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USS Frank Cable (AS 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Frank Cable (AS 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 888 crew members registered for the USS Frank Cable (AS 40).

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McDowell Wagner, LeslieSKSN1994 – 1996R&MLooking for old friends.. Joshua Cupp, Micheal Kidd. I miss you guys!
Parsons, KatrinaFn1994 – 1997DC
Heal, ReginaEM21994 – 1996R5RADCON R5 Division.
Cheney, MalinEN2Jan 1994 – Jun 1997B, R-6 / 64A, R-9 / 31E, R-1 / 57A
Sneath, LarryHTCSJan 1994 – Aug 1995R1Had a great time on board went on to complete 25 years of service retired as an HTCM.
Weatherill, Robert "Joker"EMFNFeb 1994 – May 1997EEHey, fellow Frank Cable shipmates! I'm part of the SC/Guam crew.
Cox, MartinE3/EMMar 1994 – Oct 1995R-3 REPAIR "U NIX EM WE FIX EM"The Loooooooooooooove boat, promises something for everyone. The Looooooove boat, its waiting for youuuuu...Mostly it sucked but I miss some friends I had and will never forget the drinking, parties, drinking, clubs, drinking, surfing, drinking...
Sumrall, MikeCDRMar 1994 – Jul 1998Repair
Ridgeway, Kenneth "Catfish"MM1/E6Apr 1994 – Sep 2002blooking for Bubba or any other snipes!
Parsons, KatrinaFNMay 1994 – Dec 20, 1997DCLiving in Ohio with a husband and a Kid.
Harris, Akio (Big H)IC3May 1994 – Sep 1997EngineeringWonderful memories. I wouldn't change a thing.
Domineck, AngeliqueE3 MMMay 1994 – Oct 1995Miss The "Love Boat" miss being a snipe.
Rodney, GaynorMA1Jul 4, 1994 – Jun 2, 2003M/R9/R7I surely miss going out to sea with some of the most trusted crew i know.I did two tours jul 1994 to feb 1998 and jun 2001 to jun 2003.It was great.
Schlau, BrianMM1(SS)Jul 13, 1994 – Sep 30, 1995P+E (R7)I wasn't fond of the "Surface" Navy. I saw pro's and con's to both but, Submarines and Sub Sailors are in a class all of their own.
Pierce, ConnieRM3Aug 1994 – Apr 1999Radio
Boynton, YncE-7/YNCAug 1, 1994 – Feb 28, 1997Repair Department/Repair AdminIt's been a very long time, but I am trying to locate people who were in Repair Admin at the same time. Trying to locate Henry.
Rawlins, BettySep 1994 – Dec 1996Hi there to all of my old shipmates! I rode with the Cable from Charleston to Guam. Had a blast in the galley! Hope everyone is doing great.
Guidry, JimmyHT3Sep 21, 1994 – Sep 21, 1995DC
Churchill, DarrylICC(SW)Oct 1994 – Jun 1997R3 IC/Gyro
Walker, TheresaIC3Oct 1994 – Feb 1996E
Bowling, JodiEM2Oct 1994 – Jan 1996E-DivMet some awesome people on the Cable. The ship was an electrical catastrophe. Anyone remember the lightning strike that surged the switchboard. Haaaa, fun times.
Leonard (Duncan), TamekaIT2Oct 3, 1994 – Jun 14, 1997RadioI enjoyed the ride over to Guam from Charleston SC. I met some really good people on the Cable.
Goree, JeannineIT1Oct 8, 1994 – Dec 5, 1999DECK/OPSI struck out of Deck and loved the folks there!! I struck Radioman and loved it there as well. i keep in touch with folks til this day!!
Hartwick, JohnnySNNov 29, 1994 – May 17, 1997DeckWhere's the boat, can anyone point me in the right direction.
Sevin, KimET31995 – 1997R4/67HI miss the good old days...
Langworthy, SeanMM31995 – 1997M
Carter, KeithEN-31995 – 1997engineeringF.T.N.
Cupps, JoshuaHT31995 – 1999R1Fuckin' Hell! Where are you people?!
Santiny, Shannonpnsn1995 – 1998admin
Williams, AnthonyE3/HTFN1995 – 1997REPAIRI have being looking for a lady that was on the ship with us. Her name is Lesure or Lasure, she was a BT3 . She didn't make the trip to Guam. Please if anybody knows something my email me. Thanks
Maxwell, JaimeE-3 SR1995 – 1998Deck 1st DivisionI am no longer on any social media platforms but you can email me at to reconnect. I hope everyone is doing well!!
