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USS Reasoner (FF 1063) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Reasoner (FF 1063). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 309 crew members registered for the USS Reasoner (FF 1063).

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Guedesse, Kevinmm31988 – 1989eng room
Musser, RonBM21988 – 19911stLot of memories associated with the names I see here
Marte, Wade profile iconSTG21988 – 1990AS
Hofilena, John D. (Hof-dog)BM2HOFILENAApr 20, 1988 – Oct 25, 19891st divLooking for old shipmates oft the Reasoner email adress is
Sides, CoreyOS2May 1988 – Oct 1991
Leach, JamesSNJun 1, 1988 – Nov 30, 1990firstReasoner rocks. 1st division ruled the waves
Peters, Daniel (Pete)OS3Jul 1988 – Jan 23, 1992operations
Woskie, MikeBT3Aug 14, 1988 – Oct 5, 1991b-divim on facebook
Abeyta, GilbertPN3Nov 1988 – Jul 4, 1992XN -- AdministrationI send warm regards to all the fellows who defended the Reasoner, whether it was against shipboard fires or the enemy. We enjoyed the bumpy ride. We endured and overcame and through it all stood the mighty sub-buster. I miss the team-work and comp
Bickmore, Kevin (Bick)YN2Nov 6, 1988 – Jun 9, 1992XNHello to everyone I served with during this time. Made lots of great friends, I still keep in touch with some of them, especially Abeyt G and Danny Ramirez. Hope everyone is doing fine.
Schauf, Brian0S SEA1989 – 1990os
Eichner, Dave "Ike"STG1989 – 19913rd
Siordia, Steve (Spooky)STG21989 – 19933rdWhat took me so long to find this site? IDK but all you reasoner peeps------WHAT UP!!! SC Keys, Mitch Armstrong, mike Parker, Wesley, lutz, abayta, Garretson, Boston YN (forgot name), chicago YN (forgot your name), creo
Savage, KurtEW3Jan 1, 1989 – Dec 18, 1992The date I have is exaggerated, but it covers the time frame for certain. I served on board prior to and during Desert Shield/Storm after which I became a civi. Reasoner: Good people & good times! Salute! Email me if you know or want to!
Pitstick, JosephOSC(SW)Jan 30, 1989 – Aug 23, 1993OIWow! What an experience to serve with a great group of guys and chain of command. We worked hard and played hard. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the comment OS2 Thompson. Hey Worley I still have my coffee cup you threw overboard.
Pitstick, JosephOSC(SW)Jan 30, 1989 – Aug 23, 1993OIWOW! What a great crew and chain of command. We worked hard and played hard. What a great group of guys in OI Div. Thanks for the nice comment OS2 Thompson. Hey Worley I still have the coff/cup you threw overboard. Thanks for the memories
Armstrong, MitchellGMM3Feb 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1992WeaponsRandomly googled the Reasoner..found this site. What's up Weeden? Spook? Abeyta? Taylor? SO many others.... Whats up bitches??
Berry, MIC2Mar 1989 – Jul 21, 1992I love Reasoner!
Zepeda, DavidIC3Mar 7, 1989 – Sep 11, 1992engI will always have good memories while serving aboard the reasoner.Had some good times hanging out with Rich,Flo,Jaun,James and mookie.TJ nights baby.Take care. (3HF)
Flores, Johnny 'Flo'OS2Mar 28, 1989 – Mar 21, 1992OIUsed to hang out with Ramirez, Morris, Whilhite
Weeden, RichGMM3Jul 1989 – Jan 19913rdJust want to say hi to all my shipmates. It was the best experience and I wish we could all just get together for a couple days of rememberance. Ryan H, Brian B, Brian D, Mac, Mitch A, Wade M, and everyone in 3rd Div. I wish you well.
Philson, Mike profile iconEW2Aug 1989 – Oct 1992OIIt is amazing to see how many people from the Reasoner are on here. I still remember the days on board like it was yesterday. That was one terrible cruise, but we did get to go to Muscat Oman. I can cross that off my bucket list for sure.
Palmer, JohnMM2Aug 23, 1989 – Sep 19, 1992AUX 1This was great ship. Had lot of good and bad memories on the USS Reasoner.
