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USS Whirlwind (PC 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Whirlwind (PC 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 32 crew members registered for the USS Whirlwind (PC 11).

Evans, Kenneth (Crowbar)EN1(SW)May 24, 1994 – Apr 27, 1997ENGINEERINGTaz was the best command in my Naval carear. It was the best Crew EVER! Her crew made me the SCPO I am today. Thanks Dave!
Barr, MattEN3Aug 1994 – Aug 1997ENGINEERINGWas, and still is, the finest PC in the fleet. After 12 years in, I still look back and realize that my best times in the Navy were spent onboard WHIRLWIND. No other engineers have EVER taught me as much as Crowbar, Mo, Muggs, and McDarkman have.
Soyring, JeffreyDCC(SW)Aug 1994 – Mar 1997EngineeringWhirlwind was the finest ship I have ever served on and the best crew I had the pleasure to work with. I remember fondly the RMD with Darkman as EOOW and going Dark. Thanks for the memories!! PLANKOWNER
McDermott, Chuck/ DarkmanEM1 (SW)Aug 1, 1994 – Apr 30, 1997EngineeringWHIRLWIND is and will always be the finest ship and crew ever in the NAVY. WHIRLWIND is the reason I went LDO and now I am a LT.
Jacks, Jimmie /flashEN 3Oct 14, 1994 – Dec 29, 1998EngineeringTaz was great time. best command ever been too. Plank Owner
Rivette, Phillip (Rim)RM1Nov 4, 1994 – Dec 19, 1999OPSAll of you are right on the money. Best command EVER! You all know why that is? Because WE ALL CAME TOGETHER ON EVERYTHING AND MADE IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. Hope all is well. Currently living in Stuttgart Germany (8FEB06)
Cargin, StanleyGM2Nov 5, 1994 – Oct 13, 2001WEAPONSBest Command in the Navy with the best C.O. leading the way. I can't get a good night's sleep without being tossed around with a seatbelt on, and no one in the mess believes the story about how BMCS Troyer parked the ship on a dime in Mass.
Bennett, MichaelSM2Jan 1995 – Apr 1999What a great ship!! NTAZ was the best tour of my career. Looking forward to the reunion and seeing my shipmates again.
McGovern, PatrickCWO2Feb 1995 – Apr 1998EngineeringThe best crew ever. Remember the drive to the club after CDR Schweizer's COC. Crowbar, where's your ID? The best engineers in the navy. Two best OPPEs ever. Thanks Mo, Crowbar, Darkman, Muggs, Barr, Jimmy Jacks, RM1, OPs, and everyone else
Morris, John (Mo)EN1(SW)Apr 11, 1995 – May 24, 1997EngineeringUSS WHIRLWIND (PC 11) NTAZ Remember the great times in New Orleans as well as the trip up the Mississippi River. It would be hard to duplicate such an experience. I hope you all are doing well. I look forward to the reunion whenever and wherever...
Troyer, Chad (Senior)BMCS(SW)Apr 11, 1995 – May 15, 1998AllProud to be a plankowner. I had the easiest job in the NAVY because of the crew that served with me. The best group of 1st Class Petty Officers that set the standard for all crews to follow. Here's to green alligators and long necked geese shipmat
Betts, BjOS2(SW/AW)Jun 1996 – Mar 1997OPSGreat command and an amazing crew! Didn't quite work out for me at the time, but have a few life long friends because of it. Hope all is well with the crew.
Lyford, RogerBM2/ E51997 – 1999wepsOh my....all the memories, 170' of nothing but fun and exciting times, shooting guns at night to driving the RHIB (all dark) at night chasing the bad guys. Jeff, crowbar, john, ski, greg. Fair winds/ following seas!
Creamer, RichSN/BM3Nov 1997 – Jan 1999Best crew ever...Would have liked to stay longer, but a small mishap had me left behind in Rosie Roads.
Barroso, AlonsoQMC(SW)Mar 1, 1998 – Nov 9, 2000NAVIGATION
Arches, Ariel profile iconMS1Jun 6, 1998 – Jun 21, 2002WEPSBest ship in the fleet bar none.
Dwyer, MarkOS1Sep 15, 1998 – Aug 15, 2001OPSI'll have to agree with the remarks of some of my fellow shipmates, it was without a doubt the highlight of my career. Best PC on the waterfront with the Best Crew. Al Barroso: Winner of the 1st ever Brown Star Award. OSC(SW/AW) ret.
Adams, BenQM2Oct 20, 1998 – Jun 4, 2002OPSYou guys were the best. I wouldn't have made it this far without you all. Especially my man Alonso Barroso, the best Quartermaster in the fleet! (After me of course. . .j/k)
MacKeben, KevinBM21999 – 2002Deck
Medina, Michael "Funky Cold"SN/DK3Mar 20, 1999 – Apr 1, 2001WEPSI was only as good as my crew, and was the best BM, BM1 Wilbert taught me to be!
Zahn, RandyGM2Mar 4, 2000 – Mar 1, 2002WeaponsWhat a great tour! You were'nt just a crew member but a family member. There was never a dull moment and never a problem we could'nt fix, except for cookies cooking, Love That Peanut Butter Chicken. Hope ya'll are doing great, You to Pro
Lozier, Tommy (Loz)E-6/DC1Mar 9, 2001 – Mar 6, 2005ENG
Newton, AaronEN2Jul 24, 2001 – Aug 24, 2003eng
Levi, DocPC 11Jan 20, 2003 – Apr 11, 2003MedicalBest Crew I served with. Miss everyone aboard that boat.
Naparano, SteveOS1 (Retired now)Sep 2004 – Sep 2006OPS
Quitoriano, MelchorENC(SW/AW)Aug 20, 2006 – Feb 9, 2007Main Propulsion Assistant for Engineering Department
Brown, John T.LT/O3EJul 26, 2007 – Jan 23, 2008Chief EngineerPC Crew ECHO is taking over and will have it for 6 months. She has some piping damage to her fuel pipe and main engines but is being repaired as I write. Looking forward to it.
Morgesserrano, CarlosCS1Jul 26, 2007 – Jan 23, 2008WeaponsOne of the finest cooks of the navy.
Szabo, Low VoltageIC1Jul 26, 2007 – Jan 23, 2008EngWill never forget the first patrol of 145f in the main space
Rewkowski, DavidLTOct 18, 2007 –TADTAD
Aparicio, Bm1 EnriqueBM1Dec 18, 2013 – Jun 18, 2014Weps

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