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USS Frank Cable (AS 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Frank Cable (AS 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 888 crew members registered for the USS Frank Cable (AS 40).

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Smiley, CarlettaSK21988 – Jun 1, 1990X-10 and R-7Man what a ride! From HUGO to the new skipper. I'll never forget the times and I still wish I had stayed, you can't beat supply no matter where they put ya in the old girl!
Brammer, RitaMS31988 – Apr 1993S2Enjoyed playing softball with the girls, would love to reconnect with the team.
Dixon, ReginaldGMG31988 – 1993W2I enjoyed my tour on board the Frank Cable have a lot of good memories.Wish i could reunite with some old fiends.
Ham, AliciaSNJan 1988 – Nov 1989DeckI was on the ship during the deployment to the Med. I left during the dry dock at Charleston, SC. My married name is George now. I married CJ George who was also on the Frank Cable
Gilligan, John M.HM3(SW)Mar 1988 – Mar 1990MedicalEnjoyed Italy and friends I made while on board!Shipmates feel free to E-Mail me!
Meadows, ToddSK3Mar 1988 – Sep 1990s1had a blast on the cable.been in the service 5 months, going on a med cruise.hello to sk3 wilson,hm3 "gilligan",mm2perkins,bm3 paulson.hope all r well.miss the times and the cable.
Amado, MichaelLieutenantMar 1988 – Jul 1991Deck Dept.Great tour! Fastest three years in my naval career. Loved getting underway especially the nine month trip to Italy.
Miller, PaulaDT5Mar 6, 1988 – Sep 15, 1993DentalI thoroughly enjoyed my sea duty, my shipmates and my job. It was something to see when sea sickness attacked people, working in 12 and 14 ft seas and come out on top
Ladue, MajorBT3May 1988 – Oct 1991FireroomMiss playing softball with the girls! Wish I were back! Still playing ball. Write me.
Perkins, TomMM2May 4, 1988 – Jun 25, 1991M-What a great time. I had agreat tour aboard Bldg. 40. Fortunately, I checked aboard 16 days before her first deployment to LaMadd.
Cerone, JosephHT -E5May 6, 1988 – Dec 26, 1991R-1
Gagnon, Bradley (Gag)MLFR TO ML3May 27, 1988 – Oct 26, 1991R-6I was a Molder worked in the Foundry compt # 1-123-1-Q.Got 16 years in and am a En1 now.If any one remebers me feel free to e-mail.
Wilson, ChristinaE-4Jun 1988 – May 1990shipservicemenHey looking for anyone who was over in Lamadalena it was fun and also those were the good old days Looking for old buddies Darlene, Miles who worked in the mailroom Sean Lomax SK..... Erleen.....and many more!!!
Johnson, JayEN1 RETJul 1988 – 1990B&C
Gibbs, CharlaSK2Jul 1988 – Mar 1992S-6
Gibbs-ward, CharlaSKSR- Sk2Jul 1988 – Mar 1992Capt. Mess and S-6 Stock Control
Rupert, Gayle RussellDK1Aug 1988 – 1990S4The thing I remember the most was our deployment to Sardina....I do miss being there.....And I loved South Carolina
McKay, BobbySK2/SK1Aug 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1995T-SHED/ROVSS and SUBSATBest duty station I had in the Navy! I would like to say Hi to all that served and say I have only wonderful memories of the friends I met while serving onboard AS-40. It was a great time to be in the Navy. E-mail me BJGKALMC@YAHOO.COM
Persinko, LizTM2Aug 21, 1988 – Jul 1994W-6Great time in Italy, home port Charleston, SC.
McCoy, WillyEN1-ENCSep 1988 – Oct 1990R8 QA & AdminQA all the way..
