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USS Downes (FF 1070) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Downes (FF 1070). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 302 crew members registered for the USS Downes (FF 1070).

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Newcomb, AllanE-4 BT1979 – 1982Engineering
McKay, RoyBT2Jan 4, 1979 – Jan 2, 1984BRicky Harthan, Gary Tapp. Samuelson, Close, Mike Grandquist. And many many more. Good to see a web site with so many great guys. Email me if you know me... im on a deployment til sept 2007 or
Boyd, DougAW2Feb 21, 1979 – Aug 20, 1979AviationWas aircreman on SH2F Helicopter Detachment from HSL-33, NAS North Island.
Manning, MarkOS3Apr 10, 1979 – Feb 2, 1982OI
Moore, JimFTG2Jun 15, 1979 – Aug 5, 1980WeaponsMike Sheppard. Good to see your name. Saw Al Ybarras name and picture on face book. Hope all is good.
Suiter, DwayneE3-E2-E3-Jul 25, 1979 – Feb 10, 1982ASWhat an experance! To many good times to many names for a small space.If we served together get in touch.
Matthews, MarkMM FIREMANAug 1979 – Apr 1983MAllen Hall,Kevin McCarthy,chuck Smith,Ronnie Rye,Jim Green,Mike & Russel Metzger,Wiley,Clause, Bailey.
White, RogerE-4/STG3Aug 20, 1979 – Sep 15, 1981WeaponsGlad to get off that ship. We blew both biolers returning from WesPac. * Iran 2 Iran & Limped back!
Hall, AlanMM2Sep 1979 – Jul 1984M-Div & A-GangWhat a blast from the past...Harvey, Mathews,Clause,Norman, Rye, Simmering, et al. How many pair of boots under the San Diego bridge, short timers? Count a pair for me!
Clause, ClydeMM1980 –Can't really remember what years it was but still Great Times. Give me a yell guys if you remember me
Sheridan, BoFF10701980 – 1983what a long strange trip its been. at the time it sucked so bad.. but now looking back some of the best times i ever had (shoutout to my buds beaupre and dunlap)
White, Sylvester (Butch)BM1980 – 1984not sureI am putting this on here for my dad trying to find anyone that served with him. Not sure of the dates he was on the ship
Camerino, EstyPNC1980 – 1981X
Spiess, JoeMM2Apr 1980 – May 1984MO'conner,Lawson,Steinburg, Butler,Gannon,Brunelle,Farron, Pierson,Lumley and of course who can forget Bebo? Great ship, great guys and great CO's.
Young, PeterSM1Apr 1, 1980 – Aug 1, 1983OCWOW, the memories....
Noah, JoeYN2Apr 10, 1980 – Mar 15, 1983NAVCaught up with her in the PI - what an introduction to the fleet. Worked for Dave German
Coshow, GeorgeCOMMANDERMay 1980 – Jan 1982Commanding OfficerWe sailed the dickens out of the ship on deployment and put a lot of work into her in Seattle. Sorry to learn it was sunk on purpose. Anyone know the position?
Lotzer, PeteOS2May 5, 1980 – Nov 5, 1983OIAn honor to serve the Downes under Commander In Chief Ronald Reagan. Captain Coshow. Chief Waddingham was a true leader . OSC Hubal RIP. OS1 Morrell RIP. Wagner , Granneman, Torpey, Who could forget OS1 Page? Thanks !
Kolodziejczak, Joemm3May 5, 1980 – Aug 19, 1983enghey grabow would of loved our cross country trip if it happened .bowers you always had my back..mathews your ex was a bitch
Stone, Randol (Stoney)MM2Jun 15, 1980 – Jun 15, 1984A-GANGGreat Ship - Great Crew - Great Captain. Chief Mac was the A-gang Chief.
Thomas, TorpeyE2Jun 30, 1980 – Oct 3, 1983OpsMy life began on the Downes. She took a real beating on Sinkex, like a true lady. We where one of a kind.
Donohue, PaulLTJul 1980 – Sep 1982Supply OfficerThose were enjoyable days on the Downes as long as I don't remember Diego Garcia.
