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USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 138 crew members registered for the USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51).

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Corpus, PiaDC 31991 – 1993EngineeringLittle tug in some high seas was a heck of a wild ride!! Memories i'll never forget. So glad I took that ride with you guys!!! Miss you deck dawgs! find me on FB and say Hi!
Vail, Paul E.DC1(SW/DV)Feb 1991 – May 1993ER01/ Dive Locker
Vann III, Oscar B.SNFeb 5, 1991 – May 23, 1993DeckI learned a lot about life and people on the USS GRASP. Its only made me better. Love all of my memories with my shipmates. I had all great ones and one not so great. Thanks fellow sailors who knew me!!!I've sailed on to a great life!
Hand, RogerE3Mar 1991 – Jan 6, 1993DECK DAWGI don't know about my shipmates, but I had one hell of a time on this old tug. I had some of the most memoriable times of my life. I think of my old friends often, and I hope to here from some of ya'll soon. Hit me up yo!
Rinehart, BillMM2/DVMay 1991 – May 1993LockerThis was a great tour. The salvage job in Honduras was the highlight. RIP Kim Wells :~( I am MMC(DSW/SW) now. Still married w/kids 11, 8,and 6. Stationed in Port Hueneme, Ca. We bought a house in Palmdale, Ca. 661-264-2438
Millsap, VernonLCDRJul 27, 1991 – Dec 10, 1993Commanding OfficerLoved that ship!
Garmer, DanET2Jan 1, 1992 – May 5, 1995OPSI have a lot of fond memories on board the mighty warship. Of course we all tend to only remember the good times, and that's OK. More than the ship I remember the people who made it so great.
Lyons, DanDC2Feb 15, 1992 – Aug 15, 1995R-DIV.Whats up everybody? I am a fireman in my hometown of Meriden CT. Had a crazy time on that junk boat! Always wondered what happened to everyone I worked with. If you want to drop a line e-mail me at
Wilson, William{bill}BM3Mar 11, 1992 – Feb 15, 1995Deck DogBest time of my life!!!
Hasty, Timothy "Big Bear"bm3Apr 10, 1992 – Nov 1, 1996deckloved the grasp "thats what im talkin about"
Holifield, WardDC2May 1992 – Jun 1995ER01Some of the best days I ever had. Nothing but good memories
Hampton, ToddBM31993 –
Ross, StephenEM2 (SW)1993 – 1996EE01/EA01A lot of great memories from this ship
Hrusovski, Stephen (Ski)MRFNJan 1, 1993 – Aug 1, 1996Engineering
Roach, SteveBM3Jan 9, 1993 – Aug 21, 1996DAO1I learned alot of great things on there. Lots of salvage jobs( TWA 800, Honduras, Eritrea)
Vandyke, JenFIREMANFeb 1993 – Apr 1995What an adventure! My journey on the Grasp made me who I am today.
Spano, MarkE3Apr 1993 – Sep 1996SupplyWhat an awesome website! Whose buying the next drink at port!
Cisneros, James CiscoBM3May 12, 1993 – Feb 12, 1997Deck DepartmentGreat Memories for a lifetime of stories.
Urquijo, Francisco FrankE-5 IC2(SW)Jun 13, 1993 – Jul 19, 1997E DIVThe best command. In my opinion. Great experience, great memories.
Wenger, KyleEM2 (SW)Aug 1993 – Sep 1995ElectricalLets hear from all whom served here!!
Simard, Coreye-2Nov 1993 – Jul 1995Deck
Lebeau, ChrisE-4 PO3Dec 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1996SupplyA ton of good memories aboard the "mighty" USS Grasp! Spano hung over throwing eggs at ya. Fights in Sicily. Whores in Isreael. Med Cruises, Gibraltar x2, Panama, Haiti, Eritrea and my first Beer!!
Anton, JamesEM21994 – 1999EE01/Engineeringhah
Kerslake, DougEMC(SW)1994 – 1996EE01/EA01What a ride this was. Still wake up having nightmares of sitting at the console running BECCE's. Lots of good crewmates though, I still see this ol' girl sitting dockside once in a while at Little Creek.