Dockery, ElaineLI2Sep 1988 – Apr 1992Repair Admin Department
Engerran, DebDP2Oct 1988 – Oct 1991supply
Long, Amanda "Mandy"MM3Oct 4, 1988 – Jul 6, 1992A-Gang and EnginroomWill never forget my time here. Think of it often. Best time of my life was in the engine room with Todd Perkins, Danny Singh, Bryon Weeks and Todd Q. Check me on facebook Amanda Long Johnson. Wish I could do it again, knowing what
Matta, RonEN2Nov 1988 – Nov 1990R-9 and 31F
Miller, Randy profile iconTM1{SW}Nov 1988 – Nov 1993W-6 Weight Test LPO / Q.A.I had my best years in the Navy on the Cable. I had alot of great people that worked for me and we did have a great time. We had a bunch of great times at Short Stay. Hello to TMCM Laurel Davis. And Liz Persinko on here too.
Beaty, JoeE-3Nov 21, 1988 – May 15, 1992S-1
Gulick, GaryET3Nov 21, 1988 – Dec 5, 1990R4Great memories to this day. Remember the Tug Boat Bar right off base,,,how about the hurricane??,,,the good ole days!! Current email address as of 5/31/2019.
Hess, JenniferFNDec 1988 – Aug 1990
Kelly, PatriceEN3Dec 1, 1988 – Jun 5, 1994R-9I loved the Frank Cable.....ready and able. I was in R-9. Would love to hear from the crew. Where is LT. hader, Plemmons, Mike Mcginnis, Holman. Some of my best years of my naval career were aboard the Cable.
Brockwell, PaulIM2Dec 15, 1988 – Mar 15, 1990R2Applying PRC coating to the deck in drydock in Charleston. White w/ red and blue chips. Phill Johnson you ole son-of-a-gun.
Jones, Tim "jonsey"HT2Dec 15, 1988 – Jul 6, 1996R-1 17A Sheetmetal Shop.Saw a lot of people come and go. Partied like it was the last day on earth. Chucky Hyde, Zbranic, John Durst, John Spence, Joe Hurtienne, Big Al Carver, Clint, Kermit, Monk's Corner bridge diving (drunk), Movie style bar fight in Porto Ric
Hutchison, JodiDPDec 28, 1988 – Sep 1991supply
Barnes, MarkIM11989 – 1990R-2PRC... oh man! While doing the wild red white and blue deck i was bonked in the head when the jack hammering vibrated this crow bar leaning up against the bench fell over. Lucky me as it nailed the ear defenders i was wearing first! Whew.
Heringer, HeatherMM31989 – 1993Engine room/supplyWow! It's been so long since I have talked/seen anyone from those days. Many, many good times...and some not so good, but would love to reconnect with some of you! Send me an e-mail!!! :)
Arnold, DavidBT31989 – 1991B- DivisionWorked in the fireroom. Had a great time. Standing those watches sucked , but overall it was kool.
Jordan, Allie (Al)SH1989 – 1991S3
Kallai, AmySNJan 1989 – Jun 1990
Watson, DonBM2 - BM1Jan 6, 1989 – Sep 26, 1994DECKGreat ship for me. Made first class on this ship. Retired now living in Virginia Beach. Full time artist.
Franklin, PatrickBMSNJan 8, 1989 – Nov 11, 19923rd Deck Baby!Looking for old pals. I work for the railroad now. See I didn't end up in prison. Thanks for small wonders.
Johnson, BettyE-4/SK3Jan 12, 1989 – Jan 12, 1993Supply/Repair Division/R-7Hello, to everyone that served onboard during 1989-1993, we were like one big happy family. I miss you all very much. my email address is I'm a nurse now. Hi, Sally Hodges and Joan Parker Lewis
Cockerham, Patrick (Aka C-ham)EN 3Feb 1989 – Apr 1992outside engie shop, B&C and R-9I was orginally assigned to the engine shop and spent time in the boat and crain div, then left for knee surgery then returned to have the most fun ever in R-9. We had a blast working there. hated shiftwork though.
Salas, HenryMM2/SSMar 1989 – Jul 1991R-9Hydraulic Shop and O2 Clean Shop
Weaver, JamieDP3Mar 1989 – Apr 1992SERVICESEnjoyed my tour & remember some great times with some wonderful people.
