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USS Lake Erie (CG 70) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lake Erie (CG 70). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 273 crew members registered for the USS Lake Erie (CG 70).

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Hawthorne III, WaymonOS2/E-52004 – 2009OI01
Gant, JoshuaIT2Mar 2004 –ISPreviously an FC, I crossrated into the IT Rating to further my knowledge, and provide myself with more advancement options.
Silver, NathanGM2Mar 20, 2004 – Aug 10, 2005WG
Bobby Pierce, Bobby WayneOSSNJun 20, 2004 – Sep 2, 2007OII just wanna gie a shout out to evryone on the lake erie. I loce the 5 day underways of doing nothing. I also love it all of our port visits get cancelled all the time also. So remember D.G.U.T.S.
Guyton, TimGSE3Aug 21, 2004 – Aug 29, 2007mpi just wanted to say that i'm going to make my mark in history on this ship. d.g.u.t.s.
Horton, GaryOSCM(SW/AW)Sep 10, 2004 – Nov 29, 20073MCGreat ship and crew. I have many fond memories.
Pacetti, AdamET3Oct 25, 2004 –
Naillon, Patrick (Pat)GSMFRNov 22, 2004 –I'm looking foward to meeting the crew and seeing Hawaii, can't wait to come aboard, I'm a good hard worker, looking for advancement.
Rodriguez, Mj (Big Rod)SHSNNov 25, 2004 –S3/S4Mr. Horn...... We miss you...... "I'm not in charge of moral, You're resposible for your own moral!!!!" at least 2 more long years...... PRD is DEC08..... can't wait to be in a real ship, not a test platform..... hand
Sprague, DustinCTRSNDec 1, 2004 – Dec 1, 2007OTI just want to say life aboard the Lake Erie is wonderful. I enjoy sanding down the paint and re-painting. Thank you LAKE ERIE!!! I could've never become the sailor I wanted to be!
Arevalo, MandoODDec 18, 2004 –ODviva mexico!!! shout out to my homeboyz, on the lake erie,3 years left, just counting down day by day.
Schuldt, JamesSNDec 20, 2004 –OD
Wang, SiwenSN2005 –ODnice ship...who painted it btw ?
Dimauro, JonOS1(SW)Jan 3, 2005 –OIIt has been a pleasure so far to see what this Ship can do with all the minor problems that occur with our Schedule.
Orvis, MarcENFNFeb 18, 2005 – Jul 26, 2008AuxiliaryThe ship runs great, always clean, everything always painted, and has one of the best A divisions on the water front.
McGunnigle, SeanOS3Feb 20, 2005 – Feb 15, 2006OIThanks for all the memories and good luck to everyone that knew me. I'll carry the memories from this experience for the rest of my life. Whether good or bad i enjoyed every minute of it, in retrospect that is. Its been real...
Pedroza, JoshuaSFSNMar 29, 2005 –Cant wait to meet the crew and get to work on the lake erie
Post, JamesSHSNApr 3, 2005 – Dec 13, 2008S 3/4
Harvey, TerrenceApr 5, 2005 – Apr 21, 2008OTLeaving for Pensacola. Haven't left yet
Peters, MathewE-5/ HM2May 5, 2005 – Aug 11, 2009CGIt was fun.
Polt, RobertFC2May 13, 2005 – Jun 2008CF-01Two years in and still loving life onboard. She's a great ship with a great crew.
Mitchell, MitchCTTSNMay 21, 2005 – Jul 20, 2008OT01I flipped my car and did not to mast HAHAHA
Mayle, LindseyBMSAAug 26, 2005 – Apr 8, 2008Deckhey I got three years left out her I just want to say hi to my baby in jersey miss you and to my family back home in ohio cant wait to see you all again I love you all very much miss you mom,sis,and Jason I will see you guys soon.
Lieb, Jesse (Cheeseburger)GSEFNOct 27, 2005 – Oct 26, 2009MP"Clampdown, all hands on deck. Smoking lamp is out throughout the ship."
Brand, Christopher (Brand-x)DCCNov 15, 2005 – Apr 1, 2007Repair DivisionHad some rough times on the Lake. Seemed like they would never end. But its all good. Had one of the best crews of DCmen and HTs on the waterfront. Thanks guys. Retired now, still livin in Paradise. Civ life is good.
Gerson, ShaneBMSAJan 2006 –OD
Dixon, RobET1(SW)Jan 17, 2006 – Feb 2009CEI don't know what ship you guys are talking about, but I can't wait to get off of here. I am definitely Giving Up This Ship!
Gerson, ShaneBMSNJan 25, 2006 – Jun 2009OD01I miss the ship and the Navy. What great memories I had.
Colunga, AnthonyDCFNApr 25, 2006 –RI Plead the 5TH!!
Merkley, JoshuaGSM/FRJun 23, 2006 – Oct 25, 2009MP"People are asset number 1, but not priority number 1."
Hazen, MichaelIT2Jun 28, 2006 –ISSo Far aGreat Ship and a Great Crew. I havent enjoy working on a ship as much as I have on the USS LAKE-ERIE. Cant wait to see what the next 3 years has to offer
Governale, PaulCW2Jul 7, 2006 – Jul 8, 2006Had the best experience of my life as guest rider underway on the Lake Erie. Observed numerous evolutions including crash-back, 50cal fire, SeaWiz fire, 5inch fire and Helo ops. Many thanks to the crew for their hospitality. Don't Give Up The Ship
Stasko, WilliamCTM1(SW)Jul 8, 2006 – Jul 2009OT
Larson, Joe"Teabag"GSMFNAug 27, 2006 –MPso far pretty cool, MER 2 kicks ass,hawai'i is awesome can't wait to get underway
Williams, GeorgeQM1(SW)Jan 19, 2007 – Feb 29, 2008NAV/AdminIs it time to retire yet??????
Fried, Justin ( Dope Boy Fresh )SK8May 12, 2007 – May 12, 2010SupplyThank the lord for Cap'n Ron, I'm ridin with this dude!!
Case, SteveICFNJul 16, 2007 – Nov 29, 2009CE
Lambert, GeorgeCSAug 4, 2007 – 2010CS
Pergo, LarryEM3 (SW)Jul 18, 2008 –EECLAMPDOWN
Bowekaty, BobbyE5/GSM2Jul 19, 2009 – Sep 1, 2012MP
Booker, RaimondIT2Feb 2011 – Apr 2013ITWas on board this ship, it was more interested in Not Giving Up the Ship than caring for the crew. Gave all that I could but never shown the love.
Thompson, ScottSnMay 2011 –OD01
Pfeffer, ShaneOS2Jun 4, 2011 –OIDGUTS!

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