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USS Roark (FF 1053) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Roark (FF 1053). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 311 crew members registered for the USS Roark (FF 1053).

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Winters, Henry/hankSTGSN1976 – 19783rdLooking for Dan Campbell. Write to me at P.O. Box 4258 Eastside Coos Bay, OR 97420
Spear, MichaelPO3/EM31976 – Feb 28, 1980EngineeringSome of the best years of my life! And met slit of awesome people.
Oneill, Mike(Eggs)MS31976 – 1980SupplyGood Times going out overseas and in town getting Drunk.....We partyed like there was no tomorrow
Lake, Mark SparkieMM2Jan 16, 1976 – Mar 1979A Gang
Harper, TomBT3Jan 22, 1976 – Nov 21, 1979BTurn2
Jacobs, JakeMR 2Feb 15, 1976 – Aug 15, 1976RWas sent to Roark, TDA as replacement for MR when ship was in Subic. I stayed till we got back to Diego. For a fairly new ship, at the time, it seem like she always was broke and needed new parts, which I had to make.
Reed, JimSNMar 1976 – Aug 1979firstThe roark holds a special place in my heart.She was my first ship and had one of the best crews I ever served with beyond a doubt.
Herring, KenHT3Mar 1976 – Sep 15, 1980engineeringUSS Roark was my home for almost 4 years, good times and bad. Really miss it sometimes. 2 westpacs and a south pac liberty cruise. great memories, and sad to see her go.
Schinner, TonyQM2Jul 1976 – Apr 1978NAVGood Memories-Good People Just a wonderful hard working crew-Had the best EEEEEE Was a blast and a lot of hard work.
Graham, WalterBT2Jul 7, 1976 – Jul 7, 1980BIf I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing except I would have done 20 more. I still have sweet dreams of the P.I., Bankok and the South Pacific.
Roy, MauriceSK-1Oct 26, 1976 – Aug 28, 1977Supply
Deutsch, SteveGMG2Oct 31, 1976 – Feb 26, 19802ND WEAPONSGREAT SHIP GREAT CREW
Rosenkrans, JimEW21977 – 1979
Karr, DougET21977 – 1980OERandy, Lyman, where you at??
Tripp, WayneRM 21977 – 1978OC
Castaneda, CarlosSH31977 – 1980S-3
Defibaugh, Ronald profile iconLTJan 1977 – Oct 1979Ops
Jones, DouglasIC3Apr 1977 – Aug 1977EOnly aboard a short while. Left from Sasabo to catch the Bagley in Subic.
Crandall, DougSTG2May 12, 1977 – Nov 25, 19803rdLooking to hear from friends made during Westpac and Southpac
Babb, HaroldHM1-HMCJun 1977 – Jun 1980NAVIf you're lucky you get to look back on an assignment and know that you did some good work. She was a fine ship with a good wardoom and a great crew, and it was the best job I've ever had.
Walters, TomBM3Jun 4, 1977 – Feb 21, 1980!stI still think of the Roark everytime I hear that "Rocky" theme song.The Goodwill Tour was one of the highlights of my life.
Koester, GaryOSSNJun 12, 1977 – Jun 12, 1978oigold battle e westpac 1977
Colwell, NormanOSCAug 19, 1977 – Feb 16, 1990OperationDid three tours on the Roark. Came aboard as a OS1(SW) and made OSC (SW) Command Chief
Rockwell, GeneSTG2Nov 15, 1977 – Aug 8, 1980SonarDon't remember the exact date I got there, but was fortunate to be a part of the "party cruise" , and pulling out of Portland by to Rocky the Seattle yards great guys in division,...truly was a highlite of my Navy days
Olson, David J. OlsonLT1978 – 1979Weapons OfficerSaw the site, so I stopped by to add my name. I'm still in San Diego.
Schramm, William/billFTG31978 – 19812ND
Constante, Manuel MannyE-31978 – 19801st.Southpac 79 was one of the best experiences of my life. I would like to talk to any of my shipmates.
Casey, BrianOS2Feb 10, 1978 – Oct 30, 1981OperationsAs time goes by and I prepare to take my son to his first Submarine assignment at Point Loma, I find a flood of memories coming over me concerning my time aboard the USS Roark. Here's to the men who served so proudly.
Thornton, GregSTG3May 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1979ASWServed during the southpac PR cruise
Compton, RoyFTG2Jun 1978 – Oct 19803rdRIMPAC, WESTPAC and a yard period in Seattle
Beaudoin, DavidE3Aug 1978 – Jun 19821stThats unfortunet that you feel that way arthur .Had some good times aboard the roark allot of memories and some good friends havei not seen in a long time . Seen the pictures of it in texas i heard they make razors
Bouvet, JohnenfnAug 1978 – Jan 1980engineeringhad great times on board sad to see her go
Stevens, ArthurSEAMANAug 1, 1978 – Feb 28, 1981Boatswain's MateThis was not the best experiance of my life. The ship was fine my shipmates were crule and unkind. I don't miss any of you! I wish my shipmates had been better because I really did like the ship!
Cuadra, MelchorSK1Oct 1978 – Apr 1980On board during the 4 month Goodwill cruise to South Pacific. And what a cruise it was...
Supnet, FidelE-5Nov 29, 1978 – Apr 10, 1982NAVIGATIONJAY ANDS ED WHERE ARE YOU
Thomas, Richard.EW2/EW11979 – 1981OPSGreat crew and friends. I'll never forget the SouthPac.
Harvey, DaleMM3Jan 1979 – Jun 30, 1980a-gangSouth pac 79! First cruise,and what fun it was.Hav'nt left us since and now wish I had kept in touch.Alive and well in northern calif.
Sansom, Halcom (Sam)IC-3Jan 1979 – Sep 1980E-DivGot out in Sep Of 1980.Went to work at Todd Shipyards A couple of months later.I now live in Atlanta,Ga.
Hetrick, RobertFTM2Jan 7, 1979 – Dec 13, 1981wepsjJust lost my cruise book from southpac79 in hurricane katrina,but not the memories. Great crew it was a privlege to serve.
Austin, EdGMG2Apr 1979 – Mar 19812ndI picked the "Rocky Roark" up in Australia, rode it through Seattle and left in San Diego.
Reno, MichaelBT 2Apr 23, 1979 – Sep 24, 1982B DivisionServed with alot of good men and most am pleased to call friends.
Notheis, JohnRM2May 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1983OCwas aboard for Seattle overhauls (remember pig's & rowdies?), followed by live in Atlanta GA...what happened to harland, hart, ruby, story, holce, etc???
Hanley, RobertBT/FNMay 14, 1979 – Feb 27, 1980
Lapierre, Raymond "Frenchie"MM2Aug 17, 1979 – Oct 10, 1981AI do remember Cmdr Ferguson, and having the most engineering awards for its class of ship alot of good times then I sawpped to the Gray 1054 before the Roark left for deployment. I was in WA while the ship went thru overhaul.I was in a-gang.
Pelno, AlanMS 3Sep 15, 1979 – Oct 23, 1983supply
Ward, JamesMM2Sep 25, 1979 – Feb 21, 1980EngineeringAny of the old engineers from my time can contact me at my email address. I sure miss a lot of my old friends.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1975 | 1976 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – now

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