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USS Seattle (AOE 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Seattle (AOE 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1331 crew members registered for the USS Seattle (AOE 3).

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Smith, Smitty1981 –
Mercer, DougMS31981 – 1985supplyall e-mails welcome
Payne, ErnestGMG31981 – 1984weapons
Murphy, KevinHT2(SW)1981 – 1984It was a great experience, I remember Ciccone and the apple turnovers. Met a lot of good people . I was there for the explosion, collision and the SAR for the Marine Electric. Sobering event for any sailor.
Howell, RichSM21981 – 1984"Bark,Stock Midwatch again, Where's Teddy??"
Duerr, Steven DukeHTFN1981 – 1983RepairNever got too far as to rate...busted too much, but I sure do miss all the good times. The best thing I"ve ever done for myself.
Booker, Darrylmssn1981 – 1984S2Beans, bullets and oil. The Patton- break away song. Some of the best years of my life. Its to bad that I did not realize that then. Moored at Pier 3, Navsta, Norva . Rest easy big lady!
Smith, Carl "Smitty"e31981 – 1982WeaponsI remeber those days too...can't say I've missed them. We live and learn. Never Again Volounteer Yourself! It still wouldn't be the same without them.
Burcher, MatthewBM21981 – 1983Master At ArmsIt was one of the best ships I was on
Taylor, DonaldGMG2Jan 1981 – Nov 1983Wepsremember good times on the slew as lpo of weps. had some good times some bad long cruises, explosions, man overboard, was the best ship i served on. got out and then went merchant marine for a while, imagine that
Yuknalis, JoeEM3Jan 9, 1981 – Jun 9, 1984E
Yuknalis, Joseph W.EM-3Jan 10, 1981 – May 15, 1984EI had alot of fun. Saw things I would otherwise never seen.
Williamson, Jesse / StonerF-2 MMApr 1981 – Mar 1982Engineering. Aft engine roomMy time on the Seattle has stayed with me til this day. Good times and bad. I'm still very proud of my service aboard that vessel
Tirrell, BillCDRMay 1981 – Oct 1982XORe-toured in SEATTLE as XO (LCDR/CDR). See earlier service on commisisoning crew. BEST CLASS OF VESSEL ever designed/operated by the Navy. SEATTLE ould (and did!) "Do It All'.
Holden, Doug (Skeeter)BTFNMay 1981 – Apr 1984P2I remeber all the good times and the sad times. I miss the bilge wine. I remeber worm, pig f*&%er, hollywwod, and big Dee.
O'Brien, Tom / ObMR2May 1981 – Jan 1985ROur division was the BEST division. Had a hell of a time in the south of France after the explosion.
Cantwell, Dan profile iconSNMay 1981 – 1984deck/1st/2ndMy first float. Loved it. have run into some people I served with over 30 yrs ago and at the same time lost touch with some I considered friends.
Biswanger, BizGMG3May 1, 1981 – Oct 27, 1983Deck/WeaponsMiss the old Can Do team! Remember all the midnight unreps, the explosion, sneaking off the boat by climbing down the ropes, etc. Great ship to serve on with lots of room to find your own space though we deployed to the med/IO too often!
Spencer, EddyMS2/MS1May 1, 1981 – Feb 9, 1984Supply S-2Where is Senior Chief Lazater ?? HEy guys where are all the first class that picked on me ??
Vollmer, Mickey (Mick)GMM2May 15, 1981 – Jul 1, 1984Ops/MissileThe experiences, freinds and memories will last my lifetime. It'd be great to hear from Pete Spiro, Kevin and Conrad Phillips, John Kolbinski and all the other early 80s Missile Division folks. We set the standard for excellence!
Lamson, Jeff "Lampoon"SNMay 22, 1981 – Mar 5, 19822nd / Deck Div. 02Just remember all the good times and good friends made during the IO/Med cruise of 1981 (Iran/Irag War 1981). SN Herndon, Bo, Big John Sutton, Tolle, Red, Terrible Tommy, Sully, Biswanger, you guys rocked. Missed it!!
Toner, BobYN1(SW)Jun 10, 1981 – Dec 12, 1983Was X-Division LPO & Legal YN. Was there with some good guys, Murphy, Ciccone, Beck, Savader (gone 1997), Forehand, Hornbeck. Lots of deployment but looking back, it was a good experience
Longstreath, LarryGMG1/E6Jun 15, 1981 – May 15, 1985WeaponsHad a lot of fun... miss it. Guys take care of the ship and she will take care of you. Just don't drop any bombs...
Mortimer, MikeSNJun 24, 1981 – May 25, 1985Got in trouble a lot was in 1 st Div Steam Team under BM 1 Foote at that time. Hope you all faired well in life. Remember Sugalski, Mocci, Smitty, Herr,
Freeman, RogerRMJul 1, 1981 – Oct 2, 1984I enjoyed all the port of calls and hanging out with my friends and working out aboard the seattle...
