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USS McCandless (FF 1084) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McCandless (FF 1084). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 258 crew members registered for the USS McCandless (FF 1084).

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Mangus, FrankPC3Oct 1970 – 1972Personal-Executive DivisionI was the postal clerk for the initial crew, and the last two years I was in the USN. I'm searching for a friend. James Pererra. He was a radioman from the Bronx,NYC
Mantor, SteeveMM2Oct 1970 – Sep 1974EngineeringPre-Commissioning Crew & Plank Owner... Initiated on board as a Shellback in August 1973. My best regards to all that served on the"Mighty Mac", The US Navy. and the United States Of America
Erickson, JohnCS31971 – 1975SupplyPlank owner. Started in 1st. Went up to Wardroom. Made CS3 and went to the galley. Lived a few blocks from D+S piers. Alot of you would come over and hang out with me and my wife Sara. So many of you I'll never forget.
Miller, CarlFtg21971 – Dec 10, 1973GI am a plank owner and spent my entire enlistment on the McCandless de1084. I am now retired in Florida and remember my shipmates with great affection.
McAdams, James (Mac)BTFNJan 8, 1971 – Jul 3, 1974Engineering _ BStarted with PRECOM until ended active duty in 1974. Married relocated from N.J to Maryland and re-enlisted in Reserves and retired in 1994.
Butler, BeckyFLOWERGIRL/CHRISTENINGMar 20, 1971 – Mar 21, 1971I was the flowergirl for the christening of the USS McCandless at Avondale Shipyards. My father helped build this ship. My father served as a gunner mate in WW II and my little brother served on the USS Whiteplains in the Persian Gulf.
Casey, Paul profile iconRM1Aug 1971 – Nov 1973OCWas part of the Pre-Com detail at Avondale Shipyard, LA. Accompanied the ship on sea trials to Boston Naval Shipyard. Departed ship at Tamatave, Madagascar.
Haggett, VincentFNAug 19, 1971 – Aug 19, 1972AgangI was on board at the comishining of the ship 1971, IT was the best time of my life i got to go we started in Boston Mass then went to Earl NJ for munition and Degousing then went to New Orlines then Cuba A great tim
Martin, BobBM3Nov 1971 – Jul 6, 1973FirstPlank Owner-On the SOAP Team in Boston- made 1st Gitmo cruise-Still Great memories!
Matatall, Doug (Matt)PN2Nov 1971 – Dec 1973OperationsHanded a broom upon reporting to Norfolk....PN1 Jiminez (Jimmy) advertised for someone who could type and I answered the call (typing more attractive than sweeping). Memories..Boston (Doc, Harry, Emily)..Norfolk (again and again)..GITMO...Seychelles
Moore, ThomasYN2Nov 3, 1971 – Feb 27, 1973OperationsLeft shore duty in Hawaii to experience the real Navy and became the ship's first YN. Reported to NORVA where HMC Koozer and I manually typed and printed the SORM under the direction of our XO, LCDR Johnson.
Crowell, RussellBT3Dec 1971 – Feb 1974BServed precomm I was in B division and A gang with the Emergency diesel. Stood watches in Engine room on evaps fire room console, burner man, upper level, and messenger.
Wilson, LarryOS2Dec 4, 1971 – Jul 5, 1973CICPlank Owner Looking to contact other Plank Owner of the McCandless.
Barber, WalterGMGSN/GMG3Dec 6, 1971 – Apr 2, 1975WeaponsHad a great time and learned alot. Stayed anouther 20 yrs. Thanks . (Plank Owner)
Whitney, KirkIC2Dec 11, 1971 – Mar 1975RPlankowner, all crew members go to mccandless reunion web site
Kennedy, JoeRM31972 – 1973SOAP crew in Boston, sea trials ,Gitmo, St Thomas, Fort Lauderdale,Norfolk. What a great time of my life.
Bailey, BaileyRM 21972 – 1975operations
Ford, Leland (Lee)RM1Jan 1972 – Jun 1975OC01 - RadioPlank Owner
Ard, John (Doug)DK2Jan 1972 – Nov 1975Supply/DisbursingI orginally was a SA in 1st Division and became a striker for Disbursing. I left as a DK2. I was the 1st SA to steer the McCandless from Gulfport, Ms to Boston, MA. Many memories of 1st Mid-East Cruise with Phil Dake, Danny Boozer, and Gary Bishop
Heine, RichardJan 1972 – Mar 1974"R" "A" GangI am a plank ower, and didn't hear about the de-commsioning until recently. Wheres my plank?
