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USS Shiloh (CG 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shiloh (CG 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 241 crew members registered for the USS Shiloh (CG 67).

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Conway, JamesHT1999 – 2004R-Div
Widener, Clay "Wido"ET2(SW/AW) (ET3)Jan 1, 1999 – May 2002CESuper Ship Shiloh was my first ship assignment in the U.S. Navy and we had a fine crew. Through those tough operations and unforgettable atrocities (9/11) we built strong friendships and shared a camaraderie that many get, but once in a lifetime.
Large, AngelinaE-3 to E-5Feb 9, 1999 – Jul 17, 2001NavigationBest Duty station ever!
Breaux, BrandonGSM2(SW)Mar 20, 1999 – Mar 1, 2005EA/MPI had one of the longest terms on board the SHILOH. I learned so much more than I ever thought possible. Along with the good came the bad and the worst. But I'll always miss my time and people on the Shiloh. Lead by example.
Lunsford (Anderson), ChristinaFC3May 1999 – Apr 2004CFNOT a Plankowner. I remember the craziness of CF Division shortly after I got there. I was on the Shiloh for 2 westpacs. I remember the great friends I had there and the fun times. The Shiloh helped me grow up a lot (just not all the way).
Freund, ShaneGSM 2May 1999 – Oct 2001Main Propulsion
Lunsford, ChristinaFC 3May 1999 – Mar 2004CFI went through 3 captains, a few cheifs and lpos and a lot of shipmates. I became a better person because of FCC(now Senior) Maxwell, IT1 Shamanow, MS1 Sygo, ET2 Cross, FC3 (now FC1) Bellamy. The crew makes the ship! I love you all!
Reilly, JessicaENFAMay 1, 1999 – Dec 15, 2000
Beffa, RobertMACS(SW)Jun 10, 1999 – Apr 15, 2003NNServed as Chief Master-at-Arms and Executive Department LCPO. Great ship with a wonderful crew. Did 9-month deployment with them during the war. Hoorah SHILOH!
Shamanow, ElizabethLTJG (IC1)Oct 1, 1999 – Feb 1, 2002CE
James, Conwayht3Oct 8, 1999 – Mar 5, 2004r-divisionServed on the super ship shiloh have a great time met a lot of great friends and trying to find old friends
Lopez, ClaudiaET1(SW/AW)Oct 21, 1999 – Feb 10, 2003CESuper Ship Shiloh will for ever be the standard I measure my future ships to. She made me more than just a sailor, she made me a Shiloh Sailor! May she always meet fair winds & following seas. Much love to her and her crew, past, present & future.
Haro, MartinYN3 (SW)2000 – Mar 2004NX (Admin)Was there for 9 month deployment and then some. Made some goods friends while I was there. I'll always remember the Steel Beach Picnics and the swim calls. The month in Perth Australia was interesting too.
Tanler, JayE3Jan 10, 2000 – Sep 29, 2002EngineeringI was restricted to this ship for SOOOOO long....haha....It was cool tho....Cool people!!!!
Woolfolk, ChanceFeb 2000 – Jul 2001Deck O/D
Dewid, DouglasGM2Feb 1, 2000 – Aug 3, 2003CB01
Vassalla, Jerry Aka GioOS2Feb 1, 2000 – Jul 22, 2003OIWhats up to all of my Shiloh shipmates? To all of those who know me and want to get in touch call me!!! 708-932-5193, or email me at
Breaux, BrandonUSS Shiloh (CG-67)Mar 2000 – Apr 2005A-Division
Espinoza, Ray EspyCS1(SW)Mar 1, 2000 – Oct 15, 2003S-2All of the people that I met, miss ya, did not realize what a friend @ shipmate was untill it gets bad.. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, AND THE BEST OF LUCK.. Sygo, H-Rig and Fricke G. Yes, I remember scratchy Bobby.
Sy Go, BobbyCS1(SW)Mar 11, 2000 – Mar 5, 2004Food Service S-2If nothing else, thanx Shiloh for letting me meet some of my closest friends. Much love to E-Sham, MR-Wil, C-Lo, C-Luns, Jes-X, PJ, T-Jones, R-Ow, Espy, P-Rig, G-Frix, Ezer-Esc. Who remembers Scratchy aka Dirty Guerty. GROSS!!! Chris P - i<3u
Hazlerig, PaulCSC(SW/AW)Mar 14, 2000 – Jul 15, 2004S2
Gray, JohnFCCApr 18, 2000 – Oct 13, 2003COShiloh is a great ship and I served with the best crew a sailor could have wished for. I have made friends for life onboard her and have some of my best memories of the Navy from the time I spent stationed on Warship 67.