Copeland, LorenzoYNSN3Jul 1, 1981 – Mar 27, 1984Administration DivionCriminal Justice Major now, and that explosion on after steering blew me away. Got my self together with the help of a team/sailor mate after being blown unconscious. I felt better until, later, but sometimes o.k.
Rudd, Chuck profile iconMS2Aug 1981 – Dec 1983S-2Am looking for crew mates to chat up where are you and what are you doing
Fundersol, Paul (Fundy)AK1Aug 1981 – Jan 1984S-1/S-6Being the only airdale assigned to the Slew, I was in charged of Rig Team 10. Had a great guy to teach me the ropes (Chief Hughes). Also had a great crew working for me. Sparkey, Rock, Gunny, They made working the flight deck a lot of fun.
Murphy, Perry W. RandolphMM3Aug 5, 1981 – Sep 17, 1983A-GangHey guys remember a lot of your names on here! I remember Bill Vogal from the ac?r shop! We worked together! Good times in Brooklin during dry Dock lol
Ponchaud, JohnPO3 MMSep 1, 1981 – Mar 5, 1982A-ganghad a lot of good times on the Seattle though I wasn't there very long, I made a lot of friends and saw a lot of foreign lands... I worked the beverage line on the mess deck when I first arrived... loved that soft serve ice cream machine
Walt, MacDuffMS3Sep 28, 1981 – Sep 28, 1985SupplyI was in the Wardroom and had great times. Looking for Brodie, Friday and my partner who won the spades championship with me, last name was Bell. Welcome all e-mails!
Lepera, EdwardBM1Oct 1981 – Apr 19821st and 2ndI remember my time on the Seattle as the toughest when it came to time away from home. I was there 2 years and we did 2 med/IO deployments, a gitmo, plus numberous exercises and bbf. Including a couple of collisions.
Stockham, DarinSM3Dec 21, 1981 – Aug 30, 1984OPSWorking in the Deck Div. taught me seamanship but there's something to be said for spending two Med cruises on the signal bridge! If anyone remembers Garfield on the Stbd side of the missle shack...that was me.
Scriber, DaleDec 21, 1981 – Sep 8, 1985S1pete shaw,reg drye,stu mccann,pete alvarez(bank of seattle)paul fundersol
Stockham, DarinSM3Dec 21, 1981 – Aug 15, 1984OPS
Sutton, JonSNDec 24, 1981 – Jul 1983Deck ForceI enjoyed my time aboard the Seattle but unfortunately was injured following the explosion that ruined our aft steering section and caused a chlorine gas mixture to be released which affected my lungs. I am rated 100% disabled now.
Ford, RandyMMFN1982 – 1983After Engine Room
Manley, John (Steve)SMSN1982 – 1984OPSIt has been a long time and five additional ships since the Seattle. To the signalgang of then and now; Fair winds and following seas. Fell free to e-mail
Newton, James ( Fig )1982 – 1983Deck 1st/ weapons/ rig team 10Hey all, Hate to her about the old girl. Had some good times and met some great people. For those that don't remember me, i'm the guy that fell down the elevator shaft and got medivac'd off. Hey Gunny!! Hey Fundy !!!
Baker, WilliamEW11982 – 1987OI02had a great time me and two of the os's had a band anyone remember?
Gilman, JeffreyE-31982 – 1985QM/BMHad a good time for the most part.1 hell of a party. Met alot of cool people.
Bennett, JonE3 Weapons1982 – 1984WeaponsLong Days & Nights, but we had most excellent, feel free to contact me. If any remembers, I live in Florida
Nailor, KeithSK3Jan 1982 – Aug 1985S-1Great times, Sparky, Reg, Fundy, Big-Mike, Little-Mike, Scriber (You Hubcab). 2 Med Cruises with I/O thrown in for fun. The Alwin was not the only collision; UN-officially we tagged a carrier in the med but the Admiral said we never touched
Deitz, EmersonQM2Jan 1, 1982 – Jun 20, 1983NavigationGreat ship, sorry to see her go. Collisions, explosions, sailed through it all. Porto Torres, Sardinia, remember?
Orr, DonHT-3Jan 1, 1982 – Jul 23, 1985repairlooking for contact from anyone from r-div during this time(82-85)
Schumacher, CarlMS2Jan 2, 1982 – Jul 13, 1985DECK/ GALLEYTHE "REAL NAVY" NEVER FORGET IT GREAT PORTS
Schumacher, CarlMS3Jan 2, 1982 – Jan 2, 1985S-2 DIVISIONWow how time goes bye. Never thought I'd miss being haze grey and underway
Lowrance, KenSN/FNJan 6, 1982 – Aug 15, 1983Deck (1st then A-gangMy first ship. Many great memories, especially while on deployment. I'll never forget that calcium hypochlorite explosion in Sardinia in 1982 (I was mess cranking then) and spilling oil on the beach at Kalamata, Greece (also in 1982)
Windley, Warren profile iconSN / E3Jan 12, 1982 – May 17, 1984Deck Department / first divisionI was first in the deck division as a SN / E3 . in 1982 Then I became A DM3 ( Illustrator Draftsman third class ) I was then transferred to the USS YELLOWSTONE AD 41 in 1984. I was honorably Discharged in 1985
Edberg, RickBM2Mar 1982 – 1984deckGood times, good friends, lots of work, seattle slew, can do
Buckler, Michael (Buck)ICC(SW) RETMar 1982 – Aug 1985E-DivOne of the hardest working ships in the fleet. Dominic Lombardozzi saw your log in am looking for you and anyone who was in the ic shop from 82 to 85.
