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USS Shiloh (CG 67) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shiloh (CG 67). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 243 crew members registered for the USS Shiloh (CG 67).

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Minner, DavidBM31995 – 1997DeckGood times doing and supervising DC/3M for deck department. Alot of good memories from some great port visits.
Kemsley, ChrisCTO3Jan 5, 1995 – May 1, 1998OTFTN - What an experience with you guys - Luketmeyer, Keeter, Moore, Jahr - Loved hanging with everyone else to - just can't remember all the names...
Murphy, NeilSTG1 (SW)Jan 10, 1995 – May 17, 2000CAMy third and final ship tour. Hard work, great fun, best sailors in the fleet! Hope to visit her some day when I get back to San Diego.
Le Mieux, Jeff [aka Bird]SN E3Feb 1995 – Jun 2000OD01Had a great time on Shiloh. did 2 wespacs but was awarded a 3, and one rimpac. My back is doing fine. Here is my email and phone number. 218 849 9229. i live in detroit lakes Mn and have been married for almost 8yrs now
Brignoni, SamuelMS3Apr 3, 1995 – Nov 1, 1998S-2
Pulkkinen, Mark (Pokey)EN3Jun 1995 – Dec 1996A-GangI remember sitting in engineering berthing watching on tv and waiting for the missle to be launched into Iraq in 96. Never made it to Austailia thanks Saddam
Long, ScottET2(SW)Jun 1995 – Aug 1999CEGreat ship, etc, etc. Shout out to ET3/SA Brady, I still giggle at your FTN prank with IFF. Shout out to Nickels, Morris, Welsh, Hittman, Hick, Knight, Smith, Fontenot, Chuck, Ballsack, Eggman.
Leclair, RichardDC2-1/NOW DCCJun 1995 – Feb 1999Truly the best command I served at, if it were not for Shiloh I would not be a Chief today!!!!!! Retire in May 2006!!!!! THE SUPER SHIP SHILOH will be one of my fondest memories of the Navy. See ya
Aguilar, Joe ( Lil Joe)GMG-3Jun 1995 – Feb 1997CGsuper ship SHILOH was the best years I"ve had while searving in NAVY. Anyone from CG divison,Jonny, TimG., Leigbic,&anyone else from CG div.
England, TonyGMG3Jun 1995 – Jan 1997CGLife would not have been the same without being on the Shiloh
Wells, RodneyCMDCM(SW/SS)Aug 1995 – May 1999ExecOne of two best commands I have served on. Great skippers (except the first one), great crew, and even better Chief's Mess. Qualified ESWS. SHILOH = Super Ship
Minner, DavidBM3Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1997First
Spurgin, DavidBM1(SW)Aug 15, 1995 – Oct 2, 19971ST
Sedillo, MarianoGSCS(SW)Sep 1995 – Feb 1999MPShe truly was the best in the fleet
Engle, ScottieE-6/HT1Oct 1995 – Jun 1997Looking for old shipmates: Can find me @ TOGETHERWESERVED.COM
Pagel, JosephBM2Feb 1996 – Feb 2000ODI have many great memories from my time on this ship. I met many good people and will remember all of the good times we had. I hope that everyone I served with is doing well.
Nelson, MichaelRM1Mar 1, 1996 – Dec 18, 1999OC01This was a good command. I learned a lot and I met a lot of nice people.
Jones, WesSTG1Mar 24, 1996 – May 13, 2000CAMISS THE OLD DAYS ON SHILOH
Setterlund, AnthonyQM2May 1, 1996 – May 18, 1997Nav/adminSuper Ship Shiloh!!! By far the best crew I ever had the opportunity to serve with.
Harris, KenyattaMSSNJun 15, 1996 – Dec 26, 1998S1Super Ship Shiloh had some good times and bad times on this beezy! You knew the cooks in the kitchen from Cali listening to 2Pac through the night while one was baking: Santos,Harris,Busto indeed we was in the building seen and done alot!
Sellers, PaulOS1(SW)Jul 10, 1996 – Jul 30, 2000OI01Served as a Tomahawk Cruise missile shooter
Fox, MichaelE3Sep 25, 1996 – Nov 17, 1999BMI served aboard the USS Shiloh for 3 years. It was a big part of my life and I met people and went places I'll never forget. I hope whoever is aboard now is taking good care of the ship.
Crljen, MatoGSM2/ GSM1Dec 4, 1996 – Dec 14, 1998EM01 MP
Fiscus, ChadSK2(SW)Dec 28, 1996 – Aug 14, 2000S1
Joy, Eric profile iconFCC1997 – 1999CFBest CPO Mess EVER by far... this CPO Mess rocked compared to every other one i experienced... it helped having a ROCKING CMC - Rodney you were the best!
Lawson, B.j.E-4/BM3Feb 1997 – Aug 2000ODHad a great time onboard. Hope everyone is doing well.
Orozco, RoelGSEFN-GSE1 now LTMay 7, 1997 – Mar 19, 2002MPBest ever ship I served on. A lot of good memories, mentors, and friends. Missed all my fellow engineers and supply buddies.
Allen, Joseph E.RM2Jul 1997 – Sep 1999OC
Eversole, RodneyGM3Aug 1997 – Oct 25, 1999Combat SystemsRod Eversole here checking in for muster, late and unshaven like always. Currently lving in Dayton, Ohio. Married a mid-west hottie, have a 2 year old daughter, and own my own business now. Would like to hear from some old friends. 937-371-6402
Dietrich, RobertSTG2Oct 1997 – Oct 2001CASecond ship. Good place to learn how to be a Sonar Technician.
Onodu, GeorgeSK2(SW)Nov 19, 1997 – Nov 1, 2001SS01Great ship. did two deployment on shiloh and one RIMPAC. Westpac 98 and Wespac 2000, both were great with wonderful port visits. I would love to go back to shiloh anytime anyday.
Welsh, John profile iconFC31998 – 2000CSHad a great time lots of cool memories. .
Beach, LarryOS1(SW/AW)1998 – 2004OI
Ahne, SteveET2(SW)Apr 1998 – May 2002CEI have a lifetime of memories and stories of my time on the Shiloh. I tell them every chance I get. I'll never forget the crew that I had the honor of serving with during my two WestPacs.
Hornback, WilliamIC2Aug 1, 1998 – Feb 23, 2003CE
Yates, TrevorQM2Sep 1998 – Apr 2002NNSuper Ship Shiloh, I had a lot of good times with a lot of good people. I always think about when we had X-MAS lights for lighting in the interior of the ship. I will also always remember being left behind in Malaysia in Sep of 2000.
Montanano, Joe PinoBM3Dec 1998 – Dec 16, 2002O/D
Bauer, PaulOS2Dec 1998 – Apr 2002OII was the best damn moboarder on the ship. All the officers used to come see me for their quals. If you learned how to use a moboard on Shiloh after 2002, chances are it's from my legacy!
Giacomaro, WillE6/ITDec 10, 1998 – Apr 24, 2003OC
Giacomaro, WillE-6Dec 10, 1998 – Mar 25, 2003OC

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2001 | 2002 – now

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