Lewens, Williamms3Sep 27, 1989 – Sep 28, 1992supplyHello fellow ship mates!! If I only known now, what I should have known then? Would of takin in every experience, and memories made onboard. Would of been more proud then as I am now, to have served with my shipmates..
Herrera, RichardGMG3Oct 1989 – Apr 19932nd - WeaponsUsed to hang out with Flo, Ramirez, Zepeda, Abeyta, Torres, Marroquin (Mooky), Guerrero, and Garcia
Sparks, ErnestSANov 1989 –nonhey dudes remember goplin herrera meyers
Reisch, JessieBT21990 – 1992 I had some real good times on the Reasoner, was in the fire room and in the oil lab. I would like to get in contact with my old shipmates
Feattherstpm, Curtis1st Class1990 – 1991Engineering Dept.Fellows. Our son Curtis Featherston served aboard the Reasnor for about 1 year in the first Gulf War. He was discharged due to coming down with diabetes. Did any of you remember him???? Thanks. His Dad.
Crysel, MikeSTG21990 – Aug 19933rdMet some amazing people that I will never forget. Much has changed since those days. I am a Christian now, and am attending a baptist seminary preparing for full time ministry. I am on facebook, so look me up sometime.
Abaya, ErwinEm31990 – 1993ElectricianGlad to see this website!!!
Meyers, RpBM2SWJan 1990 – Aug 28, 19931STIt is amazing how fast time flies, but I remember my time on board Reasoner like it was yesterday. Goplin, Boo, Buck, RW, Musser, and Daum would like to hear from you.
Parino, RenatoSK2 (SW)Jan 1990 – Sep 1993SUPPLYThe best and the most memorable tour in my navy career. It was a great honor working with the finest sailors in the United States Navy.
Thompson, AlanOS3Jan 10, 1990 – Jul 4, 1993OI Have good memories aboard the Reasoner. Miss the great crew. Hung with Worley,Sides,Wiggins,Munroe. Never forgot the art of partying in Wespac(90),Panama,T.J.!! I now supervise a nightshift in Ohio. Chief Pitstick is the best!!
Marroquin, John (Mooky)STG3Feb 3, 1990 – Aug 27, 1993WeaponsBest wishes and much success to friends gained while on board. It was an experience I will never forget.
Guridy, CidE4/BM3Feb 10, 1990 – Aug 28, 19931st DivisionCapt. Marvin for 2 years, her was great. Followed Capt. Sontagg, we will leave it at that. Won Battle E in decomm mode while training the Turks to take over ship, not to mention INSURV... talk about crazy final months.
Gordon, Andrew/gordoSM3Apr 20, 1990 – Aug 28, 1993Operations/CommunicationThe years I spent on the Reasoner were some of the best, WESTPAC, Hawaii, PI, Thailand. Panama and Guatemala, and the brawl on Catalina IS, maybe not as much. I miss all you guys.
Husted, R. W.QM1Jun 1990 – Nov 1990X/NTwice, Reasoner lost her leading QM and twice I was sent TAD to fill in. The first time was Apr 1981 to June 1981 as a QM2. The second time was June 1990 to Nov 1990 as a QM1 My personal web site is
Cruz, Enrique/ KikisnSep 10, 1990 – Jun 10, 19921st divisionA bunch of great men I served with. skinny, paul ortiz I still remember all our crazy advetures. Did some time in the brig remember me anyone????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Prillaman, KenSNOct 1990 – Aug 28, 1993Firstthis is my new email. Lost my other account email.Does anyone have any videos of the ship? I've been looking for years both on Twitter and Youtube and haven't found anything. God Bless ! I am on Twitter.
Wheeler, Gerald/ WheelsE4 BMOct 1990 – 19931stHad a great time on the Reasoner and met a lot of great people. 1st division was a great division, we were tight, especially when Chief Pedilla came on board, he was a trip.
Prillaman, KenSNOct 12, 1990 – Aug 28, 19931st./Weapons
Killy, ScottSTG3Nov 1990 – Aug 1993WeaponsGreat memories with a fantastic crew. A lot has changed since those days, yet I still occasionally keep in contact with a few of the guys. I have been looking for STG2 Mike Parker, so if anyone has his contact info please contact me.

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