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USS Cape St. George (CG 71) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cape St. George (CG 71). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 317 crew members registered for the USS Cape St. George (CG 71).

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Masse, RonaldE-52003 – 2005S-2
Hieronymus, DavidE-22003 – 2005Engineering
Owens, Jason (Big O)FC2(SW)2003 – 2006CSMworked with some really cool people....chain of command could have been better.
Bolston, DeonsksnJan 3, 2003 – Jan 5, 2007supplyReally miss it had lots of fun days and bored days but I can't complain it was something different for me and got a chance to visit places I never would imagine.
Wilson, Greg / Sponge BobAD3Jan 6, 2003 – May 29, 2003air
Diaz, SuaveSN/QM3Apr 10, 2003 – Sep 1, 2006OPSThe Cape was good.But ima tell ya that the best time i had on the ship was when Captain Yohe was in command. Talk about pimp lmao.Oh n a thx to ENS Chuma and the whole bridge crew for falling asleep 1 nite. 360 CLUB BABY
Chiusano, ChrisGM2May 2003 –WOtransford from uss arthur w. radford (dd-968)
Long, JonathanENS - LTJGJun 2003 – 2004WOinvolved in AT/FP, Was the ORDO, VBSSO, Main BoatO among other things and tasks
Halfhill, RobertCDRJun 1, 2003 – Dec 23, 2004WEPS DEPT
Morris, JenniferLTJGJun 8, 2003 – Oct 21, 2004OI/(CICO)In the end, CSG was a great experience and I hold it close to my heart.
Halfhill, RobertLTJun 23, 2003 – Jan 3, 2005Weapon OfficerOne the the most rewarding and demanding tours of my career. Couldn't not have asked for better CO's and XO's and the DH's were a team.
Shelton, MichaelCTT3(SW)Aug 2003 – Jul 2006OTYou can't leave until all the water is off the deck...even if it is raining...
Bradley, ShawnSTG3/E-4Oct 3, 2003 – Jun 12, 2004WABest of luck to all you Sailors. See ya in the civilian world sometime.
Lavergne, TravisHMSNOct 6, 2003 – Sep 26, 2004
Gonzalez, OmarFC1(SW)Dec 29, 2003 – Nov 17, 2008CF/CF01
Conran, JeffreyYN2(SW)Jan 8, 2004 – Apr 2, 2007ADMINAll in all, it wasnt so bad. I guess it could have been worse. My only wish is that one day the people who were in charge will wake up and realize that we are all people at the end of the day, regardless of what we wear on our shoulders.
Harmon, Kevin profile iconDC2(SW)Apr 2004 – Aug 2007THE Repair DIvisionHad a good time, saw the world, and went to the BANQUE! What else could you ask for? Right Bandes and Conran!! LOL!!!
Owens, OEMFNApr 1, 2004 – Dec 16, 2007ENG
Hurd, TeresaLCDRMay 2004 – Dec 2005EngineeringI was the CHENG, but I do not smell like beef and cheese! No matter what master Chief Crangle says! CAPE was a great tour for me, I miss you all.
Ruff, ChristianPS3(SW)May 2004 – Dec 2006Admin
Alicea, Marcos / A-2CTA2 / E-5May 5, 2004 –OT-01Been in this ship has make me realized, how good the navy is. I'm the first CTA on-board and the last one, it's been an honor.
Casto, DouglasCTO1(SW)Jun 22, 2004 – Jul 6, 2007OTGood times. deployment from Nov 2005 - May 2006 and yard period Nov 2006 - Apr 2007. Have fun on the West Coast. Take care and be safe. ...tks....dug
Ruff, ChristianPNSNJun 24, 2004 –XX
Welch, MattHN/CORPSMANAug 2004 – Jan 2006XX / MedicalGreat Ship! I miss it. I had a lot of fun.
Ankrah, BernardGSM2Nov 29, 2004 – Dec 28, 2008MP- MER1So far the most fun I have had in all my years in the navy. I feel theCAPE is the best on the water front. I could not have been on a better ship than the CAPE and the past deployment has proven how great the ship and crew are. They are family.
Fernandez, Juan "ferny"GSE3Dec 16, 2004 – Apr 18, 2009The greatest GSE3 in MP
Buxton, JoshYNSNJul 1, 2005 – Sep 7, 2006AdminThere was the good times, there were the bad ones, mostly bad ones. All in all it was good, I got to see the world with this ship. Man I hate DITS though, and standing duty.
Phillips, JasonGM1 (SW) Jul 1, 2005 – Jul 7, 2008CA/CG
Morris, WilliamPNSRSep 23, 2005 –admin/xx
Clendenning, Ding DingBm3Oct 10, 2005 – Feb 9, 2009BM3Great ship, I'll miss her and her crew.
Phibbs, DaleHM2Dec 29, 2005 – Dec 12, 2008MEDICALThis was an awesome tour. Had some of my best mentors onboard here.
Yang, FanEM3Apr 11, 2006 – Jul 9, 2007ENG - EEGood luck Cape. Yall needs it. :P
Joseph, MattLS2May 2006 – Oct 28, 2009S-1
Penley, DonaldGM1Oct 6, 2006 – Jan 1, 2011CGI am reporting to Cape St George on Oct 6, 2006, Looking forward to coming back to the fleet from Recruiting duty.
Landry, AdamFC1(SW/AW)Dec 15, 2006 – Jan 15, 2008CF
Tippett, DanielSN E-3Mar 29, 2007 – Nov 6, 2011lower opsThis Is An Awesome Ship, Crew Is Wicked Cool
Haer, TylerSTG2May 11, 2007 – Aug 23, 2010CA
Burnette, LeeIC3(SW/AW)Jun 1, 2007 – Jul 12, 2010CE01I am now working as San Francisco Commissioner of Veterans' Affairs. Let me know if your in the area or need any assistance.
Brown, DanielBMSNJun 9, 2007 – Feb 7, 2011DeckCool Division Want To Leave Ship
Ong, John CarloE4Aug 31, 2007 – May 16, 2010OD01
Schumacher, JosephEN1Sep 2007 – Sep 2008Auxiliary
Valdez, CesarSK1(SW)Sep 1, 2007 – Aug 11, 2008S-1Great ship. Life was good until I got pulled for an IA to Iraq.
Sosa, Francisco MMFNOct 2007 – Jun 2011EA01The command was good alot of good friends on board
Sjaarda, BrandonSN E-3Dec 12, 2008 –OD 01
Rodriguez, AntonioDCFNFeb 4, 2009 –
Williams, Keith/ill Will profile iconE5/CS2Apr 19, 2009 – Apr 7, 2014S-2The time aboard was truly and experience to me, my first and last ship of the navy, i spent 5yrs on here teaching and learning things i would never take back my experience on cape. To all those I worked with I miss you.
Hyde, TimothyE-3May 5, 2010 – Sep 5, 2010OD01

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

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