Sforzini, BrentFC2(SW)Apr 23, 2000 – Nov 4, 2003CFWorked with the best FCs in the fleet! Best of luck to everyone, thanks for the memories!
Rangel, UrielSNJun 8, 2000 – Feb 18, 2002deckgreat command, i met alot of great people, got to see the world.
Harris, ChrisCTT2(SW/AW)Jun 10, 2000 – Feb 10, 2003OperationsFirst ship and the best ship. Did two deployments on her. One in 2000 and 8 months of the 10 month deployment recently. Keep on keeping on Mighty Ship Shiloh.
Rosales, GabrielE-5/MA2 (SW)Jul 1, 2000 – Jul 1, 2004E-DIV
MacIas, Deanna "Ma"IT2Jul 7, 2000 – Feb 2002ODWow the Super Ship Shiloh...what can I say I had lots of fun!
Stearns, B profile iconCTO3Aug 7, 2000 – Oct 24, 2001OT01
Martinez, JoeGSM3 (SW)Sep 2000 – Mar 2003MP
Fronda, BuddaE-5/BM2Oct 1, 2000 – May 1, 2004OPS/ODTHE "SUPER SHIP"!!!!!
Roberts, OwenET3Dec 2000 – Sep 14, 2004CE1 Month,Perth, Australia, 2 Weeks of leave approved, I had 15K in my checking account, rolled through the Casinos and the Aussie women like American Tornados. Me and ITSN Hale left with more money than we got there with, and no STD's!
Burnett, PaulET2Dec 3, 2000 – Aug 10, 2005CEI spent 5 long years on that ship add saw a lot of things and places and learned a lot. I have to say if it wasnt for the great people I met there it would not have been the great place it came to be.
Roberts, OwenET3Dec 5, 2000 – Sep 14, 2004CE9 Month WESTPAC, Over 30 Tomahawks, a month in Perth Aus, and Capt. Dewes, The Best Capt. The Shiloh will ever have.
Bender, CharlesFC2Dec 5, 2000 – May 20, 2002CX
Pabellano, P-dawgEN22001 – 2006A-GangShiloh, is a mighty ship...stand by. Where's my fellow A-Gang members at? Cabby, Billy, Carlos, Henry, where u guys at? Senior Chief Topps, thanks for looking out ..
Del Angel, AntonioBM12001 – 2004DeckI miss all my shipmates. I had a great time working with all of you.
Martinez, JuanET2(SW)2001 – 2004CommunicationsMade good memories and seen the world on a great ship. Was the best command I served at. Captain Dewes keep us prepared us for the worst and brought us home without a scratch. Thanks Captain,
Binoya, JessieBM2 (SW)Jan 18, 2001 – Feb 3, 2005OD/O1I did two deployment onboard that ship and she's a great ship.
Stephanson, JonETCMFeb 2001 – Jan 2004CE
Nelson, LoamanE-6/IT1Feb 8, 2001 – Nov 24, 2003OCWhat can I say 10 month deployment says it all. USS SHILOH A.K.A. USS Underway. Capt and Crew was the best ever.
Cantero, Rob (Cookie)ET3Feb 21, 2001 – Aug 10, 2005CEET3 Roberts, ET2 Burnett and I are ready for our ESWS Board now...Had some good times and bad times on the ship...All in all it is an expierence I will never forget...ETCM Stepanson, ENS Osbourne, FCCM Groover and CAPT Dewes...Big Ups
McDaniel, TracyANMar 2001 – Mar 2003BM
Brock, Amid/a.j.SK2/E-5Mar 3, 2001 – Jan 20, 2006S-1 SUPPLYIt was a long haul and many underways, but it all paid off when we went on ports visits. Now I am internationally know. LOL. I made many of friends, gut I dont miss the underway time.
Klase, RobertGM2(SW)Apr 27, 2001 – Oct 2, 2003CG
Byrd, RaymondSNAug 1, 2001 – Jun 1, 2003DECK/ENGINEERINGWow I really miss the shiloh. I cant believe it. It was a crazy time and lots of memories for me on the shiloh. Just glad to be apart of a great ship. Thanks to all the sailors who served on the USS Shiloh. GO NAVY
LeNoir, DarianET3(SW)Nov 2001 – May 2004CE-02The mighty Shiloh where do I start and where do I end.. Much learned and much experienced partialy make me the man I am today. Despite the bad times I have way more fond memories that I will never forget. Where the $@#$ is my Cruise book?
Menth, McKenzieQM2Dec 23, 2001 – May 5, 2005NAVWOW what a great time, made a lot of great friends, I will never forget my time spent on board.

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