Lingerfelt, LonnieEM3 (SW)Mar 6, 1982 – Jun 18, 1985E-DIVHello shipmates, just looking for those who served with me
Stanley, JohnMS/SNApr 1982 – Jan 1985s-2when i heard that the seattle was going to be decommissioned it brought back alot of memories.
Hollenbeck, DouglasRP3(SW)May 1982 – Oct 1983ADMIN/CHAPLAIN
Howard, MarkBMJun 1982 – 1984Boats/Sides/Stream div
Procacci, JosephBoatswain Mate SNJun 3, 1982 – Jun 10, 1985Deck/WeaponsMiss it.
Maldonado Jr, Luis MBM-2Jun 10, 1982 – Jul 3, 1984Boat DivisionWant say hi to all my fellow shipmates who remember me?and if you wanna get in touch with me and fish I live in Florida and all I do is fish.
Procacci, Joseph "joe Pro"BMSNJun 15, 1982 – Jun 17, 1985BOATS / DECKNow adays the bad times don't seem so bad and the good times seem better. SEATTLE SLEW CAN DO! Any ship anywhere.
Scott, BradfordSHSNJun 23, 1982 – Jun 24, 1985s3Looking for Daryl Crawford, Keith Oliver, Barry Friday, and Sherman Marshall
Stevenson, MarkBM3Jun 24, 1982 – Jun 24, 1986Deck/BoatLooking for Dutton and Dowdey
Gerald K, Davis JrRP3Aug 1982 – Feb 1984February 1984This was one of the hardest working ship in the fleet. I remember painting the boatsman locker when I was on deck. Great times playing spades, working out and bible study.
Evans/collins, BrianSMAug 1, 1982 – Oct 6, 1986boats/2nd
Smith, WilliamHT3Sep 1982 – Sep 1987R-1Started in deck on STREAM team flew rig team 69 to USS America tried supply, didn't cut it, went to R-1 as a welder, still doing it today
Bielicki, RonE3Sep 15, 1982 – Jan 15, 1983yeomaninjured on liberty retired at 26
Sugalski, Eddie SkiBM2Sep 20, 1982 – Sep 20, 19871st/2nd/stream/rase/boattime sure goes by quick since the last walk down pier 3 miss all of you deck apes still in touch with Mocci we hang out in jersey at least once a year. would really enjoy seeing some of my "shipmates" call if you can (704)309-0970 anytime
Kloc, Raymond (Tick-tock)MM2Oct 1982 – Dec 1985P2Yea, I was there. I did that. Wouldn't do it again. But I do remember a few of the guys. Dee, Fat Daddy, Eddie, Gilly, Greg are a few of them. Drop a line sometime if we worked together.
Dizon, DanteMM2Nov 1982 – Mar 1985"A" GangMy first ship, with good shipmates "CAN DO." Looking for MM2 Keith Cabral. Know HT1 Ciccone very well taught me well with DC/FF.
Cestero, RichBM3Nov 1982 – May 1986Boat/2ndRemember the good times in the Med, Palma de Majorca, Toulon. Ski, Olsen, Tim Bawden, Centner, Joe Procacci, Tony Mucci. Worked under BM1 Flynn, BMC Maher, BM1 Huffman, BM2 Capers. Captain D.E. Frost. Email me.
Burruss, Lance MooseNov 12, 1982 – Jul 23, 1985
Bowers, BillBT3Dec 1982 – Aug 1987P2lots memories lots of people Spencer"FROG" stalcup kiser holden gorby bigDEE trapp moorman bergheir robotham cooking inaft fireroom long cruises 6on 6off partying the med. drop me email whoever remembers me what a time
Phillips, JamesGMG2Dec 1, 1982 – Jun 15, 1987WeaponsEnjoyed the crew and work. Their were some early mornings and late nights. Working the flight deck was a challenge. Working the cargo holds an experience. Deploying was not great.
Swanson, James "swany"EMFNDec 5, 1982 – Jun 1, 1986RASEWould like to hear from anyone from that time.
Kiser, Pretty BoyBT E-3Dec 26, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986Di worked in the Aft Boiler room. From 82 - 86. Sure wished I would have stayed in. Really miss the people. Had dreams about trying to get the main steam valve opened for about 3 years after i was out.

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