Hezik, Judithe61994 – 1997radio
Hays, JustinDAMAGE CONTROL 3RD CLASSJun 15, 1994 – Aug 6, 1996engineering
McClain, ShawnGM2Oct 6, 1994 – Jun 1, 1998Gunner
Jordan, SeanSM1Oct 21, 1994 – Oct 24, 1996sm
Toth, JasonOS31995 – 1999operationsJeremy dodd if you see this get in touch with me, or anyone else who with me.
Dodd, Jeremy "Boats"BM2 (SW)Feb 1995 – Feb 1999DA01Hey Quick, remember the knives you threw at me in the scullery? Pilot, you are the man. Only you would remember that song. Toth!!! Call me, email me, something. You are hard to get a hold of.
Quick, TobyEM3May 1995 – Jun 1998Had a nightmare the other night about Dodd and the port shaft ally. God I miss the smell of AMR in the morning. So the War Pig finally got put to pasture. Makes me tear up.
Carpenter, EdqmJul 1995 – Jul 16, 1999ops255 feet of pain and misery, right Billy. I left the ship and got the dream shore job passing out basketballs in sunny Pensacola Florida. I thought I escaped the Grasp but three months later my favorite OS1 showed up
Buck, DeborahSM2Sep 1995 – Sep 1999OPSHad a great time, learned a lot of cool stuff, made life long friends, and married the coolest guy I know, Lt Billy Block.
Pilot, CarlosSN/PN3Oct 1995 – Nov 1997Deck/ships officeFair Winds and Following Seas to all of my old ship mates...hey Dodd, you remember, "the devil went down to Georgia?" and skating in the boatswains locker? I see I taught you well considering you made, I got fond memories of the war
Johnston, Gregdc 3Oct 1, 1995 – Mar 28, 1999R div 806/807
Howard, LarryEM1Jan 10, 1996 – Jun 1, 1997Engineering
Iliff, DanielHT3Mar 1996 – Aug 2000ER01Whats up all. Where's Steveee Ireland? Whasupp McGhee. Barto wheres Flock at now? After I left in Rota I joined the Corp untill aug of 2004. God what a great time, the most roudy and undisipled ship in the fleet.great time on the war pig
Kennedy, JimARS 51Nov 15, 1996 – May 19, 2001OS01Saying it was BAD leaves abit unsaid. How many here can say they cheated on their family....and then cheated on whom you would later MARRY ??? Lets see a show of hands....mmm Lets see who's missng..??? Post !
Laskowski, AshleyGM 31997 – 1999Thought I would see who is still around...... it has been a long time!
Kimmel, TeresaYNC(SW)Jan 2, 1997 – Jan 1, 2000Ship's OfficeThe hardest and best tour of my 22yrs. LCDR Harrell, XO, made this tour fun and enjoyable. Made Chief and earned my SW onboard. Sorry to hear she is decommissioned.
Orellana, CarlosEM1Feb 1, 1997 – Feb 1, 2001EE01Dam I'm surprised how many people on this site I still remember from the Grasp.
Cramer, JeffreyEN1/swJun 1997 – Jun 2000M and AgangMy final leg of my career, Retired and left the ship in april and enjoyed 2 1/2 months of leave. I miss everyone and everything BUT the Duty nights lol
McGee, MichaelIT3Jun 1997 – Oct 2000Operations
Arrington, TravisIT2Aug 17, 1997 – Dec 10, 1999OCO1 (RADIO)What's up shipmates, hope all are well and doing what you love. Farewell and following seas.
Connell, JoeSH/3Aug 19, 1997 – Mar 4, 2000Deck
Connell, JoeSH 3Aug 20, 1997 – Mar 10, 2000Deck/SupplyHello everyone that served with me. I'm trying to see how you are doing.
MacIas, VictorBMSep 1997 – Jun 20, 2000DAO1Hello to everyone that served with me on board USS GRASP. Grate and unforgettable memories. Good to have a place where to remember all of you.
Barto, Rob (Bar-ho)EN3Oct 1997 – May 2001auxilary machinery roomwhats up to everyone that i served with. i guess she's gone but the memories will last

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