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USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 326 crew members registered for the USS Elmer Montgomery (FF 1082).

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Jimenez, JohnnySTG31990 – 1992ASI was on the Mighty Monty with Trout, Chad and Blackwell. It was great to serv with you guys. I still keep in touch with Ron Payne(Moon over Turkey) and Big Bob Dunston.
Shultz, JohnSTG21990 – 1992
Sellers, RandyGMM1 (SW)1990 – 1993ASIts been a long time guys. We had a great Division. The best ASROC handling crew in the fleet. Hey Gordon drop me a line.
Wigginton Jr, WilliamEM1 (SW)1990 – 1993EngineeringLoved my time onboard, especially during Desert Shield / Storm, and all those boardings. Retired in 1995. Live in Jacksonville, and for Todd Anderson, go Noles.
Starnes, BrianMM31990 – 1993MGreat times on the Mighty Monty! Anyone in contact with Micheal Reinhardt? Been trying to track him down. Also Jason Diaz?
Golden, ChadSTG2(SW)Jan 1990 – Jan 1992ASI remember Tim Knecht (Trout.) I just hooked up with Vince Jones out here in San Diego. Can't seem to get away from all these NAVY people!
McClenithan, DavidEW2(SW)Jan 1990 – Apr 1992OE
Ward, ShawnOS2(SW)Feb 1990 – Feb 1992OIGreat Ship and never a dull moment in OI Division. Great leaders in Dan Neal and Chief Stevens. They let me grow up as a OS.
Shaw, JefferyRM3Feb 1990 – Jul 23, 1993OC01
Bacon, RobPN3Feb 1990 – 1992XGREAT TIMES!!! Hurgada Egypt!
Jones, RoyE3 bmMay 10, 1990 – Jun 12, 1992deck i got my shellback on the mont it was alfull and exciting
Eiseman, VanSTG2Jun 3, 1990 – Jun 1, 1993ASServed with some of the best friends I've ever known: Johnny, Ray, BBD, Chip, Matt, Ron, Ken, Trout, Scott, Yacky, Chad... I would love to do a reunion.
Fulton, GregE-2/FNJun 5, 1990 – May 16, 1992SK, Mess Deck Captain, oh sorry, bobbie jo...Wow, 20 years, i dont remember much cuz of sandven and pressley but i gave my all, great friends they know who they are, saw the world, drank some nasty shit, went awol alot but youll have that...slipknot rules...
Gordon, Kenneth/flashGMM/3Aug 1990 – May 1993ASAre you guys sober yet? any more 9 month deployments . I dont know, idon't know Idon't know were I'm going to go when the elmer blows
Hough, MattSTG3(SW) SEARCH AND RESCUE SWIMMERAug 15, 1990 – May 23, 1993ASRemember all you guys, you left a positive mark on my life I will never forget. Jimenez, Big Bob, Trout, Ron Payne, Fuentes, Van, Devin, Chad, Gooden, Washington, McKinght, Badger, Scott Harper..Best Group ever. Hope you guys are still doing well.
Points, CharlieSM3 (SW)Nov 1990 – Mar 1993DeckOMG, really glad I found this site. I was looking at pictures on the internet and found this site. I'd have to say this was some of the best times I can ever remember!!!
Kendall, AnthonyQMDec 15, 1990 – Mar 15, 1994NavigationThe Elmer Montgomery was my first ship and my best ship. I enjoyed the crew and I have a great since of pride to have served aboard her.
McKay, Gregg (Doc)HMC(SW)1991 – 1993X (Medical)Remember fishing off the fantail in the pacific?
Benford, Devin (Yakky)STG1991 – May 1993AS Yes, I was aboard the Monty , with Trout, Van, Ray, Big Bob, Chip and Scott I would love a renuion too Van
Young, RandySTG!(SW)1991 – 1993AS
Caligiuri, DavidE31991 – 1993FRIST
Dunston, Bob (Bbd)STG3(SW)Jan 1991 – May 1993ASI served with Scott, Johnny, Van, Ray, Ken, Ron, Chip, Yakky, Pappy, Matt... Best group of friends I've ever had. I'll never forget you. So many great times. Some not suitable for this forum. Remember Chile?
Shopshire, KevinOS1Jan 5, 1991 – May 29, 1992OISome of the best OS's I ever worked with served on the Montomery during Desert Storm.
Edwards, GeorgeBT2Apr 1, 1991 – Aug 7, 1993FireroomMy time on the Elmer was unbelievable. Was one of the best command i was ever on. Missing all my crew!
Fox, JamesSN/QM3Jul 1991 – Apr 1993Deck/QM ShackEarned my ESWS on final LEO OPS. Real good time on her.
Shearer, ChristopherHT1Jul 15, 1991 – Jun 15, 1992RepairI was a third back then. Enjoyed the short time I was on board.
Armstrong, JohnQM1 (SW)Aug 1991 – 1993NavMade 1st on the "Mighty Mont" Best ship I ever sailed on.Great crew!!! I had a outstanding Division.. Kendall, bright young sailor I am sure he went far. Great memories. ET2 B,FC2, SM2, a few others.Shell Back night. lol
Salazar, SilvesterSTG2Dec 8, 1991 – Mar 15, 1992AS
Vega, Eric VanceDK3Mar 1992 – Apr 1993SupplyWhat Up!, to all you all I use to pay cash money to. Hope all is well. If you read this DK1 Phillips drop me a line. Working with you was great. Later!! Eric V.
Volgraf, MichaelMSC1993 – 1993S-2 Supply

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