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USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 285 crew members registered for the USS William V. Pratt (DDG 44).

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Grier, BillyGMG21976 – 1978GSome great memories with good friends. Hope everyone is doing well.
Higgs, BruceSTG21976 – 1977ASW
Babbitt, KenSTG2Jan 6, 1976 – May 1979ASW
Nicola, John gmm3Mar 1976 – Jul 1978GAnyone play in the ships band. Saw David and Tim on here drop me a
Thomas, ChuckFTM2Mar 25, 1976 – Jun 1, 1979FOXMy fondest memories are of my days on the Pratt. The guys on the crew were the best. UNITAS XIX was the best deployment of my career. Does anyone know the whereabouts of George Wayne. I last saw him in Pasgagoula, MS.
Roselle, TonyETN3Apr 10, 1976 – Aug 25, 1979Tsome wild and crazy times on that ship, who remembers the liquor break-in on the "78 Unitas cruise? Living in NJ, 4 kids, second wife (what a suprise!) working for GE
Rayburn, RoyE-3May 1976 – Mar 1979SUPPLY Yeah, I remember the liquor break in on the Unitas Cruise. What a NIGHT
Lee, DavidGMG2Jun 1976 – Jul 1978gI saw a few names that I recall. Just wondering how life has treated y'all.
Murray, Craighull techJul 1976 – Aug 1977damage controlLooking to reach out to any of my fellow sqiddlys who remember me had a great time and hope all is good with all of you
Quinn, MarkFT3Aug 20, 1976 – Sep 24, 1979FoxHow many of you Players are still out there? Ahab, Curtis, Cardwell, Brookheiser, Griswold, Dosch, Sharp, Oakes, Stillman, or Chief Geiger?
Jones, Robert KSNSep 1976 – Sep 1979ODthis was a very interesting and good experiance for me. had more travel than i would have if i had never joined the navy.
Hardy, RonBM 2Sep 20, 1976 – Sep 21, 1980ODHad a great time on this ship. Went to the Med. and South America. Made a lot of friends, Jeff Mericle, Phil Bonham, Tim Bragg just to name a few.
Curtis, MichaelFTM3Oct 9, 1976 – Feb 14, 1979FoxHow odd that as much as I thought I hated it all them, that I miss it all now
Stafford, KenOS1Nov 23, 1976 – Mar 16, 1981OIWent to the Med in 1976 and Unitas XIX in 1978. Time is flying by....I hope life has been fair to all.
Hedrick, Larry (Boot Camp)SH3Dec 10, 1976 – Jun 22, 1980Supply
Hedrick, Larry (Boot Camp)E-5/SH3Dec 10, 1976 – Jun 22, 1980Supply
Higgs, BruceSTG2Dec 21, 1976 – Nov 21, 1977AS
Pieprzyk, TonyBT-21977 – 1980BStill steaming after all these year's. But now I'm doing it above the water line.
Sliger, RobertFTG31977 – 1978FoxHad a great time onboard the Pratt, Unitas XIX was unbelievable. Great bunch of guys proud to serve with them.
Morrow, James / JimGMM1977 –g
Freeman, Stuart (Bogie)MM11977 –Aft Engine roomJust a punk kid at the time, but I remember good times (and bad). I too remember the theft of the liquor locker on UNITAS XIX. They searched EVERYONES lockers!
Amidon, DougEW11977 – 1981TMed cruise, UNITAS (shellback and big ditch), shipyards in Philly, GITMO, Med cruise again. Fun times...
Purcell, Danny profile iconGMG21977 – 1980G
Canfield, BrianFTGSMJan 1, 1977 – Nov 12, 1979FOXA life changing experience.
Evans-smith, KimberlyFRIENDJan 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1985Looking for Gene Douglas Peyton (Doug) FTM3 Last contact 1981 aboard the Pratt. Anyone know him/where he is ? I have his Navy class ring.
Koenig, KennyBmsnJan 15, 1977 – Jan 15, 1980Boatswains mate
Jacobs, MartinRM2Feb 1977 – Jan 1979
Gonzalez, AlbertoGMMMar 1977 – Sep 1980G
Jacobs, MartinRM2Mar 1977 – Jan 1979OCUNITAS XIX - S. America, visited 10 countries and 25 ports in 5 months. This was a great cruise, the time of my life. Made several cruises the the Carrabean, including stops at Puerto Rico, and The Virgin Islands.