Coleman, JohnDC2Apr 1989 – May 1990R1Been looking for some of the guys for a few years now. Keith Jones, Tim Jones, Alan Carver. Good times and good memories
Shinn, JimETCMay 1989 – Jul 31, 1991ElectronicsEnjoyed the mixed crew, first of my career outside Prototype
Cmor, JoeET1(SW)RETMay 1, 1989 – Jun 30, 1991Admin/Career CounsellorBad memories of Hugo. Damaged truck, wrecked motorcycle (me too!) All fixed. Great memories of shipmates and friends. Video from Nova Scotia cruise brings back memories. Miss Charleston area. Now live near Buffalo, N.Y.
Hammer, MikeML2May 1, 1989 – May 1, 1994R-6 FoundryI met some great people there.
Kiser, TerryMMCS SW/DV1May 5, 1989 – Apr 5, 1992LockerGood friend and good time, email if you have time
Hood, AndyMR2Jun 4, 1989 – May 1, 1992R-2Would love to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Davis, MelodyEM3Jun 4, 1989 – Jun 24, 1999Repair
Prevatte, JamesHT2/DVJun 10, 1989 – May 6, 1990R-6 LockerGreat Ship, Great Diver locker. Good Times
Garberg, Rich HM3/OR TechJun 17, 1989 – Jul 14, 1993MedicalI really had an amazing time with my medical crew. I will never forget you. And the Cable crew as a whole-THE best the Navy EVER had! I wish I had those days back.
Webster, EricMM2Aug 1989 – Jun 1992loved it aboard AS-40, so many great friendships and such an awesome learning experience, still using everything i learned in my career as a utility engineer for Gerber Baby Foods. MMC Steve Ballau, MMC John Munz, MM2 Blake Edwards thanks!
Biskobing, NikkiE4Aug 1989 – Feb 1993R9
Snyder(deyo), LoriE4Aug 8, 1989 – Dec 13, 1991deckjust lookin for some old friends went thru desert storm and spent time in Puerto Rico
Johnston, GaryET1Aug 10, 1989 – Aug 3, 1991R4
Lusky, DanielOM2Sep 1989 – Apr 1991R-2Assigned to Optical Shop
Stringham, StephenMM1Sep 1989 – Jun 1994R-8 QA
Fields, RonHT1Sep 4, 1989 – Nov 10, 1992P&E
Figueroa, JuanE-5Oct 1989 – Oct 1992R-9
Hatton, TerriYeomanOct 1989 – 1990Administration
Baham, StephaniePetty officerOct 1989 – Jun 1993Adminhello how are doing is great miss you all
Snyder, LoriE1Nov 1989 – Jan 1991none
Thacker, ToniDPSNNov 1989 – Jun 1992SupplyWorked as a DP and the went TAD/Permanent to the S7(?).
Jaime Gavilanes, Jaime/g-manEM3Nov 27, 1989 – Jun 18, 1993EGOOD OLD DAYS, GREAT TIMES, EXCELLENT FRIENDS, NICE EXPERIENCE......... Looking for the one and only Donald Enscoe, Ernest Briones(Maxacano), Raul Perez, Cheiiito, Patricia Torres(Deck), Edward Knight III and others.....
Keith, StephanieSNDec 1989 – Jul 1991DeckI would love to reconnect with my shipmates that I hung out with. Sharon,Mary Ann,Angie, Lisa, and Ernesto Briones.
Hinkley, DaveBM3Dec 1, 1989 – Jul 16, 1993Deck 3rdI worked in 3rd my whole time onboard except mess crank. Hey Franklin, get ahold of me.
Hauffa, MichaelBMSNDec 12, 1989 – Dec 12, 1993deck 3rdloooking for old frends
Hauffa, MichaelbmsnDec 15, 1989 – Dec 15, 19931st &2nd div decksure do miss all the good time and some not good times. all the long mid watch still keep in touch with a few of my old friends from the ship.

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