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USS New Jersey (BB 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Jersey (BB 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 473 crew members registered for the USS New Jersey (BB 62).

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Crone, ErinE21989 – 1991RI was part of the the decmission crew. Before she was put to sleep
Evers, RobertSN1989 – 19913rd
Wertz, PaulBT31989 – 1991B DivisionPart of the Last Decommissioning crew of 1991
Beinert, TimET21989 – 1991OEHad a lot of good times and met a lot of great people. For all the complaining we did, it was one of the best commands I ever served with.
Eckert, GregoryET21989 – 1990OE
Matthews, RyanSN1989 – 19913 Rd
Sogard, CliffFCSN1989 – 1990GM Division
Beldin, PaulEM21989 – 1991EAwesome experience, Great Ship and Great Crew. If you haven't been to the Museum in Camden, NJ, it's a must do. Very surreal experience to go back. Thanks to the volunteers and staff.
Bastidas, GonzaloGMG 31989 – 1991G-2G-2 The Best Turret ( just kidding) Battleship Gunners mates are the best
Aban, Carlo GabrielE1/SR1989 – 19912nd DivisionAs a part of Decommissioned Team
Nahan, TimLCPLJan 1989 – Jul 23, 1990Marine Detachment
Evers, BobSNJan 9, 1989 – Feb 8, 19913rd
Nahan, TimLCPLFeb 1989 – Jul 23, 1990Best duty a Marine could get. Semper Fi
Kerner, CurtisSNFeb 8, 1989 – Feb 8, 19914th / decommissioning crewBest time in the Navy. Great shipmates and a lot of fun. I know a lot of you remember "Blaze of Glory" West Pac 89 and the house in Long beach.
Torelli, LayneE2Feb 17, 1989 – Sep 15, 19906thi loved being on the jersey though i hated my job and some people went out of their way too make my life miserablei loved the ship and enjoyed the travel i think of my time on the jersey almost every day please email me guys at stealthywizard@hotmai
Nixon, IssacOS2Mar 1, 1989 – May 1, 1991OIGreat Times
Northup, Jimgmg3Apr 1989 – Feb 1991G-2
McCreary, MichaelOSSNApr 1, 1989 – Nov 1, 1990OI
Wheeler, LarryYN2Jul 1989 – Jan 1991Weapons/AdminWorked as Weapons Dept YN and then in the Captain's Office during the damned Decomm. Retired in 2001. Best ship in the Navy.
Schultz, RickSM2Jul 15, 1989 – Apr 19, 1990OSWas the most awesome experience ever.
Petty, MichaelGMG2Jul 28, 1989 – Feb 1, 1991G-3 Turret 3...The Lost Boys!!!Great job, tough work but was proud of that ship more than any other command I was on.
Goddard, IlanPN3Aug 1989 – Nov 1990PersonnelOne of the best experiences of my life!
Lyles, Mark (Jawbreaker) profile iconLTAug 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1991Dental AND Welfare and RecreationI was the last Dental Officer on the USS New Jersey BB 62
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Conner, Richard/ DetroitBMSNAug 10, 1989 – Feb 16, 19915TH DIVISION
Doskocil, Eric "Doc"MRFASep 1989 – Aug 1990A
Burns, MitchellFC#3Sep 15, 1989 – Nov 15, 1991CM
Patterson, Josephe-1Sep 19, 1989 – Jun 11, 1991ships storeBest time of my life, we did a west-pac and it was great!!!
Hunter, FreelandsksnNov 1989 – Feb 8, 1991supplythat was the best duty i ever had.still the greatest warship in the world
Svitak, ScottMM1 (SW)Nov 21, 1989 – Feb 8, 1991AShe was a Great ship to serve on!
Farquhar, DocBMSNDec 28, 1989 – Feb 20, 19914th Division DeckAs a member of the Decommissioning crew in 1991 I lost contact with a lot of good men from the crew. Good time were had aboard Our Lady Gray. Shame my time on her was so short.
Cantrell, DamonENS1990 –Electrical
Wilkinson, DirkBM2Jan 1990 – Feb 19914thwas the best year of my life. loved the jersey. Go Nasty boys (softball team). Decom sucked, we should have drove her right into Iraq. decom crew.
Sanchez, HenryE-2Jan 1990 – Feb 19911st deckIt truly was an awsome ship, it was an honor to be a part of the decom crew.
Ellis, GregorySeaman / Boatswain's MateJan 6, 1990 – Jan 11, 1991OD Division It was an honor and a privilege to serve on-board the USS New Jersey with my fellow shipmates, and to be part of the final decommissioning crew. I recall Captain Tucker being one of the best Commanding Officers I've had.
Whitinger, CharlesEnfaJan 16, 1990 – Jan 22, 1991MBest command I was assigned to.
Frisch., Walter profile iconE-2Feb 1990 – Feb 19914th
Eckert, GregoryET2Apr 1990 – Feb 1991OE
Emery, MickeyE-2 RMApr 22, 1990 – Jul 12, 1990like to get some info on rm1 barch and rm1 caste if posible
Hensiek, ScottFC3Oct 6, 1990 – Feb 1, 1992Aft 16 inch Fire ControlWas part of Decommissioning crew. I held the American Flag in the ceremony. Miss the Big J.
Roberts, TimMR3Dec 1, 1990 – Feb 1, 1991A
Hernandez, CarlosE-11991 –A
Roberts, GaryBM2Jan 25, 1991 – Jun 30, 19934thBest Time of my Naval Career- Dirk's right we should have shoved a 16 projectile up saddams asshole----and that prick Bin Ladin too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lydon, BillVolunteerJun 1, 2009 –Maintenance and RestorationSigned up the help maintain this historic ship after retiring from the IBM Corporation. This is a blast. I volunteer 2 days a week with a great group of guys (mostly vets). Consider doing this if your retired.

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