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USS Champion (MCM 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Champion (MCM 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 75 crew members registered for the USS Champion (MCM 4).

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Christiano, RalphBM21989 – 1991Deck
Tiller, Albert1989 – 1991DeckHated it while I was there but miss it now. Looking back, I had a great time and miss the plankowner crew.
Nourse, ShaunEN11989 – 1995EngPre-com...It truely was an adventure!
Cook, BryanET21989 – 1993OPSToo many memories to count. I miss Wardlow's sage advice the most.
Arnold, Cregos3`1989 – 1991opsGreat crew. really
Sudano, PhilipHT2Feb 1, 1989 – Dec 23, 1989I didnt get the chance to sail to our home port, but I had a lot of fun with the guys in my division. I will never forget the time bowans was pulled over because his radio was tooo loud in wisconsin. It was a great crew, but a butthead for a Capt.
Miller, Erin ScottIC2Mar 17, 1989 – Jan 10, 1993Engineering
Petties, ChannonEM3Aug 13, 1989 – Dec 12, 1992E DivPlankowner. The very first sailor to check aboard the Pre-Com unit. Sound and Security watchstander commissioning day February 8, 1991. This was my first and, by far, best command that I served. A true brotherhood.
Miller, Erin ScottIC 2Oct 1989 – Jan 1993EngineeringWas the extreme, hard charging IC man that could fix anything in a moments notice. I have worked in shipyards of all kinds since my retirement in 1993.
Stainbrook, WayneET1(SW)Dec 1989 – Dec 1995Operations/CommBest tour I had in the Navy. Good times and fond memories. Livin' back home in Wisconsin now.
Wardlow, JimPN1Dec 1989 – Dec 1992XTrying to track down all my old plank owner shipmates.
Sipe, RobertBMC(SW)Dec 9, 1989 – Jan 5, 1995DeckBest tour of duty in my 21 year career, proud to be a plankowner on the best Minesweeper in the Navy.
Shoemaker, TroyDC3Jan 1990 – Mar 1992EngIt was a pleasure to part of the precommissioning crew and a plankowner of the Champion. Great times in Marinette Wisconsion and the cruise to our homeport of San Diego
Schooley, MarkETCSJan 1990 – Feb 4, 1994OE - Electronics MaintenanceGreat ship. Great crew. Anyone who was there will remember our first CO. How can you possibly forget him!
Yost, BryceSTGSR - STG3Jan 6, 1990 – Jul 29, 1993OAO1I was a kid when I started out. Love the time that I had. It has given me a sound foundation for the rest of my career in the Navy. I am now a Chief and most of the lessons I learned on the Champion got me here.
Pettway, JasonE-4Apr 1990 – Jul 1993eng/dcJason Pettway, Plankowner , i was on board from 1990-1993, i had a lot of good times,made some good friends.In boot camp when they told me i was goin to a mine sweeper i almost lost it. But in the end, i had a blast.
Ramirez, LeonardE-4Jun 1990 – Jul 23, 1993EngineeringThanks for the memories guys! Am a plankowner of one of the best ships in the fleet and and was part of the best crew ever!! Would love to hear from you guys.
Franklin, StevenRMSNJun 10, 1990 – Jan 4, 1994OPSGreat ship to be on and had agreat group of guys on the ship. Great to be a Plankowner and great time in mainette wis.
McInnis, LarryYNC(SW)Aug 1990 – Sep 30, 1992ExecutiveOriginal Plankowner. Spent probably the coldest winter in my life at Marinette, Wisconsin during the pre-commissioning and commissioning.
Miller, Patrick1991 – 1993DECK
Hobbs, DougBMSNFeb 11, 1991 – Feb 11, 1995DeckProud to serve aboard the Champion and work with my shipmates.
Redmond, JeffQM31992 – 1994QM
Ruiz, GusMS31992 – 1994Supply
O'berry, SteveSM1Jan 1993 – Jan 1995Ahh, my fourth ship. Learned my first Budreaux and Thibodoux jokes. Divorced that adulterous Australian wife. Thanks for getting me out of jail! I still owe you guys.
Collins, Jerry (Doc)HM1(SW/FMF) IDCMar 1, 1993 – Aug 27, 1994Medical
Young, TerryMay 5, 1993 – Dec 6, 1996
Boyette, MattSNOct 1993 – Feb 1995DeckBest group of people I have ever worked with! I am proud to have known and served with you miserable bastards in deck department. Good times!! (Crew deployed as MCM ROT Crew Echo Feb. 95)
Melvin, MarkSNOct 7, 1993 – Feb 1, 19951st DivGreat first ship. Crew was top notch and enjoyed every minute.
Gillen, PatrickPN1(SW)1994 – 1994Executive
Heins, ToddSTG3 / MN31994 – 1995Rotational Crew Bravo
Copper, HeathYN31994 – 1996Deck/AdminBest group of people i have very meet. Looking back now some of you that I drank with I wonder how we ever made it back to the ship.
Baldry, DonaldEM2Sep 1995 – Aug 2000EE01This ship was the start of my adult life. Great friends was made here and most have done really well. If you served with me look me up on facebook.
Myers, MikeEM1(SW)Oct 1995 – Sep 1998EHanging with Terry and Joe Joe
Adams, CraigEM11996 – 1999E
Vallaster, SamMN PO31996 – 2001deck departmentI served with the best group of guys on this ship, Europe was a blast.....we had many...many drinks together....good luck to all Inchon task group personnel
Frederick, JohnBMC(SW)Mar 5, 1996 – Jan 4, 1999OAMy third ship, Champion was my most rewarding tour, progressing from STG3 to STG2 to MN2, setting up for where I am now. Good times on the Champion.
Hislop, TerryEN1(SW)Aug 1, 1996 – Jun 23, 1999engWork hard and get the job done and play hard
Morris, MarkCDROct 1, 1996 – Sep 30, 1998Reserve AugmentI was OIC of the Reserve Augment unit.
Benedict, RussSKCS(SW)Nov 1, 1996 – Sep 30, 1999Supply
Bates, JeremyDC2 (SW)Dec 29, 1996 – Jul 3, 2000ER01some of the best years of my life. Made alot of friends and had some great times. All the cruises we went on over the years will leave a lifetime of memories to me.

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