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USS Maryland (SSBN 738) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Maryland (SSBN 738). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 194 crew members registered for the USS Maryland (SSBN 738).

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Joliet, JerryLT1992 – 1995Tactical Systems / / EngineeringHope everyone is well. Would love to hear from you.
Baker, ScottYN21992 – 1994YN
Lauric, DavidMT3Mar 5, 1992 – Feb 2, 1997Strategic WeaponsSoon after leaving crossed over to Aviation field. Miss Sub life allot. Pre-com, Daso. Great sw dept miss all my boys.
White, RandallTM1/SSApr 15, 1992 – Jun 15, 1993TorpedoMade First class onboard trans to west virginia as TMLPO 386-935-3799 call, lets catch up.
Parnes, StephenLCDRJul 1992 – Aug 1995NavigatorHell of a ride it was. The first 3 commissioned years on the 738 were awesome! PCAN was a hell of a good time. Best wardroom and crew, nothing we couldn't (and didn't) do.
Ford, ButchSTS1/SSAug 1992 – Oct 1996Sonar
Siciliano, TonyEM1Oct 1992 – Feb 1998ElectricalThis was one of the best periods of my life. I served with some great people. I am terrible about keeping in touch with people, but I will never forget them!
Scott, Matt (Smag)MM2Oct 9, 1992 – Nov 17, 1997MM / RLGood times, Great people!!!
Stanley, Shipwreck / JackassET2Dec 1992 – Nov 1996RCMan, the memories. More than I can say.
Ruff, EricETCDec 1992 – Jan 1998RCWow! Good to see some familiar names on this list... Here's to the best group of guys I have ever and will ever work with... BTW, if you got out... you made the right decision! Except for Stanley, you should have stayed in Jackass!
Raines, EdSK11993 – 1997SupplyRetired in Nov 2006. Now an Army contractor.
Reddick, GeorgeE-51993 –msI miss the times we all had
Pate, William (Butch)STS11993 – Jun 1996Sonar
Johnson, CurtisMS1(SS)1993 – Oct 31, 1996Supply/MSFirst person to have a retirement ceremony on my crew.. Was a learning experience working for MSCM Sierra. Had some great times.
Waldee, GregCSCJan 1993 – May 1998CS Well, up and down tour. Learned alot about what not to do, tryin not to make those same mistakes with my guys. Anyone know where Wendell Shoemaker is? Lost touch with him right after he left the White House.
Gilbert, BillMM1(SS)Jan 1993 – May 1997MGood times and lots of good friends. Went on to NPTU and now management in the commercial nuclear industry.
Richard Ellwood, RickTM1/SSJan 3, 1993 – Nov 25, 1995TORPEDOI'm writing books now and would enjoy reading/hearing your story.
Bremer, ScottMM1/SS (RET.)Feb 2, 1993 – Dec 16, 1997A-Gang (Rules all)I remember every single person from the list from my time on the Maryland (even you, Poindexter!)
Tonder, BradMM2(SS)Apr 1993 – Dec 1997A-GangServed onboard as an MM2 (A-Gang) until 1997. Now at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Been a SWO for the past 5 years. Good to see so many familar names. Hope everyone is doing well.
McLauchlan, MikeETCMJun 1, 1993 – Oct 10, 1994CommunicationsI served as the Radio Division LCPO upon being selected for Chief Petty Officer from 93-94, returned in 2000 to be the NODEA until 2002, then returned in 2007 as the Gold Crew Chief of the Boat until 2010.
Lapsley, TerryIC1Aug 1993 – Apr 1999ICCheers! I'm enjoying my retirement in JAX. Theres 4 guys guys from the boat who work here too, so sometimes its lIke I never left! On the bright side I dont wake up screaming anymore. Best wishes to all.
Kennard, MikeSep 1993 – Jul 6, 2000M
Falkenberg, DonYN2(SS/SW)Sep 3, 1993 – Oct 1, 1995YN
Hopkins, Donald J.ET1Oct 1993 – Mar 2000RC
Sheffield, HarryCAPTOct 30, 1993 – Nov 1995Commanding Officer
Cline, BrianMM3(Kinda)1994 – 1994A GangWish I had made better decisions back then but those bad decisions paved the way for the life I have today for which I am thankful. Thanks to those that tried to help me, I am forever grateful and will never forget you.
Credeur, JeremyQM3/SS1994 – 1996QM
Gagnon, JasonRMSAJan 1, 1994 – May 9, 1995
Bradley, TimE5/SWS ET2Jan 10, 1994 – Feb 4, 1998NavigationIt was a great learning experience. As they say, I built Character while I was there. I enjoyed my time there and would love to have a reunion sometime.
Ware, GeraldIC3/SSMar 1994 – Aug 1997It is good to see that a lot of you guys went on to greater things. I can always say I look on my time in the USN and with the guys I served with with a great feeling of pride and honor. Does any one know how to get in touch with Roger Gonzales?
Watson, JeremyET2Mar 1994 – Jun 23, 1997RCSome of the best and worst times of my life. Would not trade in the memories though. Stanley in the ER cave doing whale calls, while the Eng, XO, and CO all sitting by the tubines laughing. Good Times.
Kane, EdMM1(SS)Apr 1994 – Aug 1997M Divgreat to see so many familiar names. great times, but lots of hard work
Jackson, AreonSTS2May 1994 – Jun 1997SonarIt is just amazing how tiem flies, yet I still have "dreams" about the boat. Crazy, huh? I now work in the semiconductor industry in the northwest. I have 2 kids and have been married for 13 years. Like I said, crazy, huh? :)
Hargrave, PerrySN(SS)May 5, 1994 – Dec 1, 1995deck(blue crew) hey i was a HM striker. I remember mm3 bremer too, also bill haas, gerald ware, i remember we had the best officer i ever worked for w. hilarides.. i'd never go back to those days again though. now i'm a bioengineer.. get in touch
Worrell, RobertMM2Jun 1994 – Mar 1999
Buffalo, MikeMT1Jun 1994 – Jan 23, 1999Strategic Weapons
Sanderson, BrianIC3Sep 1994 – Nov 1997IC/ NAV DeptI served on her when she was new. (partol 2 thru partol 12) Lots of good times but have enjoyed Civlant much better. Proud of my time on her and the crew with which I spent my time.
Brettmann, DaveMM3Oct 1994 – Jun 1997A-gang
Poindexter, JasonE3Oct 27, 1994 – Oct 27, 1996strikeri just wanted to tell everyone that i served with kiss my ass.except for petty officer are the only person i liked.thank you and only you bremer.i hope that someone on the 738 blue crew remembers me.with the last name poindexter you should
Onyon, JohnQM3Nov 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 1996I for some reason can not remember anyone from back then. It seems like so long ago!!!!!!! First and last boat!!!!!
Viellenave, Vincent, Dr VinnieSTS2/E5Dec 1994 – Dec 1996Sonar
Bartz, JeffreyEM1Dec 4, 1994 – Aug 15, 1999ElectricalGood to see a few familiar names on this website. I'm also on and

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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