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USS Downes (FF 1070) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Downes (FF 1070). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 302 crew members registered for the USS Downes (FF 1070).

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Watson, BuddyQm11985 – 1989NavAdmin
Paquette, Marc profile iconEM 21985 – 1988Electrical
John A East, JohnBT3/21985 – 1986B
Covarrubias, MauricioSK3Jan 25, 1985 – Dec 20, 19881stI was lowered from a helo in the middle of rough sea and got sick for a week. Served in 1st Division for 2 years (best memories) and moved to supply I got to finish the '84-'85 West Pac. I have some very good memories and friends.
Kimbrough, ScottBM3Mar 1985 – Nov 1987DeckI was lowered from a helo just after the Downes left Aussie in '85. I got to finish the '84-'85 West Pac. I have some very good memories and friends from then.
Tipton, Stevenbt3Mar 4, 1985 – Jul 23, 1989engineeringi loved that ship. i can't beleive they sunk her. i loved lighting the fires in the boilers on that ship. that ship alone almost mad me reup. i wish i had been a lifer now. i had the best freinds in the world on there.
Wright, Lynngmm2Apr 2, 1985 – Mar 17, 1989asuss downes
Jones, Mark D.QM2 (SW)Jun 1985 – Aug 1989Nav / AdminI love almost every minute I served on board the USS Downes. The Capt was bit of a nut, but cared. I have geat memories of Chief Jordan, QM2 Watson, QM3 Fountain. I retired our of the reserves as a QMC. God Bless Yall
Pummell, Robert profile iconBM3Jun 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 19881 st
Paquette, MarcEM2Jun 6, 1985 – Oct 10, 1988ElectricalServed with a great crew. If anyone has heard of Robert Hosea, Ozzie Smith, Ron Harris, Bufano or Rudy Alvarez you were fortunate they were a great bunch of guys to party with and work with.
Rucker, SteveBT2Jul 1985 – Mar 1988B DivGreat crew. Lots of good times. Appreciated the support when things went bad. Thanks Bob and Mongo!
Scott, Vanos3Sep 1, 1985 – Oct 20, 1988operationsVery memoral three years of my life, met some great guys, like to stay in touch with some of them
Scheidler, JoeBT21986 – 1988BOil Lab. I would like to hear from Uncle Ho (BT1 Cameros). Plenty of blood sweat and tears went down when they sunk her. I believe the liquid load is topped off now Capt'n.
Bowman, DaveBM2Feb 1986 – Dec 1989DeckI was washed overboard Oct 10, 1989 Does anyone have info on my rescue?
Wilson, DavidSTG2Feb 25, 1986 – Jul 6, 1990What a long strange trip is was. If you remember me drop me a line
Crawford, EdET1Mar 1986 – Apr 1989OE
Hosea, RobertEM2Apr 1986 – Apr 1991EHad a great time and many friends onboard, especially all within E-Division (Marc Paquette and Rudy Alvarado).Plenty of fun playing on the ship's softball team also.
Van Brunt, Keith (Vb)MM3Apr 4, 1986 – Jul 21, 1989EngineeringHad the best time of my life on the Downes at that point in my life. Great experience and fun.
Schroeder, ScottET2(SW)May 7, 1986 – Dec 31, 1990OE01Just retired. working in Maryland with the AEGIS Program now. Would like to hear from some old shipmates, still in touch with jim williams
Henderson, DannyRM2May 15, 1986 – Aug 2, 1989OPSLoved getting underway on this boat. Had a lot of great trips to Canada. Served with a great bunch of guys. Currently working in the Telecomm industry. Lovin it!
Haralson, DonSTG2Jun 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1989ASI was a 35 tech and always covered in grease. Senior Chief Mills was the bane of my existence but it turns out was an OK guy! My email is
Cherry, ScottMM2(SW)Aug 4, 1986 – Apr 4, 1990MThe Frigate from Hell and its crew were and are the best. Thanks for all the great memories.
Brummett, PaulSTG2Aug 15, 1986 – Aug 15, 1991asNo doubt, some of the best times of my life!
