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USS Yorktown (CG 48) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Yorktown (CG 48). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 535 crew members registered for the USS Yorktown (CG 48).

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Kenney, RichardOS2(SW)Jan 2001 – Jul 2004OIBest. Ship. Ever. Good to see so many of us on here. Lots of fond memories, especially the great sea stories and other tales told on the smoke deck. RIP Ogre, you will be missed! Still here at CNFJ till next year.
Duncan, TobeyLTJan 1, 2001 – Dec 30, 2003OCGreat ship. Miss all the guys in the WR and especially everyone in Radio. It was a pleasure serving with you. Exception (EMO)
Thomas, GregSTGC RET.Feb 21, 2001 – Dec 10, 2004CA
Erwin, Jason/redneckCTR1Mar 2001 – Jan 2004OTMy first ship, but not my last. Best group of guys I could ever hope to work with and one hell of a division. Keep her floating and keep her safe. Fair winds and following seas.
Helton, MikeFC2(SW)Mar 6, 2001 – Dec 10, 2004CM-03I need no introduction, everyone knows who I am and I wanted to tell everyone that i miss them and wish them well. e-mail me sometime at this address and we can BS . You guys were the reason the ship was fun during my tenture
Boley, SamuelFC2Mar 12, 2001 – Feb 17, 2003I left before the ships last deployment. The ship has great reputation on the mississippi waterfront and i was happy to contribute to that reputation during my stay there.
Leger, EricSN/E-3May 10, 2001 – Nov 9, 2005xxbetter you than me.
Orlik, ChesterYN3(PJ)May 15, 2001 – Mar 28, 2003XX6 Tons
Payne, Jason (Matty P, Jp)TM1May 24, 2001 – Jun 10, 2004CA01Hello
Fonner, DavidFC1(SW)May 29, 2001 – Dec 10, 2004CGThe best crew and ship I ever worked with. Thanks for all the memories!
Guzman, Tyrone (Mpa)LTJGJul 1, 2001 – Dec 5, 2004MPThe Victory Lap was great. To all of ENG, thank you for all the hard work and long hours. To my VBSS teams, we made it home safe, but keep my wing man in your hearts. Rest In Peace FC1(SW/AW) Rich William.
Bever, DavidGM2(SW/AW)Jul 1, 2001 – Dec 16, 2003CM
Ivory, JerryDC1 (SW)Aug 2001 – Feb 2003RepairMy last command had a blast
Leneweaver, AndrewBM3Aug 2001 – Aug 2002ODBest Crew Best boat!
Alexander, BillyE6/IT1(SW)Sep 1, 2001 – Oct 15, 2003RADIO/ADPWhat can I say... the best danm ship I have ever been on. I miss all my buds, Payne!! you the man!! keep them 1st Classes straight. Phil, you, me and Payne one hell of a combination kept that duty section tight!!
Cichanski, Dean "Ski"ENFNSep 1, 2001 – Jan 17, 2003A-GangBest ship in the Navy.Miss all the guys from A-Gang except for ENC Troy "Elmer Fudd" May.Had alot of good times and met alot of good people.Best wishes to everybody.
Schuldt, Chip profile iconET2 (SW)Nov 2001 – Jul 2003CE01I enjoyed my time aboard and made some good friends. I am now an Electrical Engineer with Collins Aerospace (previously known as Rockwell Collins). I can be contacted at
Hood, AaronENFNDec 1, 2001 – Aug 28, 2002A GangSure do miss the Green-Wheel Inn. This was a great experience thanks.
Keller, JustinFC3/2 (SW)Jan 31, 2002 – Dec 3, 2004CGThe Yorktown was my first ship. It holds a time in my life that will never be forgotten. Great ship, Great friends.... "Victory is Our Tradition"
Bernis, WarrenFC3 (SW)Feb 1, 2002 – Dec 1, 2004CG
Carlson, StevenOS2Feb 3, 2002 – Dec 24, 2004OPSChris if you see this message call me 619-398-6942
Carlson, StevenOS2Feb 20, 2002 – Dec 26, 2004
Buie, Adam (Blue)STG2Apr 15, 2002 – Aug 22, 2004CAI miss it a little too. Good times, good times.
Hicks, WilliamET2Jun 4, 2002 – Dec 3, 2004CENever thought I would say it but I actually miss the ship. Hope to hear from some of you again someday.
Sloan, SteveCDRJun 30, 2002 – Dec 3, 2004COBest ship and best crew in the fleet. Was an honor and priviledge to serve in YORKTOWN and lead such a fine crew.
Cole, BertSTGCJul 23, 2002 – Dec 15, 2004CALast Sonar Chief prior to Decom. I was lucky to have the best group of sailors to make up a division on the ship while I was there. Good memories!
Newkirk, ErrolE6/IC1Aug 10, 2002 – Dec 3, 2004CEBest group of guys I have ever served with, on the best ship in the US Navy.
Cummings, ChrisSTG2(SW)Sep 2002 – Dec 3, 2004CA01I have to admit, I actually kind of miss it sometimes.
Chandler, Robert H/ RobIT1Sep 22, 2002 – Mar 1, 2005radio
Tavarez, EmmanuelSN/SKNov 2002 – Aug 2004SupplyThe only place that felt like home while in the navy
Mula, Matthew "Angry"CTT2Dec 2002 – Dec 3, 2004OTHad some real great times on that ship and met some real good guys. Never will forget any of them!