Mericle, JeffBM3Apr 1977 – Dec 31, 1980
Raymond, ChristieE7 encApr 1977 – Jan 1979AHad a great time wail I was on Unitas cruise looking forward hearing from anyone from that era
Knife, DaleGMM3Apr 23, 1977 – Oct 5, 1979weaponsturned 21 in San Juan PR
Davis, DouglasMMFN-MM3May 1, 1977 – Mar 15, 1979M Fwd Engineroom
Altwies, DavidRM2Jun 6, 1977 – Aug 14, 1978OCShort time aboard. First smallboy. Loved Charleston, SC. One of my best friends in the Navy was RM3 Tommy Poretti. RM2 "Jed" Hatcher and RM3 Marty Jacobs were good friends as well. First trip to the Virgin Islands. Great
Gustafson, JerryETN2Apr 1, 1978 – Jun 23, 1979TGreetings to T Roselle, JC Conners, W Hudson, Schaefer, T Day, K Conkin of T Div! I remember some good times during UNITAS! Enjoying life back in NoDak. Work for Siemens Energy. Run into Tim Day on ocassion - he's with Cooper. Small world.
Hall, RodgerDK1Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 30, 1982SupplyRetired off the Pratt. Currently the Reunion Planner. Check out or call me @ 309-289-8750 for information about the reunions
Blair, RickyDS2Jun 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1979DSServed with DS1 Craig Johns.
Reilly, MichaelHT2Jul 7, 1978 – Jun 23, 1979dc centeral
Hall, WilliamE-6 / MM1Oct 1978 – Jan 1984engineering
Christopher, Tim (Chris)RM2Feb 5, 1979 – Oct 31, 1981OC (Radio)Wow! Long time ago. RM1 Dave Gresham,RM2 Chris Mundy,Sweet Pea,RM2 Koivisto,ET2 Wilt Pyle,ET1 Mac,Stoney (Cook), RMSN Precious,RMSN Wilbert,RM1 Treanor. Med Cruise 1980-1981 - Great guys & memories. GITMO/REFTRA :-) ROH in Phillie 1979.
Comer, DwightFTM 1Feb 20, 1979 – Feb 1, 1982FOXHere's to the guys who worked in "Miss L Plot", some of the best I ever worked with, especially Berry Webber (best computer tech ever). Also FTMC Giannoti best Chief I ever worked with and I worked with some good ones.
Skinner, MikeFTM2Jun 4, 1979 – Aug 12, 1983FoxFond memories of the Proud Fox. Especially serving with FTM2 Weber, FTMC Markey, and FTMC Moore.
McManuels, Terry (Macs)ETC(SW)Aug 5, 1979 – Apr 14, 1982TGreat ship, great duty. I made Chief on Pratt, loved every deployment.
Helton, ShortyFNSep 1979 – Apr 3, 1982MFine Ship.Some of the best times I had in the service was with the guys on board the USS Wm. V. Pratt.
Caldwell, JohnMS2Sep 17, 1979 – Jun 28, 1982s-2this was by far the ship I served on in my 26 year career. The best crew to ever serve.I served with and worked with the best cooks the navy had to offer,Stoney tuck,gary rogers and a motley bunch of stew burness.I have great memories.
Greene, JeffreySTG2Sep 21, 1979 – Apr 29, 1984
Clopper, Jeffrey ClopSCPO (SW) FCOct 1979 – Jun 1983FOX / G /2NDWe went through some stuff in 81 and 82. MODLOC Gulf of Sidra. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
Landers, Steve profile iconMM2 E-5Nov 1979 – Sep 1983Main
Gurney, James (Jimbo)FTMSNDec 1979 – Dec 1981FoxBest ship (of 3) I had the pleasure to serve on. Best crew and best friends too. Thanks to all that taught me so much and put up with me.
Dermody, JoeDS2Dec 30, 1979 – Mar 1, 1982TAnyone know where ET3 Terry Kennedy is? (A New Jersey guy.)

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