Riley, TomMMFNSep 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1987A-gangi remember standing sounding & security watch & having to carry that damn punch clock around.I remember Bishop trying to sell me that old car with the three on the tree, classic car to bad i couldnt drive it.osness,hobbs,manabat,sharp,tower,bishop
Wheeler, Martin F.SM2(SW)Sep 8, 1986 – May 17, 1991CommunicationsThis was my fisrt duty station, and I had a blast. Lots of great memories, and also sad ones losing some shipmates Captain Pine was one of a kind.
Rittman, PeterMSCOct 1, 1986 – May 31, 1988Foodservice
Oldani, RaymondLTOct 1, 1986 – Jan 12, 1989EMO / CICO / Elec and Aux DIVOMany fun times and a few challenging as well. It was a pleasure to serve with you all. Currently wrapping up a career in the Automotive Industry for Ford in Dearborn, MI. I hope you are all well.
Greba, DuffySk3Dec 17, 1986 – Dec 17, 1989s1I just like to see my shipmates because we had a special bond between all of us
Schneider, Bill "Little Freddie"FFH-10701987 – 1991OPSThe Best CO and the best crew I would have ever experienced in my Naval career!
Davidson, Bruce DavidsonMS21987 – 1990Food ServiceAs this was my first duty station, I gotta say, I really enjoyed my time onboard the Downes. When I got transfered to Naval Station Pearl Harbor I was dissappointed to learn of the decommissionment of the USS Downes. God Bless the US Navy
Somoza, FrankQM21987 – 1990NavigationThere was good and bad, but great memories during my time on that ship!
Shields, StephenEN11987 – 1989A Gang
Festervand, Norman ToddOS1987 – 1990OI
Vargas, TonyBm1May 1987 – Apr 19891st divisionLots of good times always crawling back, westpack habits.Deck apes at their best.It was a pleasure serving with you.Now i live across my first command uss midway.
Powers, GregLTMay 15, 1987 – Jun 1, 19901st LT, MPA, NavigatorEnjoyed serving on the Downes on many joint exercises with Canada, Japan, Korea, and Australia.
Purdy, DaveTM3Jun 1987 – Jan 1989Still talk with Weidner and Kolativa. Don "Guido" Curcio just started working with me at AT&T in Tampa selling yellow page ads, that is a small world moment! Check out my website at
Nieto, SheaOS2Jun 1, 1987 – Aug 12, 1990OperationsEnjoyed serving on the Downes. Seems like the older I get, the more nostalgic I am about it. I am sure there were things I didn't like, but thankfully those are not the memories I reflect upon.
Zeitler, LaneET2Jun 1, 1987 – Feb 28, 1991OEMy first ship. I have very fond memories. Made some great friends (STG2 Clairmont, ET2 Kozlowski). I agree with the other posts that CDR Pine was my best CO EVER!! Remember having swim call at pier 6 32nd ST??
Pitts, MichaelYEOMAN THIRD CLASSJun 2, 1987 – Oct 1, 1990SHIPS OFFICEStill saddened by BM3 Yanders and I pray his family is well. Learned a lot onboard Downes but also have memories that will never go away. Great Crew and learned to become a man.
Landt, DavidMM2/3/2/3/2Jul 1987 – Sep 1990AHard to believe she's sleeping below the waves
Kolativa, JohnFC2Aug 1987 – Oct 1991WEAPONS
Sherman, RogerBT2Aug 1987 – Sep 1990BHad a lot of good memories from the Downes! Worked in Fireroom for Bob Dulaney and in the Oil Lab for Uncle Ho Cameros. Definately 2 of the best guys I've ever worked for.
Perry, AnthonyEM3Aug 1987 –Reserves - Kansas City MO
Holloway, W. GlennFC3Aug 3, 1987 – Jun 15, 1989GMy first ship, serving with Kolativa,Leach and the rest of the crazies that maned the guns.
Kolativa, JohnFC2Aug 27, 1987 – Oct 27, 1991gstill hangin with shiffrin,wardle,and talkin' to purdy.where is schroeder and emerson and roulanaitis
Shultz, JohnSTG3Sep 1987 – 1991
Jones, DavidOS3Nov 13, 1987 – Jun 2, 1990OII agree with shea hard to remember the bad times. never forget sitting in the galley watching simon & simon and watching the downes go under the bridge, we all freaked. co pine was far and away the best.

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