Dubaniewicz, Jason//"Duby"PN2//IS2 NOWJan 1, 2003 –XXGood old admin....miss many of you all and wish to hook up again some day. Victory lap was great way to finalize a good command....Thnaks PNCM and NCC for all the support and the learning experience.
Morgan, MatthewEN3Jan 1, 2003 – Jan 1, 2005ENGJP/Mattie-Hope all is well and I miss our softball days as we were the best. I still play ball but now for the Army as I will be all Army next year. Tyrone, congrats/miss you. CPT Morgan
Ray, StevenOSSNJan 5, 2003 – Dec 5, 2004O.I.had fun while on board meet some great people wish everyone best of luck and if you want to contact me im in San Diego on the mobile bay.
Ray, StevenOS2Jan 5, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004O.I.Cool guys !!!!
Collins, WiliamE3Jan 5, 2003 – Mar 10, 2004DeckHi Everyone. I was on board form 03 to 04 when I got orders to go back to QM 'A" school. the Yorktown was leaving to go on her last deployment. we hit fleet week in 03. great times. BM1 Huff was LPO and made E7 as I left
McCormack, CharlesGM3Jan 7, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004Combat Systems CM
Drayton, BrentOS3(SW)Feb 10, 2003 – Nov 1, 2004OI01Best ship that I ever served on. Great crew and good times.
Rodriguez, SergioPNSR NOW SPC IN THE ARMYFeb 14, 2003 – Dec 2004XXMan that was the best ship in the navy. After the yorktown everywhere else sucked so bad I crossed to the army
Shellabarger, ScottSK2Mar 2003 – Dec 3, 2004SUPPLY
Harton, ZekeEW3(SW)Mar 3, 2003 – Dec 4, 2004OTWithout doubt the Best ship and crew I have ever served with!!! You guys were all awesome. Many good times held on the YKT!!! Hope all is well.
Perezhernandez, Javier48Mar 17, 2003 – Dec 14, 2005s1was fun serving on board uss yorktown.
Ashworth, Eric (Ash)SK3May 11, 2003 – Dec 4, 2004S-1The best of luck to all. R.I.P. FC1 Williams (Ogre)
Frazier, Billye2May 20, 2003 – Sep 28, 2004engineering departmentglad to be off that racist ship
Cornell, NolanHM3(SW)May 22, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004XX
Bandukwala, AbbasENSJun 1, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004CAI am an ENS on board USS YORKTOWN, if you want more information on the ship email me.
Perez, JehovichE-4/YN3Jun 1, 2003 – Dec 1, 20041STYORKTOWN WAS THE SPOT TO BE IN
Pickett, Anthony (Slim)SN (SW)Jun 15, 2003 – Dec 17, 20041st
Jones, LonnieGMCJul 2003 – May 2004COGood memories and crew
Toothman, Frank "Tizzle"FC3/ MA3Jul 30, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004Combat Missile (CM-01)This was my first ship, I will always remember the good and the s***ty times that I had. "Fallen but not Forgotten", Ogre you will be missed (R.I.P. FC1 (SW/AW) Richard A. Williams)
Schroeder, NickE-5/HT2(SW)Aug 15, 2003 – Dec 10, 2004RepairI miss the shop. We were the best around.
Haralson, RayET3Aug 25, 2003 – Mar 11, 2006CE
Darrow, NateSKSN/SK3Aug 30, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004S1Loved my time on the ship. Too mush fun to remember all of it, But miss it all the same.
Carpenter, Mark "Sloth"SK3Nov 11, 2003 – Dec 14, 2004S1(supply at its finest)This was my first ship, to all my friends yall were the s*** Im n norfolk on the enterprise so if youre in the area hit me up Ill always remember my time as a yorktown sailor. RIP, FC1 gone but not forgotten.Best ship n the navy u will be missed late
Obryant, RichardET2Dec 16, 2003 – Dec 10, 2004CE 01
Sam, IshmelSNDec 18, 2003 – Sep 3, 2004OD
Huffman, WilliamQM3Dec 31, 2003 – Dec 3, 2004ON
Davis, Terrence Aka Yellow BoyAD32004 – 2004Air Det"Victory Lap" was my only deployment in four years and it was easy. My term of service ended as soon as we pulled into Norfolk, VA. I still laugh at some of the crazy times on that ship! Feb. 12, 2004 - Aug. 10, 2004
Hammerling, AnthonyCTN1Jan 1, 2004 – Dec 3, 2004OTI had a blast my short time on board. Our great crew and fantastic ship held us through some pretty tough days and nights. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
Davis, Terrence Aka Yellow BoyAD3Feb 12, 2004 – Aug 10, 2004Air DetIt was fun and it was also a pain. Being excluded from the ship's politics made the "Victory Lap" easier to endure.
Hoggatt, WylieOS2Feb 12, 2004 – Dec 3, 2004OI/O1Remembering contact labeled bill Dance.
Duhon, Andrew DuhonANDREW DUHONFeb 13, 2004 – Aug 13, 2004CryptosMy first ship, good times, and lots of drinks..I get my comm in the Army next spring Hooah.. Good luck everyone, hope to see you around. SHoot me an email at
Sessions, JohnSN / FC3Apr 20, 2004 – Nov 20, 2004ODYorktown was my first ship. It was a great ship, great crew. I am proud to have served with you all. Fair winds and Following Seas. R.I.P. FC1
McKinney, Michaele3Oct 29, 2004 – May 3, 2008engIf you was on the Yorktown between 2004-2008 hit me up
Michael, NolenCTODec 2004 – Dec 2004OTGood ship....Good crew...Had a blast on the battle cruiser....

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1983 | 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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