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USS New Jersey (BB 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Jersey (BB 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 444 crew members registered for the USS New Jersey (BB 62).

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Braus, BillBT21987 – 1989BoilersReunion in San Antonio this year in September... I think
Tharpe, DonFC 2 (SW)1987 – 1990GM (Guns and Missiles) CIWS, Harpoon, TomahawkForward CIWS mounts, 51 & 52 LPO. Big Thunder Down Under. how many battleship sailor golden shellbacks are there in the world? Fantastic Ship and Crew
Veldsma, Jr., DickCpl1987 – 1989MardetOne of the best times of my life. Semper Fi!
Seitz, PaulGMG2(sw)1987 – 1990G-2Turret two USS NJ
Casey, Jimmiesmsn1987 – 1991ocJust wanted to reach out to everyone. was there for last cruise to lowering the commissioning penant.
Ktt, KttEnlisted1987 –X
Marin, FrankieBM31987 – 19912nd to NoneBest Sea Duty...Any word on Gary Burchett..
Nagle, SeanDC2Jan 1987 – Aug 1990RIt was a great pleasure to serve aboard the greatest ship in the US Navy.I worked in R Division with a great group of people.
Unsicker, BrianMS2Jan 1987 – Feb 1991S2
Seitzinger, MarkBMSNJan 1, 1987 – Nov 6, 19885thI was the guitarist in the ships rock-n-roll band and was a member of 5th Div.
Petrali, PaulBT2Jan 27, 1987 – Oct 13, 1987BLooking for Thorsen,Ho,anyone else who knew me.
Sawin, RobbBMSNFeb 8, 1987 – Sep 15, 19896thLooking for anyone having served from 1986-1991 6th Division or other Deck Divisions during this time. 6th Division now has its own web site! Contact me for more details asap. (618) 351-7202 Take care shipmates! -Robb Sawin- 7/19/07
Bishop, BrianSNMar 1, 1987 – Aug 7, 19882nd
McConville, ScottOS1Apr 1987 – Feb 1991OI
Killen, DarrellFC3Apr 3, 1987 – Feb 9, 1989FA Division
Elias, JavierYNApr 22, 1987 – May 21, 1988X1
Nelson, John Michael (Mike)LTMay 1987 – May 1989Dental
Gibson, MarkLTJun 1987 – Feb 1991/ / Main Batt Fire Control
Saucedo, Felix Jr. (Bud)BT2Jun 1987 – Aug 1991BThe time I served aboard the Jersey was very special to me. Big Thunder Down Under! WETSU!!
Rice, Robert (Bob)MM1 (SW)Jun 30, 1987 – Sep 4, 1989Great Honor to be on board with a great crew. Capt Mixon's final Christmas party in Long Beach was total class. M Div MMC Claxton Hinton..where are you?
Frank, Raymondos1Aug 1987 – Feb 1991oiwas decomm crew,great ship.great duty retired 1998. had a good time in the lifer locker.
Greer, DeanE-3 non-rateAug 1987 – 19894th - deck
Brown, Chris Brown/ "B"GMG3Aug 1987 – Jun 1990G-3 never a dull moment on the Jersey, especially in G-3 Div. Had fun firing the big guns, hated cleaning them, Shout out to those who kept me in line and out of truble, Ansley, Denny, Jonson, Tucker, Dunn, Denman,
Meza, MichaelBT2Aug 1987 – Mar 1990BGreetings, I was feeling nostalgic tonight and came across this site. I found many shipmates that I recognized from my first command in Hawaii. I am sure I will find many familiar names during my time in Long Beach!
Harrison, JeffreyBt3Aug 4, 1987 – Feb 4, 1990BoilersLooking for shipmates
Heald, ChipGYSGTAug 10, 1987 – Aug 15, 1989Marine DetachmentBest 2 year tour of my 20 year career!
Tucker Jr, LeonGMG1Sep 10, 1987 – Nov 10, 1990G1Serving on board the Big J was my most memorable experience of being in the US Navy. I would not have traded it for anything in the whole world. To those who served with me on the greatest Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62. WETSU.
Lambert, AlbertSGTOct 1987 – Jun 1991MAR-DETSEMPER FI !!! WETSU
Oney, Robert Mm3MM3Oct 7, 1987 – Jun 29, 1990MCrossing the Equator 3 times going through a Typhoon in 1988 and 5 tours of the asia with the best sailors in the world only to gain lifelong brothers and Australia 200th centennial. Awesome! Would so it again!
Moore, DarienDC2Oct 18, 1987 – Oct 18, 1989DCWe had a great tour
Martin, Daniel (Marty)FR/E3Nov 1987 – Nov 1990B division
Little, WayneE-3Nov 1, 1987 – Aug 1989A GangIt was a great experience being on a ship as great as the USS New Jersey. Her contribution to naval history & the security of our nation will always be amazing & timeless.
Thorson, CoryMM3Nov 23, 1987 – Aug 4, 1990MTo many memories to list! Two wespacs, Korea, Phillippines, Austrailia, #3 engine room, entire M DIv, and Master Chief Baker! Never thought I would miss it, but I do!
Kurland, Leonard profile iconBM2(BM1)Dec 29, 1987 – Feb 9, 19913 rdGot a good Chief in BMS (later BMCS) K. The last one.
