mighty Mo but don't quite remember the boarding date. The date the treaty was signed I drew engine duty.
Stone, Jack DuwayneEnsignNov 6, 1944 – Apr 20, 1945FM
Vecchio, GuidoS2/cDec 1944 – May 19468th division, and then S divisionHello to all of my Missouri shipmates who are still around. I don't remember too much about the ship, but what I do is all positive. I remember the suicide plane and the kamikaze. I remember that we only had 1 casualty.
Borg, James ElwoodCorporalDec 15, 1944 – Jan 24, 19469My dad, James Elwood Borg, was a Marine aboard the Mo from San Francisco until she got back to NYC after the surrender. He saw it all.

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