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USS San Jacinto (CG 56) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS San Jacinto (CG 56). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 313 crew members registered for the USS San Jacinto (CG 56).

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Jones, TimCS2Jan 25, 2001 – Sep 19, 2005S-2 supplyFirst and only ship i ever served on.
Jones, Timothy RobertCS3Jan 29, 2001 – Aug 24, 2005Supply
Works, RobertE-5Aug 2001 – Jun 2003R
Rodriguez, RodGM3 and 22002 – Feb 2004WEPSBest time I've had in the navy. Awesome ship and crew. I regret leaving that ship.
Francis, Ray "frenchy"FCSR(SW)Mar 2, 2002 – May 2004cfmade mistakes and i have regrets none more than disappointing my shipmate carry on a fine traditions.
Wright, DennisGSM3/ E-4Jul 16, 2002 –EmThere is no other command that i would rather be at. ia m happyto share the proud tradition of uss san jacinto
Carlson, JohnPC3Sep 2002 – Nov 2003Supply
Barnes Wescott, BrianSNSep 8, 2002 – Apr 10, 2005Deck
Tigani, EamonnENSDec 1, 2002 – Nov 5, 2004ERIt wasn't always the Happy Jac, but I'd go back again in a heartbeat. Captain Eschbach was the best, and you couldn't find a better crew.
Shaffer, Dan profile iconAW2Dec 14, 2002 – May 25, 2003Air Department / Det 6First long cruise and had a lot of memorable times. Great leadership!
Todd, WoodardHM2 (SW)2003 – 2006MedicalBest ship in the fleet. You couldn't ask for a tighter crew then what I served with. Had some good times and rough times. Great Mentorship and Leadership, awesome training, in and out of rate. C'ya in the fleet, Doc Woody
Chuquillanqui, WilmerSKSNFeb 2, 2003 – Feb 2, 2007s-1
Wilson, JohelE-4 GSEMay 10, 2003 – Sep 11, 2005MPGREAT TIME ONBOARD THE SAN JAC
Welch, JustinCTR1(SW)Jun 23, 2003 – Oct 19, 2005OT02This was a great ship to get ESWS on! I enjoyed all the good times and bad times, because of making friends for a lifetime on there! and if anyone is wondering, I got out for about eight months, and now I'm working on coming back into the navy!
Tackett, AdamSK3(SW)Aug 29, 2003 – Mar 27, 2007S-1Great ship, great crew, good times. Gets me out of the house.
Barnes-wescott, BrianSNSep 21, 2003 – Jun 19, 2005DECK!!!At first i thought i was stuck on the ship and could not wait to get off it but now I just wish I was back on it I miss everybody that was there.
Cassidy, AndrewFNSep 26, 2003 – Jul 1, 2004RActive fireman that was a part of the San Jacinto on scene fire party as well as helo crash and salvage team.
Havert, GlennDC1Nov 1, 2003 – Feb 1, 2006Repair DivisionGreat ship! Even had orders to return, however received an ORDMOD elsewhere.
Burd, Nicholas/burdE 3Nov 1, 2003 – Jun 18, 2005DeckGreat experiences!
Barber, StevenBM3Nov 7, 2003 – Jun 1, 2007Deck
Fisher, JoeEN3Nov 15, 2003 – Jul 27, 2007A-GangShes strong man, She'll hold her own.
Jackson, MarcusITCDec 22, 2003 – Apr 21, 2006OC01/RADIOOne of the best ship's that I've served on with one of the best crew anyone could ask for.
Hoak, ShawnFC2(SW)Apr 30, 2004 – May 23, 2006CF04Great Ship!!! Proud to carry on the tradition. CAPT Eschbach will be missed as the CO.
Fazio, JosephCS2(SW)May 14, 2004 – Apr 26, 2007S-2Thank you very much for the experience. Great Team to work with.
Gonzales, MarcusOS3May 21, 2004 – Apr 22, 2008OIIts been so long since i was aboard, i hardly remember it, but the memories i do have will always be some of the best.
Zarek, JosephCTA2(SW)Nov 24, 2004 – May 6, 2006SSOHands down the best CO the ship ever had, or will have is CAPT Eschbach! He was all about taking care of the command and crew! One of the finest officers to serve with or under. He instilled pride in his sailors.
Hotalen, WilSTG2Jan 4, 2005 – Apr 21, 2009CAGood ship. Good crew. Not always fond of the chain of command, but who is eh?
Engle, AnnieLTJGJun 6, 2005 – Aug 23, 2007Ward/CAMixed with many days of confusion and hatred are many happy memories on the Happy Jac. Thanks to all the guys who became my friends and helped me along throughout the years. Never forget my sonar techs and torpedomen. Ya'll are the best!!!
Lundin, DanielSHSNAug 1, 2005 – Nov 7, 2008S-3hello fellow san jac-ers. hoping I can find some old shipmates here. whether you loved me or hated me, send me a message.
King, CodyBMSNNov 1, 2005 – Jun 2006Deck DivisionGood times. Met more interesting people than I ever have. Bad times. Dark nights alone in a crowded space, secluded to your thoughts of home and loved ones.
Albanese, Vinnieht2Jan 2, 2006 – Aug 22, 2009R divAllot of good memories, allot of B/S. But all in all I had the time of my life and made some real good friends. shot out to the "monkey bone"!! i got jacked
O'Farrell, KyleSTG2Jan 9, 2006 – Oct 31, 2008CAWorst chain of command ever, my E7 was a total scum bag. You guys know who I'm talkin about haha. I miss the other guys though, had a blast with yall. Anyone else lol about Purvis' entry? hahaha
Font, DavidEN3Sep 11, 2006 – Mar 27, 2011EA01THIS NAVY ISNT FOR ME!
Sutton, Kayamone "prez"OS3Sep 11, 2006 – Apr 4, 2010OIDespite all the bad times and some of the BS that comes along with being in the Navy, I can definitly say, some of my lifes greatest memories were due in part from serving onboard the San Jac'. All who ive served with will be missed!
Purvis, TerranceYNSROct 19, 2006 – Oct 19, 2010Im anxious to be on the ship and I am looking to enjoy myself to the fullest and I hope that I hVE good time and I hope Im not bored because I hate being bored.
Phillips, JustinAW2Nov 5, 2007 – Jun 1, 2008Air Det
Willard, SamENS/LTjgJun 23, 2008 – Oct 2010ER/ODRepair Officer (REPO), DCA, 1st LT, VBSS BO
Alford, RayCTRSNMar 2009 – Mar 2012Joining the crew in March after I finish C School. Would love to be contacted by someone currently on the ship to let me know how things are going.
Powell, Patrick (Fso)ENSJun 15, 2009 –S-2A great group of guys. The ship is incredible. Couldn't ask for a better first command out of Supply Corps School. Looking forward to deployment coming up soon.
Driscoll, PadericIT2Aug 11, 2010 – Nov 12, 2013CC
Huffman, Kevin Professor HuffdaddySTG1Jul 8, 2013 –CAOn my Second tour on this ship

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1987 | 1988 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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