Brown, AlanMR2Jan 1972 – Jul 1973RPlank Owner.
Paquet, TheodoreBMSNJan 4, 1972 – Jan 31, 19731st
Fanelli, BillBT2Mar 1972 – Sep 1975EngineeringSecond reunion planned for May 2005 in Daytona Beach, Fl. Contact me for Info
Ford, Leland (Lee)RM1Mar 18, 1972 – Jun 28, 1975OperationsI was on the commissioning crew, became a shellback. We went to England, Ibiza Spain, Naples. Transited the Suez Canal. Port stop in Bahrain. I had to leave the ship in Bahrain due to a family emergency. Great Ship!
Marrone, GuyOS2Jun 1, 1972 – Jan 21, 1976OPSJoined just after commissioning. !st trip to Gitmo,North Alantic.,2Med cruises,and 1st middle east cruise
Van Horn Sr., Henry R.SASep 1972 – Oct 19731 st,Enjoyed the time I was there and made alot of new friends.
Gamble, TimSTG2Oct 1, 1972 – Sep 6, 1974ASPLANKOWNER
Cox, Jack Smiling JackBT3Mar 1973 – Nov 1975B Met the "Big Mac" in Gitmo of 73, And got underway and when we got back to port in Norfolk of 75 I got off. Ya gotta love it....
Butcher, WillMM2Apr 8, 1973 – Oct 1976M
Nebus, Jesse profile iconMMFNMay 1973 – May 1974M6 month Middle East cruise, engine room & Aux 1 duty. Became a shellback August 11,1973. We had a lot of good times aboard ship and on shore. We all watched out for one another. Larry D. where are you?
Cox, SkipSK3Oct 30, 1973 – Jun 1, 1975SupplyPlank owner and skeleton crew in New Orleans.Headed up S.O.A.P Team in Boston. "Luckly" enough to make 2 Gitmo Cruses.Great memories
Furgione, Josephstg3Nov 1973 – Sep 1975a/s
Grace, MikeHT31974 – 1976repairlots of good memorys,nice girls in barcelona spain,med cruise was so fun,snorkeling off the coast of ibiza
Killam, MarcBT31974 – 1977EngineeringThe Right Ship, at the Right Time, with the Right Crew. USS McCandless the Mighty Mac Second to None.
Michel, MichaelRM21974 – 1978operationsRM1 ford and RMC Kelley were my bosses and we made a glorious med-cruise in 75---SM1 Hines and i would run the streets when overseas together---we had a great softball team and i was the coach of the "MIGHTY MAC"!!!
Harrison, DaveOSSA1974 – 1975opsMugged in Norfolk, released due to complications.
McCurdy, Edward (Mac)SK31974 – 1976SupplyHi fellow shipmates: on DE-1084, then FF-1084 The Med cruises were great: especially Spain Egypt was fun, riding the camels, never knew a camel was so fast. I hope LIFE has treated you all kindly.
Fultz, TomsksnJan 11, 1974 – Jul 10, 1977supplymany great times and friends.Ibiza, gitmo,balaric islands,north atlantic,med. looking for mike Grace, Glenn (henry) gray, Darwin (goose)Goshorn,Charlie Taylor,Elton Taylor. Hope some of you will see this
Lyle, WayneSTG3Jan 16, 1974 – Apr 18, 1975WeponsJust looking for old shipmates.
Marc, Short StopBT3Jan 20, 1974 – May 20, 1977MThe right ship, with the right crew at the right time, Mighty Mac "Second to None."
Glsscock, Hayden "Gene"IC1Jun 1974 – Oct 1979E
Green, Walter (Walt) profile iconMM2Jul 1974 – Aug 1977Aux Mach Rm 1Great times in the Mediterranean; Barcelona, Ibiza, Palermo. Great friends on the Mac.
Little, OscarMM2Sep 3, 1974 – Sep 1977Main Engine Room
Flannery, MikeBTCSOct 1974 – Jun 1979MFighter Feeder and Task Force Leader. One of the best ships I ever served on.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1979 | 1980 – 1983 | 1984 – 1987 | 1988 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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