Baca, JamesGM21988 – 1989Weapons16 inch Gunner,turret #2
Dubose, John DavidBMSN1988 – 19906 th
Adams, Thomasmm31988 – 1993m-div/ a-divi enter the navy in 1988 went to boot camp in San Diego ca also boot camp my first command was with the USS new jersey BB-62 were i made third class petty officer. i received an good conduit medal. i reenlisted in 1991.
Baca, JamesGMG21988 – 1988Lower Powder Flats Turret 2 G2 DivAhoy there fellow Battleship Gunner, nice to hear someone else say they were a lower powderflats POIC
Jones, RodneyE41988 – 19911Being aboard the world's best Battleship was a awesome feeling...Go Navy!
Keys, EdwardBm21988 – 19901st divAnyone from 1st Div. Your welcome to get ahold of me. Had a blast. TWO west-pac, and alot of memorys.
Finks, KennethE- 3 FN1988 – 1991Boilers DivisionI'm look for my shipmates in B Division. To help me with my service connect disability benefits. Please contact me at This is so I can get the contact information and I can give it to my DAV lawyer.
Scott, DanielMMC1988 – 1990M
Linneman, ChrisGMG-3Jan 1988 – Mar 23, 1990G-2Center Gun Caption Turret 2 Great times great friends It was a honor serving on the Jersey hope to get to the east coast to see her agin
Davidson, BernieMM2Jan 1, 1988 – Jun 10, 1990M Division#4 Engine Room.
Sowards, TomDC 2Feb 1988 – Sep 1990RepairAnother one of the "Flying Squads" finest.
Ezell, JeffMS2Feb 1, 1988 – 1991Supply / S-2What a great ship. Great duty!
Alvarez, DavidBM3Feb 3, 1988 – Feb 1, 19915th DIVLoved the Heavy Hitter ! Battle Group Romeo was awesome and we were the pride of PACFLT ! I ran the Captins Porch and was the Fuze setter/ Sight setter for mount 53. Not many can say that.
O'Bryan, MichaelBM3Feb 8, 1988 – Jan 10, 19915THmy best time in the navy was served on the battleship
Dunn, JeffSNFeb 12, 1988 – Jul 14, 19902nd
Speer, PatrickGMG3Mar 1, 1988 – Feb 9, 1991G4
Broussard, TommyFC3Mar 7, 1988 – Feb 2, 1990FMSpent the most time in SPOT 1 (011 Fwd Main Battery Director) enjoying stack gas, sleeping Smoke Watches, and the best views available. 16" Indirect-/Direct-Fire NGFS - nothing could match us. An honor to serve on her.
Peterson, James (Pete)BM3Apr 1988 – Feb 19913RDWouldn't trade a day spent on her for anything. The friends I made will always be special, we were "BATTLESHIP SAILORS" on the greatest ship in the fleet
Welliver, TomHT 3Apr 20, 1988 – Nov 18, 1991engineeringwas a HT, but spent most of my free time on the signal bridge. after decom I went to signalman school, and served as SM 3 onboard USS Roanoke aor-7. had some hard times on the BB-62; however now tht I look back I would give anything togo bk
Ford, JohnSNMay 1988 – 19912
Finks, KennethFNMay 1988 –B DivisionI'm looking for a marine that was stationed on board the new jersey from 1989 -1990. he was a PFC at the time. he scalped his head on the mono rail at the beginning of broadway during a general quarters exercise.
Brown, Bruce profile iconmmfnMay 6, 1988 – Oct 1, 1989mWest pac was fun, husted, Santana, samuelson, wisener, thompson, and everyone else in m division had a fun time, some of us too much fun. Made me do very well in college all three times and @some of the best universities
Hamilton, Edward (Hambone)E-4Jun 1988 – Feb 1991B"It didn't get any better than this!" After 9 years in service, my tour onboard "Big Thunder" was hands down the BEST! Never forget West Pac '88. One month after onboard I was on my way to the best deployment ever.
Nine, Jonmm2Jun 1, 1988 – Jan 8, 1991A-divhad a good time on this boat
Athey, ChadMM3Aug 1988 – Jul 13, 1990M
Larson, EdBM2Aug 1988 – Feb 19913rd
Townsend, RodneyMMCS (SW)Aug 15, 1988 – Feb 8, 1991X-Division - 3M Systems Decommissioning Crew
Lees, GregHM3(SW)Oct 2, 1988 – Dec 27, 1990HBest sea duty I had in the Navy. I miss all of my shipmates and friends. Just retired in Feb 07 as a HMCS(FMF/SW). Will be doing my ceremony on the Big J in April or May of this year.
White, JamesBMSNNov 1988 – Feb 19914thThe best years that I have ever served in the US Navy were onboard the Jersey. Every other command afterwards just wasn't the same.
Velasco, RickBM1 (SW)Nov 15, 1988 – Mar 21, 19913rd & 4thI told my wife, " if they ever bring the new jersey back, i'd come out of retirement to get on her," she told me "see-ya!"
Tucay, Aristotle/bongBTFNNov 17, 1988 – Jan 11, 1990BTo all the Flips out there who knew me pls. e-mail at New Jersey boys. The best battleship. I'll never forget all my experienced on board the battleship New Jersey. WETSU...
Dunbar, CharlieSNNov 20, 1988 – Apr 19, 19903rd
Callen, BruceHM2Nov 29, 1988 – Feb 1991H

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