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USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 186 crew members registered for the USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730).

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Deardorff, BartTM31995 – 1996WeaponsHad a good time after transfering to the Jackson, and made some good friends.
Graybeal, Scott "Crash"LTJul 15, 1995 – Feb 28, 1999RL/Comms/ST/TM/FT
Skeens, ShadMT31996 – 2001MT
Simpson, TamorreMM3/SSFeb 7, 1997 – Jun 2001WeaponsGood times and great memories.
Reed, Kevin(super Fly)ET1(SS)Aug 1997 – May 2003CommsThanks to all for one of the Best tours in the Navy. TKS to "Crash"/Parriot/Medford/Bergstrom
Bergum, PhilYN3(SS)Aug 1997 – Dec 2000Ship's Office
Mason, Rob Aka BamFT1/SSOct 1997 – Mar 2002Fire Controlretired july 2009
Sanders, DarrenSTS1/SSDec 15, 1997 – Jul 5, 2002SonarI made 1st! Deck Div LPO for 5 patrols. I loved being the Sonar Supervisor!! I thatnk the command for letting me doing the burial at sea for my father in May 2002. It still means a lot to me.
Owen, ClintonETC(SS)Feb 1998 – Feb 29, 2000RCThe Jackson was my last boat. Happily retired now.
Taylor, Christopher R.STS3/SSFeb 28, 1998 –Sonar
Teele, AlanEM2/SSMar 1998 – Aug 2001Electrical
Price, Garrett (Shakyjake)STS2Apr 20, 1998 – Jul 28, 2001WEPONS/SONAR
Larkee, DwayneE-5 TO E-6 / MS2 TO MS1Jun 28, 1998 – Aug 17, 2002Mess Management
Faith, ChetET1(SS)Oct 6, 1998 – Apr 1, 2003NAV (QM)
Messner, PhilipET1Mar 15, 1999 – Sep 26, 2002Reactor ControlsFirst sea tour and will always be my best. Many experiences that can never be put into words. Miss the good times and have forgotten the bad.
Murphy, KevanET1/SSApr 14, 1999 – Apr 9, 2004CommsCouldn't wait to leave...Can't wait to get back to sea! A lot of great friends and memories.
Westbay, JohnET1May 1999 – Sep 2003Nav
Keenan, JoeJul 10, 1999 – Sep 10, 2003
King, TomETCSSSep 1999 – Feb 2001Reactor Controls
Anderson, DarrinETC(SS)Oct 1999 – 2002Comms
Pace, Anthony (Tony)EM1Oct 1999 – Feb 2004Electrical
Hahn, Thomas (Smalls)MM1/SSOct 22, 1999 – Jul 7, 2004TMCurrently have orders to the 743(B).
Mulrain, JodyET2Nov 1999 – Jul 2004NAV
Mishra, Salesh (Mickey!)CS3Nov 14, 1999 – May 15, 2004SupplyPlaying guitar in MCUL a sweet spot where the acoustics were just mad delicious.Who can reisist the smoke pit.Remember SanDog and LarkDog!My Shoes still smell like Pee andPBR.Wonder what Hollywood and Father Time to?Wish I drank more beer!
Schmelzle, WilliamET12000 – 2001Reactor ControlsOnly positive thing on this boat was I made ETC.
Leeper, RyanEM1Mar 2000 – Feb 25, 2004Electrical
Ahlers, ScotSTS2/SSApr 4, 2000 – Apr 1, 2004SONARGreat crew, but the boat sucked. I was glad to leave.
Lefew, Jeremy/ Pe PeET1Sep 2000 – Jan 5, 2005RC
Benedict, DanMM1Oct 2000 – Jul 2003M
Porter, JaredEM2Jan 2001 – May 2005Electricalbest times of my life thanks to the men I worked with.
Stevens, JimmyET2Apr 1, 2001 – May 12, 2005RC/Engineering
Cudmore, JakeSTS2Jun 2001 – May 2003SONAR
Weigel, ClintEM1(SS)Jul 31, 2001 – Jan 24, 2006Made more life long friends in my short 4.5 years than I've made in the rest of my life combined. Super fun times I don't remember the bad times except the shipyard period sucked balls.
Ayres, MikeMT3Nov 2001 – Sep 2006SFThe only instrument Mishra played in MCLL was the Skin flute. Smith the Rolling Patrol and Becker with the Crazy Eyes. Scotty still owes me a beer and for those still on board, better you than me.
Shafer, ZacharyMM1Dec 12, 2001 – Apr 4, 2007MachineryCurrently Stationed at NRMD Groton, CT.
Peters, Sipiliano (Sip)CSSNApr 3, 2002 – Jun 30, 2006SupplyHad cool time on board taught me alot of life lessons.
Smith, MichaelMT3Feb 13, 2003 – Sep 14, 2006WEPS/SMThank god I left before sea trials
George, AndrewLTMar 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 2005IC, RM, Sonar, TM, FTGreat experience with some fantastic crews. Seems so long ago now.
Marcinko, GregLT/O-3Apr 28, 2003 – Jun 1, 2006MPA/DCA/CommoMet lots of good people and for some reason actually miss it. Take care all. Send me a shout.
Lindsay, Master BlasterMMCM(SS)Jul 23, 2003 – 2006"A" Div
Becker, ScottET2Jan 16, 2004 –Radio
House, TimMT3 (SS)Aug 10, 2005 –MTI cant wait to leave Bremerton and get out of the shipyards
Carter, JohnCS3Oct 15, 2005 – Mar 10, 2010Cullinary SpecialistYou may know me as JC, Pancakes, Toucan, or John. I am CS3(SS) John T. Carter. I enlisted in the Navy on 3Dec2003 at Meps in Detroit, MI. I then went to CG 66 and am now a Submariner onboard SSBN 730. IF you remember me, give it a shot.
Morton, CristopherE5/ET2Sep 21, 2006 – Jul 9, 2010Navigation DivisionNav Div!
Morton, CristopherET3Oct 2006 – Jun 9, 2010Nav
Nelson, AnthonyETSNOct 20, 2006 –NavI'm just stationed to the boat and still in sub school. I'll be getting out of sub school Aug. 25th 2006
Nelson, AnthonyET3Dec 16, 2006 – Jul 18, 2010Strategic NavigationKnown a few of these guys since I've joined the navy and will probobly never forget them. I just hope this experience gave me the jumpstart I need to really push torward a civilian career. If I do re-up i will NOT go to the shipyard.
Garrard, JadeMM1Mar 2007 – Feb 2012M
H, J.j.ET2Apr 23, 2013 –Gold crew member.Provided only the first initial of last name and omitted division. Active crew member .............. as of October 2013.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1984 | 1985 – 1989 | 1990 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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