Miller (Wakefield), LeslieITCJan 1995 – Apr 1998Radio OC
Van Sickle, StevenGSM2Jan 1, 1995 – Aug 11, 1998R-9JUST LOOKING FOR OLD FRIENDS
Olson, Eric "Junior"IC2/E4Jan 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1998DECK ANDCorey, Catfish, Johnny, Kersey, what up boys?! As much as I hated/loved the Navy Guam was a cool place to spend a few years. I think anyone who spent time on that rock will agree. Hell I had a kid there! Gonna take him there some day. BOATS N CRANES!
Oliver, MikeBM2Jan 3, 1995 – Nov 21, 1997R-6 Rigger/ Sail LoftLook forward to hearing from old shipmates. I had a great time in Guam.
Shilo Titus, ShiSK3Jan 4, 1995 – Dec 20, 1997One heck of a ride. I can't believe all the things I did while on the cable.
Hoang, ThuanE-5/EM2Apr 1995 – Jan 1999EESC to Guam, had a blast, great friends. Looking for Cuong, Shane R., Michael K.
Cupps, JoshuaHT3Apr 10, 1995 – Jan 9, 1999R-1/ 64A/C and 56A Looking for old friends. we all came from the Cape Cod. Had a great time....
Pacheco, LuisMR3May 14, 1995 – May 19, 1998R-2/R-6was there during the trip through the canal on the way to our new home on guam, we kept breaking down underway! good times, great memories. where are you Kelly Norris, drop me a line.
Faltone, Dreae3May 25, 1995 – May 25, 2003s2
Otten (Droste), PeggyMR3Jul 1995 – Nov 1998R-2/ R-6
Brzezinski, AaronHT3(SW/DV)Jul 1995 – Feb 13, 1999Repair/ DV lockerIf you knew me you couldn't forget me! Damn those were some good years!
Deck, JeffE3/MRFNJul 29, 1995 – Mar 8, 1998R-2Was on the original transition crew from Charleston, S.C. Road the ship over to Guam, and just had alot of work, and alot of play.
Shenefield, Shae (Lonnie)E-4/MSAug 1995 – Jan 1999S-2Had a blast! Miss beautiful Guam and tons of people (trying to forget a few). Glad to have the memories and would love to catch up with old friends I've lost touch with.
Harmon, Holly profile iconBTFNAug 1995 – Apr 1997Engineering, HazmatSteamed the ship from SC to Guam. Great crew!
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Banda, KeithEM1Aug 15, 1995 – Aug 11, 1997R5/94A RADCONHung out mostly with the divers that did our hull inspections. Lived in a tent at the beach at Anderson AFB for my last two weeks on the Cable and Guam.
Badillo, Miguel "Mikey"PM3Sep 1995 – Mar 1997r-6wass up wheres everyone at et3 pena where is he find me
Bosheers, JeremiahE4 / EM3Sep 1995 – Mar 1997EElooking for a buddy of mine IC2 Eric "Junior" Olson
Stirewalt, BertE1Sep 1995 – Aug 1996NAVgreat times, great friends miss those days- good to see the old cable is still going.
McConaghy, Don (Mac)MMCSep 1995 – Oct 1999Engineering
Howell, JessicaE4Sep 19, 1995 – Mar 1, 1998SupplyUss Frank Cable was a blast and I loved Guam.
Mahon, AnnE-3Oct 1995 – Nov 1996Deck
Lipscomb, AmyOS3Oct 1995 – Oct 1997OPS
Midkiff, RogerEN2(SW)Oct 1995 – Sep 1996repair eng shop
Rollins, StevenMM3/ E4Oct 12, 1995 – Dec 22, 1997R-9 31D/38AI miss my old snipe days
McGee, NathanMM3Oct 16, 1995 – Apr 10, 1997BJust looking for a few friends, Fish, Taylor, Barcus, Catfish, Charlie or any of you guys. I would like to hear from you guys and see what your up to.
Palomo, JuanE-5/HT2Oct 22, 1995 – Oct 22, 1997R-1The time I spent here sucked but I made the best of it either way.
Kenny, BobbieMSSNNov 1995 – May 1996I joined the ship in norfolk til syndey Australia...Found I was pregnant and flew aheah and was waiting in guam..then transferred to cov nav mar.
Millard, RobertIM2Nov 1995 – Dec 1997R-4It was long ride to Guam.
McRorey, LonnieTM3Nov 1, 1995 – Dec 1, 1997W1Whats happanin? Just looking around...
Pangelinan, Roque (Rock)SK2Nov 1, 1995 – May 1, 1998Stock ControlWork hard, play hard...I didn't mind the work, I enjoyed the port visits.
Ramos, MarcoMM2Dec 6, 1995 – Oct 30, 1998A-Gang
Bailey, JamesHT2Dec 19, 1995 – Jan 6, 1999LAG SHOPIM COMING BACK

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