McMillan, DanFTM2Jul 1980 – Jun 1982I'll never forget this experience! Great way to start adult life. Great ship & crew. McKenna was best CO ever. Made WestPac/Shellback in 80/81. Only made it to Hawaii for WestPac '82 (broken jaw got me medevac'd back to San Diego).
Marchbanks, JimRM3Aug 1980 – Jan 1983OC/RADIOHad some great people in the Radio Shack. Look back at the photos from the 2 Westpacs and laugh, It was so much fun.
Boyersmith, Jeff (JB)STG3Aug 1980 – 1983ASDownes..I remember a good ship and crew.(You buncha characters! ) and, of course, Ranos Gol. Hope all is well with all of you fellow former swabbies. I believe I may have seen FF1070 in the "Ghost Fleet" in Suisun Bay about 2002.
Waddingham, RichardOSC (SW)Aug 24, 1980 – Jan 3, 1983OIServed on five ships the Downes was my last and in many ways was the best. The Skipper, Capt Coshow was great. The wardroom had some outstanding officers, but the Goat locker had the best sailors in the Fleet!
Nault, DanE5/EWSep 5, 1980 – Jan 10, 1983Ops
Bennett, DonaldBM3Sep 20, 1980 – Sep 21, 1986deckit was a blast, the skipper was wild bill and he was a damn good skipper. i saw and did a lot of things that i still dont believe. but ill bet every body rembers who the heck i am. and all my buddies like widdman, fowler wurtz, willie(effrom williams
Smith, Charles (Smitty)Oct 1980 – Jan 1985MKeep in touch with Danny Grabow. Please email.
Dixon, DavidTM 3Oct 1980 – Oct 1982Wepons
Remillard, JoeSTG 2Nov 15, 1980 – Jun 5, 1982ASOn board under Captain Mckenna, did 1 westpac, LPO was STG 1 Mills, was there during both boilers casrepped and being towed by the Naragansette.
Granneman, DaveOS2Dec 1980 – Sep 1984OperationsStill have great memories, keep a picture of the Downes on my wall. Remember the music for underway replenishment "Fanfare for the common man", still gives me chills when I hear it. Downes RIP
Wagner, BrianOS31981 – 1984Operations
Marquez, CarlPC31981 – 1981personnalI was tad while a new PC was assigned to replace me while onbboard met some good people can't remember their names it's been a long time. I came aboard in the Indian ocean I think it was around 1980 or 81
Honeycutt, MichaelIC3Mar 7, 1981 – Oct 7, 1983EThe Downes was one big learning experinece. I will never forget the ship or the crew. The IC/EM had a lot of good times on that ship/ in port was better.
Darnall, KevinEM2May 1, 1981 – May 1, 1984EFrom EMFN to EM2, The D-Downer-Downes was one hell of a learning experinece. One ship I will never forget and the crew coming and going will always be in my memory.
Metzger, RussellMMJun 1981 – Jun 1985MM
Metzger, RussellMMFNJun 15, 1981 – Jun 14, 1985ENG.
Metzger, Russell (Scurge)mm3Jun 15, 1981 – Jun 14, 1985engine room & A gangwhat a great ship and crew. sure would like to here from old shipmates like farren,bebo,smith.hall.sprees,dave bedford greybow don in boats and all the game sry if i left out anyone. been on two west pacs remember ready now....
Wiseman, TerrySTG2Aug 1981 – Jul 1984ASWGood ship, became shellback in 1981 near Singapore. Made 2,7 month deployements. Charles Alexander was LCPO and Rob Hillius was LPO.
Dudley, BillPC3Aug 1981 – Sep 1983Postal clerk - was on board during Hurricane Iwa
Wittle, DuffSTG3 - STG1Dec 1981 – Feb 1986ASI met some great guys, made two WesPacs, Seattle overhaul and spent many a long nights in Sonar Control. Thank goodness for the Ranos Gol. Hello: Red, Rome, Rege, Mark, Benji, Colonel, Jimbo, Odie, Bill, Hooter, & my mentor Chris Mills YBFT

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1974 | 1975 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – now

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